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Formaspace Introduces 7 Unique Conference Tables

Formaspace debuts both custom and standard conference table options as part of their new office furniture line, Revolution. Formaspace, a manufacturer of custom furniture solutions, announces their distinct line of conference tables for office environments. These conference tables will be a part of several new products in their official office furniture line launching at the largest commercial interiors trade show, NeoCon, on June 12, 2017 on the 7th floor in booth

Formaspace Introduces a Unique Height-Adjustable Desk

Formaspace debuts new height-adjustable desk, Revolution I, as part of their new office line, Revolution. Formaspace, a manufacturer of custom furniture solutions, announces their unique desking product, Revolution I (, for office environments. This height-adjustable desk will be a part of several new products in their official office furniture line launching at the largest commercial interiors trade show, NeoCon, on June 12, 2017. It all started when some of the largest dealers

Formaspace Debuts New Sleek Furniture Line at NeoCon 2017

Formaspace (, a leading business furniture designer and manufacturer is headed to Chicago this summer for NeoCon 2017. They invite you to visit their booth #8042 on the 7th floor and experience their new office furniture product line. It all started with one of the largest dealers on the West Coast and architects across the country that were looking for more than just a height adjustable work surface, but a unique

80/20 Aluminum or Fully Welded Steel: How to Choose Your Furniture Frame

One of the advantages of ordering furniture from Formaspace is that you are dealing directly with the manufacturer. This not only means you can be sure of getting high-quality American-made products, but you can also specify the materials and options best suited for your needs, including your choice between heavy-duty, fully welded steel frames or 80/20 aluminum extruded frames. In previous articles, we have presented guidelines on how to choose the

How to Prevent Bullying & Mobbing in the Workplace

In a world that seems increasingly polarized, business owners and managers need to be alert to the threat of employee harassment in the forms of bullying and mobbing in the workplace. What is bullying and mobbing? Is it the same thing as harassment? Social interactions and the language we use to describe them keep changing over time. If you were to take a poll 30 or 40 years ago asking people to provide

Can Women Solve the American Manufacturing Skilled Workforce Shortage?

American manufacturing is on the upswing. But a looming skills shortage threatens. What can be done? Recruiting more women to make a career in manufacturing can help the industry solve the talent shortage while becoming more innovative and productive at the same time. Women are a major driving force in the workplace. If you consider that women earned more than half of the associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees in the US –

How to Get the Maximum Health Benefits from Your Annual Checkup

How often do you get a checkup? Are you satisfied with the care you are getting? In an era of connected health devices like the Apple Watch or FitBit, detailed online health resources like Web M.D., or virtual online visits (telemedicine) does the annual physical even make sense anymore? We take a behind-the-scenes look at how healthcare laws and insurance reimbursements are changing the doctor-patient relationship and how you can

How to Move out of Your Comfort Zone to Achieve Professional Success in 2017

Want to make a difference in your life this year? Learn how getting out of your comfort zone can lead to major, positive changes in your professional life. 8 Steps to Shock Yourself Out of Complacency Having trouble adhering to the career goal resolutions you made for 2017? Perhaps you weren't thinking big enough. Here are 8 ways to shock yourself out of complacency and make some real changes for the better. Step 1:

How to Increase Student Productivity

In a world where today's students have access to so many technological advancements – ranging from computer word-processors to instant access to online reference materials – the rate of student productivity and scholastic achievement hasn't kept pace. What can be done about it? Equipped with a tablet and access to the Internet, today's students have instant access to the treasure trove of the world's information. Yet, given all these new technology

How Powder Coating Protects Your Business Furniture Investment

Powder coating the metal surfaces of our industrial-strength furniture is just one of the ways that Formaspace ensures its products are long-lasting, which is reflected in our 12-year guarantee. What is Powder Coating and how does it protect your Furniture Investment? We are often asked this question: What is powder coating and why is it so effective at preventing corrosion and protecting metal parts? You may have had your first encounter with powder

Are You Happy Working in an Open Workspace?

