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create professional doodle videos

We are in a world where people have a very short retention span. They easily get distracted and drift away from things.
Everyone now is looking for a way to increase the attention rate of their audience whether you are a teacher, a trainer a marketer or even a business owner you need a way to keep people interested in whatever you are presenting that is why I am making doodlemaker review so that you can make an informed decision. I am confident that you will enjoy this doodlemaker review.

What is doodlemaker?

Doodlemaker is a revolutionary software that creates doodle videos using powerful artificial intelligence, regardless of your design skills you can also create these spectacular videos in over 60 languages. Videos has been a powerful way to communicate to people and studies have shown that a lot of people don't usually watch videos to the end. doodle videos have been able to keep the attention span of people, this is what inspired the creation of this software.

Doodlemaker review - Features of doodlemaker

Doodlemaker have many features which makes it capable of doing a lot of technical things.

Doodlemaker canvas option

Doodlemaker has a whiteboard doodle studio, a blackboard doodle studio and a glass board doodle studio. All these are boards that you can choose from to make your videos professional.

300+ doodle video templates.

Doodlemaker has over 300 plus templates that you can pick from to create videos. This comes in handy for those people that are not really interested in creating videos from scratch. the templates from doodlemaker are all from different niches such that everyone in any niches can pick a template that best suit their niches.

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Choose from 60+ languages.

Doodlemaker have over 60 languages that you can choose from. This has made the software one of the best in the market because people can now reach more people and can make videos for a global audience. This gives the opportunity of making even more money. For example, if a company only market to English speakers they now have the opportunity to create videos ads for an international audience that will make them more money especially when their product or service can serve a global audience. This is an advantage seeing that you won't need to hire freelancers that will charge a lot for translations.

Create videos in various niches

If you are in any niche at all you will be able to create videos using doodlemaker. No matter the niche whether it is weight loss, make money online, software, spiritually or even any business that you do, you will be able to get videos done in every niches.

Upload your own videos to doodlemaker

You are also granted the opportunity to upload videos inside of doodlemaker. You can turn this video into doodle videos and then download a professionally looking videos for use. This feature will help especially if you have a video that you want to turn to be an interesting video.

Text to speech in over 30 languages

This is a very powerful tool inside of doodlemaker that turns text into speech really fast. Doodlemaker is packed full of many valuable tools that will cost you up to $100 dollars if you were to buy it independently, but you can save the money for more important things. When I checked other software that converts text to speech, they cost you from $20 up to $50 which also will be billed monthly, that means that these softwares will cost you a monthly fee while doodlemaker charge only once.

Create 100 plus human voiceovers

Doodlemaker have over 100 human voices that you can choose from. I mean human voices not the robot kind of voice. well, this shows how advance the AI used in creating doodlemaker is. This voice looks very real. If you were to hire a voice artist on freelancing platforms like fiverr, Upwork etc. you will have to pay a lot of money. Well, in some cases voice artist can charge from $50 all the way to a thousand's dollars for a gig. With doodlemaker You can really get virtually many important tools in this . These voices also come in both male and female sound. This is a very valuable tool here. Over 100 human voices. all you need to do is to pick the one that you want and add to you video. My experience using a voice over tool is not very good because the voices sounded fake and you will immediately tell that this is a robot voice but doodlemaker voices are really good.

Convert speech from your videos to text

Doodlemaker can also convert speech to text. This can really help you if you want to create a subtitle for your videos. When you upload a video from your computer you just have to click on the speech to text converter tool and you will get the text of the full videos. You can use this tool when you are recycling content. I have seen people recycle content for use so that the time put into creating content can become minimal. What you can do is to turn your videos into blog post or an article with the help of the speech to text converter. For all bloggers this feature will come in handy and I am sure you can conserve more time doing this.

Freehand editor- drag and drop

A very powerful yet simple to use editor is inside doodlemaker. Doodlemaker has it own editor that is very easy to use because it is a drag and drop video editor. You can use it to add media to a project or videos that you are working on. You can also add images, icon and other resource to give your video a perfect touch. All these can be done with just a drag. This is a really cool features that is beginner friendly even though you are not very good at video editing. This tool will fill in for a video editing tool, instead of getting another video editing software you can just use the one inside of doodlemaker.

