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MEA Cellulose Fiber Market to cross USD 3.5 billion by 2024

Cellulose fiber Market find application in spun yarns, fabrics, clothing, and other areas including tapes, adhesives, sound proofing, etc. Clothing applications will hold sway over the forecast timespan with over 60% of the market share, registering revenue beyond USD 10.5 billion in 2015. Increasing expendable income along with fashion awareness will support the market growth in the projected forecast timeframe. Cellulose Fiber Market size is projected to cross USD 39

Acetic Acid Market to Surpass USD 16 billion by 2024

Acetic Acid Market size will cross USD 16 billion by 2024 according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. The acetic acid market will witness substantial gains due to increased demand in the manufacturing of purified terephthalic acid (PTA) and vinyl acetate monomer (VAM). It is majorly consumed in producing photographic chemicals, diketene, camphor, and mono chloroacetic acid that drives its market. Global chemical industry was above

Aerospace Coatings Market to Cross USD 1bn by 2024

Aerospace Coatings Market size is estimated to surpass USD 1 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Global aerospace coatings market size is expected to cross 16 kilo tons till 2024. High usage of these coatings in various aircrafts such as military, space, and commercial will primarily drive the industry over the forecast timeframe. Frequent rising air passenger traffic across the globe has

Passive Fire Protection Materials Market to Cross $27bn by 2024

Passive Fire Protection Materials Market size is poised to surpass USD 27 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Strong demand for hydrocarbon based intumescent coatings from oil & gas industry will propel passive fire protection materials market size during the forecast timespan. These materials are extensively preferred across various end-user industries including construction, oil & gas, warehousing, manufacturing, etc. owing to its

Rare Earth Metals Market to Surpass USD 20bn by 2024

Rare Earth Metals Market size will exceed USD 20 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Rare earth metals are a group of 17 elements, which are found in geological deposits, and share similar properties. Some of the most abundant metals in the world are neodymium, cerium, and lanthanum. All the rare earth metals are classified into two groups, namely light rare earth’s

U.S. Tempered Glass Market to reach USD 7.5 billion by 2024

Tempered Glass Market size is likely to exceed USD 40 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Increasing government initiatives on infrastructure facilities accompanied with widening application outlook in construction sector will favor tempered glass market demand. Improving standard of living along with rising consumer spending on interior furniture designing owing to disposable income and rapid urbanization in India, China and Brazil will

U.S. Waterborne Coatings Market to exceed $15.5 billion by 2024

Waterborne Coatings Market demand from automotive refinish applications may exceed to USD 1.5 billion at end of forecast timeframe. Growing demand from automotive repairs to enhance aesthetic appeal and recover damages including scratches & fading body paint caused by extreme climatic effects and accident should propel product demand. Waterborne Coatings Market size should exceed USD 95 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc.

Biodegradable Bone Graft Polymers Market to exceed USD 690 million by 2024

Biodegradable Bone Graft Polymers Market to cross USD 690 million by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Rising population, improved healthcare facilities in developing economies, shift from traditional surgical methods to advanced methods, rise in R&D activities in biodegradable polymers segment for bone graft and rise in bone disorders will primarily drive the biodegradable bone graft polymers market till 2024. Rise in demand from joint

Aramid Fiber Market to Cross USD 5bn by 2024

Aramid Fiber Market Size will surpass USD 5 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Manufacturing sector has been observing product demand with utmost importance to smaller ecological footprint, enhanced safety and cost-efficiency. Aramid fibers have been gaining the prominent preference in the area of ballistic protection for their high tensile strength, high modulus and resistive physical properties to bullets, shrapnel & bomb fragments,

Unattended Ground Sensor Market share forecast to witness considerable growth fr …

Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) Market size is set to witness significant growth during the forecast period due to use of sensors for remote battlefield applications along with changing warfare nature, geopolitical issues, insurgencies across countries and rising terrorist activities. Defense agencies across the world deploying UGS for better communication in critical military applications will drive the demand during forecast period. Prominent countries with advanced military base increasing military spending for efficient,

