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Artezio Is Among Top 10 Java Developers 2019

Artezio has been included in Top 10 Java Developers 2019 by the US analysts. The rating was published by an analytical internet portal that specializes in shortlisting software development companies for buyers interested in creating or developing projects on Java or other programming languages. “There are a few companies that differ by their expert approach to software development on Java. Certainly, it’s very difficult to distinguish the best ones from them.

Artezio to Discuss Healthcare Digital Transformation with Experts in Berlin

DMEA is a new name for conhIT, an event that over 11 years of its existence has grown significantly and begun to cover new areas in medicine. Thus, conhIT transformed into DMEA to further meet expectations of the healthcare industry. The event organizers are confident that the main goal of the brand renewal is to present the whole chain of processes that occur in healthcare. Traditionally, DMEA guests are invited to

PhotoVault by Artezio Gets TouchID and FaceID Support

PhotoVault, an app for storing secrets, will support the most technologically advanced identification tools. Thus, information stored in special folders will be protected at the iOS operating system level. PhotoVault by Artezio creates an extra level of protection for photos, videos, and documents. Users just need to move their private files to the folders offered by the app, and afterwards it will be impossible to find or view them without additional

Artezio Releasesd a Pixel King Mobile Role-Playing Mobile Game, Establishes in a …

Artezio Releasesd a Pixel King Mobile Role-Playing Mobile Game, Establishes in a New Color by Numbers RPG Genre. Artezio has released launched a its new iOS mobile game Pixel King , that can startwhich began a new gaming genre – the color by numbers RPG (CBN-RPG). The new project by Artezio combines character development and the elements of a role-playing game together with the development of the character and coloring of

Artezio Releases Pixel King Mobile Role-Playing Game, Establishes New Color by N …

Artezio Releases Pixel King Mobile Role-Playing Game, Establishes New Color by Numbers RPG Genre. Artezio has launched its new iOS mobile game Pixel King, which began a new gaming genre – the color by numbers RPG (CBN-RPG). The new project combines character development and the elements of a role-playing game together with the coloring of black and white sketches on numbered fields. In the game, ready-made sets of coloring schemes

Artezio’s Cost Track for Android has been Released and now Supports Cloud Sync …

Users of the Cost Track app developed by Artezio can now manage their family budget simultaneously on both iOS and Android devices. The development team recently released an Android version of the app that supports cloud syncing. Cost Track can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple Store, and thanks to cloud syncing via Dropbox, entries made on one platform will be available on the other. Users of Android smartphones

Artezio Takes Part in the Discussions of BioIT Standards

Artezio took part in the international conference BioIT World where attendees discussed the development of technology standards for information exchange in the field of bioresearch. It is expected that new standards for data exchange will accelerate the development of advanced products in the medical technological and pharmacological spheres and cut losses in the information exchange between laboratories. The issue of information desynchronization in research institutions is generally raised at all

Artezio to Discuss Healthcare Development in the US at HIMSS-2018

Artezio will take part in the discussion of healthcare development in the USA. The company’s representatives will hold meetings with key participants of the conference in Las Vegas and share their experiences of technology system implementation in large European cities. The major topics for discussion at HIMSS-2018 remain the problem of data exchange between healthcare providers and the creation of universal information solutions. Artezio has unique experience in the development

The 10 Factors You Must Consider Before Choosing an IT Contractor

You have a big IT project. Its success is critical to your company’s performance. You know you don’t have the resources in-house to complete it. Outsourcing is an excellent alternative. But how do you choose the right IT outsourcing company? Here are 10 important guidelines you can use in evaluating potential contractors for the project. 1. Consider the size and experience of the IT provider. -Determine whether their company is large enough

IPhone X can Protect against Allegations of Sexual Harassment

The new iPhone X can become a tool used to protect against allegations of sexual harassment. With a face scan, developers are able to customize smartphones for reliable authentication and capture of emotions and mood. With further development, observed facial points can provide the basis for understanding underlying intention. Igor Esipovich, Head of Artezio Mobile Development Department, “The new iPhone’s hardware allows identifying the basic facial points. Specially trained neural networks

Artezio Cost Track App will Support IPhone X and FaceID

Artezio developers present an updated version of the mobile app Cost Track. The updated version of Cost Track takes into account all technical features of IPhone X, including its non-standard resolution and screen design. Soon Cost Track will get one more functionality – the support of the face scanner FaceID when Apple provides developers with the detailed information on the facial recognition system and reliability of this data protection method. Igor Esipovich,

Meet Artezio at the Largest ICT Exhibition in the Middle East

Artezio is among the exhibitors at GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition), a prestigious trade show that takes place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on 8-12 October 2017. GITEX is an annual event held with the support of the UAE government that features the best developments in the field of IoT, smart cities, telecommunication, AR and VR. GITEX is the largest consumer electronics and innovation trade show in the Middle East. During

Cost Track Users Can Now Use Siri to Manage Personal Finances

Artezio developers present an updated version of the mobile app Cost Track; the app supports the new features of IOS 11 as well as data input with the help of Siri, the personal voice assistant by Apple. A major update of Cost Track increases the app usability and supports the iOS 11 innovations. In the iPad version, Artezio engineers added the Drag'n'drop function for iOS 11. Now you can add photos

Artezio Invites CodingFest Winners to Take Part in Internship Program

The winners of CodingFest, an event for software developers, will undertake an internship at Artezio. Based on the professional competition, the top software engineers were awarded with personal certificates that offered them a working and training opportunity at Artezio. Coding Fest is held annually, and it gathers several hundred beginners as well as experienced developers, analytics, and designers. In 2017, more than 300 participants were registered at the festival. CodingFest attendees had

Ernst & Young Names Artezio One of the Key IT Companies in the CIS

Ernst & Young, a UK audit and consulting company, noted a leading role Artezio plays in building a full-fledged IT services market in the CIS countries. In the published report that indicates IT industry growth, Artezio is mentioned together with world software and outsourcing leaders. The research conducted by Ernst & Young focuses on the development of the IT market in certain countries of the CIS, including Belarus. The analysts believe

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