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Reduce Fuel Use – Increase Power by Reducing Carbon Pollution ECOFuelMax

For over 10 years our Federal Government NASA-US Border Patrol and the US Army along with Cities and over 200 School Districts and Municipalities save money by reducing Carbon Pollution using the ECO Fuel System. There is a simple low cost easy to install solution to helping fuel burn more combustible and cleaner. No motor modifications, no warranty issuers. Clean combustible fuel (all types) burns more efficiently; saving fuel, maintenance expenses

Public Transit Systems may be in trouble, Reducing Downtime and Maintenance Expe …

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic Transit ridership across the country has reduced substantially reducing income. Boca Raton, Florida, August 20, 2020 -- Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic Transit ridership across the country has reduced substantially reducing income. Select Municipalities have helped by reducing Maintenance Expenses by reducing Carbon Pollution/Particulates. A Win-Win for everybody. A good place to start helping Governmental agencies, Companies and the Public would be to reduce expenses while reducing

Reduce REGEN’s Maintenance & Downtime - ECOFuelMax

After researching the Internet truckers are learning that by increasing fuels combustibility and reducing Carbon Pollution less Particulate’s clog DPF filters. Since 2007 Diesel owners have been troubled by Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF’s) that get clogged, that is expensive and can force downtime. Few working solutions have been available to help diesel owners until the ECOFuelMax solution was discovered. The ECO Solution was originally invented in 1999 and patented to reduce the

Report - Transit, School Bus and Trucking Reducing Carbon Pollution & Particulat …

Buses are a common form of transportation for Municipalities and School Districts around the United States. Until recently Diesel Buses and Trucks have been operating inefficiently and are a major cause of Carbon Pollution. Today the call is widespread for the reduction of Carbon Pollution. Many County Commissioners are calling for Methane Gas (CNG) and Electric Buses to address the Pollution problem. The cost to purchase a Methane Gas/CNG bus

Global Warming – Reduce Carbon Pollution & Particulates ECO Fuel Systems, LLC

Pollution has no political affiliations, it affects everyone. Weather conditions - Global Warming are changing affecting health concerns, breathing disorders and cancer, all are increasing at an alarming rate. The time to act is now! In general people ignore or expect others to produce and implement a Pollution Solution. The solution starts with every individual, company and governmental agency. In the USA, Automobiles, Diesel Buses, Trucks and Heavy Equipment release

Carbon Pollution Warning is Real – ECOFuelMax to Reduce REGEN’s

For years many have been hiding from or ignoring the carbon emissions into the atmosphere. International reports and reports done by the US Government states people need to take action. By 2040 it may be too late! Boca Raton, Florida, December 08, 2018 -- Carbon pollution is real, even without scientific data everyone is noticing the extreme changes in climate and health conditions. Without question, vehicles are the main cause of

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