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Press Releases from EUserv Internet (20 total)

EUserv offers bare metal servers with 20 free IP addresses: "RTR server"

Server hoster EUserv Internet added a new server series including 20 free IP addresses. Due to the large number of IP addresses, these dedicated "RTR Servers" are ideally suited as a host to run virtualized servers. The abbreviation "RTR" stands for "Ready-To-Run" and means that customers can benefit from a deployment process within a few minutes when ordering one of these models. Immediately available hardware All of the "RTR servers" are immediately available.

New operating systems for dedicated servers at EUserv

The hosting provider EUserv Internet added new versions of popular Linux operating systems (OS) to its installation system for customers running dedicated servers. The new operating systems can thus be installed fully automatically as Raid1, 5 or 10 deployment via EUserv customer panel, the API or the EUserv Android App. Debian 10 („Buster“) As one of the oldest Linux distributions, Debian is very popular, considered very stable, supports a varied architecture and

EUserv launches version 5 of the dedicated "Instant64" servers

With the 5th generation of its dedicated "Instant64" servers, EUserv is updating its popular all-round rental server-series to a new hardware platform. The Intel "Coffee-Lake" based platform is offered with fast 6-core processors, more main memory and more hard disk or SSD storage than before. Fast hardware and large harddrives Any model of the new server-series is equipped with an Intel Core i7-8700 processor. The processor has 6 cores and allows up

EUserv Internet provides database system MariaDB and additional MySQL versions f …

Jena, 25th February 2019 In addition to the existing MySQL database system, EUserv Internet now also offers its Fork MariaDB in version 10.3 for all database-capable hosting plans. In addition MySQL 5.7 and 8.0 are now also available in the EUserv customer panel for creating new databases in addition to the existing MySQL versions. MySQL and the Fork MariaDB are two of the most popular and powerful open source databases and run

EUserv Internet allows own nameservers for domains

The hosting provider EUserv Internet looses its over many years restrictive policy and now allows a configuration of customer-specific nameservers (NS) for domain registration in certain domain plans. Domain zone under own control Due to the web-based customer panel, domain operators at EUserv have every opportunity to manage their domains individually. The new feature now also offers the possibility to use own or external nameservers. After setup, all DNS requests for a

Webhoster EUserv offers new dedicated storage servers "Filer v5" with up to 80TB …

Jena, February 1st, 2019 - For users with a high demand of storage capacity and growing storage requirements, hosting provider EUserv Internet now offers solid and reliable servers “Filer v5” with a storage capacity between 24TB and 80TB. Four different models with large hard drives or fast SSD's The servers of the "Filer v5" series are based on Supermicro mainboards and are equipped with Intel XEON E3 or E5 processors as well

EUserv Internet offers exclusive WM-Edition with 1TB free Cloud-Storage for 1 ye …

Jena, July 2nd, 2018 – The Server- and Hosting-Provider EUserv Internet ( launches one new limited “WM-Edition 2018” offer weekly during the biggest sporting event of the year. 1TB Cloud-Storage "BackupHD 1T WME2018" for free in the first year Anybody looking forward for Cloud-Storage or already focused on “BackupHD Classic” offered by EUserv Internet can be pleased about a very special gift. As part of “WM-Edition 2018” 1TB Cloud-Storage “BackupHD

EUserv Internet offers dedicated servers as a Special „Either – Or“ Editio …

Jena, 04.07.2017: The Internet-Service-Provider EUserv opens summer season 2017 with selected dedicated server offers. So customers may choose between dedicated servers equipped with powerful hardware for private as well as for business use or with maximum storage capacity at an affordable price. And more offers will follow soon. Affordable Server for various storage applications Within the "It's your choice" campaign EUserv Internet offers the limited dedicated servers "Prime64 v6 SE2017" and "Stor

EUserv Internet launched Online-Marketplace for dedicated servers

Webhoster EUserv Internet ( opened a new marketplace for dedicated rootservers in addition to the regular server-series. The Server-Marketplace offers servermodels which can't be classified into the existing server-series. 1 Gbit bandwidth and up to 32 IP-addresses Besides servers with a 100MBit/s connection („100 Mbit Edition“) EUserv also provides a second plan of marketplace-servers with 1 GBit/s bandwidth, 1.000 GB Backup-Storage and up to 32 optional bookable IP-addresses. The most important

Server Hoster EUserv presents dedicated servers as limited EM-Edition with many …

Hermsdorf/Jena, May 30th, 2016 With regard to the European Football Championship hosting provider Euserv Internet ( now offers dedicated server with many free IP addresses as a limited “EM-Edition 2016”. Due to the release of "EM-Edition 2016" as special server, vServer-, cloud-, webhosting- and domain-plans EUserv increases the anticipation of one of the biggest sporting events of the year. Every EM-Edition model offers either an interesting additional benefit respectively special equipment

