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Diagnostic Ultrasound Market share to witness 3% growth from 2017 to 2024

The research report “Diagnostic Ultrasound Market Size By Technology (2D, 3D and 4D, Doppler), By Portability (Trolley, Compact/Handheld), By Application (General Imaging, Cardiology, Obstetrics / Gynecology, Others), By End use (Hospitals, Maternity Centers, Others), Industry Analysis Report, Regional Outlook (U.S., Canada, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Saudi Arabia), Application Potential, Price Trends, Competitive Market Share & Forecast, 2017 - 2024” by

Over-the-Counter (OTC) Drugs Market Price Trends, Competitive Market Share & For …

With well-informed consumers leaning toward self-medication and demanding cost reduction in healthcare, over-the-counter (OTC) drugs market outlook has been witnessing a dramatic transformation in the last few years. Since OTC drugs do not require a doctor’s visit or a known prescription, these drugs are quite cost and time effective. Many regulatory bodies across the globe that are responsible for deciding which drugs should be available over the counter and which

Point of Care Molecular Diagnostics Market Size, Share, Trends & Forecast

Endorsed with a vast application expanse in the renewed healthcare fraternity, point of care molecular diagnostics market has already garnered substantial remuneration over the recent years. Testament of the statement is the billion-dollar valuation attained by the industry in 2016. The sheer popularity of POC molecular diagnostics market can be majorly credited to the increasing incidence of infectious diseases along with spreading public awareness with regards to its pre-disease detection.

Circuit Breakers Market size was above USD 6 billion in 2015 and is forecast to …

Rising implementation of numerous medium and large capacity renewable energy projects will drive Circuit Breakers Market favorably over the period of 2016 to 2024. The escalating replacement and development activities to enhance the electricity transmission capability across the globe will also generate eye-catching revenue over coming timeframe. Shifting trends toward smart transmissions and distribution network as well as high investment in the development of digital substation will boost circuit breakers

Gas Turbine Market size is estimated to surpass USD 23 billion by 2024

Global Gas Turbine Market is expected to chart a stable growth graph over the coming seven years, owing to rapid industrialization and rising demand for power generation. Replacements of old coal fired plants with the recent gas-fired technology will be another factor driving the market size. Strict regulatory targets toward limiting greenhouse gas emissions will favor the demand for gas-fired power generation stations, in turn propelling the industry outlook. Global gas

Data Converter Market Innovation Trends and Current Business Trends by 2024

Data Converter Market size is anticipated to grow substantially over the forecast time span owing to the rising demand for high-resolution images in healthcare applications, growing demand for test and measurement solutions, and the rising adoption of innovative data acquisition systems. These systems are being majorly used in industrial, automotive, medical imaging, and telecom applications. The adoption of IoT, penetration of connected devices, and the growing digitization in the industrial

Bench top dental autoclave market outlook, Share, size Industry analysis

Rising occurrence of dental problems coupled with growing awareness about sterilization will push Bench top dental autoclave market growth over the coming years. As per CDC report, in 2012, nearly 61% of adults and 62% of old population consulted dentists to perform dental procedures like dental fillings, dental crowns, periodontal therapy, root canals, and maxillofacial procedures. According to Global Market Insights, Inc., study “Bench top dental autoclave market revenue is

Medical X-ray Market Share, Size, Trends (2017-2024)

Shimadzu’s MX8 is a classic instance of what may be termed as ‘colossal innovations’ in medical X-ray market. Touted to be one of most progressive niche verticals of the healthcare and medical devices industry, medical X-ray industry has gained mass prominence in recent years, augmented by a plethora of factors along the likes of rising global geriatric populace prone to chronic diseases, growing advancements in medical imaging systems, and most

Automotive Occupant Sensing System Market Share, Analysis and Statistics | Indus …

Automotive Occupant Sensing System Market in North America is anticipated to dominate the industry over the next eight years. stringent regulatory norms regarding passenger safety will primarily drive the region’s growth. For instance, U.S. Department of Transportation (DoT) will rate the manufacturers according the safety & security which will make it tougher for the companies to achieve the top ratings. Automotive Occupant Sensing System Market share is expected to grow at

