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BeatBuds Pro Reviews: Don't be Food! Read it before buying

12-08-2022 01:04 PM CET | Fashion, Lifestyle, Trends

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Beat Buds are one of the latest wireless earbuds that are available online today.

Priced at around $49 per unit, BeatBuds offers features not seen in most low-cost wireless earphones.

What are Beat Buds? What makes it so special that almost every active person owns at least one? Are BeatBuds pro any good? Keep reading this Reviews to discover everything you need to know about this wireless earphone

Introducing The Beat Buds Pro

Listening to music is one of the things that keeps us happy and concentrated. There have been a lot of ways to enjoy quality music remotely from our smartphones, sound systems, answer, and make calls as well.

Yes, Earbuds-style headphones have hit the market recently, the idea is indeed amazing, and many companies are producing their unique brands with lightning speed.

Beat buds are one of them. Truly Advances in technology have made a lot of things look simple and possible.

You are right, it is just an option, there are a lot of quality wireless earplugs with a lot of features. This review is all about Beat buds, one of the earbuds that are currently trending. It is low-cost, durable with outstanding design, it is really a top-rated earbuds-style headphones you can ever have.

We have carefully prepared everything worth knowing about them here. Keep reading to discover if it will be a good investment for you. Many people have purchased it and their reviews are quite impressive though it doesn't mean that you will love them. just read our views about it, it might save you some dollars.

Beat-Buds Explained

BeatBuds are lightweight, wireless, compact, and high-quality Bluetooth earphones.

Like most other wireless earbuds, Beat Buds come in a stylish design case for storage and quick charge. Also, it has different-sized silicone tips so that everybody can select the one that suits him or her without paying additional fees.

Many people have been using it to listen to music while on the go, reading, cooking, cleaning, washing, eating, jogging, making calls, watching videos, Television, and other things that require maximum concentration.

Advertised as one of the best earphones, Beat buds pro offer superior sound quality at the lowest price ever. Many Manufacturers hyped their products and users end up paying more without any additional features.

Looks like high-end hearing aids, it seems to be the best earplugs in terms of comfort. Users have confirmed that you can use them for hours without getting sore.

It doesn't end there, Beat Buds can be used even when you are far away from your phone, laptop, Television, or your sound system without any loss in connection.

With a lot of positive reviews, you won't doubt its qualities. Truly, it looks too cheap to offer such features. This is why it is the most wanted earbud now. You indeed received what you paid for but trust us, the sound of these earbuds will leave you thinking why they are selling them at $136 for four pairs.

As of the time of writing, The Beat Buds are exclusively sold on the official website where they are priced at 49.99 dollars for one unit. Buying more in one round brings the price to $35 per unit.

With most customers being extremely satisfied, there is no reason that you won't like it. So, get these buds and see why it is everyone's choice.

Many newbies were impressed with this easy-to-use gadget. BeatBuds have only one function button: Yes, it is the simplest earbuds out there! Sincerely speaking, It doesn't require any special guide to use it.

Beat Buds Pro Reviews: Features

The maker advertised the following features on their official website.

Compact and lightweight: If there is only one thing that impressed us about Beat Buds it must be Compactness. They are not like some heavy buds in the market. It is advertised as the lightest earbud now and it looks to be true as it weighs only a few grams. With its compact nature, people hardly see it unless you tell them that you are wearing one.

Secured case: This of course is not a new addition to the earbuds industry. Almost every brand comes with one. As for Beat-Buds, they were designed with a special design case that looks more costly than the buds themselves. As said before, all the earbuds you can see now come in a carrying case but look closely, you will see why its case is so special. It is not an exaggeration, just see it.

IPX4 water-resistant protection: Though BeatBuds are not meant for swimmers, they were designed to resist water splashes, light rain, and sweating. It can be used for jogging, washing, or any other things that might require contact with water. Beat Buds advised all users not to use it during swimming.

Three sets of silicone ear tips ( large, medium, and small): To make it useful to everyone, it comes with extra silicone ear tips at no additional cost to You. The silicone tips are specially designed without any health risk. It can be used all day without any hassle as it is produced from the best Materials out there.

5.1 Bluetooth technology: Another thing that makes it look better is the technology they Used. With some reliable reviews, it is one of the updated earbuds now. This latest Bluetooth technology it Uses not only makes the connection fast but also reduces the battery drained in the process.

Microphones on both sides of the earbud: For making calls, Beat Buds feature a quality microphone on both sides. Users can now answer calls without any hassle. The microphone is by far one of the best you can see in earbud-style headphones. We advised you to get this today to start enjoying these amazing features. The company might sell out anytime. Festive shopping has already started so many people are placing orders, don't be left out this Time!!!

Durable battery: To enhance your Beat buds listening experience, it is designed with a quality lithium battery that outperformed its competitors. From most Reports, it lasts up to five hours on a single charge depending on the volume and duration of use. This might not be the best run time you want but for $35, I think it is the best deal for you.

No doubt, BeatBuds looks like the next big thing. Buy it and enjoy all your favorite music.

