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Bible Based Christian Poem Based On Popular Jesus Loves Me Lyrics Published By Dan Corner, Director Of Evangelical Outreach

07-03-2019 08:42 AM CET | Arts & Culture

Press release from: Dan Corner

We live in an age of misinformation and disinformation. Contrary to what some of us might believe, not all misinformation is created. It can also result from lack of knowledge, misinterpretations or generally accepted misperception. Dan Corner, Director of Evangelical Outreach, offers the following example.

Jesus Loves Me is a popular "gospel" song, which has been around for many years and sung by untold whole congregations worldwide. The melody is beautiful and often the singers are most talented, as they sing out the lyrics, a musical sermon, which is very misleading, even to the point of being spiritually LETHAL.

Hence, that is the reason for the following Christian poem and warning. Please ponder this carefully and verify it with your own Bible (and tell others):

Jesus Loves Me DANGER

Jesus loves me, this I know;
But that doesn't mean to the flesh I can sow!
That's how one reaps destruction, not eternal life;
Therefore, stay away from all sin, including strife.
[Mark 10:21; Gal. 6:8,9; Rom. 1:29]

Jesus' followers to him surely belong;
But, don't be deceived by any religious song.
Yes, heaven's gates are opened large and wide;
But only for Jesus' PURE and holy bride.
[Jn. 10:27; Rev. 21:27; Rev. 19:7,8]

At the point of repentance, he washes away the stain of all sin;
Yet, even so, by sin we can be defiled and unsaved once again;
Therefore, know that he who OBEYS is the one who will win.
That's true GRACE teaching -- not a 'Jesus Loves You' spin.
[Acts 3:19; 2 Pet. 2:20-22; Heb. 5:9; James 2:17]

Yes Jesus loves you, but do you love him?
Go by the Bible and not some gospel hymn.
Do you love Jesus, this I wonder about;
For if you don't, you will be lost without a doubt.
[2 Tim. 3:16,17; James 2:5; 1 Cor. 16:22]

I love my PRECIOUS Jesus, this I know;
My garments his blood washed white as snow.
He shed his blood and gave his life for me;
To show my love for him, I obey, this is key.
[Rev. 7:14 cf. Isa. 1:18; 1 Pet. 1:18,19; Jn. 14:23,24]

You better love Jesus too, for the Bible tells me so;
It's a salvation issue or else into eternal fire you'll go.
Yes Jesus loves me, but I better love him first;
You better too or you'll be eternally cursed!
[Mt. 10:37,38; Mt. 25:41; Rev. 2:4,5; 1 Cor. 16:22; 2:9]

If we faithfully follow him to the very end;
In Paradise with him forever, we will spend.
Jesus will damn all who die spiritually impure.
Not even one will escape him, that's for sure.
[Mt. 10:22; Heb. 3:14; 1 Cor. 6:9,10; Rev. 21:8]

So don't be misled by Jesus' love for us all;
Few will be chosen, though many are called.
You'll reap eternal life if to the Spirit you sow;
Oh how Jesus loves us, this I know.
[Mt. 22:14; Gal. 6:8,9; Mark 10:21]

Persist in your faith doing good to the very end;
Believe the Bible over any loved one, song or friend.
Hold on to what you have so no one will take your crown;
You must finish your spiritual race and not be turned around.
[Rom. 11:20-23; Rev. 2:10,11; Rev. 3:11; Heb. 12:1; Mt. 10:22]

To reap eternal life, follow Jesus and keep holding on;
Keep sowing to please the Spirit and don't be conned.
You'll reap eternal life, if you do not give up;
Avoid God's wrath contained within his cup.
[Gal. 6:7-10; Rev. 14:10]

God's kingdom has been prepared for those who love him;
Yes, that's eternal truth, not some deceitful cultic whim.
Yes indeed, the PRECIOUS Lord Jesus loves all - both you and me;
But you are to be holy in all you do and from sin you better flee.
[1 Cor. 2:9; James 2:5; 1 Pet. 1:15; James 1:14-16]

So regardless the musical tune or sweet lyrics of a song;
Do not depart from the Bible and you will never believe wrong.
Only the pure in heart will see God, for the Bible tells me so;
Our Judgment will be based on scripture, this I surely know.
[2 Tim. 3:16,17; 1 Cor. 4:6; Mt. 5:8; 1 Tim. 5:22c; Rev. 21:27; Jn. 12:48]

Followers of the Lord Jesus Christ ultimately succeed;
To any other voice but scripture, do not give any heed.
To live for Christ and to die is gain;
Do not fear death and in him remain.
[Jn. 14:6; Acts 4:12; 1 Jn. 5:12; Phil. 1:21; Jn. 15:5,6; Heb. 2:15]

More is available at his website.

Dan Corner, a former pastor and ex-Catholic, is the author of a number of books including 'The Believer's Conditional Security: Eternal Security Refuted', 'The Myth of Eternal Security' and 'Is this the Mary of the Bible?'.

Dan is available for media interviews, including debates, and can be reached using the information below or by email at, by phone at 724-632-3210, by mail at PO Box 265, Washington, PA, 15301 or at his websites.

Press Contact:
Dan Corner
PO Box 265
Washington, PA, 15301

After graduating from college, Dan Corner got saved by reading the Bible. For over four decades, he has diligently served the Lord Jesus. Dan Corner's pastoral, apologetic, counter cult and street evangelism experiences have equipped him to contend for the faith and win souls to Jesus from many backgrounds.

He is an ordained minister and director of Evangelical Outreach who pastored for almost seven years and has authored hundreds of Christian articles, answered thousands of emails and letters and has written several books of vital importance in our day.

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