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Curated Shopping definition

Curated Shopping (© Vege /

Curated Shopping (© Vege /

Curated shopping is a powerful marketing tool that can help any ecommerce or highstreet store to make more sales and increase brand loyalty. Read more to discover how this works. Curated shopping means that you are creating unique selections of products for your customers based on their interests and their previous behavior as shoppers. This is a trend that has become highly popular starting around 2013 and which is more important than ever due to the current nature of retail. While the term is very often applied to ecommerce, it can in fact apply to any kind of commerce.

What is Curated Shopping?

When any of us go shopping, we will typically be looking for something. That might be a specific item – a very particular product – or it might be something a little more abstract and vague. You might be looking for example for an item of clothing that has a certain style or that helps you to express yourself in a certain way. This is a particularly emotionally-driven form of shopping but it is one that businesses recognize and deal with regularly.

The problem is choice overload and the short amount of time that most of us are willing to give up to browsing. If you have a rough idea of what you want but don’t know where to find it or how to necessarily describe it, then you might find yourself overloaded by the options on a typical ecommerce store and leaving very quickly as a result.

With curated shopping though, the ecommerce store will have tracked your behavior and will know what kind of products you like. It will then use cookies and other tracking methods in order to show you the items that might appeal to you. They can even use remarketing in order to advertise similar products to those that the store knows you will like, when you are actually on another page entirely.

openPR-Tip: Curated shopping that way should present any interested shopper with a smorgasbord of items that seem perfectly cherry-picked for them based on their interests and hobbies. As such, they won’t leave to look elsewhere and will hopefully make a quicker purpose.

Curated Shopping with Instagram

Curated shopping can also be carried out in a different more personal way. It might mean that you create a brand, say on Instagram, that promotes a certain style and a certain lifestyle. By doing that, you can then offer products and ideas that fall inline with the message that you are trying to present. Your followers should all be so targeted, that they will appreciate the things that you are now offering. Either option is very similar to having a personal shopper, or of shopping in an exclusive store that no one else knows about.

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