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New Functions and More Performance: PoINT Archival Gateway 3.0

Siegen. PoINT Software & Systems presents the new version 3.0 of its tape-based object storage PoINT Archival Gateway. The range of functions has been considerably extended to equip users for the big challenges in the storage area. PoINT Archival Gateway is a high-performance and flexibly scalable object storage which receives data via the standardized S3 interface and writes it directly to tape without buffering on hard disks. Thus, tape can be

PoINT Data Replicator 2.0 with S3 Bucket Notification and independent services

Siegen. PoINT Data Replicator supports companies in securing valuable data against loss e.g. due to cyberattacks or hardware failures. With version 2.0 a new generation with extended functionality is available. Customers benefit from parallel backup runs and automated backup jobs. The backup of data inventories on cloud or object storage is often neglected. And yet it is essential. Because here, there is a risk of data loss, too, especially due to

PostFinance AG achieves additional data protection with PoINT Archival Gateway

Siegen. The Swiss financial institution PostFinance AG is protecting valuable object-based data by automatically replicating it using the PoINT Archival Gateway. The PoINT Archival Gateway makes it possible to integrate tape as a cost-effective S3 storage class. With this high-performance and highly scalable storage solution, the financial institution achieves additional data protection. Even better, all of this was accomplished without having to restructure the existing storage infrastructure. PostFinance AG needed a

Object Matrix and PoINT Software & Systems Partner for Efficient Data Tiering

January 2020, Siegen, Germany and Cardiff, Wales: Object Matrix and PoINT Software & Systems have partnered to enable efficient lifecycle management with MatrixStore. The combination of MatrixStore, the object storage solution for the media industry, with PoINTs Storage Manager enables media companies to manage their storage, ensuring that capacity is used as efficiently as possible. PoINT Storage Manager easily identifies inactive data which can be automatically migrated to MatrixStore, reducing the

Replicate files and objects in S3 buckets: PoINT Data Replicator

Siegen. PoINT Software & Systems GmbH has added a new product to its portfolio: the PoINT Data Replicator. This new solution lets users replicate both files and objects in an S3 object or cloud storage system. Public cloud storage systems and on-premises object storage products have been popular choices for businesses and other organizations for many years. Among other reasons, this is because they are scalable, reliable and easy to integrate

PoINT Storage Manager 6.5 features new archive file system

Siegen. Version 6.5 of the PoINT Storage Manager is available now. Among other things, this new version of the software enables Linuxbased systems to be seamlessly integrated into a tiered storage architecture and object-based storage to be configured for the capacity tier. Users now also have access to a redesigned archive file system that takes file permissions and other factors into account, opening up brand-new options for file archiving. Finally,

PoINT Archival Gateway supports IBM Jaguar drives

Siegen. PoINT Software & Systems GmbH has released Version 2.1 of its software solution PoINT Archival Gateway for tape-based S3 object storage. This new version provides support for IBM TS3500 and TS4500 libraries, covering both LTO drives and IBM 3592 series models. It is aimed in particular at data center operators, who have high standards in terms of data storage, security and availability. Given the enormous rate of growth of

PoINT offers new options for accessing relocated and archived data

Siegen. PoINT has integrated new ways of accessing relocated and archived data into its product PoINT Storage Manager. In doing so, it is expanding the range of possible applications for the HSM and archiving solution. Users now have more options for implementing tiering and archiving concepts. Businesses are being pushed to respond to the growing volume of unstructured data and the increasingly strict demands for long-term storage. They are required to

ReiseBank AG optimizes and future-proofs its storage systems with PoINT

Siegen. ReiseBank AG is automatically archiving "cold" data with the PoINT Storage Manager, reducing the amount of inactive data stored on its network drives. With the help of PoINT software, the market leader in the travel money business has been able to reduce its backup and recovery times significantly and create a future-proof storage infrastructure. Large amounts of inactive data were taking up valuable storage space on ReiseBank AG's network drives,

High-performance S3 object storage on tape - PoINT Archival Gateway Compact Edit …

Siegen. PoINT has added a significant number of new functions to its product the PoINT Archival Gateway and now offers a Compact Edition of its tape-based S3 object storage system for small and medium-sized installations. With the Compact Edition, PoINT is particularly targeting businesses looking for a cost-effective solution for tape-based storage and management of data volumes in the single-digit petabyte range. The PoINT Archival Gateway is a scalable, high-performance S3-based

PoINT Storage Manager 6.4: More archiving flexibility for users

Siegen. Version 6.4 of the PoINT Storage Manager is available now. The focus for this latest release is the “User Controlled Archiving” function, which allows users to customise which data to archive and when. This makes it easier to maintain compliance and securely archive data. Previously, the PoINT Storage Manager software had only given administrators the right to specify criteria and rules for automatically archiving data. This newly integrated function, “User

SIXT revs up with the PoINT Storage Manager

Siegen. The mobility service provider SIXT SE is using the PoINT Storage Manager to relieve the load on its primary storage system by moving seldom-used data to more cost-effective secondary storage. In doing so, the company is avoiding having to expand its primary storage and can make optimal use of its infrastructure. Home directories containing countless Excel, Word, PowerPoint, email, video and image files were located on primary NetApp MetroCluster systems

