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CamoLighter Reviews

In a survival situation, there are a few things that are important to have — regardless of why you are in the position in the first place. Water, food, shelter, and access to fire are the four necessities. The capacity to produce fire at a moment's notice can modify the severity of your situation tenfold, whether you're trapped in your own home after a natural disaster, lost in the woods, or even in self-imposed outdoor exile. Fire can not only give warmth, but it can also be used to prepare food, clean wounds, and scare away wild creatures, among other things.

Unfortunately, matches – even waterproof matches – have a limited lifespan. After all, a match that has been struck and burned has lost its power to ignite or maintain a flame. And depending on how long you need to keep a fire going, this can be bad news. However, instead of using matchsticks, you can purchase a lighter.

They have the ability to create several flames over a longer length of time and, if you choose the correct one, will stick with you through thick and thin, providing you with access to fire whenever you want it. So, if you want to add value to your bug-out bag or just make life easier in the event of a crisis, purchase a Camolighter as the best survival lighter trending in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom .


Camolighter is a ground-breaking new Tesla-powered lighter. It's a cutting-edge lighting technology that allows users to replace their disposable Bic lighters and long-necked candle lighters. As the butane gas inside those bic lighters depletes, they lose their effectiveness until there's none left.

Instead of butane gas, Camolighter is formed of plasma. Plasma is an ionized gas that allows electrons to flow. It is also known as the fourth state of matter. Camo Lighters are safer than butane lighters since they do not contain dangerous gas.

The Camolighter is a self-contained lightning device that produces a windproof, water-resistant flame. Camolighter are also called plasma lighter, electric lighter, USB rechargeable lighter, and arc lighter, Camolighter is a helpful technology. CamoLighters are durable, windproof, and water-resistant.

CamoLighter is the "Alpha Male" of the lighter realm. The Camolighter is a rough, gritty, robust basic equipment that everyone in need of a lighting device cannot do without in today's environment. A solid LED flashlight is housed at the bottom of the Camolighter lighter housing.

With the push of a button, you can start a fire in the rain or wind with your new favorite camolighter. The latest and enhanced design with top-facing plasma dual arcs preserves all of the characteristics you love while making it even easier to ignite.

Outdoor camolighter is an electric lighter that is waterproof, windproof, and does not require butane or altitude changes. It's perfect for camping, survival, or a backyard BBQ. To ignite a fire, simply touch the dual arcs to something combustible.

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It's time to go over the characteristics that have helped this rechargeable dual arc lighter become the most popular lighter in the world. Just take a look at the entire list of camolighter's characteristics below and be grateful you found it today.


Camolighter is a five-times-faster dual-arc electronic lighter than a single-arc electronic lighter. The CamoLighter is composed of a high-quality zinc alloy with a high-temperature resistant ceramic covering, making it safe and long-lasting.
A comparison of Camolighter and other lighters on the market demonstrates indisputably that CamoLighter offers the best value for money and is of higher quality than the competition. There will no longer be any counterfeit disposable lighter!


The Camolighter does not produce a flame and does not rely on butane gas to function. It's a rechargeable electric lighter, to be precise. Plasma technology is used in the camolighter, which removes the need for toxic chemicals. It's perfect for camping, traveling, and trekking; it works well in windy conditions and is environmentally friendly.


The Camolighter's marking goes above and above to provide the highest quality goods and outstanding customer service. As a result, if a Camolighter user is not completely satisfied with it, the company offers a full refund with no questions asked. With a limited-time bid, this is a distinct advantage.


The camolighter is exceptionally compact and lightweight, measuring 2.8 x 1.9 x 0.75 inches. With a weight of less than 2.1 ounces, this USB rechargeable lighter is incredibly portable. As a result, people might carry it around with them without even realizing it.


Camolighter comes equipped with four upgraded LED battery lights that display the battery's current state of charge and inform the user when it's time to recharge.


The CamoLighter also comes with a huge capacity battery that, when completely charged, can power over 300 ignitions. A good battery cycle will last 300-500 charges. A full charge can produce 300-500 sparks or last up to a week.


The CamoLighter is a windproof USB rechargeable lighter. It does not require any gas or fluid to function. It saves electricity and is environmentally friendly. While the lighter is charging or not in use, the camolighter has a big lid that keeps children safe.


The Camolighter is extremely simple to operate and maintain. The Camolighter starts a fire with the push of a button. When faced with a survival emergency, the user does not have to waste time tinkering with the Camolighter because it is quite simple to operate.


The CamoLighter has a sophisticated appearance. It has a unique dual-power architecture and can create an electric arc with a single button press.


