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The Latch Solution from FDB Panel Fittings Online

Keeping supply chains open and flexible, and working fast is a major challenge for all in the manufacturing sector - rarely more so than in the case of equipment for time-critical installations such as power supply and control systems where packaged systems must be completed, delivered and installed - timely delivery of even a latching mechanism may be vital. The Online team at FDB Panel Fittings are delighted to announce

FDB Panel Fittings handles - bridge, bow, grab, lift and "D" styles

FDB Panel Fittings are pleased to announce that their Online store now has an extensive stock of handles for doors, drawers, panels, equipment and cases from a range of manufacturers, in various materials. Handles of this type are often the last component to be fitted and can be needed as a matter of urgency at the last minute to avoid delays in production or delivery - the FDB Panel Fittings Online

Food processing industry clean locking hardware from FDB Panel Fittings

The team at FDB Panel Fittings are pleased to announce that, together with their sales partner DIRAK, they can now offer a range of clean locking solutions for the secure closure of housings and equipment in the food processing industries where regular pressure washing is a normal requirement. These quarter turn and compression latches were specifically designed to meet the fundamental principles of "Hygienic Design (HD)" and adhere to the

Rocfast at FDB Panel Fittings - quarter turn assembly matching the lock depth to …

At a time when the need for cost savings and time savings are more important than ever, FDB Panel Fittings are pleased to inform that their Rocfast customer service program saves time, money and mistakes by guiding engineers and buyers through the process of specification, component matching, ordering, assembly, packaging and logistics - direct to site - worldwide. The FDB Rocfast program focuses primarily on lock assembly including all major industry

FDB Panel Fittings - bridge handles moulded and stainless steel ex-stock and Onl …

FDB Panel Fittings are pleased to now offer different configurations of Bridge handles ex-stock through their Online shop. These are shaped for a comfortable grip and to enable sufficient force to be used in opening large doors or carrying equipment. Moulded types of many sizes in reinforced polyamide with bolt through fixing or blind rear screws are available - also stainless steel variants are offered for slimline strength and use in

Cabinet gasket from FDB Panel Fittings to fit door and frame channels

These FDB gaskets are commonly used to fit a channel on an enclosure frame or door where the hollow section seals against a flat mounting surface and tightens into the channel when compressed, to increase sealing. Being flexible and easily compressed this design of gasket is readily installed even round 90° corners without warping or folding. The profile design features 4-lip sections for optimal sealing of doors and panels, with high

FDB Hinges Online with rear stud fixing for looks and security

Rear stud fixing hinges ex-stock from FDB Panel Fittings Online Store offer good external aesthetic design to enhance the finished enclosure or cabinet, while providing enhanced security, as the fixings are not accessible from outside the body of the housing. Stud fixings also speed assembly since there are no fiddly screws to deal with and retaining nuts are more easily fitted to firmly positioned studs - so saving time and

FDB Panel Fittings offer Gasket sealing for enclosure doors and windows

Gasket, sealing profiles, window sealing and associated accessories for virtually all industrial applications are now available from FDB Panel Fittings via their ex-stock Online store or through programmed order/delivery to match production schedules. Ideal for enclosures and electrical cabinets, they offer a variety of gaskets optimized for respective applications. Explains MD Gary Miles “We offer an extensive range of gaskets, along with customized sections based on a customer’s unique application needs.

New from FDB Panel Fittings – the DIRAK 4-351 2D adjustable hinge

The DIRAK/FDB Panel Fittings partnership have a new aluminium 180° hinge with adjustable mountings available – suitable for surface mounting on large cabinets and personal access doors. These robust 121mm and 61mm hinges are designed to use on railway carriages, special vehicles, storage units and similar where the ability to adjust plus/or minus 2mm in two dimensions (up/down and L/R) enables correct fit and finish during installation and service. Rugged 4-351

Soft-close and lift-off doors with new PINET dampening hinges from FDB Panel Fit …