PoINT presents high-performance S3 gateway for archiving and big data storage

Siegen. The PoINT Archival Gateway, a new software solution from PoINT Software & Systems GmbH, combines high performance, scalability and high availability of data. It receives data via an S3 interface which it then archives on storage systems such as tape or optical libraries. Integrated erasure coding ensures that data is distributed redundantly, improving the system’s reliability and performance. The PoINT Archival Gateway will be available in Q2 2019. The PoINT

Max Planck Institute relieves load on primary storage with PoINT

Siegen. The Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research (MPI) has freed up terabytes’ worth of measurement data by adopting the PoINT Storage Manager, benefiting in a number of ways as a result. The institute has been able to reduce costs and backup times while also enabling audit-compliant archiving of its research data. For many years, the MPI stored its data on hard drive-based systems. This included measurement data

PoINT Storage Manager 6.3: Web interface and archive storage analysis

Siegen. Version 6.3 of the PoINT Storage Manager, available now, enables access to data from any location, on any platform, using a graphical web interface. The software also offers archive storage analysis, which allows administrators to clearly see at any time how much capacity is being used on each storage medium and how often data is accessed. The PoINT Storage Manager therefore helps businesses to use their storage systems more efficiently

Local authority of Hof frees its primary storage system of “cold data” with …

Siegen. In order to make more efficient use of its available storage space, the town of Hof has adopted the PoINT Storage Manager. This software has enabled the Bavarian local authority to automatically transfer inactive data off its primary storage system. With regard to operating, maintenance and investment costs, the implementation amortized itself within the first year. An analysis revealed that around 70% of the data on the Hof local authority’s

“We take a relaxed view of the rising volume of data”

Siegen. EUROIMMUN AG, a laboratory diagnostic system manufacturer, relieves the load on its primary storage system with the PoINT Storage Manager software permanently and automatically. Inactive data volumes are moved to secondary storage in line with the company’s own ruleset – while users retain fully transparent access. If the primary storage system is overloaded, the consequences are not just high costs also backups take much longer. EUROIMMUN AG found a solution

PoINT Storage Manager 6.2 improves availability of data

Siegen. PoINT Software & Systems GmbH has announced the release of version 6.2 of the PoINT Storage Manager. This new release of the data and storage management software stands out in particular for its improved stability, ensuring greater availability of relocated and archived data. Version 6.2 is available now. The PoINT Storage Manager allows users to use their available storage capacity more efficiently within a tiered storage architecture. To this end,

EU-GDPR? PoINT Storage Manager 6.1!

Businesses that are not yet ready for the EU’s new general data protection regulations can now relax: version 6.1 of the PoINT Storage Manager is here and will help you to implement the regulations coming into force on May 25 2018. In line with the upcoming regulations, companies holding European citizens’ personal data must delete such data on request. PoINT Storage Manager 6.1 enables not just logical but also physical

On the safe side - PoINT Storage Manager Version 6.0 with retention management m …

Siegen, Germany. PoINT Software & Systems GmbH has released version 6.0 of its data and storage management software. The new release focuses in particular on retention management functions which allow users to securely store and manage their data. The PoINT Storage Manager therefore helps users to implement all aspects of compliance guidelines. PoINT Storage Manager allows users to make use of their storage systems within a tiered storage architecture, saving resources.

Automobile manufacturer begins enterprise-wide adoption of PoINT Storage Manager …

Siegen. PoINT Software & Systems GmbH has won one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers as a customer – Daimler AG. The DAX 30 business is implementing the data management software PoINT Storage Manager enterprise-wide. The software automatically stores inactive data from primary storage systems in a central private cloud environment, reducing the load on existing primary storage facilities in individual locations while also significantly reducing the size of data

Secure your data instead of paying ransom money

Protect your data against ransomware with PoINT Storage Manager Siegen. In view of the rapidly rising number of ransomware attacks in the world, PoINT Software & Systems GmbH recommends archiving data using PoINT Storage Manager. In case of an attack, users can immediately access archived files without first having to restore backups. Alternative storage systems such as cloud/object, tape or optical media can be used for additional archiving protection. These technologies

PoINT Storage Manager supports additional NetApp Storage Platforms

Siegen. PoINT Software & Systems GmbH has extended PoINT Storage Manager by supporting NetApp Clustered Data OnTAP 8.3 and NetApp StorageGRID Webscale 10.1 in version 5.1 of the PoINT software product. By this release PoINT intensifies the cooperation in technology with NetApp and offers a storage management software to their customers which efficiently archives the rapidly growing amount of inactive data. As a result the primary storage is offloaded, leaving

PoINT Storage Manager solves data protection problems at BayernInvest

Siegen. PoINT Software & Systems GmbH has won a well-known financial service provider as customer - BayernInvest Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH. The company is able to optimize its storage resources by implementing PoINT Storage Manager to archive inactive data from primary to secondary storage. In addition this leads to a reduced backup-volume saving time and cost. Furthermore the WORM functionality of PoINT Storage Manager protects archived data against deletion and modifications. BayernInvest

PoINT Storage Manager certified for EMC Data Domain by EMC

Siegen. PoINT Storage Manager version 5.1 with integrated support of EMC Data Domain as additional archive storage system has successfully completed the EMC certification process. By combining PoINT Storage Manager and EMC Data Domain a certified solution is available to customers, which fulfills archiving requirements and transparently offloads inactive data from primary storage systems. By supporting EMC Data Domain the manufacturer and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) PoINT Software & Systems GmbH

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