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Infiniti Research: The Global Positioning System Market 2008-2012 on reports-res …

Global Positioning System (GPS) applications are fast developing, and range from standalone application to integrated applications. These applications range include navigating, tracking, surveying, mapping, etc. One of the major factors for the growth of GPS is increase in the demand of mobile location technologies. Further, timing and location capabilities of GPS account for its growth in applications such as disaster relief & emergency services, banking, and power grid control. The automotive

RIC: China Vaccine Industry Report, 2008-2009 on

The market for vaccine, as one could see in the current situation, has a high growth potential. To face the thread of pandemic diseases a big amount of high quality vaccines have to be produced in a short period of time. In the past decade, Chinese vaccine market tripled in scale. China has already become the world’s largest vaccine producer and now has 28 vaccine companies, ranking NO.1 around the

TriMark Publications: Point of Care Diagnostic Testing World Markets on reports- …

Since a couple of years the clinical diagnostics have focused on techniques that render the possibility of a direct and very quick analysis. Because of this quickness not only the patient benefit from the POTC but also the healthcare systems do – the self monitoring systems for diabetes for example are a saving of expense and also a benefit for the patients health-related quality of live. This TriMark Publications report describes

GlobalData: China Medical Equipment Market Analysis and Forecasts to 2015 on rep …

This GlobalData report provides key data, information and analysis on the China medical equipment markets. It also provides market landscape, competitive landscape and market trends information on 17 medical equipment markets. Furthermore China Medical Equipment Market Analysis and Forecasts to 2015 takes a comprehensive look on the key trends affecting these markets, and key analytical insight on the market dynamics. A review of the competitive landscape in terms of mergers

Koncept Analytics: Clinical Laboratory Testing Market Report 2009 Edition on rep …

Laboratory testing forms the basis for most of the decisions in diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis. Clinical Laboratory testing market, also called the diagnostic testing market in broader terms, includes all the medical tests done at the laboratories. There has been a notable shift away from traditional, fee-for-service medicine to managed-cost health care, bringing about many market-based changes in the clinical laboratory market. There has also been an increased focus on preventive

RNCOS: Global Photovoltaic Market Forecast to 2013 on

Not only has the volatility of oil prices led to the evolution of renewable energy concept over the past few years, but also the increasing concerns over the CO2 emissions worldwide has. Use of solar photovoltaic (PV) among others, has emerged as the most appropriate solutions and has continuously been gaining considerable attention among industry players all across the globe. With the growing demand for clean energy sources, the manufacturing

Visiongain: Mobile Advertising and Marketing 2009 - Market analysis and forecast …

From 2007 when the growing market garnered just over $7 billion on a global basis, we believe mobile marketing and advertising in these two geographical areas will grow to over $30 billion in 2014. Issues to be resolved include business models and revenue share, the type, length and frequency of ads, consumer attitudes and many others. Operators will have to walk a fine line between maximizing the revenue potential of

RNCOS: Insulin Delivery Systems Market Analysis (2008-2012) on reports-research. …

Diabetes is a widespread disease, a metabolism disease, with an increasing number of patients. This increasing number of diabetes patients globally is proving a boon for diabetes drugs market. The number of diabetic patients in the world (Type 1 and Type 2) is estimated to reach at more than 250 Million in 2008. The governments worldwide are taking initiatives on various research and development projects in order to improve drug delivery

RIC highlights the Asian Telecom Industry on

RIC has released three new reports on the Asian telecommunication industry. All important countries such as India, Uzbekistan, Japan, Viet Nam and lots more are covered in these reports. It analyze the overall telecom market of key Asian countries, the development strategies and investments, as well as the key operators of the telecom sector. They involve fixed phone, mobile phone, internet business. Asia Telecom Industry Report, 2008-2009 Asia’s telecom market is

Datamonitor: Will Swine Flu provide proving ground for vaccine adjuvants? on rep …

Within the pharmaceutical sector, vaccines were traditionally regarded as low-margin products. However, with the decline of Big Pharma’s traditional small molecule blockbuster model and a marked swing towards biologics, vaccines have regained appreciation as generics-proof revenue drivers. This change of tack has not come without inherent challenges though. As vaccines move into indications and patient populations outside traditional target groups, improved technologies are required to overcome the hurdles associated with

Beijing Inforce Consulting: 2009 Annual Research Report on China VSAT Market on …

