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Arctos Ac Reviews: Truth About Arctos portable Ac.

04-28-2022 10:18 AM CET | Fashion, Lifestyle, Trends

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The arctos portable ac

The arctos portable ac

Summer is around the corner and everyone has started searching for a solution. This year looks to be the hottest. Arctos is another solution, it has promised to keep everyone cool no matter the temperature. Keep reading Arctos ac reviews to see why it has made that promise.


Arctos portable ac is a personal space cooler and a humidifier. It is an efficient, compact, and lightweight air cooler. It is manufactured in the United States and advertised as one of the best portable space coolers to hit the market.

It is very portable, meaning that you can easily take it anywhere you want, be it your office, your friend's house, hotels, or even camping. It is ready to give out cool air anywhere you need it and anytime you want.

Arctos are exceptionally designed space coolers. It doesn't make any noise like some mechanical coolers. It is best for people who always need quietness and maximum concentration.

As a portable device, arctos are tough and rugged as it is designed with quality plastics. Its compactness means that you can easily put them in your car without taking much of your personal space. It can as well be contained in your traveling back anytime you are on the go.

In addition to cooling your personal space, arctos are also a humidifier meaning that it is a multi-function space cooler. Most homes need both a cooler and humidifier, arctos portable ac combines both.


1: COMPACT: Arctos portable cooler is very small, it looks like a tiny box. It doesn't consume space, you can easily place it on your reading desk, bedside table, and dining table.

2: LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: As it is compact, it is also portable. It weighs a few pounds which means that you can move it around without any hassle.

3: 450mL WATER TANK: this is where you will pour water which the system will use to cool your space. You need to pour straight, no need to bring it out.

4: LED INDICATOR LIGHTS: it features LEDs indicator lights that tell you that the system is on. Owners are turning it into decorative light as it changes colors, adding more beauty to your room.

5: ADJUSTABLE LOUVER: this helps you control the airflow to your desired direction.

6: ADJUSTABLE COOLING LEVEL: The intensity can be controlled to your preference by just touching a button. Everyone needs a different cooling level so it is designed so that each person can select what suits him or her.

7: FAN MODE: This is when you may not need the cold air, arctos ac comes with a powerful fan to use.

8: USB PORT: This is the input port. Arctos are shipped with a quality USB cable to connect your space cooler to power.

9: REMOVABLE FILTER: The filter can be easily removed either for cleaning or replacement without any hassle.


Arctos portable ac is looking to be the biggest deal in 2022. It has a lot of outstanding functions and uniqueness. It has been trending in The United States and Canada. People are showing interest in buying them and the stock looks limited.

Rapid cooling, just within 30 seconds it will start blowing cool and dress air.

Arctos is both a humidifier and an excellent cooler. Owners have been enjoying the dual functions with just one purchase.

It is a clean and efficient cooler. Arctos use a natural process to cool down your personal space. It doesn't require any gas or other substances that have the potential to endanger your environment.

Arctos ac has a lot of customization, like cooling level and fan speed, and the position of the louvers. Users will at all times have the opportunity to make a selection.

It is a noiseless device. It can be used when reading, watching films, during a conference call, and whenever you are doing any activities that require peace of mind. Arctos won't disturb you.

It is relatively simple to use, no technical support is needed, and it is 100% plug-and-play. You just need to plug the USB port, push the power button and it starts doing its work.


Arctos ac works using evaporation cooling technology, a natural process that is very clean, effective, and energy-efficient.

Here clean cool water is used as a refrigerant. Arctos has a 450mL water storage tank that contains water. It will suck air through the filter leading to evaporation. Evaporation is a process that requires energy to occur, this energy is taken from the air it sucks which lowers its temperature hence providing cool air.

It also adds moisture to the air leading to humidified air. This process of heat exchanger continues until the entire space is cooled. Arctos cooler has an option that allows you to increase the cooling level. Also, the water curtain enhances the evaporation process resulting in rapid cooling.

The adjustable louvers ensure that air flows in the right direction.


Arctos ac is simple to use. It is ready to be used out of the box. Once you unbox it, glance through the manual to get more about it.

Connect the USB cable to its port and connect the other end to the USB port in the wall socket.

Remove the filter curtain from the dryer, soak it in clean water, and put it back the way you remove it.

Fill the tank with clean water. Switch it on, select the cooling setting you want, and receive instant cooling without any hassles.

Arctos can be used as a fan and it features three fan settings.


Cleaning the filter: the filter is designed to catch dust and other particles as the system is sucking air inside. It is recommended to clean it once every few months but it depends on the environment you are using it in.