Silver Nanoparticles Market to achieve 13% CAGR growth over 2016 to 2024

Silver Nanoparticles Market is capitalizing on its core product properties to gain a remarkable impetus in F&B, healthcare & life sciences, electronics & IT, and textiles industries. The silver nanoparticles are one of the most commercialized nanoparticles, which occupied half of the global nanomaterials landscape in 2015. The industry players are constantly focusing on innovating technologies toward advancements of nano products. Many industry experts are seen investing more in R&D

Bulk Container Packaging Market to exceed USD 6bn by 2024

The escalating commercialization of Bulk Container Packaging Market is influenced by a wide range of factors, increasing exports of comestible oil from South East Asia being a major one. As the transportation industry is continuously seeking for cost effective and efficient commodity trade, bulk container packaging is becoming the most preferred choice across utility domains. Indonesia and Malaysia are two main countries where the trend is notably increasing day by

Tire Cord And Tire Fabrics Market to Cross USD 6.4bn by 2024

Tire Cord and Tire Fabrics Market revenue is expected to experience a significant upsurge over the coming years, augmented by mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, and product innovations. Recently, Indorama Ventures, a petrochemical producing firm based in Thailand, has decided to acquire Glanzstoff, a leading European manufacturer of tire raw materials as well as its supplier to key tire manufacturing firms in Europe. Glazstoff collects a revenue of nearly

Managed Print Services Market forecast to witness phenomenal growth opportunitie …

Managed Print Services Market size is driven by the need to reduce the cost of operations and increase the flexibility in offering customizing services. Managed print services aid in obtaining a hindsight for businesses to gather the skillset and expertise required to counter the cost, risk, and complexity of the infrastructure that are unorganized. It also helps in gaining visibility and control of document processes. This helps in conserving time,

Increasing Renewable Energy Demands to Drive Permanent Magnet Market over 2016-2 …

Shifting consumer focus towards the renewable energy sources, mainly wind energy will stimulate permanent magnet market share over the coming seven years. According to Global Market Insights, Inc., “Worldwide permanent magnet market is estimated to surpass a revenue of USD 50 billion by 2024, registering an annual growth rate of more than 10% over the period of 2016 to 2024.” AS per the study by Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC),

Industrial Safety Footwear Market to Cross USD 7.8bn by 2024

Industrial Safety Footwear Market graph is predicted to experience an exponential curve, owing to the rising concerns regarding employee safety coupled with strict rules imposed by regulatory bodies such as ILO and OSHA for promoting safe working conditions. The emerging PPE market, which is currently witnessing an impressive growth, is also estimated to push the market trends over the coming years. Construction expenditure across the globe was valued at USD

Network-as-a-Service Market share forecast to witness considerable growth from 2 …

Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) Market size has risen to prominence recently as it serves as a fine business model for enterprises providing network services on a subscription basis over the internet. The client has to pay only for the services that are being used. Network-as-a-Service is a very attractive business opportunity as it saves considerable money as the hardware network and the complete arrangement are managed by the in-house network. Request for

Plastic Compounding Market To Grow CAGR 6% During 2016 To 2024

Plastic Compounding Market will witness substantial demand in consumer goods by 2024. Plastics are used in consumer goods for a wide range of applications, including food packaging, furniture, household appliances, toys, etc. Packaging is integral to the delivery of safe, high-quality consumer products. Various household electrical appliances will have substantial demand for plastics in the coming years. PVC is widely used to insulate electric wiring, while thermosetting plastics are used

Synthetic & Bio Emulsion Polymers Market to Cross USD 40bn by 2024

Synthetic and Bio Emulsion Polymers Market to exceed USD 40 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Positive application outlook in adhesives, paints & coatings and paper & paper board coatings industry may stimulate market emulsion polymer market growth. Polymer emulsions have low VoCs compared to solvent-borne polymers and results in strong application in end-use industries such as automobile, construction and consumer durables. Supporting

Aerospace Insulation Market from airframe application to cross 180 kilo tons by …

Aerospace Insulation Market from airframe is expected to cross 180 kilo tons by 2024. The segment registered the revenue share of over 70% in 2016 and is expected to maintain its dominance in the forecast timeframe. Frequent advancements in usage of lightweight materials have drastically changed component’s structure composition, escalating the revenue generation. High deployment of composites in commercial aircrafts have induced immense potential to the industry size owing to

