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Press Releases from Digital Yacht (3 total)

PilotLINK wireless AIS gateway for next generation pilotage

Digital Deep Sea has added a new innovation to their portfolio called PilotLINK. PilotLINK is a wireless interface for Class A AIS systems. It allows mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, Android tablets and PCs to connect wirelessly to the ship’s AIS/GPS system and effectively turns the mobile device into a full function navigation product. PilotLINK has been specifically produced for use with the popular iNavX and iSailor

Digital Yacht launch GPS150 DualNavTM GPS/GLONASS Sensor for next generation nav …

Position is a navigation fundamental and we’ve all become increasingly reliant on GPS. The new GPS150 DualNav positioning sensor from Digital Yacht combines a super accurate 50 channel GPS with GLONASS, the Russian funded satellite positioning system that is now on line and providing an excellent back up or alternative to GPS. This “smart” sensor will automatically switch between the systems or the the user can manually select

Digital Yacht WL450 WiFi System brings cost effective internet on-board

Digital Yacht have launched a new self contained hi-power wifi antenna which allows boat owners to access the internet through wifi hotspots whilst on board. We have all become reliant on internet access whilst ashore and it’s no different when boating. Internet access can bring us maritime weather, navigation updates, TV and even electronic charting as well as the normal email, news and web browsing whilst on board.

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