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Press Releases from DENSO Auto-ID Business Unit (21 total)

New Innovation on the Market: DENSO’s SP1 RFID Sled

DENSO, part of the Toyota Group and inventor of the QR Code, introduces the innovative SP1 RFID sled to the market. With the modern RFID sled from the experts of mobile data collection, simple smart devices are turned into high-speed UHF RFID scanners. Processes, such as inventories, can be accelerated by up to 50 per cent, in comparison to previous models. Further information on RFID and NFC, modern scanners and

DENSO at the LogiMAT 2019 – Innovative Handhelds, an RFID Sled, and ORiN

DENSO, part of the Toyota Group and inventor of the QR Code, presents the BHT-1700 and BHT-1800 at this year’s LogiMAT: two innovative handheld terminals for mobile data collection with exceptionally large screens. In addition, the experts for mobile data collection will introduce their modern SP1 RFID sled at the LogiMAT. A presentation by DENSO, part of the Toyota Group, is also on the agenda of the LogiMAT: The inventors

DENSO’s QK30 scores at Birmingham Airport

Innovative scanner by DENSO, part of the Toyota group, helps save time and increase accuracy at Birmingham Airport. The QK30 scanner has been in use at Birmingham Airport for about 12 months and has proven to be very accurate. The scanner can scan boarding passes and read codes from mobile devices. In fact, the QK30 scanner has especially been developed to scan both mobile and printed QR Codes as well as

DENSO: Innovative with the popular BHT series for more than 30 years

The history of DENSO, part of the Toyota Group and inventor of the QR Code, is marked by pioneering achievements. For over 30 years, DENSO has been successful in the market with handheld terminals./ Handheld terminals and hand scanners celebrate success stories. / The specialists for mobile data collection meet today's requirements of special data protection. / Back in 1982, the first CCD scanner was launched. / From 1994, DENSO’s

The key to RFID and Barcoding: Knowing when to use each one

When it comes to RFID and barcoding, both technologies may have their flaws, but the benefits prevail and are thus reason enough to take a closer look at the future. Barcodes are widely used and well established. / Modern RFID technology can quickly read many tags at once. / The skill is to know when to use each one. / DENSO, part of the Toyota group and inventor of the QR

Handhelds and their advantages: UPB implements DENSO’s BHT-1600

Industrial group UPB uses robust handheld terminals from DENSO, part of the Toyota group and inventor of the QR Code, in its manufacturing plant and optimizes processes. UPB is one of the largest industrial groups in the Baltic States, active in precast steel and curtain wall business areas. / Specialists for mobile data collection from DENSO offer the robust BHT-1600, the ideal Android handheld terminal for tough working environments in the

Service, Guarantee, Quality: Innovative Handhelds by DENSO convince Automotive S …

In Slovenia, ADEL d.o.o. has successfully implemented handhelds for mobile data collection from DENSO, part of the Toyota group and inventor of the QR Code. ADEL d.o.o. is one of the largest automotive suppliers in Slovenia. / The automotive supplier successfully uses the robust BHT-1100 handheld by DENSO, part of the Toyota group and inventor of the QR Code, for their storage management. / The robust BHT-1100 from the specialists for

Quad-Core vs. Hexa-Core for Scanners and Handheld Terminals

DENSO, part of the Toyota group and inventor of the QR Code, describes why a sports car is not always faster than a hatchback. Multi-core processors offer different advantages for mobile data collection. / Maximised processor performance due to microprocessors with more than one complete main processor core. / Cheaper due to one processor base. / Hexa-core processors are not necessarily preferable to quad-core processors. / External factors, for example

The experts for mobile data capture provide the whole package: Why DENSO’s han …

DENSO, part of the Toyota group, not only offers high-quality solutions for mobile data capture, but also unique quality, unique security, and unique service. DENSO offers unique quality with the best DOA quota of the whole industry. Scanners and handheld terminals from DENSO can manage up to one million scans per life cycle of a product. The inventor of the QR Code offers unique security. / Up to five years

Increased requirements in retail – DENSO scores with innovative scanners and h …

Innovative devices for mobile data capture by DENSO, part of the Toyota group, contribute to sales efficiencies as well as cost minimization. Retail focuses on the direct availability of goods. / Offering a shopping experience to customers is a key element in retail stores. / DENSO's innovative scanners and handheld terminals optimize retail processes. / The latest scanner by DENSO is the pocket-size SE1-BUB-C. / The new scanner only weighs about

New Innovation on the Market– DENSO launches Pocket Size Scanner with RFID

The new SE1-BUB-C was especially made for short distances and makes smooth one-to-one RFID processing possible. Pocket size scanner offers various benefits such as on-the-spot inventory while serving customers in a store. / SE1-BUB-C easily connects with smartphones and tablets. / The scanner is compatible with iOS, Android™, and Windows®. / Pocket size scanner weighs only about 70 g. / It can be conveniently stored and carried all day long.