The characteristics of a product are frequently what motivates creative people to consider purchasing it. When a product's technical data outperforms that of competing products, it is typically deemed high-end and superior. With that in mind, the following specifications are summarized in this CamoLighter review:

Dimension: 2.8 x 1.9 x 0.75 inches

Top-Facing Plasma Dual Arcs: Makes lighting larger objects simpler.

Long battery life (approximately 300-500 uses per charge)

Built-in water-resistant flashlight: There are three settings: light, ultra-bright, and flashing. Lumens: 100

15" Paratinder Neck Lanyard: Cut open to reveal flammable content

Whistle: To warn rescuers, blow the 120 decibel whistle.

Charging: To charge CamoLighter, use the included Micro-USB (lighter side) to USB (computer or wall outlet plug) cable (included).

Charging time: Typical charge time is 2 hours.

Security Features: Time-out of 10 seconds

Waterproof and windproof: Can be used in hurricanes, storms and other extreme weather conditions.

Waterproof and shockproof case: Made of sturdy ABS plastic with a wire safety latch.

Comes with: 1 Micro USB charging cable

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A summary of the benefits that consumers will receive from purchasing and utilizing Camolighter has been offered in this CamoLighter review. The CamoLighter, a novel rechargeable double arc electric lighter, offers the following ground-breaking features:


The CamoLighter comes in a beautiful gift box, looks hip, and is sure to make the recipient scream with delight. The lighter is undoubtedly the best present for friends, relatives, lovers, and comrades on their birthdays. It has a modern, sophisticated, and cool look to it. So, instead of buying boxes of matches or packets of butane gas lighters, order one or two Camolighters and delight the recipient for the rest of their life.


The Camolighter is water and wind resistant, making it excellent for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and touring. Because it may be used to light candles, cigarettes, pipes, cigars, pyrotechnics, BBQs, and campfires, it is excellent for both smokers and non-smokers. If there is a need to put up light, regardless of how awful the weather appears to be, the Camolighter will undoubtedly respond. It is never intended to be affected by weather or water.


Because it does not use butane gas or any other toxic chemicals, the Camolighter is good for its users. Camolighter eliminates the need for lighter fluid replacement. Despite the fact that it is USB rechargeable, it is extremely energy efficient. There would be no need to buy disposable plastic lighters, which would save money.


When turned on, the Camolighter produces no spark, odor, or sound. Camolighter, the Tesla coil powered lighter, unlike butane gas lighters and certain rechargeable lighters, produces no flame or spark, emits no odor, and makes no noise when used. Because of the chemical utilized, butane gas lighters have a foul odor. CamoLighter is made entirely of electricity, and its flame is a plasma arc with no odor. When the Camolighter button is pressed, only a high-pitched faint sound is heard.


The Camolighter is unlike other lighters in that it cannot be simply discarded. It is outfitted with technology that is both long-lasting and dependable. When completely charged, its rechargeable lithium battery can last up to a week. At the bottom of the lighter, there are various LED flashlights that display the degree of power. A Type-C USB rechargeable cord is included with the camolighter. Its plastic foundation allows it to resist a certain amount of user pressure. It's tough enough to resist a few drops and severe handling. It's made of tough ABS plastic and features a wire safety latch.


The Camolighter's attractive look ensures that every user will want to take it with them wherever they go. It has excellent safety features and is very portable.


There are numerous advantages to using an electricity-generated plasma beam to ignite items. Unlike a regular butane flame, the plasma beam from the Rechargeable Plasma CamoLighter is completely wind and splash proof.

Do you ever make use of a butane lighter? Get the Rechargeable CamoLighter and join the lighter revolution. Because of recent improvements in plasma technology, butane lighters are practically obsolete. The camolighter is better for the environment, less harmful, and TSA-approved!

The CamoLighter also has the advantage of not containing butane, which is extremely harmful to humans. Your health is important, and any strategy that reduces hazardous carcinogen exposure is usually better. These lighters are also safe for the environment. Each Camolighter is fully rechargeable, lasting up to 300-500 uses on a single charge.

As a result, you won't have any trouble finding a light when the weather goes poor. Even if it's raining, you'll be able to create a powerful plasma beam.


The Camolighter was created by a group of military scientists and engineers who used Nikola Tesla's technology, a legend in engineering and science.

The Tesla Coil, one of Nikola Tesla's inventions, is essentially created lightning in a bottle, allowing Tesla to harness the lightning force in his palm to achieve whatever he would. Despite the fact that Tesla recognized and demonstrated the Tesla Coil decades ago, it has recently shown to be the most astounding tool in the modern world.

For the record, turning on a standard Tesla coil required tens of thousands of volts of electricity and only a half-inch of power cables. However, in a battery-operated handheld variant, a comparable effect may be achieved on a smaller scale.

