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Camolighter Review 2021: Does The Camo Lighter Actually Work?

07-13-2021 01:11 PM CET | Fashion, Lifestyle, Trends

Press release from: Camolighter

Camolighter reviews

Camolighter reviews

Are you tired of having to constantly replace plastic lighters that cannot be used when needed? If it is, then an environmentally friendly lighter with a futuristic appearance is an ideal alternative. Camolighter. This Camolighter was originally developed for military use and has crazy sound specifications. In this CAMOLIGHTER REVIEW, you will know the importance and safety of this awesome lighter is. In the recent world, lighters have become one of the most commonly used household lighting devices. However, lighters have never been taken seriously as an important tool.

In the beginning, traditional lighters and butane lighters were very popular. However, Zippo lighters were introduced to the market and later became more and more popular. But today, a new era of lighters has developed: Camolighter uses the same technology that Nikola Tesla used in his coil invention. Camolighters do not emit flames or smoke, do not produce sparks or odors, and are completely safe to use. Camolighter only produces a high-pitched, soft noise, the next thing is seeing the object burning.

Keep reading this camolighter review to find out why this rechargeable USB lighter has been in the minds of people looking for a reliable, sturdy, waterproof, windproof, and affordable lighter. Camolighter is a revolutionary new Tesla coiled power lighter. This is an innovative lighting technology that gives users the opportunity to replace their long-neck candle lighters and disposable Bic lighters because the butane gas in these lighters is exhausted.

Camolighter is an independent lightning device that produces a windproof and waterproof flame. Camolighter is a useful technology, also known as plasma lighters, electric lighters, USB rechargeable lighters, and arc lighters. CamoLighter is strong, waterproof, and windproof. CamoLighter is definitely the "Alpha Male" of the lighter world. In today's world, Camolighter is a rough, tough, and sturdy basic tool that people who need lighting equipment can't do without.

What is CAMOLIGHTER? Camolighter Review

Camolighter is an independent lightning generator. Yes, it is waterproof. All windproof lighters require fossil fuels to work. Fossil fuels are harmful to the environment and difficult to carry. The flame of the Camolighter is electric and can stay lit even underwater. Even if it is raining, why shouldn't Camolighter stay lit? This technology has many names, including camolighter, which is a useful technology. Camouflage clothing is waterproof.

Alpha Male in the lighter world is a camolighter. In today's world, it is a rough, tough, and sturdy necessary tool. A flashlight is built into a lighter shell. The camolighters are charged via a USB cable. You can use these flameless windproof arcs to light cigarettes anywhere. Camolighters use the most advanced technology to generate electric sparks in any wind and weather conditions. Put your hands down, the best lighter. Double-layer camouflage lights are made of strong zinc aluminum.

The lighter is one of the most commonly used tools. It is a useful tool for daily life. Over time, lighters have developed a lot. The old flint sparks and butane were very popular at first. Later, zippo lighters rose to fame. We have entered a new era of lighters. This changes the way the game is played.

Who Developed Camolighter and With Which Technology?

Camolighter was developed by a joint team of military scientists and engineers, using the technology of engineering and science legendary Nikola Tesla. One of Nikola Tesla's creations, the Tesla coil, is basically artificial lightning in a bottle, making it possible for Tesla to use the power of the thunder in his hands to do whatever he wants. Although the Tesla coil has been recognized and exhibited by Tesla decades ago, it has recently become the most outstanding tool in the world.

According to records, a typical Tesla coil requires tens of thousands of volts of electricity and half an inch of the power cord to turn it on. But in the battery-powered handheld version, there will be a way to achieve a similar effect on a smaller scale. The manufacturer of CamoLighter, a pioneering new type of coil lighter, uses the same technology that Tesla used when developing the coil. This extraordinary lamp was originally designed for the army that needs a lighter that does not use fuel or any fossil for its lightning.

At first, the designated team of military scientists and engineers was confused about how to make this lighter. However, they eventually created something that did not exist on this planet before, similar to alien technology. CamoLighter is born with the ability to generate plasma arcs using Tesla coils and lithium-ion batteries. Recall that in physics, matter exists in three states: solid, liquid, and gas.