High quality transitions effect

Everyone think that it is only a video editing tool that can make a transition effect. Especially when the big companies like wonder share filmora and other video editing tools have one of the best transition effects. Inside of doodlemaker you will also access some really cool transition effects that will hook your audience the more to watch your videos all the way to the end. If you add transitions to your videos, you will get really good engagement on your videos because people pay attention more when there is a pattern interrupt. When you add a pattern interrupt to your videos you will have a video that will do well. Doodlemaker transition effects can serve as a pattern interrupt for your videos so that your videos are not boring to your audience.

Doodlemaker Color changer

You can actually change the colors of certain images or even clips in your videos. This effect can be used to your taste. Well some people might not need it but for professional videos editors they usually do need to change colors in their videos to give that desired results that they are looking for.

Doodlemaker Backgrounds

Doodlemaker can change the background on a video. Sometimes to get the videos that make the success mark you might want to change the background, make some color changes. These are some marketing practices that are slightly taken but they can have a great impact in your presentations and your business. For example, on my blogs I tend to get more clicks when I use some colors compared to others, well I just find out that some colors work better than others.

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Doodlemaker bonuses - soundtracks

Soundtracks are used most times in videos and these soundtracks portrays different meaning, mode and situations. Soundtracks are used to add bit of emotions to a video. I am sure you must have seen some really cool motivational videos with soundtracks that will make you have goosebumps. This have a very great impact on people that are emotional, that is why some of these videos get tons of views and also shares. I mean a lot of people will share these videos. Doodlemaker also have numerous sound tracks that are copyright free. You can choose these soundtracks to compliment the type of videos that you are creating. don't just use soundtracks anyhow. so that what you feared won't happen like your audience getting distracted. As much as soundtracks are, I think it should be used wisely and correctly.

Doodlemaker bonuses - royalty free images and icon finder

You don't need to go elsewhere to find high quality videos. All you need is to use the image finder inside of doodlemaker. When you need one just search for any kind of images that you want to use inside of the search box and you will presented with different types of images; pick one and use it. Compared to the other options that you have using the images in doodlemaker is a better and affordable option, because it comes with the software. On softwares like Shutterstock you have to be a member to be able to download video clips and images. the money you pay will be monthly. Or let say you have to pay per download which sometimes might be about $10 or more per download but with doodlemaker you are going to be getting this as a bonus which is worth a lot. If you even decided to hire someone to take a stock footage for you that will cost even more money because they will charge you more money. So, save yourself the time and effort and get doodlemaker to help you do the work.
Note: All the resources inside of doodlemaker, both the sound tracks, images and other assets that are inside doodlemaker are all copyright free which means you won't get into any legal troubles for using you won't also be violating any platforms' policies.

Convert audio to over 100 voices in different languages

You can also convert audios to over 100 languages. Like I wrote above that the translation aspect of this software will help you reach wider audience. This is a very cool features that will get a lot of job done in minutes. All these are all different softwares put together in one dashboard as doodlemaker which makes it a very valuable tool to people.

Color image to sketch converter

Doodlemaker will turn color images to sketch, this is another software entirely. I am sure you have come across sketch like images in a video. These videos often get really good engagement and videos ROI. The color to sketch converter is one of the numerous tools that will come in handy when using doodlemaker.

Add your watermark
Branding is a common practice in business. When you brand yourself, you will gain more trust in the eye of your audience and get even more conversions. Imagine putting a logo in your videos that will get you more trust in the eyes of your audience.

Doodlemaker training videos

Doodlemaker has a lot of training videos that you can learn from. Every tutorial is laid out perfectly for you to use doodlemaker effectively and to it fullest potential. These videos will teach you how to create doodle videos, how to add music, upload medias, and also how to change the colors, the backgrounds and how to use it inbuilt powerful editors to create awesome professional videos. This feature makes sure that you don't fend for yourself when you get the software. One thing to also know is that doodlemaker has included a profit plan that can make you a lot of money selling these kinds of videos to client. This training is worth a lot but you will get it free inside doodlemaker. These tutorials are taught by the product creators himself.

Doodlemaker coupon code

Doodlemaker has a coupon code for everyone that wants to purchase the software. The coupon of doodle maker is huge, it is a $20 dollar coupon code. to get the coupon use any link on this page and all my readers will be able to get a coupon of $20 immediately. The coupon might expire anytime but for now the coupon is available. I think everyone should take advantage of this opportunity to get a big chunk of the frontend price off….

