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Panda Security has been awarded the contract for Telefónica’s global EDR prot …

Chertsey, March 2019 Panda Security, the Spanish multinational, has been awarded a contract that puts in its hands the EDR protection for internal consumption at Telefónica Global. The seven figure contract will last for the next three years, and includes the option to extend it. Specifically, Panda Security will deploy its solution Panda Adaptive Defense and its Threat Hunting service on 180,000 computers in the 14 countries in which Telefónica operates. The

Cyber-Resilience, the Hero Protagonist of the Panda Security Summit and PandaLab …

Chertsey, May 2018 Panda Security, the leading Spanish Company for advanced cybersecurity, held the first occurrence of its Panda Security Summit (#PASS2018) on Friday 18 Mat, in the Goya Theatre in Madrid. The event, which gathered over 400 delegates, comprising CISOs, CIOs and IT Influencers of large companies from Spain, as well as the rest of Europe, served as an analytical framework for the latest cybersecurity trends, both in terms of

Panda Security Announces Inaugural Business Cybersecurity Summit

Panda Security, a leading company in advanced cybersecurity, announced today that it will be hosting its inaugural "Panda Security Summit" this May. This premier Panda Security Summit will be held in Madrid May 18th with more than 500 attendees. Ian McShane, Research Director and Analyst at Gartner, will be one of the speakers at the event which includes five conferences and 10 workshops. For more information and registration, visit: This conference

Panda Security and Deloitte Form a Cyber Alliance against Advanced Threats

Chertsey, Aug 2017 Even with security technology in place, companies know that it is not possible to prevent all cyberattacks. However, the impact caused by attacks can be greatly mitigated with quick and decisive action in response to threats. The answer is to use a cybersecurity solution capable of monitoring, uninterruptedly, all applications in order to block known malware and detect unknown malware and advanced threats. With this goal in mind, Panda

‘Hacking attacks’ and real-time threats the latest trends, according to Pand …

Chertsey, May 2017 Pandalabs, the anti-malware laboratory at Panda Security, takes a look at some trends in the billion-dollar cybercrime industry and gathers the main data points for its quarterly report. Ransomware Over the course of 2016, groups of cybercriminals dedicated to ransomware earned over 1 billion dollars. In the first quarter of 2017, there was no lack of new families of ransomware created, such as the “WYSIWYE” attack, a ransomware with

Panda Security's Adaptive Defense Eases the Transition to the GDPR

Panda’s objective is to address the need to adapt data security practices and thereby give its clients a competitive advantage. Disregarding the requirements of the GDPR could lead to fines of up to 20,000,000 euros, or for some even more costly data sanctions. Panda Security’s “Preparation Guide to the New European General Data Protection Regulation” introduces the new legislation to businesses before its application in 2018. With the focus on protecting the

Panda Security's Adaptive Defense 360 – Cannot Fail To Record Malware

As Adaptive Defense 360 classifies all executed processes, it cannot fail to record any malware. Bracknell, Jan 2017 Media Alert - Adaptive Defense 360 – Cannot Fail To Record Malware AV-Comparatives cast their professional eye over the three principles of the Adaptive Defense 360 security model; Continuous monitoring of all applications on company servers and workstations, automatic classification of endpoint processes using big data and machine learning techniques in a Cloud-based platform, and

Cybercrime Reaches New Heights in Q3 with 1Tbps IoT DDoS

Cybercrime isn’t slowing down anytime soon. This quarter, cybercriminals were increasingly more ingenious, using innovative technologies and new tools to spread their wares. This is confirmed by the 18 million new malware samples captured by PandaLabs in this quarter alone, an average of 200,000 each day. The Evolution of Cybercrime Measuring cybercrime is very complex. Cybersecurity professionals who combat these threats on a daily basis understand its mass and know that it

Don’t Drown In Security Data – Advanced Reporting Tool, Panda Security’s I …

In the complex world of IT security, real-time information is fundamental to protect corporate data and resources. Most enterprises are aware that if they do not have complete visibility of their IT infrastructure, it is easy to become victims of threats or attacks, both internal and external. Insider threats pose major problems to IT security and can destroy an organization, as employees have access to immense amounts of highly sensitive data

"Anti-Snoopers Charter", Privacy in Public Administration Whitepaper

The new digital age and the uptake of new technologies have exposed the public sector to new types of cyber-crime. UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) are reporting a doubling in cyber incidents targeted at government. PandaLabs, Panda Security’s anti-malware laboratory, have released a whitepaper on “Privacy in Public Administration”; detailing numerous cyber-attacks impacting government organizations and what legislation is being put in place to help solve the issue.

The Hotel Hijackers - Hackers see hotels as an easy target

Bracknell, Apr 2016 After all these years we’ve been in the computer security business, there is one thing we know for sure: a cyber-criminal’s main motivation is always money. That’s why the hackers use Trojans to get the confidential data: the always-multiplying, information-stealing bugs that infect our computers and other devices. Most recently, these cyber-criminals have been going after hotel chains, you can view our guide, infographic and video on the Panda Media

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