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Help Desk Software Comparison: Find the best solution

06-11-2024 04:28 PM CET | IT, New Media & Software

Press release from: FCS - IT-Experten

Helpdesk software (© Freepik)

Helpdesk software (© Freepik)

Choosing the right help desk software can be a challenge, and the wrong choices often lead to inefficient customer support and rising costs. In this article, you'll learn how to avoid typical mistakes and reap the best benefits of a well-chosen help desk software solution. You will gain valuable insights into:

* Criteria for selection: Detailed features and functions for optimal decision making.
* Free options: Presentation of HEINZELMANN Service.Desk with trial version.
* Comparison of solutions: Why HEINZELMANN is the best choice.

Read on and discover how you can take your customer support to the next level!

The most important facts in a nutshell

* What is helpdesk software: Tool for organizing and managing support requests.
* Why is helpdesk software important: Increases support efficiency and customer satisfaction.
* Criteria for choosing the best help desk software: Ease of use, functionality, scalability, integration, cost and support.
* Comparison of helpdesk software solutions: HEINZELMANN Service.Desk highlighted as the best option.
* Free helpdesk software solution: HEINZELMANN Service.Desk: Offers a comprehensive solution with trial version available.

What is helpdesk software?

Helpdesk software is an indispensable tool for companies that want to improve their customer and IT support. It helps to organize, manage and respond to support requests. But what exactly is behind this term and what types of helpdesk software are there? In this chapter, you will learn everything you need to know.

Definition of helpdesk software

Helpdesk software is a tool that is used to organize, manage and respond to service-related requests. These requests can come from both external customers and internal employees. The software often includes various features such as a shared mailbox, a knowledge base and live chat options to optimize the support process.

Functions and features

A good helpdesk system offers a variety of functions that make the support process more efficient:

* Shared mailboxes: allow multiple support staff to access incoming requests.
* Knowledge base: Provides a collection of articles and FAQs that customers and employees can search independently.
* Live chat: Enables real-time communication with customers.
* Automated workflows: Reduce manual tasks and speed up the processing of inquiries.
* Reporting: Provides insights into the performance of the support team and identifies opportunities for improvement.

Types of helpdesk software

There are different types of helpdesk software depending on the area of application and requirements. These can be broadly divided into two categories: cloud-based and self-hosted.

Cloud-based helpdesk software

This type of software is hosted online and managed by the provider. Users usually pay a monthly or annual fee for access. Cloud-based systems are ideal for companies looking for a flexible and scalable solution without having to worry about technical maintenance.


* Easy implementation and maintenance
* Scalability
* Access possible from anywhere


* Dependence on the provider
* Ongoing costs

Self-hosted helpdesk software

This software is installed and managed on the company's own servers. It offers maximum control and customization options, but requires more technical expertise and resources for maintenance.


* Full control over data and customizations
* One-off acquisition costs


* Higher maintenance costs
* Requires technical expertise

Differences between internal and customer-oriented helpdesk software

Helpdesk software can be used either for internal IT support or external customer service. Both types have specific requirements and functions.

Internal helpdesk software

This is mainly used for IT support within a company. It helps to efficiently manage technical problems and requests from employees.

Customer-oriented helpdesk software

This software is used to manage customer queries and improve customer satisfaction. It consolidates all support interactions and offers tools such as live chat and knowledge bases.

Important functions of helpdesk software

Depending on the specific use case, certain features may be more important than others. Here are some key features you should consider:

* User-friendly interface: an intuitive and easy-to-learn interface speeds up the onboarding of new support staff.
* Reporting and metrics: Helps analyze support team performance and identify areas for improvement.
* Collaboration and productivity tools: Facilitate team collaboration and automate manual tasks.
* Scalability: The software should be able to grow with your business to meet future requirements.
* High-quality customer support: Reliable support from the software provider is crucial for smooth operation.

Helpdesk software is a powerful tool that helps companies optimize their support and increase customer satisfaction. Whether cloud-based or self-hosted, internal or customer-facing use - the right choice depends on your company's specific needs and resources. When choosing, look for key features such as ease of use, reporting and scalability to find the best solution for your team.

Why is helpdesk software important?

Helpdesk software is not just a technical tool, but a decisive factor for the efficiency and quality of customer support. Companies that rely on helpdesk software benefit from numerous advantages that increase both internal collaboration and external customer satisfaction. In this chapter, you will learn why helpdesk software is so important and what specific benefits it offers.

