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Ad Concept Testing definition

Ad Concept Testing (© Cybrain /

Ad Concept Testing (© Cybrain /

Ad concept testing refers to the method of identifying which online advertising tactics will get the most returns on an individual ad campaign. Advertisers use testing to try out different things with their ads and then focus their efforts on the ones that are most effective. We will discuss how ad concept testing works in detail in this article so that you can use it for yourself.

The Basics of Ad Concept Testing

The Lowest Prices on Auto Parts

We have the lowest prices on all of the major brands of auto parts. You won’t find a lower price at any other online auto parts outlet.

To break ad concept testing down to its most basic definition, suppose that you have two PPC ads like so:

The Highest Quality Auto Parts

We have the highest quality auto parts from all of the major brands. You won’t find a better parts at any other online auto parts outlet.

As you can see, these are two ads for the same company that are worded differently. One of them focuses on the low prices that the website offers while the other one is trying to emphasize the higher quality products that they carry.

An ad concept testing strategy might be to run both of these ads in a pay-per-click campaign, specifically targeting a certain keyword. One ad is displayed 50% of the time for that keyword while the other is displayed the other 50%. Whichever one gets the most clicks is the most effective ad.