Technical Details Of CamoLighter Survival Lighter: Camolighter Review

Most often, a product’s specifications are what push innovative individuals to start considering buying such a product. A product is often considered high-end and superior if its technical data are superior to existing products. With this in mind, this CamoLighter review summarizes the below specifications:

Dimension: 2.8 x 1.9 x 0.75 inches

Top-Facing Plasma Dual Arcs: Makes lighting larger objects simpler.

Long battery life (approximately 300-500 uses per charge)

Built-in water-resistant flashlight:

There are three settings: light, ultra-bright, and flashing.

Lumens: 100

15″ Paratinder Neck Lanyard: Cut open to reveal flammable content

Whistle: To warn rescuers, blow the 120-decibel whistle.

Charging: To charge CamoLighter, use the included Micro-USB (lighter side) to USB (computer or wall outlet plug) cable (included).

Charging time: Typical charge time is 2 hours.

Security Features: Time-out of 10 seconds

Waterproof and windproof: Can be used in hurricanes, storms, and other extreme weather conditions.

Waterproof and shockproof case: Made of sturdy ABS plastic with a wire safety latch.

Comes with: 1 Micro USB charging cable

Features Of CamoLighter.

It's time to extensively discuss the features that make this rechargeable dual arc lighter the most popular lighter in the lighter world. Just learn the full details below about camolighter's features and be happy that you encountered it today.

Built-in power indicator: Camolighter is designed with improved four LED battery lights to show the current charging status of the battery and remind users when they need to charge in advance.

Long battery life: CamoLighter also includes a large-capacity battery that can be used for more than 300 ignitions after being fully charged. High-quality battery cycles can last for 300-500 recharges. A full charge can last a week or 300-500 sparks.

High quality: Camolighter is a double-arc lighter, five times faster than a single-arc electronic lighter. CamoLighter is made of high-quality zinc alloy and high temperature resistant ceramic layer, safe and durable. A side-by-side analysis of Camolighter and other lighters on the market shows that CamoLighter provides the greatest impact. The user's money and the quality are better than the competition. There will be no fake disposable lighters anymore!

Lightweight and portable: With a dimension of 2.8 x 1.9 x 0.75 inches, the camolighter is incredibly compact and lightweight. This USB rechargeable lighter is extremely lightweight, weighing less than 2.1 ounces. As a result, users can carry it around with them and barely notice it.

100% Guarantee of Satisfaction: The marker of the Camolighter goes above and beyond to deliver the highest quality product and exceptional customer support. Therefore, if a user of the Camolighter is not fully satisfied with it, the company gives a 100% no-questions-asked refund. This indeed is an advantage with a limited-time bid.

Fashionable and elegant design: CamoLighter adopts a stylish and elegant design. It has an innovative design with dual power supplies and can generate an electric arc at the push of a button.

Windproof and environmentally friendly: CamoLighter is a USB rechargeable windproof lighter. It does not require gas or fluid to operate. It is both energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The camouflage lighter also has a large lid to protect children when the lighter is charging or not in use.

Easy to use and maintain: Camolighter is very easy to use and maintain. Just press a button and the Camolighter will light a fire. When users face survival situations, people don't have to waste time fiddling with Camolighter because it is very easy to use.

INNOVATIVE: The camolighter uses plasma technology, so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals; the plasma lamp contains a large-capacity battery, which can be ignited more than 300 times after being fully charged. Don't worry)

STRONGER AND DURABLE: Innovative design of dual power supply, the arc can be generated by pressing a button, camolighter adopts fashionable and elegant design. Just charge via USB to start using.

Dare to compare: A side-by-side comparison will undoubtedly prove that our camolighter provides you with the most value-for-money products with higher quality than competitors. No more fake plastic lighters! Pack all in a gorgeous gift.

Does Camolighter Really Work?

Instead of using liquid or friction to ignite the flame, these camouflage lights use lithium-ion batteries to generate a small "arc" that is much hotter than an open flame. To light and light a candle, you just need to press and hold the button. You will hear a soft electric shock, and you will see a bright light on the head of the camouflage lamp, then lower it to the candlewick. Your candle is lit immediately. Because it is hotter than an open flame, it ignites

After fully charged (USB charging cable included), it can take up to a few hours to use. The safety lock solves the cumbersome problem of children playing matches. Once unlocked, the simple button mechanism makes the lighter easy to use immediately. The neck can be rotated in any direction or configuration to protect your fingers and allow you to light things up unevenly or even upside down. Regardless of the shape, size, or depth of the candle.