Satellite communication market can be divided into satellite communication service market, satellite ground equipment market, satellite manufacture market, and satellite launching market. In 2008, China's VSAT market achieves stable development. Since early 1990s, China's VSAT systems have been put into use and realized good development. Getting along with rapid economy growth, domestic satellite communication companies face new opportunities and obtain rapid growth in satellite private network market, satellite communication in rural

RNCOS: Indian Non-Alcoholic Drinks Forecast to 2012 on

According to RNCOS’ new report Indian Non-Alcoholic Drinks Forecast to 2012, the Indian non-alcoholic drinks market was estimated at around Rs. 216 Billion in 2008 and is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of around 15% during 2009-2012. The report covers various factors driving the growth of non-alcoholic drinks market in India. India is with its estimated population of 1.2 billion one of the biggest markets for non-alcoholic drinks and it

Visiongain: In Vitro Diagnostics: Market Analysis 2009-2024 on reports-research. …

In vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests provide essential information about physiological states, aiding diagnoses and choice of treatments. IVD’s usefulness in drug development – especially via biomarkers – constitutes a major advance, and an expanding market opportunity. The new Visiongain report - In Vitro Diagnostics: Market Analysis 2009-2024 - analyses the global IVD market comprehensively. This new study provides sales forecasts and discussions of emerging technologies and commercial opportunities, along with other

TriMark: Global Beverages Report on

Until recently, the beverages market was divided simply between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. As consumers' tastes grew more sophisticated and demand surged for a variety of beverage options catering to lifestyle changes and health concerns, the beverages industry has responded with a dizzying array of options to choose from. The Global Beverages Report focuses on the U.S. and world markets for beverages across several broad categories. For the purposes of

RNCOS: Global RFID Market Analysis till 2010 on

Thanks to numerous technical innovation the global industry for RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology has been steadily growing for past few years, and is expected to pick up pace before stabilizing and settling on a steady growth path. Besides, the market is greatly benefitting from the excitement related to mandates, entry of new players, re-positioning of some companies as RFID-focused, new product and service launches, technology advances, standards evolution, partnerships

Koncept Analytics: Developments and Opportunities in Fluid Control Equipment Ind …

Fluid control equipment industry is highly fragmented catering to many industries like petroleum, chemical, industrial, power generation and water. Pumps are a major segment of the industry, growing on a normalized basis at 3-5%, out of which industrial pumps have a strong hold on the market. Valve demand in the energy production sector will benefit from an increase in primary energy consumption in mature markets like North America as well as

Infiniti Research: Global Computerized Physician Order Entry Systems Market 2008 …

CPOE systems exist since the 1970’s and helped to save the lives of numerous patients. The system helps to avoid medication error and therefore the patient’s benefit of this Computerized Physician Order Entry system. A Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) system is primarily used by hospitals and physicians to reduce medication errors and increase patient safety. Apart from patient safety, the CPOE system also provides benefits such as easy integration between

Visiongain: Monoclonal Antibodies in Cancer Therapy 2009-2024 on reports-researc …

Monoclonal antibody-based therapies for cancer are a thriving part of the biotechnology sector, as our new market report explains. The oncology market continues to expand worldwide, with high demand for more-efficacious and better-tolerated cancer therapies. The monoclonal antibodies oncology market has been growing at a significant rate and holds high potential for continued growth in both developed and emerging geographical markets. Currently, new technologies are removing some of the drawbacks that

RNCOS: Malaysian Tourism Industry Forecast to 2012 on

Malaysia is known for its lively capitol city Kuala Lumpur with the Petronas Twin Towers and it is also known for its numerous national parks, like the Kinabalu National Park with the highest Malaysian mountain, the Mount Kinabalu. All these attractions make Malaysia to one of the most popular tourist destinations in the ASEAN region. Despite the global economic slowdown, it received around 22 Million international tourists in 2008, an increase

Beijing Inforce Consulting: 2009-2012 Consulting Report of China Potato Chips In …

The 2009-2012 Consulting Report of China Potato Chips Industry Competition Pattern and Investment Strategies report indicates the fashion of potato chips in 2009 and investigates the development, operation status of leading enterprises in this industry, which is valuable and profitable for research institutions and enterprises to understand the trend of potato chips industry, capture the opportunities and make decisions on enterprise positioning and direction of development. It was written on

Koncept Analytics: Molecular Diagnostics Market - Trends and Opportunities on re …