Soft-close and lift-off facilities with the new PINET dampening hinges from FDB Panel Fittings enable easy equipment installation and access in workshop, office or domestic environments. Situations where rapid door removal saves time and greatly aids the work of engineer fitters. No-slam closure with dampened hinges is also an appreciated end-user feature from safety and noise perspectives. L/R clockwise/anti-clockwise operation is available with these plastic polymer hinges which conveniently lift-off in

PINET soft-close aluminium hinges from FDB prevent “slam-shut”

Soft-close is a feature much admired among operators of equipment covers and doors for making usage more comfortable, more user friendly and potentially safer. Consequently, FDB Panel Fittings are pleased to launch the new PINET dampening hinges in aluminium which offer a 115° soft-close in three configurations. Two torque dampings are available to suit both lightweight and heavier doors in a range of industrial and office/domestic applications. These clear anodized hinges are robust

New from FDB Panel Fittings – sprung and un-sprung concealed PINET hinges

These new PINET 7 axis multi-link hinges from FDB Panel Fittings offer concealed and sprung door opening for overlay and nested doors. Their spring counterbalance allows for easy operation while the multi-link design ensures accurate and positive closure. This new design hinge is fitted internally to the frame/door corner from where it offers a 110° door opening with positional hold in the open and closed modes by virtue of the sprung

New PINET concealed parallelogram hinges available from FDB Panel Fittings

This new range of PINET concealed internally mounting parallelogram hinges was launched recently by sales partner FDB Panel Fittings for the specialist panel building and related industries. For example, payment terminals, vending machines, timetable boards, special vehicles, gaming machines and of course in our current climate the growing electric vehicle charging terminal markets. Parallelogram hinges offer an easy to operate hinging solution for surface mounted or nested doors in horizontal or

Protect your quarter-turn locks with the new spring-loaded flap lid from FDB Pan …

Enclosure hardware specialist FDB have introduced a very neat DIRAK accessory which greatly aids protection of quarter-turn locks. This spring-loaded flap lid is a new/retro-fit accessory that punches well above its weight by protecting against the build-up of dirt, dust and driving rain from interfering with easy operation of the keylock or insert mechanism. The design is based on experience that quarter-turns can be utilized in various application areas. Many of

FDB Panel Fittings launch innovative new DIRAK hinge with fastening bracket

The new DIRAK hinge Pr01 now launched by FDB Panel Fittings marks an innovative approach to the time-saving installation of IP65/67 hinging for specialist enclosures. DIRAK believe that to meet the requirements of industrial applications, panel hinges must be sturdy, robust and durable. Additionally, they should offer simple assembly, high strength and flexible usage. Consequently, for these applications they have developed a novel new hinge with fastening bracket, which ensures

New indexing plunger from FDB Panel Fittings

The new indexing plunger from FDB is spring-loaded for ease of set/reset to enable the quick and accurate location of covers and flaps, workpieces and panels in pre-defined positions. New from sales partner DIRAK, this plunger allows removal and accurate replacement of tooling, jigs and equipment – it may also be used as a pin hinge, e.g. for cabinet panels or for access panels in industrial cubicles. Operation is comfortable and

New high load capacity corner hinge from FDB Panel Fittings

The new DIRAK high load capacity corner hinge from FDB Panel Fittings offers specialist panel builders a simple way to quickly and effectively mount heavy doors with 180° opening and a lift-off facility. The Pr04 corner hinge suits surface mounted doors where an external visible installation is appropriate. The hinge is a substantial 92mm length manufactured in zinc-die with stainless steel hinge pin for robust operation and longevity in industrial environments

New D-Snap Technology in stainless steel from FDB Panel Fittings

The D-Snap components system enables panel builders and installers to save time and money with click-together panels. Now this robust technology is available from FDB Panel Fittings in a stainless steel format developed for applications that need to be permanently fixed on one side and easily removable on the other. Their first component offering is the DST fastener to suit 30x10 cutout so bringing DST assembly to cabinets for external environments.