It only needs to be fully charged once, and the camolighter can ignite 500 times. This is much higher than traditional lighters, but the beauty of it is that you only need to charge it once to get the next 500. Compared with other lighting methods, people often find that rechargeable arc camouflage lighters are also more reliable. Liquid lighters may turn off mysteriously for no reason or require multiple attempts to ignite, and poor-quality matches or matches have a terrible impact pattern.

Benefits of CamoLighter .

In this CamoLighter review, a summarized version of the gain users will get from buying and using Camolighter has been presented. As a new rechargeable double arc electric lighter, the CamoLighter has the following groundbreaking benefits:

Enjoy an ecologically friendly and economical lighter: Camolighter is beneficial to users because it does not use butane gas or any other form of harmful chemicals. With Camolighter, lighter liquid refills are no longer needed. Even if it is USB rechargeable, it is very energy-efficient. Economically speaking, there is no need to buy disposable plastic lighters.

Can be used in extreme weather conditions: Camolighter is waterproof and windproof, making it ideal for outdoor use: hiking, camping, traveling, etc. So it is suitable for smokers and non-smokers because it can be used to light candles, cigarettes, pipes, cigars, fireworks, barbecues, and campfires. No matter how bad the weather looks, Camolighter will definitely respond if you need to put lights on. It was never designed to be affected by weather conditions and water.

It makes a perfect gift for anniversaries, birthdays, and other celebrations: CamoLighter is packaged in an elegant gift box that looks cool and will undoubtedly make the recipient cheer. A lighter is probably the ideal birthday gift for friends, relatives, lovers, and comrades-in-arms. It has a cool, stylish, and elegant appearance. Therefore, instead of buying a box of matches or a pack of butane gas lighters, it is better to order one or two Camolighters to surprise recipients forever.

Flameless, odorless, and noiseless: The Camolighter gives off no spark, no odor, and no sound when operated. Unlike butane gas lighters and some rechargeable lighters, Camolighter, the Tesla coil-powered lighter emits no flame or spark, it gives off no smell and there is no form of noise when used. The odor from butane gas lighters smells
horrible because of the chemical used. CamoLighter is 100% electric and its flame is actually a plasma arc that has no scent. Users can only hear a high-pitched soft sound when the button on Camolighter is pressed.

rechargeable and durable: Camolighter cannot be handled as easily as other lighters. It is equipped with durable and reliable technology. The rechargeable lithium battery can last up to a week after being fully charged. There are different LED flashlights at the bottom of the lighter to indicate the battery level. The camolighter is equipped with a Type-C USB charging cable. Its plastic frame enables it to withstand a certain degree of pressure.

Easily Carried About: The elegant appearance of Camolighter makes it possible for every user to want to take it with them wherever they go. Excellent safety features make it very portable.

How Does CamoLighter USB Rechargeable Lighter Work?

Most lighters rely on liquid or friction to ignite a flame, while Camolighter uses a lithium-ion battery to produce a small arc that is much hotter than an open flame. Suppose you intend to light something, such as a candle. All you need is to simply press the button and lower the head of the lighter to the wick. With a single click, a bright light appears on Camolighter’s head, lightning.

CamoLighter ignites the material faster because it is hotter than an open flame. Since there is no open flame, it can be used to light things even in windy conditions, which is very suitable for outdoor use. The neck of CamoLighter can be rotated in any direction or configuration, allowing users to turn the light upside down while keeping their fingers safe. With its smart and safe design, Camolighter can handle the lighting of any shape or depth.

LCamoLighter comes with a Type-C USB charging cable. It only takes a few hours to fully charge it. Please don't forget that CamoLighter needs to be charged before use and as much as possible. It can be used after fully charging. After a full charge, the camolighter will produce 500 ignitions. This has surpassed the traditional lighter, but the higher advantage is that the user can easily get another 500 ignitions with just one tap.

Colighter Review by Customers

Camolighter Customer Review

Still in doubt of camolighters and in need of proof of what other users have said about camolighters? Then do not worry as we have already provided customers with written reviews on camolighters.