Secondary Alkane Sulfonate (SAS) Market Growth Potential, Price Trends, Competit …

Robust detergent demand industrial applications such as textile, hospitality, paper & pulp, laundry services, etc. will positively influence the global Secondary Alkane Sulfonate Market size over the forecast timespan. This is chiefly due to product usage in detergents manufacturing owing to its superior foaming and cleansing characteristics. “Secondary Alkane Sulfonate (SAS) Market size is poised to exceed USD 1.3 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global

Industrial Phosphate Market Regional Outlook, Industry Analysis & forecast, 2017 …

Asia Pacific, led by India, Japan, South Korea, and China industrial phosphate market size may witness strong gains owing to rise in per-capita disposable income resulting in ready-to-use baking mixes, seafood products, packaged meat and convenience food and beverages products demand should stimulate regional industry growth. Increase in detergent consumption on account of hospitality, laundry services and textile industry may fuel product demand in the region. Industrial Phosphate Market size

Leather Chemicals Market By Product, By End-user (Footwear, Furniture, Automobil …

Finishing leather chemicals market size will experience growth over 5% over the forecast timeframe. It plays a crucial in the industry by enhancing the features (smoothness, durability, weather resistant, wear & tear resistance) of leather products. Global Leather Chemicals Market size was competitive in 2016, as the major industry competitors had presence across multiple stages of the industry ecosystem and are involved in strategic mergers & acquisitions in order to achieve

Crop Protection Insecticides Market Growth, Industry Analysis Report, Regional O …

Crop protection insecticides market can be classified in three types namely organic that includes chemical compounds, inorganic that includes metals and natural that includes biological pesticides like plants extracts. Global Crop Protection Insecticides Market size growth driven by rising necessity to produce high quality yields with increasing demand for food. Growing population worldwide and decrease in arable land, escalated the demand for synthesized insect repellent. There has been a rise in

Patient Handling Equipment industry analysis research and trends report for 2017 …

The research report “Patient Handling Equipment Market Size By Product (Wheelchairs and Scooters, Medical Beds, Bathroom Safety Supplies, Mechanical and Transfer Equipment, Ambulatory Aids, Others), By Application (Acute and Critical Care, Long Term Care, Mobility Assistance, Fall Prevention, and Others), By End-Use (Hospitals, Home Care Settings, Elderly Care Facilities, and Others) Industry Analysis Report, Regional Outlook (U.S., Canada, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Poland, China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand,

Vaccines Market share to grow at 9% CAGR from 2017 to 2024

The research report “Global Vaccines Market Size By Age Group (Pediatric, Adult), By Technology (Attenuated, Toxoid, Conjugate, Inactivated & Subunit, Recombinant,), By Disease (Cancer, Hepatitis, Pneumococcal Disease, DTP, Dengue, Influenza, Human Papilloma Virus, Meningococcal Disease, Polio, Rotavirus), Regional Outlook (U.S., Canada, Germany, UK, Spain, Russia, Italy, France, China, Japan, India, Indonesia, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Egypt), Technology Development, Competitive Landscape & Forecast, 2017 –

Terephthaloyl Chloride (TPC) Market - Global Industry Analysis 2024

Terephthaloyl Chloride Market size is anticipated witness a significant growth due to increase demand with applications in monomer synthesis and automobile industry. Aramid fibres can withstand over 500° C and has strength five times that of steel at equal weights. These have high heat resistance and used in protective clothing for aerospace, defence and industrial sector owing to light weight and easy manufacturing. Further, these are involved in manufacturing Kevlar and

BOPP Market to grow at over 5% CAGR from 2017 to 2024

(Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) BOPP Market size looks poised to exceed USD 20 billion by 2024; as per a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc.Escalating product demand in labelling, packaging, lamination and printing applications was the major factor propelling the global biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) market size in the past few years. In 2015, the global insulation business was valued at over USD 40 billion and may surpass USD

Power Transmission Lines & Towers Market size was over USD 14 billion in 2015 an …

Technological interventions in the power sector are enabling Power Transmission Lines & Towers Market to gear up at a faster pace. To feed the growing consumer base with uninterrupted power, electric utilities across the globe are heavily investing in the development of novel grid infrastructure. Some of the leading countries initiations in this regard is further catalyzing the growth of the market. For instance, in yesteryear, U.S. announced to invest

Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Market size was valued over USD 2 billion in 2015 and …

The growth trajectory of aeroderivative gas turbine market is being directly influenced by the growing consumer reliance on unconventional energy sources. A noticeable global trend of substituting coal-fired power plants with sustainable energy based gas turbine plants especially across developed countries including U.K, Germany, and U.S is expected to push the market outlook. Aeroderivative gas turbines are winning an edge over other alternatives owing to some of its tremendous attributing

Solid Waste Management Market in Asia Pacific to grow 5% CAGR from 2017 to 2024

Solid Waste Management Market size will exceed USD 340 billion by 2024, driven by waste as a source of energy. Ongoing adoption of optimized treatment techniques coupled with rising environmental concerns will drive the solid waste management market size. Increasing generation of municipal solid waste owing to large scale urbanization will stimulate the industry growth. As per the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, share of urban population across

Global Electric Water Heater Industry to surpass $30bn by 2024

Electric Water Heater Market size surpassed USD 18 billion and shipments were over 75 million units in 2016. Electric Water Heater Market size will cross USD 30 billion by 2024, with global shipments set to grow at over 6%; as per a research report published by Global Market Insights, Inc. Rising disposable income has resulted in increasing use of electronic appliances by households, which has resulted in increasing electricity consumption.

Polyalkylene Glycol (PAG) Market Research Analysis, 2017 – 2024.

Strong polyurethane (PU) foam demand is likely to make significant contribution towards polyalkylene glycol market size during the forecast period. This is attributed to extensive PU foam applications in several industries including construction, automotive, electronics etc. Thus, robust growth indicators in the aforementioned industries on account of improving socio-economic factors will boost business growth by 2024. In addition, polyols are the most consumed chemicals in manufacturing PU foam and accounts

Organic Hair Care Market, Industry Analysis & Forecast by 2017 - 2024.

Organic Hair Care Market size is expected to witness a surge in demand owing to rising usage of natural constituents based products as they are healthy for hair. Increasing demand for sulphate free products is predicted to propel industry growth. Upsurge in personal care and beauty industry is also one of the key factor to support the product demand. Rapid boom in e-commerce sector in another reason which will drive

Sodium Hydrosulfite Market, 2017 – 2024: Emerging with a Faster Growth Rate.

Significant development in the global textiles industry will propel the sodium hydrosulfite market in the forecast period owing to its extensive use as a bleaching agent in wool, cotton, and nylon. Sodium Hydrosulfite Market size will likely surpass USD 1.4 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. The product finds application as a dyeing auxiliary in vat dyeing and reduction clearing of disperse dyes.

North America Aluminum Pigments Market to grow at over 6 % CAGR from 2017 to 202 …

Aluminum Pigments Market size will likely surpass USD 580 million by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc.Rising demand for cosmetic products will drive the aluminum pigments market throughout the forecast period. Global cosmetics sector is experiencing a boost due to rising income levels and purchasing power among consumers. This trend has been more evident in the developing nations of Asia Pacific and other regions

Shotcrete Accelerator Market Report 2017

Shotcrete Accelerator Market Size shall witness healthy growth during forecast period with application in construction industry. Rapid urbanization in emerging countries has led to formation of bridges and tunnels that employ product. These help in accelerating the construction work and provide better results. There has been an increase in government spending over public infrastructure and anticipated to propel shotcrete accelerator market. These do not require moulds to settle down and are fast

Solar Tracker Market to exceed 70 GW by 2024

Solar Tracker Market size will exceed USD 27 billion by 2024, driven by growing demand for sustainable energy. Paradigm shift from depleting conventional resources toward sustainable electricity generation technologies will drive the global solar tracker market. Furthermore, rising concerns pertaining to GHG emissions coupled with favorable regulatory measures to sustain energy conservation have instituted a favorable business scenario. In 2016, British Columbia enacted the Greenhouse Gas Industrial Reporting and Control Act.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Market Share, Trends | Industry Analysis and For …