Improved customer satisfaction

One of the most important tasks of a company is to ensure that customers are satisfied and that their requests are processed quickly and efficiently. Helpdesk software plays a central role in this.

Fast and consistent responses

Helpdesk software allows support teams to process requests more efficiently by giving them access to all the necessary information and tools in one central location. Features such as automated workflows and saved responses speed up the process and ensure that customers receive consistent and fast responses. This significantly increases customer satisfaction as they can rely on their issues being resolved quickly.

Personalized support

Helpdesk software makes it possible to store customer profiles and interaction histories so that support agents can provide personalized assistance. This leads to better customer service as employees can respond to customers' individual needs and preferences. Personalized support strengthens customer loyalty and promotes long-term business relationships.

Increased efficiency in the support team

Another key benefit of helpdesk software is the improvement in efficiency within the support team. By automating and optimizing workflows, employees can work more productively and focus on more complex tasks.

Automation of routine tasks

Many helpdesk software solutions offer features to automate routine tasks, such as sorting and assigning requests. This reduces the manual workload and minimizes the error rate. Employees can concentrate on more important tasks and use their time more effectively.

Collaboration and communication

Helpdesk software facilitates collaboration and communication within the support team. Features such as shared mailboxes and private notes allow employees to work together quickly and efficiently. This improves team dynamics and ensures that requests are processed faster and more accurately.

Data-driven decisions

A major advantage of helpdesk software is the ability to create comprehensive reports and analyses. This data helps companies to make informed decisions and continuously improve their support.

Key performance indicators and reports

Helpdesk software offers detailed reports and dashboards that provide insights into the performance of the support team. Companies can monitor metrics such as response times, resolution speeds and customer satisfaction. This data helps to identify weaknesses and make targeted improvements.

Trend analysis and predictions

Companies can also use the analysis data to identify trends and make predictions. For example, they can see at what times most requests are received and which problems occur most frequently. This enables better resource planning and helps to respond proactively to recurring problems.

Supporting company growth

Helpdesk software is not only a tool for current operations, but also an investment in the future. It supports the growth of the business by providing scalable solutions that grow with the needs of the business.

Scalability and flexibility

Most modern helpdesk software solutions are scalable and flexible, allowing them to grow with the business. New users can easily be added and additional features activated as demand increases. This makes it easy to adapt the software to the company's changing needs.

Integration with other systems

Helpdesk software usually integrates seamlessly with other business systems, such as CRM tools, email marketing platforms and e-commerce systems. These integrations provide a comprehensive overview of all customer interactions and help to further optimize customer service.

Competitive advantage

In a highly competitive market, excellent customer service can make all the difference. Companies that use helpdesk software can set themselves apart from the competition by providing excellent service.

Improved customer loyalty

By providing fast, efficient and personalized support, companies can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Satisfied customers are more likely to buy from a company again and recommend it to others. This strengthens the brand and contributes to long-term success.

Higher productivity

The automation and increased efficiency achieved by helpdesk software leads to higher productivity in the support team. This means that companies can handle more requests in less time without compromising the quality of support. This gives them a competitive advantage and supports the growth of the company.

Helpdesk software is a powerful tool that goes far beyond simply managing support requests. It improves customer satisfaction, increases efficiency in the support team, enables data-driven decisions, supports business growth and provides a competitive advantage. By choosing the right helpdesk software for your company, you can ensure that your customer support is optimally positioned and that your company remains successful in the long term.

Criteria for choosing the best helpdesk software

Choosing the right helpdesk software is a crucial decision for any business. A well-chosen software can optimize support, increase customer satisfaction and improve the efficiency of your team. In this chapter, you will learn which criteria you should consider when choosing the best helpdesk software.


Intuitive user interface: An intuitive and user-friendly interface is essential. Your support staff should be able to learn the software quickly and use it efficiently without the need for extensive training. Test different tools and pay attention to how easy they are to use.

Easy implementation: The implementation of the software should be as smooth as possible. A quick and easy setup saves time and reduces initial costs. Some providers offer free trials or demos, which you should use to evaluate the implementation process.

Range of functions

Automation and workflows: A good help desk software offers extensive automation features that make repetitive tasks easier. These functions help to automatically categorize, assign and prioritize tickets. This saves time and reduces errors.

