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k3 mapa finishes turn-around of international transport company

Wiesbaden, May 6th 2022. k3 mapa has successfully finished a turn-around project with an international transport & logistics company. During the project costs were reduced, liquidity enhanced & overall profitability improved. During the final statement the CEO demonstrated his deep satisfaction with the project. In 2020 the transport & logistics company suffered turnover losses. It did not react quickly enough to compensate the difficult market environment. A turn-around project was

k3 mapa: are you prepared for 2022 ?

Wiesbaden, November 14th 2021. As we highlighted in our recent press release, we strongly believe the – still increasing - inflation will continue to exist in 2022. But, also the existing supply chain issues will be an important topic the next years. How well are you prepared for the next years ? As we argued in our last press release, both – money supply & disrupted supply chains – will drive

k3 mapa sees inflation staying for years

Wiesbaden, August 17th 2021. Inflation has arrived and will stay for various years. Both money supply and output demand factors favour this forecast. Money supply will stay strong as central banks need to keep interests rates low and production output suffers from long term Covid In May 2018 we published: “k3 sees rough times ahead” arguing that global debt had risen to new record highs and there were only three possible

k3 mapa assess industrial goods factories in China and Korea

Wiesbaden, May 17th 2018. Three factories of a major German industrial goods producer were assessed by k3 mapa in an internal evaluation in China and Korea. The assessment is designed to enhance internal best practice sharing and will continue in European plants later this year. In May 2018 a total of three factories were assessed by a team of headquarter experts and a k3 consultant. Each factory assessment lasted two

k3 mapa assess automotive factories throughout Europe

Wiesbaden, March 7th 2018. Five automotive factories of a major German car producer were assessed by k3 mapa in an internal evaluation. The assessment reveals major disparities between the factories. The director operations manifests his complete satisfaction with the findings. During the Q4 2017 and Q 1 a total of five automotive factories throughout Europe were assessed by k3 in order to reveal potential differences of the supply chain. Each factory

k3 mapa: Will Tesla boom or go bust ?

Wiesbaden, March 2018. A recent study about the overall e-car market and Tesla’s position reveals a rather weak position in the long term. The market development depends on political subsidy and the current technological advantage is under threat. Car buyers, suppliers and investors should be very careful regarding Tesla’s long term outlook. I. Market development: One of the main reasons why e-cars are pushed so much by politicians

k3 mapa sees rough times ahead

Wiesbaden, March 1st 2018. The global debt is still rising and has reached unprecedented levels. The debt levels are not sustainable and will result in lower demand in the future. Companies need to take proactive countermeasures. Everyone knows the Black Thursday of 1929, which kicked off the biggest global depression seen so far. Unemployment rose to levels of 20-30%, companies went out of business and general trust in capitalism diminished.

k3 mapa: Germany is falling behind

Wiesbaden, February 2nd 2018. An unemotional analysis of Ms. Merkel’s achievements is not promising. A restart in politics and economics is recommended. Germany is living off ex-chancellor Mr. Schröder`s tough reforms. When analysing the achievements of Ms. Merkel’s long lasting leadership, the resulting list of breaches turns out to be very long. Reforms: while German politicians ask other countries to follow economic reforms, Germany finds itself in a recent OECD ranking in

k3 mapa looks back to successful 2017

Wiesbaden, January 25th 2018. The business year 2017 was a highly successful year for k3 mapa. Clients have profited from k3’s thorough and results oriented consulting approach. 2018 has started promisingly for k3, but clouds for the world economy are ahead. “2017 was a very successful year for our clients and us. We are very proud to have helped new and existing clients in shaping up their business models,” comments Ulrike

k3 mapa finishes successfully “Design for Manufacturing” project with a car …

Wiesbaden, March 12th 2017. LEAN production concepts were taken into account during the development phase of new SUV vehicle. The advanced manufacturing director of the client expresses his full satisfaction with the project result. The LEAN philosophy was first introduced by Toyota in the 1940’s for direct production improvements by eliminating the so-called Muda (waste). Any activity by an operator, which is not directly identified as a value adding activity, needs

k3 mapa finishes successfully supply chain evaluation project with major German …

Wiesbaden, Madrid, January 8th 2016. A supply chain evaluation project with a major German home improvement store was successfully completed during the last quarter of 2015. The goal was to analyze and evaluate the current delivery process to and within the central hardware store warehouse. During the recent project summary, the logistics manager expressed his full satisfaction regarding the results of the project. “We knew the k3 consultants have got

k3 mapa finishes successfully OEE improvement project in Mexico City

Wiesbaden, Madrid, September 1st 2015. An OEE project with a German Pharmaceutical company in Mexico City was successfully finished in Q2 2015. During the recent project summary, the Vice President Operations underlines his full satisfaction with the results of the project. “We have been realising various projects in Latin America and we are very proud to have realised this project with a very important multinational pharmaceutical company”, points out Lourdes

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