Camolihter is an awesome Survival Lighter. I have 4 of these, 2 of the new ones and 2 of the old ones. I use one for my fireplace, one for my wood stove, one for my bug-out bag, and one for general use around the house. With the small solar panel in my bug-out bag, I’ll adequately have fire starting forever as long as the sun shines occasionally.

– JOHN WILLS from United States
Electric lighter… WOW, wonderful. No liquid fuel, no smells, no Flint’s, no leaks, Can be “Topped” via any USB charger (including Power Solar Chargers) Windproof, even “fires” when wet. WHAT’S THERE NOT TO LIKE??? Excellent device.

– CLARE GLEN from Canada

Why I Recommend CAMOLIGHTER.

There are many windproof lighters available, but they all require fossil fuels to work. Fossil fuels are difficult to transport, highly flammable, harmful to the environment, and evaporate quickly. However, since the Camolighter is fully electric and its flame is only a plasma arc, it can remain lit even if it is immersed in water. This is possible because lightning strikes even when it rains, and Camolighter stays on even when it rains.
There are many windproof lighters available, but they all require fossil fuels to work. Fossil fuels are difficult to transport, highly flammable, harmful to the environment, and evaporate quickly. However, because the Camolighter is fully electric and its flame is only a plasma arc, it can stay lit even when immersed in water. This is possible because lightning strikes even when it rains, and Camolighter stays on even when it rains.

Since some people always use old-fashioned butane lighters, it's time to buy this plasma arc charging lighter to embrace the future of lighters. If you believe that individuals should not be encouraged to purchase Camolighters for no viable reason, please remember that recent advances in plasma technology have made butane lighters almost obsolete. It's so clear! Toxic, smelly, and poorly performing lighters should not be part of any product.

Since some people always use old-fashioned butane lighters, it's time to buy this plasma arc charging lighter to embrace the future of lighters. If you believe that individuals should not be encouraged to purchase Camolighters for no viable reason, please remember that recent advances in plasma technology have made butane lighters almost obsolete. It's so clear! Toxic, smelly, and poorly performing lighters should not be part of any product.

If Camolighter has nothing interesting, the sparks of joy will usually fade away by igniting things with a plasma beam generated by electricity. Regardless of the situation, it gives real authority to the material to be lit. In addition, unlike traditional butane flame lighters, CamoLighter's plasma arc is completely wind and water-resistant. This means that when the weather turns bad, Camolighter users will not have any difficulty finding the lights. Even if it rains.

Last but not least, Camo Lighters are also suitable for various environments. Each Camolighter can be fully charged and can be used up to 300-500 times on a single charge. There is a Camolighter on hand, which can light a fire, cigar, pipe, candle, etc becomes easy and enjoyable.

Who needs Camo lighter?

Although the Camolighter was designed and developed by a group of military scientists and engineers, its use is not limited to the military. Everyone needs a camouflage uniform: whether it is military or civilian. This is a very important and special lighting tool. Perhaps reading this camolighter review is out of the instinct to know if you need it. As a reader, you may want to know who needs it most and why you should deal with butane lighters

The brand new camouflage lights are known as one of the best survival innovations of the year! Most importantly, anyone who really wants to prepare for the unexpected must have a reliable igniter. Naturally, a camolighter is great because it can help anyone set up a fire to perform all of the following operations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Camolighter. Camolighter

Does Camolighter Really Work?
Rather than using fluid or friction to start a flame, these camolighters work with lithium-ion batteries to create a small electrical “arc” that is much hotter than an open flame. To ignite and light your candle, all you need to do is hold down the button. you’ll hear a soft-pitched zapping noise and see a bright line of light at the head of the camolighter — and lower it to the candlewick. Your candle lights immediately.

Is Camolighter Any Good?
Although the camolighter survival lighter is great on its own, lighters with some other handy built-in tools are even better. If you are looking for survival equipment or the maximum functionality of everyday carrying equipment, Camolighter may be the best value proposition. This electric life-saving lighter not only has a refillable lighter but also a built-in LED flashlight and storage container.
My Camolighterlighter has stopped working. Is it possible to get a replacement?