With the rapid adoption of open workspaces, the office environment is changing faster than ever before. While many employers (and employees) welcome new open office designs that encourage spontaneous collaboration in a stimulating work environment, other employees find there is a downside: distractions caused by increased noise and reduced privacy in open workspaces can make it harder to concentrate and think. From the Bullpen to the Action Office to today's Open

Architects & GCs, Join These Programs to Bid on Government Projects

Our quick start guide to GSA schedule and the military procurement process can help you get started. The process to become an approved as a government or military vendor can be a little bit intimidating for the uninitiated, but those who persevere can be rewarded with a wide range of interesting business opportunities. Find the red tape daunting? We can help. As a government and military approved supplier ourselves, we've prepared

15 Ways to Work Smarter Not Harder & Be More Productive

Has 2016 been a productive year for you? Perhaps you're looking for ways to be more effective without increasing the number of hours you work. Check out 15 ways you can work smarter in 2017. As the year 2016 comes to a close, you're probably thinking "That was fast — where did all the time go?" That's a good question: where does all our time go? Are there ways we can learn

Why Laboratory Science Market is Good Business for Architectural Firms

If you are an interior architect, you might have dismissed the niche laboratory design market as overly technical and inherently less interesting than working on projects of similar magnitude in the fields of residential or office design. You think Laboratory Design is Too Boring? Too Technical? Too Dull? You might want to think twice before making these kinds of assertions about today's laboratory design projects. Stunning designs like the new JLABS facility at

How to Make It in America: An Interview with the Austin Regional Manufacturers A …

ARMA (Austin Regional Manufacturers Association) is a non-profit organization based in Austin, TX, on a mission to 'be the voice and advocate of manufacturing in the Austin metropolitan are.' Formed in 2013, with just eight members, they have grown from strength to strength and currently have a membership of over 165. We met with Ed Latson, ARMA's Executive Director and one of its founding members, to find out more. Let's start

Benefits of Hands-On Learning in Makerspaces

For those of us working in the manufacturing industry, the concept of hands-on learning is a natural way to investigate problems and come up with creative solutions. But for many, hands-on learning has become the exception rather than the rule. Fortunately, the increasing number of Makerspaces provides exciting new opportunities for hands-on learning, problem-solving, and creative experimentation. If you don't have a lot of experience making things by hand, the habits

Is Digitization of Manufacturing and IoT the New Industrial Revolution?

Are we on the verge of another industrial revolution in manufacturing? Signs of increased cooperation — and competition — between consumer technology companies and traditional industrial manufacturers indicate the answer is yes. Is the Dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution at Hand? You say you want a revolution? Many economists and technology consultants feel we are on the cusp of a new, fourth industrial revolution. We've had three industrial revolutions since the 1800s: • First

What Makes a Good Manufacturing Project Manager: The Dos and Don'ts

Project managers are a key component of making a manufacturing facility successful. They can affect everything from production rates and the cost of manufacturing, to ergonomics and safety. Think about just a few of the activities that require a project manager: • Production of enterprise project orders • Installation of a new production line • Expansion of existing production lines • Replacement of an obsolete piece of equipment • Installation of a new piece of

How to Avoid Mistakes in the Wet Lab

Constant vigilance is the watchword to help prevent serious errors while working in a wet lab ( environment. These recommendations can help you work more safely. As experienced researchers and technicians know, working in a wet laboratory can be a very dangerous place indeed. Some might say that both Murphy’s Law and the Law of Unintended Consequences work overtime in wet lab environments. But it’s really no joking matter. Making a

Building on a Great 2016, Ready for 2017

Founded in 1981, Formaspace has changed more than just its name since its inception. Now, thirty-six years later, the company that began operating as Above Board Manufacturing has been transformed from a small, specialist workbench manufacturer into a business that furnishes the labs, offices, and industrial facilities of Fortune 500 companies and beyond. However, in spite of the changes in size and revenues, the characteristics that the company was built upon

