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Health 2.0 Middle East – Personal/Public Health: Location, Location, Location …

Hippocrates, writing circa 400 BC, said that one’s health depends on the air one breathes, the water one drinks, and the environment in which one lives. Place matters in health! An outbreak of cholera in the Soho district of London in 1854 killed 127 residents over 3 days and caused the exodus of nearly three quarters of the population. The father of modern day public health, Anesthesiologist John Snow created

Innovative Process Beats Brand Names With Better Outcomes

In the GCC some governments have provided generous financial incentives and guaranteed numbers of public patients to top-rated international academic medical centers. All in an attempt bring these big brands to manage and/or open new facilities in the region. The hope is to create competition and to raise the standard of care to a point that it will eventually stave off ‘reverse medical tourism’ from their countries, by keeping patients

The Regulation of Health Data: How Will it Impact Innovation?

A small box inside the chest of Maajida beams all kinds of data about her faulty heart to the company that makes her implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD). However, many barriers make it difficult for Maajida to get that information unless she requests summaries from her physician - whom she rarely sees and since she is in jeopardy of losing her insurance, may not ever see again. In short, the data gathered

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