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Radiopharmaceutical Market is Estimated to Attain a Value of US$ 7,430.8 Million …

The demand within the global market for radiopharmaceuticals has been rising on account of key developments in the field of drug discovery and developments, finds Transparency Market Research (TMR). Several new players have pervaded the global market for radiopharmaceutical, and this trend owes to the growing acceptance and popularity of radioactive drugs across the globe. Report Overview @ The market players that have earned reckon for themselves in the global radiopharmaceuticals market

Pharmaceutical Waste Management Market is Anticipated Expand at a CAGR of 5.4% f …

Transparency Market Research (TMR) has published a new report titled, “Pharmaceutical Waste Management Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2018–2026”. According to the report, the global pharmaceutical waste management market was valued at US$ 1,018.2 Mn in 2017 and is anticipated expand at a CAGR of 5.4% from 2018 to 2026. Growth of the pharmaceutical industry, government initiatives, increase in health care expenditure, and rise

Pharmacovigilance Market Analysis with Global Growing Industry Key Players - Acc …

The Pharmacovigilance market is set to see an impressive CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) between 2014 and 2020. This will bring to fore lucrative opportunities of growth and pull up market worth significantly. Factors of growth are multiple but foremost among them are strict government regulations, and robust pipeline of drugs. Moreover, the rising incidences of adverse drug reactions are a major contributor to growth in the market. Also, increase

Diabetes Injection Pens Market is Estimated to be Worth a US$ 9.7 Bn by 2024

Transparency Market Research (TMR), a pioneer in market intelligence, has recently published a report that captures the prudent trends and growth dynamics of global diabetic injection pens market. Since the time of their inception in the market, the product line has witnessed drastic evolution. This, predominantly, is due to the consistent research interventions by academic and scientific organizations, and pharmaceutical companies. Report Overview @ The TMR report states that the technological interventions

Latex Caulk Market : Key Players and Production Information analysis with Foreca …

Global Latex Caulk Market: An Overview The global latex caulk market is predicted to witness steady growth trajectory during 2018-2026. Asia Pacific market is expected to retain its dominant share during the forecast period. Caulk is a commonly used material in constructions and house repairs for fixing and sealing gaps in structures. It can be applied on doors, pipers, during plumbing, roofing and a wide range of other applications. Caulk is easily

Microgrid Control System Market Forecast and Trends Analysis Research Report

Global Microgrid Control System Market: Overview The need of a reliable and secure power supply system across the world is one factor boost the global microgrid control system market. Microgrid ensures the supply of electricity during power failure and blackout situations. Additionally, it shares load and provide additional support when connected to the main grid. The increasing demand of electrification of rural areas has lead to the high adoption rate of

Flexible Glass Market Investigation & Development Trends Analyzed till 2026

Global Flexible Glass Market: Overview The global flexible glass market may have risen steadily over the years and is anticipated to maintain the momentum in the near term as well. Flexible glass is an ultra-thin glass, which has the same properties of a rigid glass material. The additional properties associated with flexible glass are – durability, strength, and temperature stability. Furthermore, flexible glass can also exhibit the properties of plastic such

Dispersing Agents Market : Comprehensive Evaluation Of The Market Via In-Depth Q …

Dispersing agent, also known as dispersant or plasticizer are active substances as well as non surface active polymers. Dispersing agents are generally added to a colloid to prevent clumping and to enhance separation of particles. Plasticizers consists one or more surfactants, which serve as chemical compounds that reduce surface tension which in turn prevents settling or coagulation of particles. Dispersants are used as additives in a range of products such

Silicone in Electric Vehicles Market Trends and Dynamic Demand by 2026

Global Silicone in Electric Vehicles Market: Snapshot Silicone offers better temperature obstruction at both low and high temperatures in contrast with other rubbers. It can withstand a lower temperature limit of up to – 40C and higher temperature limit of up to 150C. The temperature resistant property displayed by silicone augments its application scope in electric vehicles. These helpful properties of silicone are probably going to drive the demand in various

Alignate Market Is Changing Drastically What If History Is Any Guide 2018 – 20 …

The global alginate market has been expanding at a steady pace over the past several years. The numerous high-value applications of alignate in biomedical science and engineering disciplines bodes well for the alignate market. Alignate displays numerous favourable properties such as biocompatibility and ease of gelation. This makes alignate particularly suitable for drug delivery, wound healing, and tissue engineering applications. The report provides a brilliant analysis of the global alignate market with