Molecular diagnostics holds immense business potential as it is based on the intention of identifying viruses and infectious diseases more accurately at an earlier stage than currently possible. Molecular diagnostics has also emerged as a potential business opportunity as diagnostics businesses generally fetch higher returns of investment than pharmaceutical and other biotech businesses. Molecular diagnostics or the analysis of DNA and RNA at the molecular level - is a fast-growing market,

New Global Research & Data Services reports on

Global Research & Data Services has published nine reports concerning the healthcare market in China. These market analyses give an overview of the actual market situations and future outlooks of the markets. The topics of these reports are, cardiovascular devices, wound care management, diabetes care devices, diagnostic imaging, drug delivery devices, in vitro diagnostics, nephrology and urology devices, ophthalmic devices, orthopaedic devices. The subjects that are discussed in the analyses include:

NanoMarkets highlights the Market for Printable Batteries on …

Printed batteries are the natural power source for smart packaging, active RFID, powered smartcards, sensor arrays, medical and cosmetic patches and smart bandages; even certain kinds of displays. Not only do printed batteries bring low-cost manufacturing to battery manufacture, but they also enable integrated manufacturing plants to be created in which an entire electronic device including processors, memory and power sources can be created in a single process. And printing batteries

Infiniti Research: RFID in Healthcare Industry 2008-2012 on

According to Infiniti Research, “the global RFID market was $5,250 million in 2008, and is expected to reach $9,182 million by 2012.” A major part of the growth for RFID (Radio Frequency Identifcation) comes from established applications such as security/access control, automobile immobilization, animal tracking, and toll collection. However, security-based solutions, contactless payments, and supply chain management applications are also emerging; thus, presenting new market opportunities. The other area of opportunity

Datamonitor: Commercial Insight - Antihormonal Cancer Therapies on reports-resea …

Antihormonal cancer therapies are a class of drugs used predominantly in the treatment of breast cancer and prostate cancer. The high incidence of these tumor types translates into a significant commercial potential for drug developers. Collectively, the antihormonal therapy cancer brands generated sales of about $6.9 billion in the seven major pharmaceutical markets in 2008. Research and analysis highlights The antihormonals market was worth $6.9 billion in 2008 across the seven major

GlobalData: Global ECG Data Management Systems - Increasing Demand to Drive Grow …

The new report by GlobalData, Global ECG Data Management Systems: Increasing Demand to Drive Growth, finds that the significant operational cost reduction that can be achieved through the adoption of ECG data management systems by hospitals, and technological innovation are expected to drive the growth in the ECG data management systems market. The report, highlights these developments as the key market drivers for the global ECG data management systems market. Global

Datamonitor: Authorized generics agreements – last ditch effort on part of bra …

As pay-for-delay agreements look to be on the way out of the pharmaceutical industry in Europe and the US, a new report by independent market analyst Datamonitor forecasts that the number of authorized generics (AG) agreements will grow, in tandem with the increasing convergence between branded and generics companies. Competitive pressures in the US and Europe have radically altered the brand-generic dynamic, to the extent that the line between the

RNCOS: Hybrid Car Market Forecast to 2012 on

The rapidly growing concerns over the reduction of carbon emissions coupled with highly volatile oil prices have forced the global automobile players to invest massive amounts into the development of advanced and better alternative fuel vehicles over the recent past. The concept of hybrids has emerged as the most viable solutions and has been gaining considerable attention among the industry players. This trend is clearly visible from the fact that

Datamonitor: Pricing and Reimbursement in the United Arab Emirates on reports-re …

The healthcare sector in the emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai is undergoing drastic changes as a result of the structural and financing reforms that will impact all major actors in the healthcare sector. Research and analysis highlights Reforms undertaken in the UAE will increase healthcare access to all expatriates, and improve the quality of care provided in both the public and private sector. With patients placed at the centre of the

GlobalData: Global X-Ray Systems Market - Strategic Market Analysis and Insight …

The new report by GlobalData, Global X-Ray Systems Market: Strategic Market Analysis and Insight to 2015, finds that the digital x-ray systems market is identified as the key segment driving revenue growth in the global x-ray systems market as many hospitals worldwide are making a transition from film based x-rays to digital x-ray environments. The report highlights this development as the key market driver for the global x-ray systems market. The