North America Marine Sealants Market will grow at 3.8% up to 2024

Marine Sealants Market size is estimated to exceed USD 330 Million by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Growth in global trade for crude oil, coal and other resources along with rapid globalization will propel the marine sealants market growth. Seaborne trade accounts for 90% of the overall international trade. Increasing global GDP coupled with recovery from economic crisis will stimulate the industry growth. Rising

Polyester Waterborne Coatings Market to exceed $1 billion by 2024

Waterborne Coatings Market from Polyester product will surpass USD 1 billion during forecast timeframe due to its excellent film forming properties and pigment dispensability, along with its self-emulsifying type waterborne resin should boost product demand. Recent product developments including waterborne UV coatings synthesized by bio based polyester resins should drive industry growth. Waterborne Coatings Market size should exceed USD 95 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by

Sports Analytics Market forecast to witness phenomenal growth opportunities by 2 …

Sports Analytics Market size is improving due to the need for valuable insights from both on and off the field to improve athletes’ games and monitor their health. This will help in making strategies from a collection of historical, relevant, and statistical data to help a team or an individual in a competition. The insight is used to ensure that the team players, coaches, and the support staff possess the

Microencapsulation Market worth to exceed USD 14bn by 2024

Microencapsulation Market to surpass USD 14 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Growth of pharmaceutical sector with a steady increase in global aging population and awareness towards health will fuel the microencapsulation market demand in coming years. This is driven by the rising demand for microencapsulated drugs. Expansion in pharma sector coupled with extensive research & developments in the healthcare field are

Flame Resistant Fabric Market to Cross USD 6bn by 2024

Global Flame Resistant Fabric Market to surpass $6 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Increasing demand for flame resistant fabric owing to government stringent regulation controlling and maintaining safety at workplace for labors will propel market growth. Greater participation of industries for maintaining safe working environment and growing social responsibility among employees regarding safety is propelling the demand for flame resistant fabric.

Laminated Flat glass market to exceed $40 billion by 2024

Flat Glass Market by laminated product is poised to surpass USD 40 billion in sales by 2024. It is prominently used for skylight in construction and as windshield in automotive industry. Strong application indicator in windows, curtain walls, automotive windshield and storefront exterior should impact positively on product demand. Flat glass market size will surpass USD 130 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights,

U.S. PP nonwoven fabrics industry to surpass $7.5 billion by 2024

Increasing requirement of superior and hygienic fabric for various medical applications will stimulate PP nonwoven fabrics market over the years ahead. Subject to its superior properties, this product is mainly used to manufacture baby diapers. The product’s strength is a principal factor that leads to its application across the automotive sector, thereby favorably influencing PP nonwoven fabrics industry share. The rising proliferation of technology and the enforcement of regulatory norms

High Temperature Insulation Market to Cross USD 4.0bn by 2024

High Temperature Insulation Market size will exceed USD 4.0 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Growing demand for energy conservation in the manufacturing processes of different industry verticals like petrochemical, ceramic, and glass is majorly driving the high temperature insulation market over the forecast period. Tightening regulations regarding the proper energy conservation, and the increasing demand for maximizing the industrial systems’ efficient

BOPA Market to cross USD 250mn by 2024 from medical & pharmaceutical packaging i …

Biaxially Oriented Polyamide (BOPA) Films Market size will surpass USD 6 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. The superior barrier properties of BOPA films will augment its market growth in the study period. The product has excellent mechanical properties such as resistance to puncture, burst, impact, and tear. It also exhibits high abrasion as well as flex crack resistance. Stretching the film in

Multi wall carbon nanotubes market to expand at over 22% CAGR up to 2024

The carbon Nanotubes market has become a billion-value industry due to the high demand for these materials across various end use industries. Carbon nanotubes are allotropes of carbon having a cylindrical nanostructure and possess excellent properties, making it popular across electronics, optics, nanotechnology, and material science industries. Properties like high tensile strength and light- weight of these materials make them used widely across defense, aerospace, and electronics sectors. As per a