Omnichannel support: Omnichannel support is crucial for a consistent customer experience. The software should be able to centralize requests from different channels such as email, phone, live chat and social media. This way, you can ensure that no request is lost and that all customers receive the same level of support.

Knowledge database: An integrated knowledge database enables customers and employees to quickly find answers to common questions. This reduces the ticket volume and relieves your support team. Make sure that the knowledge database is easy to manage and update.

Scalability and adaptability

Ability to grow: The software should be able to grow with your company. Make sure that it is easily scalable and that additional users and features can be easily added. This is especially important for growing companies that need to expand their support capacity.

Customizability: A good help desk software can be adapted to the specific needs of your company. This includes the ability to create custom fields, forms and workflows. This customizability ensures that the software can be optimally integrated into your existing processes.

Integration with other tools

CRM integration: Seamless integration with your CRM system is essential. This allows your support team to access all relevant customer information and provide personalized support. Make sure that the helpdesk software works well with your existing CRM system.

Third-party integrations: The ability to integrate the software with other tools such as email marketing platforms, e-commerce systems and project management tools is also important. These integrations extend the functionality of the helpdesk software and allow your team to work more efficiently.

Reporting and analytics

Key performance indicators: To measure the performance of your support team, help desk software should offer comprehensive reporting and analytics features. These should include metrics such as response times, resolution speeds and customer satisfaction. Use this data to identify weak points and make continuous improvements.

Customizable dashboards: Customizable dashboards allow you to stay on top of the metrics that are most important to your business. You should be able to create customized reports that highlight specific aspects of your support. This will help you make informed decisions and continuously optimize your support.

Costs and pricing structure

Transparent pricing: The cost structure of the helpdesk software should be transparent and understandable. Make sure that there are no hidden costs and that the pricing is flexible enough to suit your budget. Many providers offer different plans that vary depending on the range of functions and number of users.

Cost-benefit ratio: Carefully evaluate the cost-benefit ratio of the software. A more expensive solution may be worthwhile if it offers extensive functions and significantly increases the efficiency of your team. Compare different providers and choose the software that offers the greatest added value for your company.

Customer support and training

Availability and quality of support: The provider's support plays an important role in the choice of helpdesk software. Make sure that the provider offers reliable and easily accessible customer support. This is particularly important in the first few weeks after implementation and when solving technical problems.

Training offerings: Good training offerings and resources such as webinars, tutorials and documentation are also important. These will help your team to learn the software quickly and use it efficiently. Some providers also offer customized training tailored to your company's specific needs.

Security and data protection

Data security: The security of your data should be a top priority. Make sure that the helpdesk software meets strict security standards and receives regular security updates. This protects your sensitive customer data from unauthorized access.

Data protection compliance: Ensure that the software complies with the applicable data protection regulations, such as the GDPR in Europe. The provider should have transparent data protection guidelines and give you clear information about how your data is processed and protected.

Choosing the right helpdesk software is crucial to the success of your customer support. Pay attention to criteria such as user-friendliness, range of functions, scalability, integration, reporting, costs, support and security. By considering these factors, you will find the best solution to meet your specific needs and take your business to the next level.

Comparison of helpdesk software solutions: Why HEINZELMANN Service.Desk is the best option

Choosing the right helpdesk software is crucial to the success of your customer support. In this chapter, we compare different helpdesk software solutions and explain why HEINZELMANN Service.Desk could be the best option for your business.

Comparison of functions


HEINZELMANN Service.Desk offers a wide range of functions specifically designed to make customer support efficient and effective.

* Ticket management: Comprehensive system for recording and managing support tickets.
* Knowledge base: Helps to create and manage self-service articles.
* Automation: Reduces manual tasks through automated workflows.
* Reporting: Detailed reports and dashboards for performance analysis.

Other helpdesk software solutions

* Robust omnichannel ticketing system, but at a higher cost.
* Good multi-channel support functionalities, but complex pricing structure.
* Excellent for ITSM and project management, but less intuitive for non-technicians.
* Advanced features only available in expensive plans.

Ease of use


The HEINZELMANN Service.Desk user interface is intuitive and easy to use. Both new and experienced users can quickly learn to use the software effectively.

Other helpdesk software solutions

* The variety of features can be overwhelming
* The numerous options and add-ons can be confusing
* High learning curve, especially for non-technical users.



HEINZELMANN Service.Desk is cost-effective and yet offers a wide range of functions. This makes it particularly attractive for small and medium-sized companies with a limited budget.

