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Five Incredible Benefits of Cow Milk : You may have heard people say that cow milk is very beneficial for health. But, do you know what exactly makes cow milk so beneficial? Well, to start with, cow milk is loaded with protein, healthy fats, and various vitamins and minerals. These are a must for proper growth and development of your body. Cow milk is regarded as a complete food by nutritionists across the globe and

Head of Innovation for Bayer and The National Director for Patient and Informati …

Kemal Malik, Head of Innovation at Bayer, and Tim Kelsey, National Director for Patient and Information for NHS England are slated to keynote the upcoming 5th Annual Health 2.0 Europe conference on November 10-12 in London, UK. The international digital health conference will feature a wide variety of sessions on some of the most important topics in digital health including: • Medical R&D: How medicine continues to grow with Health 2.0

Unleashing the synergies of patients, physicians and data. Health 2.0 Europe sho …

November 14, 2012 – Health care is transforming quickly due to mobile and web technologies. The driving forces behind this development are not the traditional players but start-ups and software experts. To keep track of innovation, Health 2.0 held its annual European session in Berlin on November 6-7. Neil Bacon, founder of the rate and review platform, set the tone for the panels that followed: "Power, influence and money are

Sneak a peek at the agenda of the Third Annual Health 2.0 Europe Conference in B …

Healthcare is changing profoundly due to new web and mobile applications. The conference Health 2.0 Europe addresses recent developments in this emerging field. The 2012 edition features exciting live technology demos and panels dedicated to answering the most urgent questions in health care. The Health 2.0 Europe conference promotes a new ecosystem for health innovation, and gathers together over 300 health entrepreneurs, IT solution providers, health professionals, patient organizations, health

Health care stakeholders join forces with developers to build new apps for healt …

On 3-4 November 2012 web and mobile developers meet health professionals, patients and other health care stakeholders at the Health 2.0 Berlin Code-A-Thon 2012 to create innovative solutions and build brand new prototype applications for improved health and wellness in only two days. What if a smartphone app could check for signs of sleep apnea and help patients and their families sleep more soundly? Or what about an app that lets

How web and mobile technologies will change healthcare as we know it

On November 6–7 2012 leading health IT experts meet in Berlin for the Health 2.0 Europe conference to discuss the latest technologies for improved delivery and outcomes in healthcare. Berlin, September 10, 2012 – European populations are aging, degenerative as well as chronic diseases are on the rise. As a result, healthcare systems are struggling with ever growing costs. At the same time patients are becoming more and more informed and

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