Industrial Safety Gloves Market size worth $6.7bn by 2023

Industrial Safety Gloves Market is slated to witness a tremendous expansion, subject to the regulatory compliance regarding worker safety and health in hazardous working environments. With a rapid surge of industrialization, professional sectors such as manufacturing, automotive, and semiconductors have been adopting advanced machinery, many of which are likely to cause harm while operations. To combat these dangers at the worksite, the government has mandated norms to use safety wearables,

Text Analytics Market forecast to witness phenomenal growth opportunities by 202 …

Text Analytics Market size is influenced by increasing adoption of social media platforms for analytics, need to combine multiple data sources to extract meaningful insights, and recent advancements in predictive analytics along with emergence of industry-specific analytics applications. Text analytics involves deriving meaningful patterns from unstructured textual data followed by its evaluation and interpretation. Request for an in-depth table of contents for this report @ Text analytics transforms information stored or

Blended Fibres Market to Cross USD 57bn by 2024

Blended Fibres Market size is estimated to surpass USD 57 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Improved fabric appearance & durability and ease in handling along with expansion in textile industry are the major properties propelling blended fibers demand. As per industry experts, the U.S. man-made fiber and filament, apparel and textile shipments were valued at around USD 75 billion in 2016.

Plano sunglasses Market from CR-39 material to grow $215 million by 2024

Plano sunglasses Market from CR-39 is anticipated is surpass USD 215 million by 2024. Its superior optical quality and high impact resistance properties will boost product sales. In addition, rising demand for scratch proof sunglasses globally will augment the market growth. Plano sunglasses Market is anticipated to surpass USD 29 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Prevailing economic conditions, population growth along with

North America Carbon Fiber Composites Market to contribute over 35% by 2024

Carbon Fiber Composites Market size is estimated to surpass USD 31 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Global carbon fiber composites market share is expected to exceed 290 kilo tons till 2024. Strong product outlook from aerospace and defense sector owing to its light weight and superior strength will drive industry growth during the forecast timeframe. Increasing demand for products improving the

U.S. zeolite 4A market to exceed $340 million by 2024

Zeolite 4A market from catalyst applications will witness highest gains at over 3% owing to its increasing usage in petroleum refining for cracking and downstream petrochemical production. It is mostly used in fluid cracking process and is a key ingredient in the reaction. In addition, these products are low cost catalysts with high yield which has led to demand within the oil & gas industry. Zeolite 4A Market size is

Asphalt Mixing Plants Market will witness 1.4% CAGR during the projected timespa …

The escalating growth of the construction and infrastructure sectors is one of prominent factors stimulating asphalt mixing plants market, given that asphalt is one of key raw materials used in road construction. Strictly speaking, around 70% of overall asphalt production is consumed for road developments. Taking into consideration, the large-scale use of asphalt for road construction, industry giants are utilizing innovative technologies to reduce labor cost, machine wear, and fuel

Global Painting Tools Market will surpass 1.9 billion units by 2024.

Painting tools market revenue is forecast to experience a tremendous surge over the coming years, subject to high product usage in consumer goods, construction, packaging, industrial equipment, automotive, furniture, and home appliances sectors. Thriving paints & coatings sector along with favorable product features such as rust-resistance & attractive textures are expected to contribute remarkably toward the product popularity. Multinational corporations such as Cognizant, Barclays, Microsoft, Deloitte, KPMG, BCG, etc., are

Highly Reactive Polyisobutylene Market to Cross $332.3mn by 2024

Highly Reactive Polyisobutylene (HR-PIB) Market to surpass USD 332.3 million by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Robust product demand as lubricant & fuel additive due to its ability to improve the overall performance of vehicle by reducing emissions, this is a major factor which will make noteworthy contribution to highly reactive polyisobutylene market size by 2024. Stringent environmental regulations imposed by regional regulatory

Sulfone Polymers Market to cross USD 2.0 billion by 2024

Global Sulfone Polymers Market size will likely surpass USD 2 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Sulfone polymers’ demand is rapidly increasing in aerospace and automotive industries owing to their high-performance properties. These polymers offer higher stability and toughness while operating at higher temperatures. High strength, better flame resistance, thermal stability, and excellent retardancy to oxidation properties make them suitable for aerospace,