Ideas for Your Industrial Office Design

Today's industrial office design workplaces are more visually appealing, functional, and open than ever before. But in a world of cookie-cutter cubical designs, how did the industrial office aesthetic rise to prominence among leading companies like Twitter, Google, Redbull, and Capital One? The surprising answer: an art movement in post-World War II New York set the stage for a new approach to workplace design that influences how we work today

How to Keep Manufacturing in America

The History of American Manufacturing It is a perpetual political issue, and a mantra we've heard for decades now – manufacturers are sending American jobs overseas. The 'Made in America' label is becoming more and more rare. Over 5 million American manufacturing jobs have been lost since the turn of the century. It hasn't always been like this. American manufacturing was strong in the first half of the 20th century. In 1950,

20 Tips for Starting Your Own Architectural Firm

Becoming a licensed architect is a long, arduous process, from the long hours gaining valuable experience as an intern to preparing for the Architect Registration Exam (ARE), to passing your state's licensure exam. However, for many professional architects, there is one more important milestone ahead: opening your own architectural firm – with your name proudly affixed to the door. 1 Use Your Intern Hours Wisely. The first recommendation comes from those that

If Sitting is the New Smoking — Here are 7 Steps to a Healthier Workforce

Where Things Stand Now: It's no secret that healthcare costs are out of control. In fact, when I attend CEO roundtables or talk to clients who are business owners, healthcare costs are always one of their biggest concerns. Lots of CEOs I know have attacked smoking with cessation programs, built kitchens in their offices to encourage healthy eating, and added wellness programs to attack obesity in their workplaces. Yet most companies

Why Texas is the Corporate Destination

GTT: Gone to Texas Did you know that every year more Americans move to Texas than to any other state? To use a popular acronym dating back to the first mass migration to Texas in the 1800s, they are GTT, short for Gone to Texas. Let's take a look at the numbers. During the period from 2005 to 2013, 4.8 million Americans left their home state and made Texas their new home.

Get the Dream Tool Bench for Your Garage This Christmas

Now is this the time to order the perfect Christmas gift for your significant other. If you have a loved one with a passion for hands-on hobbies, don't look any further. We have the perfect gift suggestion for you. With the holiday season approaching, it's time to remember that old saying, "it's better to give than to receive." We suggest taking this suggestion one step further: "It's better to give something they'll

How to Improve Manual Material Handling in the Workplace

How can we work to improve material handling in the workplace? Let's take a look at three interdependent aspects of a well-managed material handling operation: Worker Safety, Ergonomic Considerations, Quality and Efficiency The Need to Create a Safer Material Handling Workplace Since 1970, the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, better known as OSHA, has been charged with making work environments safer, and conditions have improved overall. Where does material handling fit into the

Benefits of a Workplace Flu Shot Program

It's that time of year again — we're at the start of the annual epidemic of seasonal influenza, which (in North America) peaks between now and April. As a business owner or office manager, you may well know the tremendous disruption that influenza, commonly known as the flu, can cause when it spreads from one employee to the next across your organization. According to a recent review of the scientific

Here’s How Industrial Office Design Supports Your Brand

As a business owner or corporate marketing executive, you know the importance of developing and protecting the value of your company's brand. Your Company's Brand Is More Than Just a Logo and a Tagline. Across the world, corporate marketing professionals are constantly researching, surveying, and interviewing their current customers as well as new sales prospects to find out which specific qualities contribute to an 'ideal brand' that consumers want to identify and

Formaspace to Showcase New Exhibition for NeoCon East ‘16 – Booth #1519

On November 9th & 10th, Formaspace will showcase an original, modular exhibition booth (#1519) at NeoCon East 2016. Our custom creation, designed and manufactured in under 10 days, is an homage to our custom furniture capabilities and our superior industrial design and engineering team. Dedicated to creating aesthetically pleasing and auspicious workspaces, Formaspace utilizes a unique blend of form and function to design and manufacture custom-tailored business furniture. Our solutions are