Modern Requirements in Logistics – Why Handheld Terminals and Scanners are ess …

In order to optimize logistic processes, DENSO has developed a wide range of innovative scanners and handheld terminals. Optimizing costs and resources in logistics is a key requirement. / Logistics sector faces more and more challenges due to digitalisation. / Modern handheld terminals and scanners lead to better efficiency. / Developers at DENSO, part of the Toyota group, are experts for mobile data capture. / Modern devices with RFID or

Just new on the market – BHT-1600 by DENSO combines smartphone with mobile dat …

The ruggedized version of the PDA-style BHT-1600 is extremely robust and offers numerous advantages. Innovative new BHT-1600 with Android™ 6.X by DENSO is now on the market. / Smartphone and handheld terminal for mobile data capture in one device. / Scanner can be used in retail, transport, logistics, production, field & sales force automation and in the health sector. / Ruggedized version is extremely robust due to its pre-installed protective

Mobile Data Capture meets Smartphone – New BHT-1600 by DENSO coming soon

DENSO expands its popular BHT series and is about to release the ultra-robust PDA- model BHT-1600. BHT-1600 is to be launched in Spring 2017. / The new handheld terminal combines a smartphone and a mobile data capture device into one unit. / To be used in retail, transport, logistics, production, field & sales automation and in the health sector. / BHT-1600 is equipped with shatterproof Dragontrail™ glass. / Ruggedized version

New Innovations by DENSO – UR20 Scanner Series with RFID Technology

DENSO launches the two new scanners UR21 and UR22 in spring 2017. Inventor of the QR Code launches a new scanner series. / UR21 and UR22 with modern RFID technology. / New innovations for retail and logistics. / Scanners can be used effectively in clothing stores. / DENSO Auto-ID Business Unit are experts for mobile data capture. / Further information on the QR Code, handheld terminals and scanners, mobile data capture

Scoring with NFC – DENSO launches innovative QK30-IC Scanner

DENSO, Inventor of the QR Code, launches the new QK30-IC, which is equipped with modern NFC technology and which offers unique features. Latest product combines the advantages of the standard QK30 with an NFC chip card reader. Great performance on short distances with NFC. Numerous possibilities from usage at the POS to access of control systems. DENSO Auto-ID Business Unit are experts for mobile data capture. Further information about RFID

BHT-1200 RFID – Outstanding Performance of DENSO’s new Handheld Terminal

The BHT-1200 RFID with modern RFID technology is launched onto the market in October 2016. RFID is on the rise. / More and more RFID tags in use in retail and logistics. / DENSO’s BHT-1200 RFID is available from October 2016. / Fast reading speed, easy handling, robustness and a long battery performance of up to 60 hours. / Enormous time, resource and cost saving. / DENSO Auto-ID Business Unit are

DENSO’s BHT-1300 - Handheld Terminals used in Slovenian Libraries

The BHT-1300 also convinces Slovenian National libraries with its stability and speed in the everyday business. DENSO’s handheld terminal BHT-1300 was introduced to Slovenian National libraries. / Enormous improvement in efficiency. Great cost and time savings. / Handheld terminal BHT-1300 is compact, robust and ultra-light. / DENSO Auto-ID Business Unit are experts for mobile data capture. / Further information on the QR Code, handheld terminals and scanners, mobile data capture

Milestones of a special company – DENSO celebrates its 30 year anniversary in …

DENSO’s history is characterised by pioneering achievements such as the invention of the QR Code® and Frame QR Code®. Düsseldorf. DENSO is one of the many companies that belong to the Toyota Group. It was founded in the late 1940s, and has been successfully developing and manufacturing automatic data capture equipment to this day. The name DENSO consists of two parts – DEN and SO. These stand for the abbreviations of

Successful launch of new scanner – DENSO’s innovative AT30Q for mobile data …

DENSO celebrates 30 years of expertise in Europe and proudly presents yet another innovative product for mobile data capturing. DENSO releases the most innovative scanner technology on the market today. / The new AT30Q scanner brings compactness, lightness, and operability. / This brand new 1D and 2D code reader is ideally used in retail stores, on medical sites and in electronic factories. / Winner of the iF Design Award. /

DENSO releases new YouTube videos about scanners and mobile data capture - DENSO …

DENSO’s YouTube Channel highlights the durability and robustness of DENSO products. / Short and informative clips about scanners and solutions from DENSO Auto-ID Business Unit are also on YouTube. / Handheld barcode terminals, manufactured by DENSO WAVE, part of the Toyota Group and inventor of the QR Code and FrameQR Code, deliver reliability, quality and high performance. / Further information on the QR Code, scanners, mobile data capture, and DENSO

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