Beat Buds Pro Specifications

The maker advertised the following features on their official website.

Charging case input: DC 5V/300mA, Output DC 5V/100mA.

Earbuds battery capacity: 40mAh.

Earbuds Charge time: About 1.5 hours.

The battery of the charging Case: is 5V/300mAh.

Full charging Time for carrying case: About two hours (2hrs)

Earbuds input DC 3.7V/40mA.

Run time: Four hours thirty minutes (4.5hrs).

Size: (2.9 x 1.4 x 1.3)inches or (75.3 x 35.3 x 33.5)mm

Frequency response: 20 to 20KHz

Impedance: 32 ohms.

Sensitive: 101.8 plus or
minus 3db ( three Decibel)

Water-resistant rating: IPX4.

Operating Time: 4.5hours

Reasons Why BeatBuds Is Recommended

Asking why every expert and Website is recommending these earbuds. This section presents some of the things that make beat buds your smarter Choice now.

Outstanding Design: To enhance your listening experience, it was designed with the best technology and ideas. It is true that what matters is functionality but remember that this is what you're gonna be wearing in your ear.

Advanced features: With BeatBuds, you can answer calls, hang calls, pause music, and select Music. With this, the possibilities are really endless.

Effortless Control: From just one button, you can do anything you want. No experts or knowledge is necessary, just read that manual and start enjoying it.

Fast and Easy Set-Up: BeatBuds are ready to be used out of the box. By just pressing the button, you can see your earbuds connected to your smartphones, laptops, Television, and sound systems, and other Bluetooth enabled devices.

Long-lasting Battery: For Any earbud under $50, Beat buds pros are the best in terms of battery technology. It can last longer and can be fast-charged without any risk of catching fire.

Longer Range: With this brand, you can stay up to 10m away from your phone and still get connected. Most earbuds do cut off once you are a few meters away. This makes BeatBuds best for those who are always away from their phone.

Working Principle - Beat Buds Pro Review

Beat buds offer superior sound quality. It works like most popular wireless earbuds. It works with the help of Bluetooth Radio inside it.

Here's how it works anyway-

Beat Buds are paired with any device through Bluetooth with the help of a Bluetooth radio inside it, a chip that is designed to ensure a faster connection. Once the connection is successful, data transmission starts wirelessly.

Benefits (BeatBuds Reviews)

Here are some benefits users have been getting.

Fast paring: Within Seconds, you are paired with your smartphone or any other Bluetooth-enabled device.

Auto pairing After Initial Connection: Users have been enjoying this since. It is really awesome, though most earbuds have it.

Affordable: Anything that saves money is always a plus. Available at a discounted price, you can get it at $40. This is one of the reasons it is so popular.

No-hassle Return: In case you have changed your mind, You can return them within 30 days of purchase and the company will refund you your initial order.

Comfortable Design: We can't over-emphasize this. You can wear it all day without feeling any pain in your ear. Almost every user is satisfied with this particular earbud and I'm sure you're gonna love them.

How to use the Beat buds

Here's what the maker advertised.

Turn on the Beat-Buds by removing them from the charging case. The indicator lights keep blinking red and blue alternately until they are successfully paired with your smartphone, Stereo speakers, or another device you wish to use.

To pair them, switch on your phone Bluetooth connection through settings and search for Beat-Buds, click it to connect and it will blink blue shortly and stop to tell you that it is already connected.

To turn it off after use. put it back in the case: After using it, kindly put them back in the charging Case and They will turn off automatically.

To use them again, just bring them out from the case, they will turn on and connect to the last device you paired them with.

Note:Beat Buds will turn off automatically if they don't pair within 60 seconds. To fix this, restart them by putting them back in the charging case.

Why You Should Use The BeatBuds Pro

With so many earbuds to use, we still think you should use only the Beat buds.

Firstly, The BeatBuds are very Cheap. $49.99 for one is the best deal you can get. Many people have been wasting money on some top-rated brands. Beat buds are one of the products that offer good quality at an amazing price.

Secondly, it has more functionalities. With this in your ear, you can answer calls, play music, reject calls, and other things like that.

Another thing worth knowing is that BeatBuds are rugged. It lasts longer than most earbuds sold online today. Most consumer reports claim that it can last years provided that you handle it with some care.

Other Information About The Beat Buds Pro

Battery: Beat Buds features a quality battery with a Capacity: 40mAh. When fully charged, it can be used to update for 4.5hours without interruption. It can be charged within 1 hour or 1.5 hours depending on the charging source. It doesn't catch fire and it can withstand fast charging.

Carrying Case: It features an in-built battery rated around 5VDC/300mAh. It can be charged with a 5V DC power adapter. It can be charged for approximately two hours and can be used to recharge it

Return Policy: The manufacturer advertised that they are offering a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you don't like the product provided that you meet their conditions.

Here's is the condition that your return will be accepted

1:Returned products are undamaged and show no signs of wear.
2: Products are returned in the condition you received them including all packaging, accessories, and manuals.
3: For hygiene reasons, in-ear headphones cannot be returned unless they are faulty.
4:Beat Buds must be returned to the return facility address provided by our customer service.