Citrus Bioflavonoids Market Will Likely See Expanding Of Marketable Business Seg …

Citrus Bioflavonoids are biologically active compounds known as flavonoids which are derived from citrus fruits and vegetables. Citrus bioflavonoids are popular among the dietary supplement manufacturers because of the antioxidant powers. Citrus bioflavonoids help to prevent ourselves from various health conditions and are used for the treatment of venous insufficiency and capillary fragility. The demand for citrus bioflavonoids from the personal care and cosmetics industry has grown tremendously because citrus

Shea Olein Market Revenue Tops Estimates | Eyes Robust Growth Rate Ahead 2018 …

Shea olein is an oil that is used to make creams, lubricants, massage oils, and lotions. It is extracted from shea butter by a fractionation process. Shea butter is obtained from the fruit of the shea tree (native to African regions). Shea olein is a natural or true oil, and not a solvent extracted shea oil. Shea olein contains oleic acid and stearic acid. It is considered that shea olein

Choline Bitartrate Market Outlook: Investors Still Miss The Big Assessment 2018 …

Choline bitartrate is a chemical compound that is formed by the combination of choline (an essential nutrient) and salt of tartaric acid. Choline is chemically related to vitamin-B and found in many plants and animal organs. It is known by different names such as choline bitartrate, choline chloride, choline citrate, and many other. Choline bitartrate has a better rate of absorption than pure choline. Choline bitartrate is available in three different

Whey Peptides Market : Growing Demand And Growth Opportunity 2018 – 2026

Demand for whey peptides is growing tremendously among consumers across the world. The growing trend of body fitness has had a great impact on the whey peptides market. Whey peptides are derived from milk plasma, a liquid dairy product. Whey peptides are supplements, also known as Whey Protein. Whey peptides are obtained from the leftover milk plasma during the production of cheese from cow’s milk. There are three types of

Protective Coatings Market Trends, Scope, Opportunities, Manufacturers, Size and …

The fact that there is an existence of a significant number of enterprises, the protective coatings market is fragmented. According to Transparency Market Research, the report on protective coatings market will help to design unique development strategies and classify new growth prospects. This is done by offering a complete study of the market’s competitive landscape and providing data on the products delivered by various major players. View Complete Report @

Chromium Market 2026 Driving Factors, Industry Analysis, Investment Feasibility …

The global chromium market is choc-o-bloc with players. This not just makes the market fragmented but highly competitive too. This because of constant efforts of the players to outdo one another with product innovations and distribution strategies. Players are also seen adopting competitive pricing strategies to surge ahead of their competitors. View Complete Report @ A Transparency Market Research report on the global chromium market finds that while competition is


Transparency Market Research has published a new report on the global dried fruits market. According to the research report, the dried fruits market is expected to grow at rate of 5.9% CAGR for the period of 2018 to 2026. In 2018, the valuation of the global market was recorded at US$7,255. The competitive landscape of the global dried fruits market is a fragmented one because of the presence of numerous well

Lignosulfonates Market– Industry Outlook, Market Dynamics and Forecast 2026

Transparency Market Research (TMR) witnesses the global lignosulfonates market has a highly fragmented competitive scenario. Some of the companies operating in the global lignosulfonates market are Borregaard, Burgo Group, Tembec Inc. (Rayonier Advanced Materials), Shenyang Xingzhenghe Chemical Co. Ltd., and Wuhan Xinyingda Chemicals Co. Ltd. View Complete Report @ Huge measure of bond is utilized in the development business. This, thusly, fills the interest for lignosulfonates. Improvement of framework and


Transparency Market Research illustrates the competitive market in the dried herb industry including The Kraft Heinz Company, Mountain Rose Herbs, Van Drunen Farms, Robertet SA, and Pacific Botanicals. There are several players in the competitive and fragmented global dried herbs market. The manufacturing companies are concentrating on introducing organic herbs due to growing consumer awareness about natural ingredients. These manufacturers are also integrating different strategies to dry herbs without affecting

Textile Chemicals Market Size, Share, Report, Analysis, Trends & Forecast to 202 …

Transparency Market Research has released a new market report titled “Textile Chemicals Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2018–2026”. According to the report, the global textile chemicals market is projected to be worth US$ 31,860 Mn by 2026, expanding at a CAGR of 3.7% from 2018 to 2026. Textile chemicals are employed as a part of textile manufacturing processes. They are utilized in spinning, pretreatment,


