The press release is one of the least understood and most overlooked aspects of marketing, and especially among internet marketers.
This is a shame however, seeing as press releases are actually among the most powerful tools that any marketer can use in order to build their brand and get more eyes to their site. In fact, a well-written press release with the right strategy behind it can be all you need to absolutely transform the visibility of your brand and to bring hundreds of thousands of new visitors to your site while also crafting the precise image that you want to be associated with your organization.

copyright: adiruch-na-chiangmai @
copyright: adiruch-na-chiangmai @
Press releases allow you to get coverage for your brand from some of the biggest news outlets and online brands in the world. It means free coverage from precisely the kind of sites that Google sits up and takes notice of and it means changing the way that others see your brand.

But used incorrectly, press releases can also end up being completely ineffectual and even damaging to your brand. So, with that in mind, this book is going to act as your complete guide to press releases.

You’ll discover:

  • How to write an effective press release with the correct formatting and AP style guides
  • Where to submit your releases
  • How to ensure you get coverage
  • How to manage your press relations and avoid getting on the wrong side of writers
  • How to create newsworthy events and invite coverage
  • How to use additional materials such as press kits and info sheets
  • How to write convincing and effective boiler plate
  • And much more!