RNCOS analyses the Indian Automobile Sector on

India has one of the fastest growing automotive industries in the world. In 2008 the production numbers reached approximate 2.3 million units – including passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and utility vehicles. It is used to be said that India’s automotive industry is going to be amongst the top 5 of the global automotive industries in 2030. The passenger vehicle market, which constitutes around 80% of automobile sales, has immense growth potential

Datamonitor: Commercial Insight - Cytotoxic Therapies on

Despite the advent of molecular targeted therapies, cytotoxic chemotherapy remains the cornerstone of cancer treatment and is used across nearly the entire spectrum of tumor types. A number of cytotoxic drugs are on the market, however only a few currently dominate in terms of revenues, with Taxotere (docetaxel; Sanofi-Aventis), Eloxatin (oxaliplatin; Sanofi-Aventis) and Gemzar (gemcitabine; Eli Lilly) the three leading cytotoxics in terms of sales in 2008, with 7MM annual

Datamonitor: Car Aftermarket in Europe 2009 – Overview on

The Light Vehicle Aftermarket is a huge, but highly competitive marketplace. The relative growth observed at European level masks a significant difference in progress between the most mature (Western European) markets and the nascent eastern European markets. The new Datamonitor report Car Aftermarket in Europe 2009 – Overview helps to understand the value of the European aftermarket, and how it is predicted to change in the next few years. It

Datamonitor: Opportunities in Heart Health - Consumer Attitudes & Behaviors on r …

Brits still not doing it for their hearts Despite numerous warnings about the risks posed by cardiovascular diseases, Brits are still not doing enough to improve their heart health, says Datamonitor consumer markets analyst Mark Whalley, author of the report Opportunities in Heart Health: Consumer Attitudes & Behaviors. In 2008, only a third of people in the UK told Datamonitor that they pay a ‘high’ or ‘very high’ amount of attention

Global Markets Direct: The Future of the Power Industry - Nuclear’s Role in th …

Nuclear energy is increasingly becoming a preferred source of electricity generation in many countries in the world. "The Future of Nuclear Power: Nuclear’s Share in the Energy Mix" is a new report from Global Markets Direct, the leading business information provider, presenting in-depth analysis and forecast on the future of nuclear energy in the world. With the existing nuclear players planning to increase their nuclear share and with many more new

GlobalData: Global Renewable Energy Market Growth Amidst the Financial Crisis on …

GlobalData’s new study Global Renewable Energy Market Growth Amidst the Financial Crisis gives an in-depth analysis of how the financial crisis has affected the world’s renewable energy industry and gives growth projections up to 2013. The research analyzes the impact of the recession on the global wind, solar PV, hydro, geothermal, biopower and biofuels markets. The research further studies the markets for each of these renewable energy technologies in key

Datamonitor: Retailing in a Recession - The Opportunities for Outsourcing on rep …

Retailers’ focus in the downturn provides opportunities for outsourcing Increasing economic pressures affecting the retail industry means companies in Western Europe and North America will increasingly look to outsource technology and business processes in a bid to cut costs, and focus on core skills. This is according to a new report by independent market analyst firm, Datamonitor. The report, “Retailing in a Recession: The Opportunities for Outsourcing”, looks at the

Datamonitor: Recession & Recovery Research Programme on

Consumers see more retail closures as being inevitable The shape of the retail landscape across Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the USA will undergo further upheaval before the current economic downturn is over according to consumers surveyed as part of independent market analysis firm Datamonitor’s “Recession and Recovery research programme” which provides an up-to-date view on the effects of the economic downturn on consumers and business across 19 countries. Results from

Infiniti Research: Healthcare Industry in India-2009 on

Healthcare IT market in India has seen a phenomenal growth in the last decade. The market comprises healthcare organizations (hospitals, nursing homes, diagnostic centers, dental hospitals, clinics, ayurveda hospitals, etc.), persons (doctors, dentists, nurses, and other caregivers), and health insurance providers. Private companies play a greater role than the public sector in providing healthcare services as this sector is expected to be financially stronger and well managed. With the growth

The New RIC: China Shipbuilding Industry Report, 2008-2009 on reports-research.c …

Between 1405 and 1433 China has one of the biggest fleets in the world, commanded by Zheng He. When you look at the present shipbuilding industry it seems that China is going to be once more one of the leading navel powers. China already affiliates to the big three regarding the global shipbuilding industry. RIC therefore highlights this Chinese Industry in the China Shipbuilding Industry Report, 2008-2009. In 2008, Chinese