With reference to the latest market forecast report published by Transparency Market Research, on the title, 'Coconut Milk Products Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2018-2026', revenue generated from the global coconut milk products market has been estimated to be valued around US$ 885.9 Mn in 2018, which is projected to increase at a CAGR of 6.9%, to reach US$ 1,508.7 Mn in 2026. Request A Sample - Coconut Milk

Waterbased Coatings Market Size, Share, Analysis | Industry Outlook 2024

In an expanding global waterbased coatings market serving an array of industry verticals, majority shares are reserved by a handful of large players, states Transparency Market Research (TMR) in a new report. Top companies namely PPG Industries, Sherwin-Williams Company, and Akzo Nobel NV held 55% of the overall market in 2015. View Complete Report @ Product innovation and development of existing products remain the focus of leading companies in this

Cereal Coatings Market Outlook Highlights Major Opportunities Likely to Steer De …

Cereal Coatings Market Outlook Cereal coatings is a layer of a substance that is coated onto the surface of the cereal or cereal flake. The application of the coating on the cereal enhances the flavour and the appearance of the end product, which is mostly the ready-to-eat breakfast cereal products. The cereal coatings are available in the liquid as well as powder form, in the market consisting of the sweet, savory,

Allantoin Powder Market Growth to Witness Uptrend with Robust Sales Volume

Allantoin Powder Market Outlook Allantoin powder is white crystalline and odorless powder, having a moisturizing, keratolytic, and skin-revitalizing effect. Allantoin powder is industrially manufactured from uric acid, by the process of oxidation. Allantoin powder of natural origin is present in the roots and leaves of the comfrey plant. The synthetically prepared allantoin powder is a nature identical to the one observed in comfrey roots. Allantoin powder is used in cosmetics and

Dicing Tapes Market Sales, Revenue, Growth and Future Trends 2027

Dicing tape, a type of backing tape, is being extensively used during the production of electrical and electronic products. Its popularity, particularity in semiconductors, is due to its biggest benefit of easy removal of chips from wafers after the dicing process. It is seen as a crucial requirement for the full-cut dicing of wafers, as it enhances the quality of the die itself. Dicing tape has found application for the

Hypertonic drinks Market Expectations, Growth Trends Highlighted until 2028

Hypertonic drinks Market Outlook The world of sports drinks is very fascinating and at the same time so confusing as it has vast number of drinks that makes a different divergent of sports drink in the beverages industry, but all these sports drinks can be either of any one type among the three listed- hypertonic, isotonic and hypotonic, talking about hypertonic drink it is an instant energy providing drink with higher

CBD Supplements Market Outlook Highlights Major Opportunities Likely to Steer De …

Market Outlook CBD well known as marijuana or hemp is a very popular chemical found in the Sativa plant, CBD has lots of debates and arguments as to whether it is suitable for human consumption or not and has been successfully been passed as a non-toxic ingredient and can be used as an in medicines, cosmetics, and supplement industry when it contains 0.3 or less percentage of THC in it. Still,

Rooibos Tea Market Help in Reducing Inflammation that Causes Pain and Prevents I …

Rooibos tea is an herbal tea, made up of the leaves of rooibos, a plant native to South Africa. Rooibos tea is also known by its synonyms like red bush tea, African red tea, etc. Rooibos tea has been very much popular in South Africa for generations but is now consumed in many countries across the globe. Rooibos tea has various health benefits; it cures headache, asthma, insomnia, bone weakness,

Non-cariogenic Sweeteners Market Set to Deliver Major Revenue Shares during 2019 …

Non-cariogenic Sweeteners Market Outlook Dental health has always been consumers’ priority; consumers have always remained conscious of their dental health and have always accepted products that promote dental hygiene. However, increasing consumption of processed food and beverages have resulted in increasing sugar intake by the consumers, which have led to various dental plaques and carries. Furthermore, dental caries has continued to be one of the major dental health problems since ages.

Cannabinoid CB2 Products Market Act on the body’s Endocannabinoid system which …

Cannabinoid is a unique compound. There are two types of cannabinoid namely CB1 and CB2. Cannabinoid CB2 is a 7-Transmembrane receptor (a protein that contains 7 membrane-spanning helices). The products that contain cannabinoid receptor 2 are known as cannabinoid CB2 products. Cannabinoid CB2 belongs to the family of G-protein receptors. There are various kinds of cannabinoid CB2 products available in the market such as cannabinoid hemp oil and cannabinoidol tincture.

