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Arctos Portable AC Reviews (Updated): Don't Buy Arctos Ac In Canada Until You Read This.

08-01-2022 08:43 AM CET | Fashion, Lifestyle, Trends

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Arctos ac

Arctos ac

Portable air conditioner is one of things everybody is looking to add in his or her home this summer. Luckily, there are a lot of them today. Expect to see more in the future due to it being important in our life. But have you tried Arctos Ac? If Yes, is it worth recommending?

Yes the Arctos ac has been trending with a lot of reviews. It is a super option this summer and it is currently available at

This article is mainly for those who have already bought the Arctos Portable AC as we are going to reveal the top secret about it. Those who are yet to buy and are interested can also benefit from this review because we have links to get them at 70% discount.

Arctos is a portable ac sold online today at the official website. It can be used as: air cooler, humidifier, and a powerful fan. It is not cordless like others and doesn't use any form of storage battery.

It has three fan speeds that offer different cooling levels and also it has adjustable cooling vents to direct air flow to some targeted places. It is best used for your personal space - not really effective in an extremely large place.

To use it, just fill the water tank, it is about 450ml and can be filled from the top. Insert the water curtain or cooling filter, if possible soak it in cooled water, plug it to any nearest wall socket, and turn it on.

Features of Arctos ac:

Three fan speed
Replaceable filter
Adjustable louvers
450ml water storage tank
LED lights

What to do with the Arctos ac?

As an an air cooler
As a humidifier
As a Noiseless cooling fan

Secret of using the Arctos ac:

Use them as a personal Cooler
Change the filter every six months
Set it up at extremely flat surface
Set it up close to window
Clean it with damped towel

Benefits of using Arctos ac:

It offers portable cooling
It is extremely easy to set up
It doesn't has much running cost and its maintenance cost is very negligible
It does use any harmful chemicals
It is currently available at discounted price and with good return policy

Arctos ac pricing and where to buy:

One unit will cost $89.99 instead of the initial $138.45

Two cost $176.98, which saves you almost 40%. The real price is $276.89. It is a good discount.

Three units cost $206.99, it is a recommended deal as it offers a discount of 50%.

4x is sold at $246.99, the best offer is just $61.75. It represents a significant discount, far greater than 50% regular.

Arctos ac can be purchased at the official website, the

Arctos ac working principle:

Arctos ac uses evaporative cooling technology to cool down your personal space.

Here cooled water is used as a refrigerant. The unit will draw air from the environment and pass it through the Water. The heat from the air will lead to evaporation which generally results in cooling.

The process is very fast and can deliver extremely cooled air within 30 seconds.

Arctos portable ac manufacturer:

Arctos ac is manufactured by Ontel Products Corp, a consumer goods company. headquarter: Fairfield, New Jersey, USA and sells a variety of electronics and other consumer goods.

Phone: 866-955-4574

Arctos ac Return Policy:

Arctos ac can be returned Within 60 days of purchase and must be returned in the form it was shipped. Both user manual and other accessories shipped together must be returned.

CONS - Arctos ac in Canada reviews

Arctos Portable Ac is not cordless.
Arctos Portable Ac don't have a storage battery.
Limited water storage tank.
No evidence that it can be used inside a car.
The filter needs to be changed Within 3 to 6 months.
The water needs to be refilled for optimal performance.
Not suitable for a larger space.
The filter is not self cleaning so owners are tasked to clean them regularly.
Arctos is available only at the official website:
There is no remote control

Why is Arctos ac recommended?

Fast and Easy set up: Arctos ac can be ready for use within minutes and doesn't need a technical person.

Affordable: currently it is under 90 dollars which seems very affordable for what you will be getting from it.

Very efficient: it doesn't affect your monthly bill much unlike your big central cooling system. It uses little power to give you powerful cooling.

Customisable: Arctos can be set to any level of cooling you want, it has cool, chilled, and breeze. Owners are able to get any cooling level they want by just pressing a button.

Portable, compact, and lightweight: users have been using it to cool their rooms, offices, porch, and other places. It is more compact than most portable coolers out there.

Eco-friendly: It doesn't emit any substance that might risk our environment. It doesn't affect your pets, old people or your kids.

Low Noise: some Canadians reviewers said that it is noiseless. The truth is that Arctos doesn't make noise but it is not noiseless. Verified users have confirmed that it doesn't affect Their sleep and doesn't wake their kids up while sleeping. It is one of the best in terms of noise figure.

Multiple Functions: In addition to being an air cooler, the Arctos can be used as a fan and as a humidifier without any other arrangements. Just plugged it in and switched it on by turning the rotary Switch. Leave the rest for It.

Fast Cooling: Arctos Portable Ac cools down your personal space within 30 seconds. It is one of the fastest portable coolers in the United States and Canada.

Outstanding Design: The Arctos portable ac is carefully designed by experts who have been producing similar consumer goods. The color is designed to fit in every home.