Commercial license
The creator of this software not only made this software for video creation purposes he also created this software so that many people can profit. that is why he has included a commercial license to the software so that everyone can make money from it by selling doodle videos. The software itself is an easy sell. Individuals and companies want to use doodle videos because of the way it grabs their audience attention. The software creator said he had to get doodle videos one time for his company and he was charged about 500 dollars. This software has numerous opportunities for users and one of the benefits is the ability to be able to sell the doodle videos created using doodlemaker.
You can also offer services on fiverr, Upwork and other freelancing platforms and you can get a gig-businesses wanting you to create professional doodle videos for them. Another cool thing Is that the video industry has a lot of room for people to make money.

Photo Background removal
This is a tool on it own that cost some money. To remove a photo background there are tools that charge you money to help you remove background. Doodlemaker has a feature that can remove background. There are gigs on fiverr that will help you remove background which cost about 10 dollars, when you remove the backgrounds of a lot of images the cost start to accumulate. That is why doodlemaker is useful for those that want to remove background of their images.
1 click language translation

Doodlemaker also translates from one language to another. This one works like google translate. The AI used in creating this tool is an advance one and you can pretty much get a translation of over 60 languages. This feature alone has made doodlemaker a whole lot better than other doodle maker softwares.

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Doodlemaker review: pros of doodlemaker

Doodlemaker is a powerful tool that has many pros and just one or two cons. The pros are the things that make this software legitimate and good. The pros of doodlemaker are listed below;

Fastest doodle video creator
This is the fastest doodle video maker ever. Doodlemaker can create videos in 5minutes or less. All you need to do is to upload a script, or use the done for you script, you can also upload a video that you want to convert into doodle videos. Then add sounds and other assets like images, you can use the doodlemaker powerful editor and edit the doodle videos to your taste. When you are done export the video in a high-quality format and use on any platform of your choice. When you get use to the software these videos can be created in 5 minutes or less. Imagine selling something that you use 5 minutes to create for $300, this can make you very profitable quickly.

Unlimited free resources

These are all free resources that you can use in any niches and clip, these resources includes, royalty free images, royalty free music and many more resources that you can search on doodlemaker. All you need to do is to search by keywords or by topic and you will get unlimited resources to use in your videos.
Note: these resources are copyright free which means you won't get into any legal trouble online. You won't also be violating any platform policies and terms and conditions.
Web based software

Doodlemaker is a web base software that does not need any integration and downloads. it is not a platform that take up all your space when you download. Doodlemaker will store all your asset and your videos in the cloud which removes the fear of losing all what you have created. Even though you can change devices you will still have all your assets and your projects intact all you just need to do is to login into your doodlemaker account and you will get access to your videos immediately. In fact, on the website you will see no download or installation required.

You don't need any tech or coding skills

Unlike other softwares where you will need to be experienced with tech or you will need to learn a coding skills doodlemaker is different from the other softwares in the same industry. You don't need to know any tech or even coding skills. You can just watch the free tutorials inside of doodlemaker and you will be become a professional doodle video maker in minutes. Just follow the simple instructions on how to use it and you can start making videos. You also don't need animation skills to be able to use doodle maker effectively.

Best text to speech in any languages

Doodlemaker has one of the best texts to speech tool. Like I said earlier the algorithm is advance so you will be using a very good text to speech tool that will act as a voice artist. These text to speech will help users generate cool human voice-overs.

You can create videos with an article

You can also upload short articles and turn it into videos. You can use stories, articles or a presentation that is in a written format; upload it and get a professional made doodle videos fast. This makes it easier for people that want to create videos for their articles, people that are interested in start youtube channels or people that write and creates video ads. Also, teachers can use this to teach their students.
Your own branding

Another feature that I like about doodlemaker is that you can add your own brand in form of your brand names or your logo. Each video can have your brand inscribed on it. This helps in terms of customers' trust, when you have a brand, customers and you audience will trust you the more and you will get a lot more conversions and sales. One thing I know for sure is that when you build a brand around any business model that you are doing, be it marketing, blogging, affiliate marketing you tend to do well than if you don't brand yourself.
Great support team.
Doodlemaker has a great support team that help you when you are stuck in the process. There is nothing as precious as having someone attend to you when you need it the most. I had a case where I bought a software and I found out that what I needed wasn't there so I quickly contacted the support team; it is over a year now I haven't heard from them. I eventually abandoned the software because what I needed it for wasn't there. Doodlemaker has its own team that will respond to you quickly than you can ever imagine. You can just send a message to the support team and they will reply immediately.