APAC Lubricants Packaging Market to witness gains close to 3.5% by 2024

Lubricants Packaging Market from Asia Pacific is likely to witness gains close to 3.5% during the forecast timeframe. It is due to the developing economic conditions, which have substantially propelled chemical, manufacturing and automobile industry growth in countries especially India, China, Japan and Indonesia. Asia Pacific, in terms of volume and value, shall remain the global lubricant packaging market leader during the forecast period. Lubricant Packaging Market size is forecast

Door and Window Market to attain 15.75 billion sq. feet by 2024

The fundamental driving force behind the growth of door and window market is the escalating infrastructure development prevalent across the residential and commercial sector. Of late, most of the homeowners have been giving preference to high performance, attractive, and custom crafted products. Given the subsequently escalating demand for customized door and window, architects have been rapidly focusing on the improvisation of product design and development. In United States, for instance,

Roofing Underlayment Market size will witness 5.5% CAGR during the projected tim …

An inherent realm of the mainstream construction sphere, roofing underlayment market is likely to garner massive acclaim in the forthcoming years. This prominence can be primarily attributed to the robustly expanding construction sector across the globe, subject to the housing requirement for the ever-growing population. Adhering the need for strong roofing components for residential homes, companies partaking in roofing underlayment industry share have been religiously adopting tried-and-tested as well as

Polymer material From Contact Lenses Market segment will grow at 2.9% by 2024

Contact Lenses Market grow from the distribution channel because of Reduced overheads, lower promotion costs, expanded geographical reach, greater flexibility and increased visibility. Online stores were valued at over USD 2 billion in 2016.Contact Lenses Market size is estimated to exceed USD 18 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Increasing popularity of contact lenses as a fashion accessory to provide aesthetic appearance,

Water Soluble Polymer Market will grow at a CAGR close to 6% by 2024 From Water …

Water Soluble Polymer Market includes Polyacrylamide & copolymers which held the largest share in 2016.The product is primarily used for its excellent thermal stability, solubility, high miscibility, and non-toxicity. They are mainly utilized in treating wastewater, where there are more suspended solid particles. This segment is projected to grow at a moderate CAGR due to its eco-friendly features. Water Soluble Polymer Market will exceed USD 38 billion by 2024; according

Mobile Video Surveillance Market share forecast to witness considerable growth f …

Mobile Video Surveillance Market size is anticipated to witness high growth during the forecast timeline. This growth is attributed to the concerns associated with safety & security across various industry verticals coupled with the increasing demand for real-time surveillance. Rising number of criminal activities such as robbery, murder, theft and burglary across various regions is compelling the adoption of such systems. The emphasis of regulatory authorities to ensure the safety

Polyvinyl Butyral Market to Cross USD 3.9 billion by 2024

Polyvinyl Butyral Market to exceed USD 3.9 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Rapid growth in the global automotive industry mainly focused in the developing countries of Europe and Asia Pacific will primarily drive the polyvinyl butyral market till 2024. Broad applications in producing safety glass like soundproof glasses and automotive windshields will significantly drive the demand over the forecast period. Additionally, the

U.S. Construction Sealants Market demand from flooring & joining applications ma …

Construction Sealants Market to cross USD 6.5 billion at end of 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Growth in residential renovation and remodeling projects along with huge investments in this sector mainly in China & India should contribute towards construction sealants market size. Shifting trends towards smart energy saving modern construction projects along with rise in durable and minimal maintenance demand should favor product growth.

Doors Market size is set to exceed 240 million units by 2024.

The extensive expansion rate of the global construction sector has rightfully been touted as one of key driving forces of doors market worldwide. The global construction expenditure was pegged at a valuation on the higher side of USD 5 trillion in 2016 alone, while analysts predict that it is expected to grow at a rather substantial rate in the ensuing years. Given the persistent rise in global populace, the consequent

Global Beverage Refrigeration Market will surpass 7.4 million units by 2024

The intelligent process cooling technique has led to a paradigm shift in beverage refrigeration market by bringing in significant operational efficacies. Realizing the substantial role cooling place in the overall beverage sector, manufacturing companies have brought forth a slew of innovative engineering concepts, generating a substantial momentum in the product spectrum of beverage refrigeration industry. One such example is of Frigel’s foray into the beverage refrigeration market with its highly-engineered

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