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Photo Call (© ra2 studio /

Photo Call (© ra2 studio /

A photo call is a marketing term that can help you to sell a product and considerably improve the desirability and aspirational nature of your branding. Here is what the term means and how you can make it work for you.

A photo call is an arranged photoshoot between a marketing agency/publication and a celebrity/model. This is an opportunity to take promotional photography to promote the brand, the publication, the product or the celebrity (or perhaps all those things). This term is used in media but can also refer to marketing, where it can be used to sell a product.

Selling products and services is all about selling dreams. It’s about selling a lifestyle and promising the audience that what you have to offer can make their lives better. Showing attractive people using the products you are selling is a great way to create positive associations. Getting a celebrity or influencer to represent your brand meanwhile is even more likely to be beneficial.

openPR-Tip: Of course, for many online marketers, this is going to predominantly mean promoting their own goods in photos themselves – unless they have the resources to afford a celebrity. That in turn means they will need to learn to take the photos and to make the products look great as a result.

How to Take Better Photos

If you are tired of looking tired in photos, and fed up of looking fed up, then it's time to do something about it. While some people are naturally more photogenic than others, it is possible to develop your camera smile and to improve your looks in a way that will translate well on film. Here we will look at how you can improve your look on camera to the point where you can begin selling your own products.

Practice Your Camera Smile

Of course, it's partly about technique when you want to develop you appearance on celluloid, and being able to create the best look on camera requires you to work what you've got.

One way to improve your camera smile is simply to practice, and to try looking in the mirror. For most of us our natural smile is the most attractive, but sometimes this can come across badly if it causes our face to wrinkle up a lot or if we have a habit of smiling with our teeth hidden. Try a few different smiles, and see which ones work best for you but make sure that they reach the eyes as otherwise they will just look false.

Other tips include trying to improve your jaw line by tilting your head to one side, and finding the best lighting.

openPR-Tip: Another thing to think about when looking in the mirror is which side is your 'good side'. It might sound ridiculous, but actually the side you present to the camera can make a big difference and most of us will have one side of our face that we're considerably more happy with that the other.

Health and Beauty Regimes

At the same time though your photo-looks will always reflect your looks in real life, and if you want to make sure you come across your best on camera then you need to make sure that you spend some time looking after your skin, teeth and hair. Skin is particularly important, so make sure you have a good skin routine that will eliminate blemishes - even the smallest ones can come across on a high definition camera. Meanwhile look at training your physical fitness so that you will look firm and toned and this will also improve your circulation and skin tone. The camera adds five pounds remember, so make sure you're looking slim when before it does.

When you sell a product and particularly if you have a personal brand, you need to represent the lifestyle you are promoting. This comes down to looking and feeling the part!


You also need to think about how you're going to present yourself on the day and that means making sure that you're wearing the best makeup if you're a woman, and that you've shaved if you're a man. Likewise, you need to think about what you’re wearing and also your surroundings – the background and the lighting etc.


Finally, the way the photo is taken can make a big difference. Techniques like Rembrandt lighting will transform your face for the better and a good camera makes a huge difference. The best advice? Hire someone who has the professional skills and if you can’t find such a person, ask a friend who takes photos as a hobby!

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