Hosting Provider EUserv expands Datacenter in Jena

Hermsdorf/Jena, March 30th, 2016 The Internet Service Provider Euserv Internet, located in Germany,Thuringia is going to start the expansion of its datacenter in Jena. At the moment the datacenter, opened in 2005, accommodates 2.000 server units in long-term usage. Due to the expansion of capacity, space for 4.000 additional server units will be created. Planned investment of EUR 1.5 million until 2020 With the amplification of new technology areas in Jena, which adjact

New Entry Business Mid-Price Server-Series "Instant64" launched at EUserv

The hosting provider EUserv ( revived with new mid-size servers a series of dedicated servers. The "Instant64" servers come with Intel XEON CPU E3 and premium hardware equipment. They are ideal for hosting clients such as web agencies or smaller web hosts as a platform for their customers. 32 GB of memory in each model The server series already offers 32GB RAM, an Intel Xeon E3 CPU and 2x 2TB hard drives

EUserv is seeking volunteers for participation in development program for VPS

Hermsdorf/Thur., 2014/11/19 The hosting and server provider EUserv ( is currently seeking volunteers for its VPS services. Under the project name "VPS Trial" EUserv offers the opportunity to test a VPS for 12 months with no monthly costs and hopes in return a lot of feedback from users for further improvements. Volunteers over 18 years with basic knowledge of servers and Linux as operating system, are allowed to participate. The program participation

Trend towards second or third domain for online shops: Simple Domain search via …

Just in time for Christmas sales, the hosting company EUserv ( released the latest version of his Android App to check and order domain names. This mobile version of the domain search is ideal for maintainers of online shops or for Domain traders. Under the slogan "I want quickly check a domain", the customer can check its domain idea on availability via his Android smartphone or tablet and order the Domain

EUserv expands storage Server "Filer" by high performance models for business cu …

EUserv Internet ( has expanded the Filer-Server offers and launches five new models, with hardware RAID along with SSD's or classic hard drives, under the name "Filer Pro" server, on the hosting market. The new "Filer Pro" server series is designed for business and professional users with high demands on memory, I/O loads and reliability. The built-in hard drives are 24x7 certified, connected to a hardware RAID controller and hot-swappable. By

EUserv rolls out "Pro64 v5" servers with 1 TB SSDs for business clients to the h …

Hermsdorf, 2014/02/14 The German web hosting provider EUserv ( releases its new "Pro64" server series. The fifth generation of the "Pro64" servers has been especially designed for business clients and applications. Every server comes with Hardware RAID. Beside traditional hard disks SSDs are also deployed. Dedicated servers with Hardware RAID and 2 x 1TB SSDs The models "Pro64 M" and "Pro64 SSD" come with Intel Xeon E5 1650v2 hexacore CPUs, 64GB of DDR3

EUserv starts the new year with the "Winter Server Special 2014"

Hermsdorf, 2014/01/07 The hosting provider EUserv ( presents its annual "Winter Server" and thus offers three powerful and affordable server and VPS models with special conditions. At choice are two dedicated and one virtualized server with full root access. This special is limited to a number of servers. All "Winter Server" are offered with 100Mbit unmetered bandwidth. The usual setup fees are omitted. High-performance hardware and multiple features included: EUserv offers the dedicated

Web hosting provider EUserv releases new dedicated server models in the storage …

EUserv Internet ( has revised its server offers in the low-cost segment ("Misurfi" series version 6) as well as the storage segment ("Filer" series version 3) and so rolls out a total of 9 new server models on the dedicated hosting market. Low-cost servers with a reasonable monthly base fee In the low-cost segment EUserv releases five new server models. The entry level model "Misurfi S" features an Intel Atom CPU and

EUserv launches special offer for root servers "Spring Server Special 2013"

Hermsdorf, 2013-04-11 The hosting and server provider ( started into spring with its special offer "Spring Server Special 2013“. In addition to a vServer a performant dedicated server with full root and admin access, including various features, is offered as well. This offer is limited to 30 servers each. Powerful hardware and free features The highly efficient EUserv "Spring Server 2013 Pro" features an Intel XEON E3 processor with 4x 3,3 Ghz, 32

Focussing on virtualization and Cloud. EUserv conducts large-scale update of ava …

Hermsdorf, 2012-12-18 EUserv ( conducts an update of the existing operating systems for customers before the end of the year. In addition to the now selectable VMWare ESXi, XENserver 6.1 and Windows Server 2012, the Hosting company provides a large selection of more than 100 systems in different configurations and covers up a variety of possible hosting scenarios. All installations can be conveniently triggered by a mouse click and run fullyautomatic. Current

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