Enclosure gasket sealing online from FDB Panel Fittings

Sealing of enclosures or cabinet doors is made simple with the range of clip-fit, push-fit and self-adhesive sections from FDB Panel Fittings. These specialist profiles in EPDM, NBR, neoprene and PVC offer a quickly installed solution to maintaining good IP protection for panel builders, equipment manufacturers and vehicle constructors. Clip-on hollow section gaskets enable inexpensive and effective protection from dust and water to be achieved with the simple expedient of pushing

New range of small and powerful magnetic catches from FDB Panel Fittings

FDB Panel Fittings admire the way that some manufacturers use materials to their customers’ advantage while keeping aesthetics in the forefront of their design – such a manufacturer is their sales partner Sugatsune whose range of neodymium magnetic catches stand out for their high performance and very neat design. Back in the eighties the first neodymium magnets were devised by companies in Japan and America. They are enormously strong compared to

Clean by design new AISI 316 stainless steel 180° panel hinges from FDB

These beautifully designed AISI 316 stainless steel 180° hinges from FDB Panel Fittings provide secure rear mounted installation along with an easy clean dirt resistant style. Their AISI 316 construction further ensures a high degree of resistance to weather, corrosion and chemicals. The rugged design and construction of these 180° lift-off hinges means they can be used in the most diverse areas. Stainless steel washers between the joints ensure a high

New extra-length Bridge Handles from FDB Panel Fittings

These newly designed extra-length bridge handles announced by FDB Panel Fittings are available in silicon-grey or matte black to an extended 220mm length compared to 142, 170 or 199mm for its standard sized sibling. The added length provides ultimate comfort and convenience, for example when wearing work gloves. The new design incorporates slanted surfaces and rounded edges to ensure resistance to dirt and enable easy cleaning. At the same time appearance

FDB Panel Fittings announce specialist hinges from their online shop

A hinge by any other name is not quite what one may expect – as it turns out. The FDB online shop now includes a selection of spring hinges, friction hinges and torque hinges for the many and extensive specialist enclosures and panels used in industrial and office furniture applications. Spring hinges in aluminium from FDB Panel Fittings provide spring return with a stainless steel spring and an anodised finish in

Bridge Handles now from FDB Online

Traditional bridge handles from FDB Panel Fittings Online store provide easy one-handed operation of doors, draws, access panels, cases and instruments with comfortable feel and aesthetically suited to industrial or office-style environments. Simple fitment is achieved quickly with screw fixing at either end as open front mounting or with decorative inserts, as well as the rear mounting options. These grab or “bow” drawer types handles for opening or carrying are available in

Insert Dish Handles from FDB Panel Fittings now available at their Online Store

These recessed pull handles from FDB Panel Fittings provide a quick clip-in fix with flush fit and a comfortable grip for sliding doors or light lifting operations. Available from their online store, these handles came in 94mm and 110 mm sizes, black polyamide, ex-stock for rapid delivery. Further information on Dish Handles from FDB Panel Fittings can be found at FDB product and service information may be found at: Find

FDB IP65/67 Compression Latch – now also in black

The standard DIRAK compression latch from FDB Panel Fittings is now also available in black to pair with black hinges and other enclosure hardware. The black finish with white insert markings offers a particularly clear indication of the latch position. This IP65/67 latch offers a full 6mm of compression to ensure good gasket pull down along with excellent vibration resistance to prevent nuisance opening. It is useful especially on vehicles and

New stainless steel L handle from FDB for padlock security

The new DIRAK stainless steel L handle from FDB Panel Fittings has been designed to suit deep door panels such as used in acoustic enclosures, refrigeration, HVAC applications, large plastic doors and other access panels in food and hygiene areas where its IP65 sealing is of advantage. Explained Gary Miles, M.D. at FDB Panel Fittings – “DIRAK has again done an excellent job with this stainless steel L handle in providing

New low noise Sliding Slam Latch from FDB Panel Fittings

The new DIRAK sliding slam latch from FDB Panel Fittings provides a low noise secure door closure mechanism for internal doors, cupboards etc. It is expected to be of value in specialist vehicles such as caravans, commercial vehicles, railway rolling stock and similar. Explains Gary Miles, M.D. at FDB Panel Fittings “In the event of the transportation of containers, for example for small animals or similar, in addition to vibration