Other helpdesk software solutions

* Many important features are only included in more expensive plans
* Additional costs for advanced features



HEINZELMANN Service.Desk offers extensive support options in German and English, including an online demo to give you a comprehensive insight into the software. Support is easily accessible and helpful.

Other helpdesk software solutions

* Access to premium support is often more expensive.
* Support is often only in English or very technical.

Few customizing fees and transparent costs

High customizing fees are often a problem, as some providers make customizations expensive. HEINZELMANN Service.Desk takes a different approach here. The software comes with budget-friendly customizing fees and offers a transparent cost structure. Users can make many customizations themselves, which saves additional costs. This flexibility and cost efficiency make HEINZELMANN Service.Desk the ideal choice for companies or public administrations of any size with a limited budget.

HEINZELMANN Service.Desk offers all important helpdesk functions for effective support. In addition, the software can be used as an ITSM tool to optimize complex IT service management processes. Advanced workflow management allows IT-related tasks to be efficiently managed and automated. This flexibility makes HEINZELMANN Service.Desk an ideal solution both as a helpdesk, for customer support, and for IT service management.

Recommendations and conclusion

Now that you have learned about the various aspects of helpdesk software and how they compare, it is time to formulate specific recommendations for action. These recommendations should help you make the best decision for your company and ensure a successful implementation.

Step-by-step guide to choosing the right helpdesk software

1. define requirements

Before you decide on a helpdesk software, it is important to clarify the specific requirements of your company.

* Create a list of must-have functions: Consider which features are essential for your customer support, e.g. ticket management, knowledge base, live chat.
* Consider scalability: Is your business growing fast? Then you need a solution that can keep pace with your growth.

2. market analysis and selection

Once you have defined your requirements, you can analyze the market and evaluate the software solutions in question.

* Use test versions: Many providers offer free trial versions. Use these to test the user-friendliness and functionality of the software in your specific context.
* Compare several providers: Look at least three to five different software solutions and compare their range of functions, costs and integration options.

3. make a decision

Based on the information gathered and the tests, you can make an informed decision.

* Create a list of pros and cons: Write down the pros and cons of each option to help you choose.
* Consult your team: Get the opinions of your support staff, as they are the ones who will be working with the software on a daily basis.

Implementing the helpdesk software

1. plan and prepare

Careful planning is the key to a successful implementation.

* Create an implementation plan: Define clear milestones and responsibilities for the implementation of the new software.
* Train your team: Make sure your support team is fully trained and can use the new tools efficiently.

2. integration and testing

The integration of the new helpdesk software should run smoothly and be thoroughly tested.

* Check integrations: Ensure that the new software integrates seamlessly with your existing systems (e.g. CRM, email, social media).
* Perform test runs: Carry out test runs to ensure that all functions work properly and that no data is lost.

3. monitoring and optimization

After implementation, it is important to continuously monitor and optimize the use of the software.

* Collect feedback: Gather regular feedback from your team and customers to identify areas for improvement.
* Make adjustments: Based on the feedback and data collected, you should continuously make adjustments to further improve support.


Choosing the right helpdesk software is a crucial decision for the success of your company. It can make the difference between satisfied customers and inefficient support processes. By analyzing your company's specific requirements, comparing the different software solutions and creating a clear implementation plan, you can ensure that you make the best possible choice. Use the information and recommendations presented in this article to take your customer support to the next level.

The right helpdesk software will not only help you increase customer satisfaction, but also significantly improve the efficiency and productivity of your support team. Start your selection process now and take the first step towards optimized customer support.

Frequently asked questions

* What is helpdesk software? Helpdesk software is a tool for organizing, managing and responding to service-related requests, both for external customers and internal employees.
* What are the benefits of helpdesk software? It improves the efficiency of the support team, increases customer satisfaction through fast and consistent responses and provides data-driven insights for better decision-making.
* What types of helpdesk software are available? There are cloud-based and self-hosted solutions, as well as in-house and customer-facing help desk software, each with specific features and use cases.
* How do you choose the best helpdesk software? Important criteria are user-friendliness, range of functions, scalability, integration with other tools, reporting capabilities, costs, support and security.
* What is HEINZELMANN Service.Desk? HEINZELMANN Service.Desk is a cost-effective and comprehensive helpdesk software solution that offers numerous functions to make support efficient and effective. A trial version is also available at any time.

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