The CamoLighter, a revolutionary new coiled lighter, was created using the same technique that Tesla used to produce his coil. This extraordinary light was created for the military, who required a lighter that did not require any fuel, was rechargeable, wind resistant, and capable of working in adverse weather situations.

The designated teams of military scientists and engineers were initially baffled as to how such a lighter might be manufactured. They did, however, wind up inventing something that had never been on this world before, something comparable to alien technology.

Using a Tesla Coil and a lithium ion battery, the CamoLighter was born with the ability to generate a plasma arc. Remember that matter exists in three states: solid, liquid, and gas, as taught in physics. Those are the ones you're probably thinking of, but lightning is made out of a fourth form of matter called plasma.


Instead of using fluid or friction to start a flame, these camolighters use a lithium ion battery to produce a small electrical "arc" that is much hotter than an open flame. To light your candle, simply hold down the button until you hear a soft zapping noise and see a bright line of light at the head of the camolighter and lower it to the wick. Your candle should immediately begin to burn.

Because it is hotter, it lights the candle faster than an open flame. Because there is no open flame, you may ignite it even when it's windy, making it excellent for use outside.

After fully charging it (it comes with a USB charging cord), which can take up to a few hours, it's ready to use. The safety lock prevents children from playing with matches, yet the lighter's simple button operation makes it simple to use right away once unlocked.

The neck may be rotated in any orientation or combination, allowing you to light things upside down while maintaining finger security. Any shape or depth of my candle could be accommodated by this brilliant, secure construction.

On a single charge, the camolighter will produce 500 ignitions. Although this is still greater than standard lighters, the beauty is that the next 500 may be gained simply by recharging.

Other lighting methods are less dependable than a rechargeable arc camolighter. Another challenge to tackle is low match quality or bad match striking form. Poor quality matches or poor match striking form are another battle to fight. Fluid lighters can mysteriously go kaput for no apparent reason or take multiple attempts to ignite, while poor quality matches or poor match striking form are another battle to fight. Every time, the rechargeable camolighter performs consistently and reliably.

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CamoLighters are simple but effective devices that allow us to do the following:

Prepare your meals.

Bring the water to a rolling boil (and then sterilized).

It is necessary to illuminate certain areas.

Predators are repelled.

Both of these abilities are present in the variety of lighters. We can tap into this energy with a lighter at any time and in any place since fire equals heat energy.

I have a lighter on hand to burn stray strings on new garments.

You can use the flint to alert search crews and planes if you get lost in the woods at night. The modest brilliant light sticks out nicely in an otherwise black area.

With your camping kit, you keep a camolighter coated in a few lengths of duct tape. It fits in a pocket better than a roll of duct tape. Camolighters exceed matches and flint/magnesium bars in terms of water resistance and ease of usage. You can light a few hundred fires with a camolighter the size of a few books of matches.

If you're trapped, you'll need fire to stay warm, stay dry, sterilize water, and cook meals.
A handy survival camolighter that can be attached to a keychain was supplied to me by a survival professional and war zone correspondent.


Although there are many windproof lighters on the market, they all require the usage of fossil fuels to operate. Fossil fuels are difficult to transport, highly combustible, environmentally destructive, and quickly evaporate. The Camolighter, on the other hand, is fully electric, and its flame is nothing more than a plasma arc, thus it can stay lighted even when submerged in water. Because lightning can strike even when it's raining, Camolighter can stay lit even when it's raining.

As someone who has always relied on a traditional butane lighter, it's time to embrace the future of lighters by investing in this plasma arc rechargeable lighter. Even if you believe there is no reason why people should not be encouraged to acquire Camolighters, keep in mind that recent advances in plasma technology have rendered butane lighters nearly obsolete. It's as simple as that! Toxic, stinky, and ineffective lighters are not supposed to be a part of anyone's life. The camolighter is less harmful, more durable, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and TSA-approved!

Even though Camolighter has nothing interesting to offer, lighting items with an electricity-generated plasma beam can provide a smile. In whatever context, it grants real authority over the materials to be lit. Unlike ordinary butane flame lighters, the plasma arc from CamoLighter is totally wind and waterproof. When the weather goes poor, Camolighter users won't have any trouble spotting a light. They'll be able to generate a powerful plasma beam even if it's pouring.

One of the main reasons why everyone should acquire a CamoLighter is the lack of butane gas. This is due to the fact that butane gas is exceedingly harmful to people. Every person's health is extremely important, and any strategy of limiting dangerous carcinogen exposure is frequently preferred. Camolighter provides a free and secure lighting experience to everybody.


Buying Camolighter from the manufacturer's official website makes a lot of sense; the manufacturer has a direct OFFICIAL WEBSITE where you can buy the goods, which is simple and secure. If you want to acquire many products, you can do so through a special deal that the manufacturer may present at any moment.

