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Tired of shipping air to customers?

Tier-Rack engineers have perfected the art of designing the stack rack to the proper dimensions to fit side by side and stack 2 high in a standard van and fill air space with product. With a few design changes, a portable rack has now become a shipping container. Tier-Rack’s newly designed shipping rack offers two advantages; removable stacking posts provide for saved space when returning the shipping racks to their point

Can Stack Racks help reduce the damage from the next Gulf of Mexico oil spill?

Stack racks filled with emergency response and oil containment equipment may help minimize the damage from the next oil spill. In 2010 the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico caused a major environmental crisis. One response to this crisis was the decision to set up rapid response locations which would be equipped with supplies to reduce damage from any future oil spills. Tier-Rack Corporation was asked to supply stack

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