RIC: Global Top 500 Report of Mining & Metal, 2008-2009 on

With the increasingly processing of industrialization and urbanization, China’s demand for mineral resource remained strong. China has accelerated its move of oversea acquisitions and enhanced its mineral resource reserves since 2009. For example, Aluminum Corporation of China Limited plans to invest CNY19.5 billion over Rio Tinto, the tender offer from China Minmetals Corp over Oz Minerals with a sum of US $1.7 billion, and the Loan-for-Oil agreements with Brazil and

RIC: China LED Traffic Light Market Report, 2008 on

The traffic lights developed from gas light to incandescent lamp and low-voltage halogen lamp, and then to ultra bright LED, which is the ideal light source for traffic lights considering its features as small power consumption, long life and substantial increasing of brightness. China started the probation of LED traffic lights since 1999, the replacement of LED traffic lights was basically completed in the large Chinese cities by the end of

Visiongain: ”The Military Airlift Market 2009-2019” on

This new Visiongain report: The Military Airlift Market 2009-2019, examines current trends and future prospects for the military airlift products market. This is an established market that is expected to see steady growth from 2009 onwards. Visiongain estimates that the global military airlift market generated sales of over $7bn in 2008, predicting that annual sales will increase to over $10bn by next decade. This new report - The Military Airlift Market

GlobalData report "Global Wind Energy Market Analysis and Forecasts to 2020" on …

The new GlobalData report on titled “Global Wind Energy Market Analysis and Forecasts to 2020” provides a detailed analysis of current global wind energy installations as well as the forecasts of worldwide wind energy installed capacity until 2020. The report details historical and current statistics relating to wind energy installed capacities and their growth scenarios until the year 2020. It also provides an analysis of the historical and forecast

Visiongain report "Smoking Cessation Report, 2009-2024" on

The majority of smokers worldwide do not have full access to smoking cessation therapies. Smoking prevalence is increasing overall, with increases mainly contributed by developing countries. Adverse health effects and the high economic costs associated with tobacco smoking are encouraging increasingly-stringent smoking legislation and encouraging governmental spending on anti-smoking aids. From 2009 to 2024, the continuing introduction and implementation of tobacco-control policies will accelerate, further encouraging people to stop smoking,

Global Markets Direct report "Current and Future Outlook of Global Oil and Gas P …

The world pipeline industry is at an exciting phase. The escalation of crude oil and natural gas prices is both a boon and a bane for the pipeline industry. It has created conflicting challenges and issues to the pipeline operators, constructors and regulators. The industry is primarily been driven by the demand for natural gas, crude oil, and petroleum products in regions that lack oil and gas resources and assets. "Current

Global Research & Data Services-Report: "Electronic Safety and Security Equipmen …

The Russian market for safety and security systems has been developing and growing rapidly. Some reasons behind the intensive growth have been economic growth and increasing personal income in the country as well as concerns of rising crime, terrorism, and other security threats to the state and individual citizens. Technology improvements have also removed some of the barriers to purchase (such as price and complexity of operation), making electronic security

Four New Visiongain Reports in the range of Pharmaceuticals and Telecommunicatio …

Four new reports of Visiongain in the fields of healthcare and telecommunications been added to the offer of Established in 1998, Visiongain has built a strong reputation for covering business-critical topics and investigating issues. It is an independent business information provider for the Telecoms, Pharmaceutical and Defence industries. The new market analysis “The World Dermatological Market Outlook, 2009-2023” by Visiongain is to examine the current and future prospects for the world

INFOMINE Research Group - New Publisher from Russia for

In 1993 INFOMINE Research Group has been founded in Moscow, Russia for markets analysis and forecast in the area of mineral resources and metals having accumulated vast experience in market research for mineral resources, metals, and chemicals in Russia and other countries of the former USSR. Their experts conduct continuous monitoring of trends at the markets of mineral resources, metals and chemicals in Russia/CIS, associated with production and consumption of various

German Industry Report for the International Market: The Children´s Clothing Ma …

For more than 20 years the ‘Branchenfokuses’ have been published annually to provide an analysis of the developments and trends in 40 markets and around 400 market segments of the consumer goods’ industry in Germany. Sectors which are analysed include consumer electronics, sports, toys and clothing. The actual report " The Children´s Clothing Market in Germany" by BBE RETAIL EXPERTS presents the current eye care market situation, the competitors

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