As long as the lighter is not excessively worn and used, the company will respect its warranty within three months after purchase. The buyer must send the lighter back to them or send them 2-3 photos as evidence of the defect or malfunction. They cannot say whether this is a pre-existing defect or that you directly damaged the lighter unless the lighter is in its original condition and shows no signs of wear or damage. Their company will do its best to replace each.
Would I be “shocked” or “tazed” by the Plasma CamoLighter?

Touching the arc can feel as painful as a bite or a static electric shock, only 10 times the intensity. There is no doubt that it will wake you up! The company recommends not to touch the arc. However, if you do this, there will be no long-term consequences except for some tiny red marks on the skin.

Can I take the camolighter on a plane with me?

While some airlines will authorize you to carry lithium-ion battery-powered devices in your carry-on, others will confiscate your camolighter. The company suggests leaving your lighter at home just to be sure.

Is camoLighter safe to be used?
Yes, it is safe to use. CamoLighter is simple, discreet, and reliable. Thanks to its stylish and elegant design, it is a great gift for you or your friends. You just need to avoid contact with your face, body, and clothes, as well as metals and flammable materials. Do not pierce or use near the open arc flame. Do not use it for a long time at high temperatures.

Where To Buy Camolighter?
If you want to make a camolighter purchase, it is usually advised to do so from the manufacturers directly. The lighters are offered on their official website. Also, if you want to buy more than one camo lighter, There are special offers for that made available by the manufacturer from time to time. This means that you can buy several electrical survival lighters at the same time and pay less for each knife.

Buy a Camolighter at today's lowest available price. The many payment methods offered by the official website camolighter are another great advantage. Here the buyer does not take any risk, because he/she can use different secure payment methods. These possibilities also show that if you don't like the lighter and return it, you will get a refund without any problems. Another advantage is delivery, which will deliver your order directly to you.

FINAL VERDICT: Camolighter

Looking at the best survival lighter on the market, I can't imagine what it was like to be the first person on earth to use fire. They cannot fully understand the revolutionary influence we have now. Because they didn't know it at the beginning of time, but applying the power of fire to the lighter changed us forever. Without fire, we don't know where today will be. But it is undeniable that the fire has put us ahead.

This puts us in a completely different survival alliance. Today, since ancient times, fire is still vital to our survival. We use fire in our daily lives, from heating our homes to powering our vehicles. There is no doubt that fire is still the key to our survival. Therefore, without an electric lighter (or at least some waterproof matches), there is no complete survival kit or camping kit. It has become the staple food of outdoor life.

I wish I had bought a rechargeable camolighter earlier because it means less frustration, less waste, and more time spent on warm candles. I am very happy to finally have this efficient and sustainable alternative to traditional lighters. According to the speed at which I tear the candle, you can see that it is being used very well. This Camolighter review proves that this lighter has quickly become a self.

Honestly, it is difficult for camolighter to keep them in stock. But because you are already on this page, you have a special opportunity to store and save. why? The reason is that we like to make our reader community happy! When you buy camouflage lights, you will get a discount. Creativity needs to be promoted, and nothing can accelerate human progress more than using the power of fire. So use the lithium battery-powered by this Tesla coil to take the next step

With CamoLighter as a revolutionary electric lighter built for the modern world, users would forge their path into the future. Camolighters are easy to use, safe, and dependable, flameless, and thus completely windproof, and feature sleek and elegant designs that are sure to catch the eye and ignite conversation. Every user will take care of her life with this rechargeable electric lighter that needs no flame, no butane, and no fuss!

Just press a button and this revolutionary lighter will create an electric arc. Just charge it via USB, you can use it anytime, anywhere. The lighter is not only windproof, but because there is no flame, it is also economical and environmentally friendly. No more need to refill lighter liquid or discard those cheap plastic lighters! In addition, the lighter has a protective function to prevent ignition when the lid is closed.

light a fire in the wind or rain by clicking the button on the camolighter. This improved version retains all the common functions required for modern lighters while making the top plasma double arc easier to ignite. It is very suitable for camping, survival, or backyard barbecue. Just touch the double arc to combustibles to start a fire.

Contact Details: Camolighter
2 N Tamiami Trl #708 Sarasota, FL 34236 USA

US & Canada (Toll Free): 866 3351 618
Australia & New Zealand: (02) 5133 5698
United Kingdom & Ireland: 033 081 80915

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