This means you can buy as many as you want (CamolighterREVIEW) and pay less for each one. The offer is complete and simple to deliver within a few minutes depending on your location; all you have to do is fill out the payment address provided on the website and leave the rest to us while we finish our work.

One of the most amazing aspects is the method of payment to the producer. Camolighter buyers don't have to take any risks because they may use payment methods that are convenient for them, such as PayPal or credit card.

And you have the option of returning the product (Camolighter) if you do not like it, and your money will be repaid without question if the thing is returned within 30 days.

Another benefit is Camolighter's quick delivery, which takes place right at your doorstep. The product will be delivered in a matter of minutes or days, depending on your location, and can be used right away.


The below are the different prices for different order packages of Camolighter:
Single Camo Lighter (Save 50%)
$29.99 instead of $59.95
2 Camo Lighters (Save 58%)
$49.96 instead of $119.90
3 Camo Lighters (Save 61%)
$69.96 instead of $179.85

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Camolighter is a brand-new product. Consumers with keen eyes, on the other hand, snapped them up as soon as they hit the market. These customers were happy with what they got, so they left reviews to encourage others like you to do the same.

"If I had purchased this rechargeable lighter, nicknamed Camolighter, sooner, I would have saved time, effort, energy, and money. However, I'm relieved that I now have this effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional lighters. You can know it's being put to good use by how rapidly my candles, smokes, and other items are consumed. What a brilliant idea!"
(Gorge Brown)

"It's fantastic. I have four of them, including two of the most recent. One is for my wood stove, one is for my fireplace, one is for my bug out bag, and one is for everyday use. Even if the sun isn't shining, I'll have fire thanks to the solar panel in my survival kit." Angelika kiss

Incredible electric lighter! There are no flammable liquids, flints, odors, or leaks. Any USB charger can be used to charge it (including Power Solar Chargers). It's windproof and waterproof, and it even "catches fire" when wet. "Amazing device."
-Micheal Tessey


My Camolighterlighter has stopped working. Is it possible to get a replacement?

Within three months of purchase, the company will honor the warranty as long as the lighter shows no signs of severe wear and use. The buyer must either return the lighter or provide 2-3 photographs as proof of the fault or failure. Unless the lighter is in pristine condition with no evidence of use or destruction, they won't be able to tell if it had a pre-existing defect or if you directly harmed it. Their firm will make every effort to replace any item that is truly defective.

Would I be "shocked" or "tazed" by the Plasma CamoLighter?

Touching the electric arcs can feel like a severe bite or a ten-fold stronger static electricity jolt. It is certain to shake you awake! Touching the arcs is not recommended, according to the business. However, other than a few small red markings on your skin, there will be no long-term ramifications if you do.

Can I take the camolighter on a plane with me?

Some airlines will allow you to bring lithium-ion battery-powered devices in your carry-on, while others will refuse to let you take your camolighter. To be safe, the business recommends leaving your lighter at home.

Is camoLighter safe to be used?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to use. The CamoLighter is simple, unobtrusive, and trustworthy, and its sleek and stylish design makes it a fantastic gift for yourself or your friends. All you have to do is stay away from metals and combustible things, as well as your face, body, and clothing. Do not pierce or use near a live electric arc flame. In the heat, do not use for long periods of time.


Few things have sped human progress more than harnessing the power of fire, and few things have accelerated human progress more than harnessing the power of fire. So, with this Tesla Coil-powered lighter Camolighter, the modern-day alternative to traditional lighters, make the next move. Stop spending time with butane, waiting for a flame, or messing with the spark. The rules of the game have changed.

Users would create their path into the future using CamoLighter, a breakthrough electric lighter built for the current world. Camolighters are simple to use, safe, and dependable, and feature sleek and elegant designs that are sure to catch the eye and spark conversation. They are flameless and thus completely windproof. With this rechargeable electric lighter that requires no flame, no butane, and no trouble, every user will take care of hiring or her life!

This unique lighter creates an electric arc with a single button touch. It may be charged by USB and used at any time and from any location. The lighter is not only windproof, but it is also cost-effective and environmentally beneficial due to the lack of a flame. No more lighter fluid refills or discarded cheap plastic lighters! The lighter also includes a safety function that prevents it from lighting up while the lid is closed.

With the push of a button on the camolighter, you can start a fire in the wind or rain. With the top-facing plasma dual arcs, this updated version retains all of the popular features seen in modern lighters while making it even easier to light. It's perfect for camping, survival, or a backyard grilling session. To ignite a fire, simply touch the dual arcs to something combustible.

You may believe that the major source of your concern will be the pricing. Because it is composed of high-end materials and incorporates technology developed by Nikola Tesla, a great scientist and genius, you could expect it to be costly. However, it appears that you were misinformed. Camolighter is a low-cost option.

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