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Ten Ways to Remove Burrs from Steel Pipes

06-21-2022 12:15 PM CET | Industry, Real Estate & Construction

Press release from: Permanent Steel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

Burrs are ubiquitous in the metalworking process. No matter how advanced and sophisticated equipment you use, it will be born with the product. It is mainly due to the plastic deformation of the material and an excess iron filings generated on the edge of the processed material, especially for materials with good ductility or toughness, which are particularly prone to burrs.

The types of burrs mainly include flash burrs, sharp corner burrs, splashes, etc., a protruding excess metal residue that does not meet the product design requirements. For this problem, so far there is no effective method to eliminate it in the production process, so in order to ensure the design requirements of the product, engineers have to work hard on the later removal. So far, for different steel pipe products, There are already many different methods and equipment for deburring.

The seamless pipe manufacturer (PMC) has sorted out the 10 most common deburring methods for you:

1) Manual deburring

This is also a method commonly used by general enterprises, using files, sandpaper, grinding heads, etc. as auxiliary tools. The file has manual file and pneumatic stagger.

Comment: The labor cost is more expensive, the efficiency is not very high, and it is difficult to remove complex cross holes. The technical requirements for workers are not very high, and it is suitable for products with small burrs and simple product structure.

2) Die deburring

Deburring is carried out by using a production die and a punch.

Comment: It requires a certain amount of die (rough die + fine die) production fee, and may also need to make a shaping die. It is suitable for products with simpler parting surfaces, and the efficiency and deburring effect are better than those of manual work.

3) Grinding and deburring

This type of deburring includes vibration, sandblasting, rollers, etc., and is currently used by many companies.

Comment: There is a problem that the removal is not very clean, and subsequent manual processing of residual burrs may be required or other methods of deburring may be required. Suitable for small products in larger batches.

4) Freeze deburring

Use cooling to quickly embrittle the burrs, and then spray projectiles to remove the burrs.

Brief comment: The price of the equipment is about 200,000 or 300,000; it is suitable for products with small burr wall thickness and small products.

5) Hot blast deburring

Also called thermal deburring, explosion deburring. By introducing some flammable gas into an equipment furnace, and then through the action of some media and conditions, the gas is instantly exploded, and the energy generated by the explosion is used to dissolve and remove the burr.

Brief comment: The equipment is expensive (millions of price), high technical requirements for operation, low efficiency, side effects (rusting, deformation); it is mainly used in some high-precision parts and components, such as automotive and aerospace precision parts.

6) Deburring of engraving machine

Brief comment: The price of the equipment is not very expensive (tens of thousands), it is suitable for simple space structure, and the required deburring position is simple and regular.

7) Chemical deburring

Using the principle of electrochemical reaction, the parts made of metal materials can be automatically and selectively deburred.

Brief comment: It is suitable for internal burrs that are difficult to remove, and suitable for small burrs (thickness less than 7 wires) of products such as pump bodies and valve bodies.

8) Electrolytic deburring

An electrolytic machining method that uses electrolysis to remove burrs from metal parts.

Brief comment: The electrolyte is corrosive to a certain extent, and the vicinity of the burr of the parts is also subjected to electrolysis, the surface will lose its original luster, and even affect the dimensional accuracy. The workpiece should be cleaned and rust-proof after deburring. Electrolytic deburring is suitable for removing burrs in hidden parts of intersecting holes or parts with complex shapes. The production efficiency is high, and the deburring time is generally only a few seconds to tens of seconds. It is suitable for deburring gears, connecting rods, valve bodies and crankshaft oil passages, etc., as well as rounding of sharp corners.

9) High pressure water jet deburring

Using water as a medium, it can use its instantaneous impact force to remove the burrs and flashes generated after processing, and at the same time, it can achieve the purpose of cleaning.

Brief comment: The equipment is expensive, mainly used in the heart of the car and the hydraulic control system of the construction machinery.

10) Ultrasonic deburring

Ultrasonic produces instant high pressure to remove burrs.

Comment: It is mainly aimed at some microscopic burrs. Generally, if the burrs need to be observed with a microscope, you can try to remove them with ultrasonic waves.

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