Export videos in 720p or 1080p HD quality

The videos that you create inside of doodlemaker are high quality. the videos is in different format which ever one you choose is great for whatever purpose that you want to use it for. the video format is in 720p or 1080p HD quality.
Syndicate to youtube or vimeo

After creating your videos, you can also syndicate immediately to these big video sharing platforms; youtube and vimeo. Just one click you have your videos content syndicated to these platforms.
The right way to do it is to login to your youtube and vimeo account when you do that, the syndication will be very easy.

Create unlimited videos with any length.

There is always a question that arise with doodlemaker. Can you create 15 minutes videos and above using doodlemaker? The answer is yes. you can actually create very long videos well over 15 minutes. Doodlemaker can also create unlimited videos for you that one of the things I like because other software charge a monthly recurring feature and you can only create videos to some extent but when you use doodlemaker you can create unlimited videos without any restrictions. This is good value for the price of the software.

30 days money back guarantee

You are also granted a 30 days money back guarantee. This is what I call confidence. When you can guarantee a customer 30 days of usage then the software is truly legitimate. when you use it within the 30 days and you find fault in the software or you do not get what you have read in this doodlemaker review then you can request for a refund, but I am very sure what the software presents and I know that there won't be a need for refund.
Money making opportunity.

There are ways that you can make money using doodlemaker. these money-making opportunities have the potential of making you $1000 dollars a day. There is a lot of money to be made when you sell videos to businesses, there are a lot of business in the world. Again because of the language translation feature you can make videos for international clients.
One-time payment.

This is something I have been wanting to talk about. Compared to other doodle creator softwares doodlemaker has the most affordable pricing plan and also the best payment plan. The front-end price is not a recurring payment. You only pay once and use it for life although there are some upgrades which I will talk about in bit. no monthly charges or fee. Pay once and keep using the software.

Works on both windows and mac os

Doodlemaker is fully compatible with all devices. both windows and mac os. if you have any of this device you will be able to use doodlemaker on them without any issue or a problem.
more conversions and video ROI

doodlemaker videos tends to get a higher conversion and video ROI [return on investment]. People tend to concentrate on doodle videos more than videos created with your face in it. you will be able to pass across your message in an interesting way using doodle videos which will bring more conversions.
Secured payment methods.

Paying for doodlemaker is very secured and your card details or payment will not be shared with a third party because the creators of doodlemaker use an advanced code to really secure the payment gateway, beside you can pay using both your PayPal account or a credit/ debit card. Doodlemaker accepts America express, master card, visa card and other card type etc.

Cons of doodlemaker

need internet connections to use doodlemaker

you need an internet connection to access your assets on doodlemaker. to login you also need internet connections.
Does not have free trial

Doodlemaker doesn't have a free trial but the 30 days money back guarantee has covered for the free trial.
Doodlemaker creators

The creators of doodle maker are Paul ponna and Sid diwar these are marketers that have created doodlemaker with over 15 years' experience in the internet marketing and video industry. They have also created a lot of tools and softwares. They are leaders in the tech industry creating softwares that will solve a problem that they have encountered or problems that others have encountered. Doodlemaker is one of their powerful masterpieces which is designed to do the major work of video creations.
Who should use doodlemaker?

Doodlemaker can be used by a lot of people ranging from teachers to marketers, to people that want to make money online creating doodle videos for clients.
Content creators
if you are blogger or you are creating content in any niches then, doodlemaker is a tool that will come in handy. If you are not yet using videos in your content marketing strategy now is the time to start using video content. Videos get better engagement.

Sales video creators
For those that are in sales you can use videos to get more sales and conversions.

Teachers that want to create interesting videos doodlemaker will come in handy. Student will find this more interesting and will learn from the presentation.

This is one of the best ways of making money with doodlemaker you can upload gigs on freelancing platforms like fiverr, Upwork, quick n gig and other platforms. These platforms most time will drive traffic to your gigs and you will get a lot of customers which sometimes will be repeat customers; this means they order your gig over and over again especially when you present a really good service.
For bloggers google want multimedia in your posts which sometimes help you rank better on google. Using doodlemaker is another opportunity to create videos without showing your face. If you are an introvert that is shy in front of a camera then doodlemaker will help you create videos for your websites.
Youtube advertisers
For all youtube advertisers you will need a software like doodlemaker. this will increase your ads retention rate which can make your clicks cheaper when running paid ads. I found out that advertising on youtube is very profitable and also you can lose money, but with the right script and hook you should be able to get a better ads conversion.

Facebook advertisers.