Price: Beat Buds Reviews

How much does it cost? Many have been wanting to know this. Happy to tell you that it costs between $49.99 to $136 depending on the quantity you are ordering.

Here is how it is being sold at the time of writing-
One pair of BeatBuds Pro is priced at $49.99
2X BeatBuds Pro cost $91.99
three Pack of BeatBuds Pro cost $124.99
Four packs of BeatBuds Pro are $159.99.

Remember that this is discounted and subjected to change. Check the updated price at

Where to buy and how to place your order?

Looking for Beat Buds, you can buy them at the official website. Don't worry, the company promised to offer several secured payment platforms and other benefits. From the information we have, there are enough customer care services to ensure your order arrived sooner.

CONS (Beat Buds Pro Reviews)

1: No active noise cancellation
2: available only at the official website
3: limited stock
4: can't be charged wirelessly
5: Beatbuds are not waterproof
6: you can swim with it

Some Answered Questions About The Beat Buds Pro

How do I tell how much charge on the Beat Buds?

Place them in their case with the lid open. If the light is , then they need to be recharged. The white lights indicate how much charge is remaining. Four white lights and you're fully charged.

Can I Use BeatBuds For Phone Calls?

Yes Just press the side button once to answer an incoming call, and press it again to hang up.

How Long Will BeatBuds Last Before Shutting down?

Beatbuds will last for about 4.5 hours.

Is BeatBuds Waterproof?

No, don't wear them while swimming, but if you get them wet while doing some sweating activities like jogging, washing, and walking they won't be damaged, as they are rated IPX4 (resistant to water splashed from any direction).

Is the USB Charging Cable Included?

Yes, Beatbuds come with everything you need to charge your device using any USB port.

Will Beat Buds Pair with My iPad?

Yes! It is compatible with almost any device. Just open the case, and then select BeatBuds from your device's Bluetooth settings. After your initial pairing, they will pair automatically with that device from then on.

Reviews: What People Said About Beat-Buds Pro

One user said that she had seen the Ads but just didn't believe it until a friend bought one. According to her, though she said that it doesn't feature active noise Cancellation.

Another user said that He is very satisfied with the packaging, the sounds, and the price of these earplugs. According to the information received, he is recommending it to anyone who is interested in shopping for wireless earbuds this summer.

Another person said that the sound quality is good but not great. I love it for the price. It is the best I have seen under that price. I bought 4 pairs at $34 for one so I'm really satisfied. I recommend it to anybody looking for low-cost quality earbuds in Canada

Sometimes a product comes along that just makes you happy. It connects perfectly with my Android phone. No more hassle with cables, what a relief. A top for us. I should have done it much sooner. From Keith T. - Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Final Thought

By now we believe that you have seen everything you want to know.

The truth is that the BeatBuds are not only Earbuds, It is just an option. We believe that it is one of the earbuds that can save money for you and still give you everything you want from any wireless earbuds.

As all the products we had recommended before, we have used it and we're very satisfied. The packaging is neat and the return process is very fast.

As regards purchase, we recommend you buy from the official website. There are a lot of similar buds sold online today.


This is for general information purposes only, we are not responsible for any inaccuracy. Something like prices might change without any information so we are not responsible for such change. Always visit the product sales page for the best price.

Also, Beat Buds makes no representation and assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained on or available through this website, and such information is subject to change without notice. This website content is provided as a service; all content is solely for general informational purposes only, although this website could receive compensation for clicks on or purchase of products featured.

The Sound quality and battery life of Beat Buds may vary depending on the usage, charging percentage, exposure to the elements, and other similar factors.

IMPORTANT: When using rechargeable products, basic precautions should always be taken. To reduce the risk of injury, close supervision is necessary when a product is used near children and pets. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

DO NOT put fingers, hands, any metal, or other foreign objects in the product. Do not remove the rechargeable battery from the product. Do not modify or attempt to repair the product. BEAT BUDS will not be responsible for damage, injury, or poor product performance caused by improper use or mishandling of the product.

Testimonials appearing on this site are received via a variety of submission methods and are voluntarily provided with no compensation by actual users of our products and/or services. As such, the results are neither illustrative nor typical and cannot be guaranteed for all individuals. The exact results and experience will be unique and individual to each customer. RESULTS MAY VARY.

All third-party trademarks, product names, service names, logos, and/or company names mentioned on this page are the trademarked and copyrighted properties of their respective owners and/or licensors and BEAT BUDS does not claim ownership or licensure over them.

Any usage of third-party names or product logos is for illustrative purposes only. Reference to any third-party products, services, processes, or other information and/or use of third-party trademarks does not constitute or imply endorsement, sponsorship, or recommendation thereof by the owners of these third-party trademarks:

Bluetooth® is a trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries and regions.

IOS® is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U.S. and other countries and regions.

Android™ is a trademark of Google LLC, registered in the U.S. and other countries and regions.


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