Arabinoxylan Fiber Market Dietary fiber which is a Major Component found in “C …

Arabinoxylan fiber is an extracted byproduct of wheat flour processing. Arabinoxylan fiber is a non-starchy polysaccharide which constitutes almost 65% of endosperm cell walls in most cereal grains. Arabinoxylan fiber decreases the postprandial glucose response in normoglycemic subjects. Arabinoxylan fiber is a dietary fiber which is a major component found in cereal grains like rice, wheat, corn, oat, rye, and barley. Arabinoxylan fiber is used in medicines. Arabinoxylan fiber is

Amylcinnamyl Alcohol Market is Used in Numerous Personal Care Product, Hair care …

Amylcinnamyl alcohol is also known as alpha-amyl cinnamic alcohol as well as by some other names like buxinol, alpha pentyl cinnamyl alcohol, and 2-benzylideneheptenol. Amylcinnamyl alcohol is a slightly yellow (almost colorless) liquid with a slightly floral odor. Amylcinnamyl alcohol is insoluble in water. Amylcinnamyl Alcohol is a synthetic product used mostly as a prominent perfume chemical as well as in various personal care (moisturizers, soaps, facial scrub, hair gel,

The Growing trend of Coloring Hair has fuel the Demand for acid violet 43 Market …

Acid violet 43 is a chemical compound. In physical form, it is dark violet crystalline powder. Acid violet 43 is also known as “Jarocol Violet 43” and “External D&C Violet No. 2”. These are the trade names and are given by the Food and Drug Administration agency (US). “Ext” means for external use only and “D&C” means for Drug and Cosmetic applications. Acid violet 43 is used in the cosmetic

Battery Energy Storage Systems Market to Grow at 12.0% CAGR from 2018-2026: Late …

The global battery energy storage systems market features a highly consolidated landscape with small number of players accounting for a large share in the market, reports Transparency Market Research (TMR). Prominent players in the market comprise Tesla, Panasonic, and LG Chem. Additionally, there are several new companies such as General Electric and Fluence trying to emerge in the market. Key players in the battery energy storage systems market are engaging in research

Robotic Drilling Market Trends and Impacting Factor’s Applications to 2026

Global Robotic Drilling Market: Introduction Robotic drilling is defined as an automation system developed for drilling operations in the oil & gas industry. Robotic drilling offers benefits to the oil & gas industry such as less drilling times, safer operations, multi-sensor measurements, mass production, high drilling capacity, and more predictability than human driven rigs. Robotic drilling companies possess the expertise for building robotic hardware and software to program and control the

Electric Resistance Welding (ERW) Pipes & Tubes Market Supply, Sales, Revenue an …

Welded pipes are pipes that have welded seam across their length. Electric resistance welding (ERW) is one of the many processes of manufacturing welded metal pipes. This process is used to manufacture pipes and tubes with lower wall thickness. In ERW, a flat strip of the metal is passed through a series of rollers to mold them in a cylindrical shape. This cylindrical shaped pipe is then welded by passing

Battery Monitoring System Market Analysis up to Segments and Key Trends 2025

Demand for clean energy has increased significantly due to the rise in awareness and increase in concerns regarding global warming. This has led to a shift toward sources of energy such as solar, wind, and environmentally-friendly electric and hybrid vehicles. Energy storage is a grave concern for successful implementation of these clean solutions. It can be resolved by the application of battery of various capacities for energy storage. Hence, monitoring

Liquid Metal Battery Market to Witness Study Growth through 2025

Efficiency and reliability of energy transmission and storage is dependent on the storage capacity of the battery. This is applicable to all systems, ranging from small personal devices to power grids. Batteries are used to supply power to portable devices, to fuel vehicles, and to cause disruptions in the working of electric grids. However, despite the high applicability of batteries, technological advances in the battery industry in meeting the demand

Medical Digital Imaging Systems Market Global Market Estimation, Dynamics, Regio …

Global Medical Digital Imaging Systems Market: Overview Medical digital imaging system denotes to the utilization of various types of imaging is used to get visual demonstrations of the inside of a body for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes. The medical digital imaging systems comprise various kinds of modalities utilized to scan the human body for diagnosis and treating kinds of diseases. Thus, it plays an essential part in health improvement. The

Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor Market Global Competitive Analytics and Insights …

Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor Market Introduction Wireless blood pressure monitor is a technological advanced device used to monitor blood pressure in adults. These devices are also known as digital blood pressure monitors as these are compatible with smartphones for tracking blood pressure on daily basis. Wireless blood pressure monitor helps both health care providers and patients in self-management of blood pressure. Increasing usage of smartphones have resulted in increasing investments and

