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03.09.18 - ACD Systems International Inc.

Track and Organize Medical Images with SeePlus DICOM

ACD Systems is a pioneer of digital media management systems tailored to the unique needs of a wide range of industries. For healthcare providers and their associates, SeePlus DICOM provides complete ... mehr

22.08.18 - ACD Systems International Inc.

Manage Your Digital Assets Effectively with SeePlus

ACD Systems presents a solution that helps you take back control over your digital workflow by automating the repetitive tasks involved with indexing and keeping track of large numbers of files and fo... mehr

20.02.18 - ACD Systems International Inc.

Enjoy Creative Freedom with ACDSee Photo Editor 10

ACD Systems presents the latest edition of its industry-leading, budget-friendly photo editing software, ACDSee Photo Editor 10. If you're looking to have total control over your projects and to get s... mehr

06.02.18 - ACD Systems International Inc.

Streamline Workflows with Digital Asset Management

ACD Systems presents the ultimate solution to suit your workflow and organizational needs, and to keep track of an ever-increasing multitude of digital assets. By using SeePlus, you will have everythi... mehr

02.02.18 - ACD Systems International Inc.

Simplified Digital Asset Management for Healthcare

ACD Systems presents SeePlus DICOM, a professional asset management application for healthcare, dental, and insurance providers that use the industry-standard digital imaging and communications in med... mehr

31.01.18 - ACD Systems International Inc.

RAW Photo Editing with ACDSee Photo Studio Professional 2018

ACD Systems presents ACDSee Photo Studio Professional 2018, your one-stop shop for everything photography-related. Built with professionals in mind, and designed by some of the leading experts in the ... mehr

29.01.18 - ACD Systems International Inc.

Keep Track of Your Collection with a Digital Asset Manager

ACD Systems presents ACDSee Photo Studio Standard 2018, the latest tool for organizing, editing, and sharing your photos with ease. If you are a photographer who's becoming overburdened with an ever-e... mehr

21.12.17 - ACD Systems International Inc.

ACD Systems' Biggest Software Launch

VICTORIA, BC - With the release of ACD Systems' latest installment of their signature Photo Studio product line, ACDSee emerges as a solid contender to Photoshop CC and Lightroom. With ACDSee Photo St... mehr

13.07.17 - ACD Systems International Inc.

ACD Systems Taking Universal Graphics Tool to the Next Level

VICTORIA, BC - June 22, 2017 - ACD Systems International Inc. released the fourth installment of the powerful graphics software, Canvas Draw 4 for Mac. Canvas Draw 4 for Mac is poised to be the most d... mehr

16.08.16 - ACD Systems International Inc.

Catalogue and Share Your Photos with ACDSee

Once you have amassed a large photo collection, it quickly becomes a chore to keep everything organized. Fortunately, ACDSee presents an excellent time-saving solution that provides you with the featu... mehr

12.08.16 - ACD Systems International Inc.

Photographers - Enhance Workflow with ACDSee Ultimate Viewer Software

ACD Systems presents ACDSee Ultimate 9, a one-stop solution for graphic designers and photographers seeking to work with layers to make complex photo manipulations, manage their digital assets, and ad... mehr

03.08.16 - ACD Systems International Inc.

ACD Systems Releases RAW Support Update for ACDSee

VICTORIA, BC - June 23, 2016 - ACD Systems International Inc. released updates to ACDSee 19, ACDSee Pro 9, and ACDSee Ultimate 9 with RAW support. ACD Systems is committed to releasing regular updates... mehr

22.03.16 - ACD Systems International Inc.

ACD Systems Re-Enters the Technical Drawing Industry on Mac OS X

SEATTLE, WA and VICTORIA, BC--(Marketwired - Aug 13, 2015) - Today ACD Systems International Inc. releases the first iteration of their new Mac technical drawing software, Canvas Draw for Mac. Canvas ... mehr

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