9 Ways to Promote Workplace Wellness for Increased Productivity

In a world where business owners, HR directors, and office managers are competing with other businesses to attract a talented workforce, providing your employees with enhanced workplace wellness benefits can give you an advantage over the competition by improving your recruiting efforts while increasing the productivity, efficiency and satisfaction of your existing employees at the same time. Designing an effective, competitive employee benefits package is more complicated than ever. For many companies,

How to Avoid Neck and Back Pain at the Office

Neck and back pain is a fact of life for many people. But does it have to be? We recently spoke with Austin-based Chiropractor, Dr. Jeff Ulery of Whole Body Health, to find out what kind of steps you can take to prevent or reduce neck & back pain, including the use of a Formaspace Sit-to-Stand desk at work. Q: What Kind of Patients Come to See You? We asked Dr. Ulery

10 Ways an iPad Will Impact Your Kid's Development

In a world where parents want to provide their children with every possible advantage to succeed in today's competitive world, giving kids access to computer tablets like iPads at an early age is an increasingly common choice. After all, it only makes sense that early exposure will help our children become computer literate and thus more successful, right? No. It turns out there is increasing evidence that allowing kids access

From Victim to Survivor: How One Man Said Thank You to Local Heroes

Would you know how to a save a colleague, friend or relative showing signs of severe cardiac distress, like a major heart attack? Bystanders took quick action when Formaspace's Loddie Alspach was incapacitated during a strenuous bike ride. Be prepared to help — you and your co-workers can take CPR training and help save a life. Today May Not Be Like Any Other Day. Monday, May 2, 2016, started out like any

Formaspace helps one of Nation's Largest Pharmaceutical Companies Save $1 millio …

Custom-designed Drug Storage Solution helps prevent medical errors while reducing warehouse space requirements by more than 90%. Austin, TX (Aug 22, 2016) According to the research report "Preventing Medication Errors" published by the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies, the number of preventable adverse drug events (ADEs) in this country now totals approximately 1.5 million incidents annually. In response, healthcare providers across the continuum of care are working together to

What are the Do’s and Don’ts for Wet Lab & Dry Lab Users

Advances in laboratory research keep accelerating with new techniques and technologies changing the way laboratory researchers perform experiments and make discoveries. These changes have made it more important than ever for lab architects and lab managers to keep flexibility in mind when planning new laboratory construction or renovations. Major advances in the capabilities of scientific lab equipment, digital computing, and experimental research methods and techniques have had a significant impact on

Laminar Flow or Ductless – How to Select the Right Type of Fume Hood

Fume Hoods Play a Critical Role in Preventing Exposure to Chemicals, Particulates, and Other Risks in Laboratory Research and Product Manufacturing If you are designing or upgrading a laboratory facility, providing a safe, secure place for your laboratory research team is a top concern. State-of-the-art fume hoods, — if designed properly and used sensibly — can protect workers by significantly reducing unnecessary exposure to toxic chemicals and radioactive materials. They

Why Industrial Office Designs are More Functional and Inspirational

Fads may come and go, but classic designs live on forever. Products on your kitchen shelf like the chrome ziggurat Waring blender and the heavy-duty KitchenAid mixer are as appealing today as they were over 50 years ago. The same can be said for Formaspace's line of high-performance industrial office furniture, tables, and workbenches – kitted out with high-quality maple butcher block counter tops. These heavy-duty, hand-assembled tables, desks, and

How will Brexit Impact American Economy?

The United Kingdom's surprise decision to leave the European Union (known as Brexit) has led to uncertainty and confusion in international financial and manufacturing sectors. How can American companies take advantage of new trade opportunities arising from Brexit while protecting their interests from potential economic downsides? What's at Stake for American Economy Now That the UK Will be Leaving the European Union? Let's take a look at the impacts that Brexit will

7 Reasons Why Pokémon Go is Good for Your Health

Without question, Pokémon GO has become a worldwide phenomenon – thanks to its unique augmented reality gameplay. But could it also improve public health by introducing the gaming generation to the benefits of playing outside? here's no question that Pokémon Go has become an overnight business success. The augmented reality game was reportedly the most downloaded app ever in its first week. It garnered over 20 million active users in the

What are the Must Haves in a Makerspace?