This form of advertising is very profitable. Robby an affiliate marketer using facebook ads was making $50,000 to a $100,000 using facebook ads in a day. What makes facebook lucrative is the fact that their policies have made a lot of people quit facebook advertising. some people have used that as an advantage to tap into this big traffic source. When you are making facebook video discovery ads you will need a tool like doodlemaker to get you more engagement which will make you more sales.

Note: making money with doodlemaker using paid ads will still take the ads skills on your part or else you might not be profitable. The claim of Robby making a lot of money is some else's result which is not common.
Educational videos

If you want to make any kind of educational videos you can do that with doodle maker.
People that want to make money online.
This are for people that are willing to make from $300 to $1000 in a day. There are various methods to profit with doodlemaker. all these profit methods are in the tutorials inside of doodlemaker. One of the major ways to profit using doodlemaker will be by selling doodle videos to client. the creator of the software will explain how you can find high paying client that will buy these videos with a lot of money. This is just one of the ways to make money with doodlemaker.

The video marketing industries.

The video marketing industry has been growing over the years and also video sharing platforms is just growing by the day. In 2025 youtube has been predicted to have more visitors than any other website or platform because people want to watch videos. Companies are also employing videos in their marketing strategy to be able to communicate well to their audience. This is an opportunity to make money from companies that are willing to pay for video creation. Most companies pay from $300 to $500 for videos that a software like doodlemaker can create.

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Make money with doodlemaker

There are various ways to make money with doodlemaker which I have spoken about in this article another way to make money with doodlemaker is to create youtube ads and promote affiliate products.
Doodlemaker with Youtube ads
Creating advertisement is very vast and if you don't know what you are doing you might lose a ton of money, that is why advice you to learn it first before you venture into it. Youtube ads are cheaper than text ads except in some niches. the way you can do it is to pick a niche and find an high converting offers in that niche for example the weight loss niche then use the template inside of doodlemaker or create your own using the powerful editor. After creating your video for the ads go over to google ads and create youtube skippable ads [ these are ads that people see before, in between and after a youtube video they watch, after 5 seconds people are given option to either continue watching or skip the ad.] when people watch and click over to your link and make a purchase you will make a lot of money . I have seen people make over $100,000 with this method; the reason is because unlike google there are a lot of people interested in a topic. This a good way to earn a living online.

Doodlemaker pricing and upgrades

Doodlemaker has a lot to offer apart from the front-end price.

There are 2 Frontend prices which are the

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Commercial license which cost $47
Enterprise license which cost $67.

OTO 1 doodlemaker deluxe
With this upgrade you will get new templates every month for 1 year.
You will get ready made voiceovers, you won't need to hire voice over artists.

You will also get a ready-made video script from expert copy writers; this feature is for people that want to create video ads or presentations.
You will get premium royalty free music and access to future app updates.

OTO 2 video toon video maker app $39
After doodle videos, toon videos are also one of the hottest video formats ever. Fortune 500 companies uses toon videos to communicate. This upgrade help you create tons video if you want one.

OTO 3 job finder app cost $29
This upgrade will help you find high paying client and business. These are people that will pay from $300 to $500 for a single video.

OTO 4 doodlemaker white label.
For 50 sub - accounts $97 while for unlimited sub accounts it cost $497
This upgrade is for people that are willing to make doodlemaker their own and sell it to the public under their brand name. with this license you can change the logo of the software, you can also change the name . you can charge any amount that you want to charge.
Doodlemaker will create done for you vsl and also sales pages that you can use to promote doodlemaker as your own. The hosting is done by doodlemaker, you can also sell to as many customers as possible.
Doodlemaker will help with the customer's support.
This upgrades is not charge monthly you only pay one time. the cool thing about this is that you have full control of this software and you can make a lot of money with white labels.

What does doodlemaker do differently from other apps?

One major fact is that doodlemaker doesn't charge a recurring fee for the frontend price. They have many features and doodlemaker gives a $20 discount presently .out of all the softwares in the video creation industry doodlemaker have the most feature put into one dashboard.

Doodlemaker reviews on trustpilot

Over 88% of the reviews on trustpilot are 5 stars which means a lot of people are loving this software. Trustpilot is a website that rate products, softwares and services. Trustpilot will send messages to real users of the software and will tell them to give honest review. Most time when they detect that the reviews are fake trustpilot will delete It.

Is doodlemaker legit?

With all the features and the numerous benefits stated here doodlemaker is a legitimate software, especially when you compare it to other softwares in the same industries. Doodle maker have a lot of features that you can benefit from and make a lot of money creating videos for yourself and for businesses.

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