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26.08.13 - ENAiKOON Telematics

GPS tracking solution for construction equipment rental companies improves equipment maintenance, localisation, and invoicing

German telematics company, ENAiKOON, has recently launched their new construction equipment monitoring micro-site, The website features the company’s construction industry... mehr

24.01.13 - ENAiKOON Telematics

Use Your Phone for GPS Tracking, Route Planning and Location-based Reminders with ENAiKOON's New Android App

inViu routes is the new ad-free Android app that allows users to track their travel routes and other mobile assets on their smartphone. Developed by German telematics company, ENAiKOON, inViu routes i... mehr

29.11.12 - ENAiKOON Telematics

ENAiKOON Releases First NFC Android App with Backend Software: inViu NFC-tracker

Berlin, Germany 14.11.2012 – German telematics company, ENAiKOON, has launched the inViu NFC-tracker, a new Android app that tracks and manages tasks, mobile employees, and mobile assets using Near ... mehr

30.07.12 - ENAiKOON Telematics


- Germany’s leading telematics company rebrands after a decade of successful growth- BERLIN, May 10, 2012 – ENAiKOON announced they have rebranded for their 10-year anniversary, helping them to e... mehr

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