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28.06.12 - EliNext

Elinext Group’s Representatives Meet with Kentec Inc’s VP in Cologne

Elinext Group, an international alliance of custom software development companies, conducted strategic negotiations in Cologne with Kentec Inc, a Taiwanese manufacturer of high-tech products June 20,... mehr

25.06.12 - EliNext

Elinext Boosts Geolocation, Geospatial & Location-Based Services App Development

Elinext Group, an alliance of software development companies, is strengthening its position in the global market as a provider of georeferencing solutions for mobile devices and smart TV platforms Ju... mehr

20.06.12 - EliNext

Elinext Group Releases a New Custom Mobile Gamification Application “Rescue Game”

Elinext Group, an alliance of custom software development companies, has announced successful completion of a new custom gamified app “Rescue Game”, intended for mobile platforms. June 6, 2012. H... mehr

11.06.12 - EliNext

EliNext Gamification Services Help Companies Promote Products, Engage Customers and Train Employees

EliNext Group, an alliance of software, mobile, smart TV app development companies, today held a special meeting devoted to the ways businesses can further leverage its expertise in gamification techn... mehr

24.05.12 - EliNext

Elinext Developers Attend MobileOptimized 2012 Conference

On May 18 2012 four representatives of Elinext Group attended the international mobile development conference MobileOptimized 2012, held in Minsk at the National Library of Belarus May 18, 2012 – M... mehr

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