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hopf Elektronik GmbH explains: What is time?

A simple question which is not that easy to answer in detail. Even Augustinus Aurelis, bishop of Hippo Regius and philosopher at the epochal threshold from ancient times to the Middle Ages, said: "What is time? If nobody is asking, I know everything; if somebody is asking and I want to explain the details, I do not know anything about it." (free translation of the following German official version: "Was ist also die

New hopf-sales partner in India

For more than 40 years hopf Elektronik GmbH has been developing, manufacturing and selling highly-precise master and submaster clock systems as well as time synchronization solutions. The hopf product range includes OEM-modules, DIN-rail modules for mounting into control cabinets as well as complex, modular systems for time synchronization and time distribution – both in the form of well-proven, continuously developed standard solutions as well as individually developed, customized solutions according

Precise time - thanks to NTP

Nowadays the correct date and time play an important role in nearly every situation in life. Without correct time interconnected systems / networks could not collaborate efficiently, therefore defined processes would not work. Most computers do not have an adequate stable internal timer to maintain the exact time reliably on the hardware. Therefore many computers drift from the exact time between 0.2 and 0.5 seconds per day. Thereby differences between the

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