FDB have added a sleek, robust non-locking L handle to their online store

FDB Panel Fittings have added a sleek, robust non-locking L handle to their Online Store selection. The 1608 handle is ideal for simple low-security access or for use in combination with more complex closure systems. Explained Gary Miles, M.D. at FDB Panel Fittings, “we have found that customers appreciate more and more the easy availability of items like the 1608 L handle on same-day despatch. It is astonishing where these products

New Toolless assembly quarter-turn latch from FDB to IP69K

The new program 1000 EMKA toolless assembly quarter-turn latch from FDB Panel Fittings saves up to 80% of assembly time (and a lot of fiddling around), while offering protection against dust and water ingress up to IP69K. This polyamide/zinc die latch mechanism for enclosures or access panels offers a choice of 20 different inserts to suit the key type required, together with 3 depths of cranked cam and optional electrical

New large slam latch with inside safety release from FDB Panel Fittings

The new large format slam latch from FDB Panel Fittings is a purpose designed unit from Weston Body Hardware for large insulated enclosures such as cold stores or containerised units. The roller striker latch is surface mounted to preserve the integrity of the door with an internal punch-style emergency release. Importantly, the release “mushroom” features a fluorescent button for easy location in the event of inadvertent door closure. The 270mm latch

Nested door hinges with 180°/270° opening for larger industrial enclosures - f …

These 218-9104 50mm hinges from the FDB Online store in zinc-die with black or chrome finish offer a simple solution for doors of larger nested industrial enclosures on an ex-stock, same-day despatch basis with easy online ordering. Standard configuration is for nested mounting with countersunk M6 screws or M6 integral studs. The latter version can also be specified as an earth continuity “grounding” variant incorporating internal spring contact and serrated mounting

New Stainless Steel lock arrives at FDB Online Store

The new ESS5DB is a stainless steel IP65 quarter-turn cabinet lock for specialist industrial use where its rugged construction, coupled with a high degree of protection from dust and water ingress, make it a practical option. The ESS5DB is available from the FDB online store for same-day despatch and features a 5mm double bit insert commonly used in engineering and manufacturing environments. Where required FDB Panel Fittings offer an extensive custom assembly

2 stage hinges for flush doors from FDB Panel Fittings

The novel EMKA 1042/3 2 stage hinges from specialists FDB Panel Fittings provides a full 180° door opening for removable flush doors on large or small cabinets, with two sizes to suit industrial enclosures and electrical housings. The 1042/3 hinges provide this unusual facility for flush doors and are concealed within the cabinet using internal weld-on mounting, which combined with a flush/insert door design minimises opportunities for vandal attack while presenting

New 180 degree polyamide hinges from specialists FDB Panel Fittings

FDB Panel Fittings have recently introduced EMKA 1110 polyamide hinges to their range. These 180° quick fit hinges permit rapid door mounting and demount by use of a removable hinge pin which also locks the hinge into place. They are considered suitable for batch or continuous production of specialist enclosures. 1110 hinges are available from FDB to suit 16mm or 25mm flange returns on lay-on cabinet door designs which require only

New Compression Locks Guidance Sheet from FDB Panel Fittings

The FDB Panel Fittings range of Knowledge Base data sheets has been extended to cover the increasingly popular area of compression locks. While compression locks have been around for many years there has recently been a considerable increase in the availability of styles and features which can now provide engineers with solutions for most industrial applications. FDB are delighted to share their expertise in this area with guidance on double-action quarter

New from FDB Panel Fittings: IP65 quarter-turn locks with integral finger pull h …

The novel Giussani NRM series of IP65 quarter-turn locks from FDB Panel Fittings are not only super quick to fit because of their Box Rapid spring fixing, they are also comfortable and easy to operate with an integral finger pull design. The NRM may be equipped with any of a wide range of insert types. Construction is in polyamide with either zinc plated steel or polyamide cam and silicone gasket for

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