Tough: As something you can be my moving from place to place, The Arctos portable ac is designed to withstand some rough handlings.

Highly Reliable: Since I bought the Arctos Portable Ac, it never fails. One user said this in the consumer reports. Indeed, Arctos never fails. Provided that there is power in the wall outlet, your Arctos ac will always answer.


Its portability :
Travel from room to room or take it with you to the office to keep cool wherever you go.

The clean, modern design is well suited for any room. With 3 fan speeds and a variable vent for directing airflow, you can always optimize the cooling to your personal preference.

Simple To Use:
With easy top-fill pouring, the Arctos Portable AC is designed to make your life easier.
No re-fill tank to worry about, just pour the water directly into the unit for pleasant, humidified air.

GUARANTEED HIGH QUALITY: it ensures that all Canadians enjoy consistent, trouble-free performance throughout the longest hottest day.

Materials Used In Arctos Portable Ac:

Arctos ac are produced with quality plastic and other materials. The maker claimed that all its parts are produced from the best material around.

Arctos And Other Portable Ac:

Sincerely speaking, there are other products ready to help. Taking a closer look, Arctos AC is somehow everyone's choice which means that it beats its competitors, in performance.

Arctos is a multi-task air cooler - most are just cooling but it adds other ingredients like a humidifier and a powerful fan.

Again it is more compact, others are truly compact but you can't just compare their compactness directly, there is a huge difference.

It is more reliable than others because it features simple components which can't just fail overnight.

Less running cost as it is energy efficient. Most systems consume a lot of power increasing your monthly bill by a huge factor.

Simple to use, no matter how good a product might be, once an ordinary person can not use it, It doesn't worth that price. Arctos looks to be the easiest among others.

Pricing, can it be compared. It might be anyway but for similar products, arctos is the cheapest. It costs $89.99 for just one, buying more at a time leads to an even greater discount.

So, performance-wise, simplicity and price, arctos portable ac is the right deal.

Don't worry, You aren't making any mistakes, Arctos ac is the best deal this summer. Many sites are reviewing it with consistent information. Personally, I'm recommending it for you and your family. It does what the manufacturer advertised. Get it today and improve your indoor experience this summer. The link: is still the best place to order it.

The Package Contents - Arctos ac canada

See what you get:

1: Arctos Portable AC.
2. Connector cable.
3. Instruction Manual

Why are Arctos ACs manufactured?

Remember that Arctos is the best solution for a healthy lifestyle this summer. Yes, some do say that it is for business purposes, I can't tell that they were wrong, they might be right because the company is not giving it away for free. But looking closely at the price and its performance, you might think it is not solely for business.

The manufacturer is known for consumer goods and I believe it is because of their passion. Human comfort this summer seems to be another reason for its invention. Not solely for business, maybe partly. No matter the case, it is definitely for your benefit even though you pay some dollars and it makes sense since nothing is entirely free, hahaha… never mind.

Customer reviews:

This is the best I have seen. I never liked the idea of staying at home this summer because of the heat I experienced last year but Arctos Cooler is making me think again. I love its compactness, I usually set it up on my reading desk, said by Cam D, from Santiago.

Anita F. from Las Vegas, NV says " I have used a lot of portable coolers, I prefer them to my central AC. The Arctos ac is the latest I have used and the result surpassed others. I really love the idea behind it. Really amazing!!!"

love staying indoors anytime I'm opportune. Remembering the summer heat, I felt like going for the summer holidays. Indeed August night is very difficult here, the heat is unbearable. I have spent a lot of money in the past. All helped me but arctos are wonderful. I love it" Said by By KAREN W. Chicago. IL

One of the most powerful ac I have used. Indeed Arctos Worth the hype. I never expected such cooling before. From GEOFF L, Florida

Final Thought:

Summer heat has been a serious problem for many, of course it is the best season for most people. Summer vacations, summer parties, hiking, camping, and a variety of other outdoor activities are all popular this time of year.

Sadly COVID-19 pandemic has limited most of these activities and many people are forced to stay indoors. August nights are not easy to stay in, the heat is too much and from the meteorological reports, this year is going to be the worst. You have to run your home Air Conditioner 24/7 which might look simple until you get your first electric bill. This is where The Arctos ac can help you. People have been using it to cool their rooms and offices and the reports were all positives.

Truly, the Arctos is just an option, but a super option. It doesn't have the capacity to cool every corner as the central AC does but it is very effective for your personal space. The running cost is lesser as well.

Remember to buy through

Important Update:

Do not try to repair this in case it fails to perform. The seller is not responsible for any damage or injury resulting in mis-handling of this product.


This is for general information purposes only, we aren't claiming that the Arctos Portable AC is the best. We only want to share what we know about them.

We are also not responsible for price inaccuracies. Always visit the product sale page for the updated price.

While the customer reviews are verified, results might differ as it is affected by some environmental factors like humidity.


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