Bioimplants Market Industry Analysis, Size, Growth, Trends and Demand 2027

Global Bioimplants Market: Overview Bioimplants refers to those medical gadgets or tissues that are made by making use of the process of bio-engineering. Bioimplants find extensive application in orthopedic therapeutic, dental, and cardiovascular applications. Bioimplants are also utilized for the replacement and organ transplant procedures, which improve the functionality or restore normalcy of affected body organs. These implants can be either permanent or temporary in nature. Report Overview @ Transparency Market

Medical Drones Market Value Projected to Expand by 2019 to 2027

Global Medical Drones Market: Introduction Medical Drones industry can be followed back to late 1800 and mid 1900 for military activities. At first drones were utilized to keep an eye on nations during cold war. The principal target drone was created somewhere around 1933 and 1935 at RAF Farnborough by consolidating fuselage with engine and wings. Report Overview @ Drones were likewise utilized in combat zone surveillance, anti-submarine warfare, and target

Medical Telepresence Robot Market Overview by Increasing Demand and Sales 2019 t …

Global Medical Telepresence Robot Market: Introduction The global medical telepresence robot market has been in a transitional phase for the last few years. Various trends have shaped its development trajectory and continue to do so at present. The market’s growth prospects are positive, thanks to the introduction of various collaborative initiatives by leading players. Continuous technological advancements are also expected to aid the market’s progress in the years to come. Report Overview

Digital Respiratory Devices Market: Current Trends & Opportunities by 2027

Digital Respiratory Devices Market – Introduction Digital respiratory devices compromises therapeutic and diagnostic devices which are connected to smartphone applications or other data collection modules. These devices are used in the treatment and monitoring of asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD), and other respiratory diseases. Digital respiratory devices help to deliver correct dose of the drug and also monitor patient health and treatment outcomes efficiently. These technologically advanced devices enable patient

Controlled Substance Market to Report a CAGR of ~7% Between 2019 and 2027

Controlled Substance Market: Introduction Transparency Market Research has published a new report on the global controlled substance Market for the forecast period of 2019 – 2027. According to the report, the global controlled substance market was valued at ~US$ 64 Bn in 2018, and is expected to expand at a CAGR of ~7% during the forecast period of 2019 to 2027. Report Overview @ Some prescription medicines are controlled under the Misuse of

Surgical Imaging Arms Market to Reach over US$ 1,600 Mn by 2026

Transparency Market Research (TMR) has published a new report titled ‘Surgical Imaging Arms Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2018–2026.’ According to the new report, the global surgical imaging arms market was valued above US$ 1,000 Mn in 2017. It is projected to expand at a CAGR of 4.6% from 2018 to 2026. Report Overview @ Rise in geriatric population that leads to increase in number of

Drug Delivery Systems Market: By Size study, by Type, by Application and Regiona …

Transparency Market Research (TMR) has published a new report titled “Drug Delivery System Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2017–2025”. According to the, the global drug delivery system market was valued at approximately US$ 510.0 Bn in 2016 is projected to expand at CAGR of over 6.9% from 2017 to 2025. Report Overview @ The report suggests that rise in prevalence of diseases and increases in

Gold Nanoparticles Market to Reach an Opportunity of US$ 8,000 Mn by 2026

The global market for gold nanoparticles is highly competitive and is considered as consolidated in nature, owing to the presence of a few local and global players operating worldwide, states a new market intelligence study by Transparency Market Research. The leading players in the market are competing on the basis of product quality, distribution network, and creative developments. Report Overview @ The key players are focusing on the research and development

Benefitting from Climate Change Measures, Dimethyl Carbonate Market to Steer at …

Focused on cutting down carbon footprint to reduce the impact of climate change, almost every nation across the globe is willing to adopt every plausible measure that come their way. And, automobiles account for a large share of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, countries are looking at alternative fuel options and, at the same time, exploring options that can reduce carbon dioxide emissions from existing gas-powered vehicles. Get

Calcium Carbonate Market to Reach a Value of ~US$ 28 Bn by 2027

A recent business intelligence study by Transparency Market Research (TMR) has detected that the competition in the global calcium carbonate market is intense, and heavily dependent on supply chain of the players. What has increased the emphasis on having a strong distribution network are various governmental policies regarding the exaction and operation of calcium carbonate. Players are forced to maintain socioeconomic benefits as well as reduce environmental impact. Get Research

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