Those of you old enough may remember the satisfaction of building a ham radio or an FM tuner using those well-documented do-it-yourself kits from Heathkit or electronic parts from RadioShack. For a decade or two, it seemed like building things yourself was out of fashion. Today the trend is 100% reversed — creating your own"things" is more popular than ever — and collective makerspaces have popped all over the

12 Tips for Lab Architects Designing Cleanrooms

We met a group of architects at a large regional lab design conference, and they brought up an unexpected topic. As laboratory architects, they were not entirely confident in designing cleanrooms. To get a basic orientation on the practice of designing cleanroom facilities, they came to FORMASPACE for expert advice. We’ve prepared this introductory guide in response to help those of you who are new to this specialized practice area. TIP

Now Playing: Formaspace in Your Favorite Hollywood Productions

As the mid-Summer temperatures outside heat up, many of us take refuge in the nation’s multiplex theaters for a few hours of blockbuster movie escapism. Did you know that some of the leading film and television studios, editing and production houses, and visual effects companies have turned to Formaspace to kit out their computer graphics (CG) effects and editing suites? Bonus points if you knew that sometimes Formaspace furniture even

The Zika Virus is Serious – Take These Precautions

With the Opening Ceremony of the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro taking place in early August, there is heightened concern over the Zika virus, especially since health officials reported the first ever Zika virus fatality in the continental US earlier in early July. Given that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now recommends pregnant women consider delaying travel to Zika virus affected areas, we have to ask:

Safety Tip: Why Choose Permanent ESD Solutions Over ESD Mats

In the semiconductor manufacture and repair industry, providing a reliable ESD protected area (EPA) to assemble, calibrate, repair and ship ESD sensitive components is crucial. Static discharges as low as 10V can damage sensitive components without being noticed; damaged components may fail over time leading to product failure, costly field repairs, recalls and unhappy customers. Over the past 25 years we have witnessed the greatest technological expanse ever,

How to Design Your Home Office to Fit Your Function

Do you work from home these days? As it turns out, more and more of us are doing just that. According to the Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP) and the United States Census Bureau, about 9 percent of us (13.4 million workers out of 142 million) worked at home at least one day a week in 2014. That’s up 35% for the decade. And it’s the so-called Knowledge Workers in

Is Modular Laboratory Furniture Really More Expensive Than Fixed Casework?

In the laboratory field, there is a major trend underway toward modular lab furniture, yet many assume that modular designs are more expensive than traditional fixed casework. We investigate the facts about modular versus fixed casework. In this brief buyer’s guide, we uncover the many reasons that modular laboratory furniture is becoming more popular — such as modular furniture’s lower installation costs — which generally make it less expensive than fixed

How to Prevent Injuries at a Manufacturing Facility

If you are responsible for worker health and safety in a manufacturing work environment, you know that injury prevention at work is a serious business. We’ll take a look at the latest occupational research on the top causes of workplace injuries. We’ll also identify practical workplace safety tips that can help keep your workers healthy and productive – while limiting your exposure to workers compensation claims. What’s the cost of non-fatal

How Formaspace Helped Sequence the Human Genome

Since the Human Genome was decoded in the early 2000s, we take a lot of things for granted that would have been considered science fiction just a few generations earlier. Consider the following: • We now consider it normal to collect DNA samples as evidence at a crime scene to implicate (or exonerate) suspects. Taking this further, residents of upscale New York City co-ops have even gone as far as testing

13 Ways Packing Stations Have Advanced

As consumers have increasingly come to rely on overnight delivery, there is an enhanced pressure on supply chain management teams to get their distribution centers in line with semblance of urgency. Packing Stations are a potential bottleneck in the process, so more and more attention is being paid to improving their material handling efficiency. This week, we countdown the top 13 ways that Packaging Stations have changed for the better. Let's begin

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