Checking the water level in the tank. As the evaporation process continues, the chances that the water will reduce is high and it will also increase its temperature. So for optimal performance, you need to replace the water.

The water curtain is recommended to be replaced every 3 to 6 months of operation.

Clean its body with damp clothes, don't use hard materials or rough substances.



It is simple to use
It is affordable
It is both a humidifier and a cooler
It is lightweight, compact, portable, and durable
It is customizable
It is energy effective
No hassle return
Available at discounted price
Environmental friendly
Fast cooling
It is very reliable


Limited stock
Available only online
It doesn't have a storage battery
Not good when outdoor
You might need more than one for a larger space
No remote control


Arctos portable ac is produced for everyone. Students will see it as the best option as it doesn't make any noise which allows them to concentrate. It is also compact, meaning that it consumes small space from their reading desk.

Office workers need it, not only for comfort but you can easily move them around; from office to home and vice, office to office, room to room, and any place of your interest.

Arctos are generally for everyone, summer heat looks to be unbearable this year, and arctos portable ac is the only solution.


Truly we are not short of options this summer, there is enough cooling system to call upon but the truth is that some are ineffective. Choosing the right air cooler is not easy, the market is full, don't be surprised to see more in the future.

Most Arctos ac reviews maintained that it outperforms others by a huge number. It might look like a market hype but it is not. It is a very efficient and inexpensive cooling system. It uses little power making it energy efficient.

Compactness is another area. Most coolers are truly compact but arctos are something else.

It also performs dual functions simultaneously and effectively. Cooling and humidifying. Rarely to see an air cooler that can humidify talk more of getting it at this kind of price.

In terms of usage, it is the simplest. No professional is needed, no installation, just plug and press.

In all criteria, it leads. It is really going to be the next big thing.


The price is from $89.99 to $246.99 after applying discounts.


Arctos is available on the official website. The company handles all the sales and shipping. They offer several payment methods and also sell at a discounted price.


1: Arctos personal space cooler.
2. Connector cable.
3. Instruction Manual


Arctos portable ac is manufactured by Ontel Products Corp, a consumer goods company. headquarter: Fairfield, New Jersey, USA and sells a variety of electronics and other consumer goods.

Phone: 866-955-4574 Email:


Their return lasts for 60. Contact their customer service to help you return either for replacement or a total refund of your initial order without any hassles.


The manufacturer is known for her standard and Arctos is no exception. It is a quality air cooler with the best materials on the market. It serves as a cooler and as a humidifier with an ergonomics design. Very quiet and cool instantly. Its performance is great. People have shown genuine interest in buying them.


GEOFF. L, SHREVEPORT, LA: verified customer
"Fan has always been on my side anytime I'm reading, sleeping or indoors but it gives me trouble, the noise is too loud and it is increasing day by day. The breeze was always bothersome. A friend visited and introduced arctos to me. I read Arctos cooler reviews and later ordered them, and the results were good. It gives me the cold air I could ask for without the hassles of my fans." Recommended!!!

I bought this as a present for my dad who has a tiny workroom for his rock polishing projects. He loves it. Now he can do what he loves for longer because he's more comfortable.

I enjoy the heat, but sometimes it can be a little overwhelming inside on the hottest days, even with the blinds closed shut. I love the Arctos Portable AC. Although it's easy to move around, I prefer it right next to my reading chair. Keeps me happy.


Is the Arctos AC noisy?
No, the Arctos Personal Space Coolers Are very quiet.

How often do I need to clean or service the unit?
Wipe down the exterior with a soft, damp cloth as needed. The filter should be replaced every 3-6 months for optimal performance. Remove the filter and allow both the filter and unit to fully dry out before storing when not in use

Do the Arctos Personal Space Coolers use a lot of electricity?
No, the Arctos Personal Space Coolers run highly efficiently using evaporation technology that removes heat and produces cool air.

Can I buy this product in-store?
The Arctos Personal Space Coolers are only available online and supplies are limited

How do I set up the Arctos Personal Space Coolers?
It's easy, all you need to do is plug it in. Every Arctos Personal Space Coolers ships with an easy-to-understand user guide with care instructions for ease of use.

How many people will the Arctos Personal Space Coolers cool?
We recommend a single unit near every single person's space of work or leisure.

Where is the best place to position my Arctos ac?
We recommend positioning your unit close to an open window on a flat surface for best performance.


Arctos portable ac has attracted many positive reviews from customers showing how good it is. It is a must-have this summer. It is produced for total comfort and relaxation. It is very simple to use and set up. It will enhance your indoor experience.


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