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Yes, it's still safe to have renovations done on your home.

We know that people are working from home and kids are learning from home as well. That being said there are probably home renovations that you NEED done to make the transition smoother. Here is a guideline from the City of St. Louis that will be helpful when hiring a company to renovate your home. Guidance For Construction, Manufacturing, and Repair Operating Protocols in the City of St. Louis These guidelines

Vault Event Media Pivots It's Focus to Help Health Care Providers

Vault Media, LLC - small business that specializes in digital, print, web design and promotional material has shifted their efforts to assist healthcare providers obtain much needed PPE supplies. As the country takes measures to contain the spread of COVID-19, traditional lines of business for Vault Media were interrupted as conferences, trade shows and national events have been called off. Hospitals and health systems have found themselves with a shortage of protective

5 Home Maintenance Tasks You Don't Want To Forget

Here are 5 simple home maintenance tasks that most people forget to do on a regular basis. Use this list to make sure you're maintaining your home correctly. If you're like many homeowners, you probably find home maintenance to be an onerous responsibility. There's just so much that goes into keeping a home in good shape, indoors and out, that even with a detailed home maintenance checklist, you're going to miss

Are all home improvements worth the investment

We were doing a little research to see what projects home owners might consider as remodel fails and here is what we found. 10 Home Improvement Projects That May Lose You Money By Manta Team - August 30, 2019 All home improvement projects either cost you time, money, or both. Even so, sometimes spending those resources on a home is an investment. These upgrades improve the functionality, appearance, and resale value. When it
09-05-2019 | Sports
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Are you ready for the fall 2019 hunting season

Did you know that hunting laws can change from year to year? Whether you plan on hunting in your own state or like to travel to a neighboring state, it’s your responsibility to be up on any new hunting laws for the upcoming season. You wouldn’t want to lose your right to hunt or get fined because you weren’t aware. Let’s face it, not all violations are done on purpose, in

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