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Market will witness notable growth in the forecast timeframe. Rising necessity for tire inspection to ensure passenger safety remains the key factor driving industry growth. Efficient product operation indicating the warning message more than once will propel product demand. Growth in the global automotive industry due to increasing consumer spending on automobiles will drive the industry growth. Technological advancement and innovations have enhancing cost-effective solutions in

Europe Biogas Market size for 2016 was valued over USD 900 Million and the annua …

Government initiatives and widespread enactment of stringent environmental laws to subdue the greenhouse gas emissions will drive the Europe biogas market size. Adoption of these systems has significantly escalated across the region owing to the rapid integration of renewable sources as a substitute for fossil fuels. The EU 2020 strategy aims at 20% increase in energy efficiency and renewable adoption, with simultaneous decrease in emissions when compared to 1990 levels. Ongoing

Transformer Market for 2016 was valued over USD 40 billion and the annual instal …

Rising security of supply concerns along with global inclination towards energy conservation will foster the transformer market size. Energy efficiency propositions favored by expeditious expansion of smart-grid networks will further stimulate the product penetration. In 2017, Sweden, Italy, UK, Germany and France, entered a smart grid agreement. The concord lays investment provisions worth USD 133.7 billion to cater the expansion of smart grid technologies across Europe. Increasing infrastructural expenditure subject

Global Electronic Security Industry to grow at 10% CAGR from 2017 to 2024

Electronic Security Market share was estimated at approximately USD 27 billion in 2016, and set to exceed USD 60 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. The state and central governments of various countries are placing high focus on the development and adoption of advanced systems in high-traffic locations such as public roads, transit stations, and malls, contributing to the growth of the

Peracetic Acid Market to exceed $850mn by 2024

Peracetic Acid Market size will surpass USD 850 million by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc.Peracetic acid market has recorded substantial growth since past few years with a variety of applications in food and beverage industry, pulp and paper bleaching, water treatment, etc. Increased consumption of foodstuffs and beverages because of the rising population has led to the growth of the peracetic acid market.

Tallow Fatty Acids Market to reach $3bn by 2024

Tallow Fatty Acids Market size is poised to surpass USD 3 billion; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. The global tallow fatty acids market size is positively influenced in the recent years due to elevating soaps & detergents across the globe. Superior conditioning and cleansing properties of the product makes it an essential ingredient in the soaps & detergents, particularly used for industrial applications. In

Whitening Products Market analysis research and trends report for 2017-2024

Whitening Products Market size grown substantially at a healthy rate. The industry is not only limited to women, men are equally responsible for the growth of the market. Personal grooming is gaining popularity. Not only skin teeth whitening has also become a major market. The driver which are driving this market is the popularity of whitening products in both the genders. Men are not ashamed of be called as Metrosexual. There

Global Solar Photovoltaic Backsheet Market to surpass $2.3bn by 2024

Solar PV Backsheet Market size will exceed USD 2.3 billion by 2024, driven by growing adoption of sustainable energy technologies. Global solar PV backsheet market is set to witness a comprehensive upsurge subject to the ongoing proliferation across the photovoltaic industry coupled with favorable regulatory anatomy. The industry in line with the national renewable integration targets along with growing consent towards environmental security has witnessed large scale unit deployments across the

Microirrigation System Market to cross 150 million hectares by 2024

Micro Irrigation System Market size is estimated to exceed USD 12 billion by 2024. Rising concern for depleting water resources will drive micro irrigation system market. As per United Nations report, water availability is projected to decrease in various regions with global agriculture water consumption estimated to increase by over 19% by 2050. Growing environmental awareness and increase in income levels, along with shift in customer’s focus for eco-friendly products in

Mixed Reality Headsets Market to grow at 35% CAGR from 2017 to 2024

Mixed Reality Headsets Market size is set to exceed USD 35 billion by 2024 and shipments are forecast to grow at around 30%, driven by growing use of mixed reality headsets in employee & staff training and customer service platforms. The mixed reality headsets market is expected to grow at a significant rate, owing to growing usage in employee training across several end-use industries including retail, automobile, aerospace & defense, and

Petcoke Market size for 2016 was valued over USD 11 billion and the annual capac …

The pressing need to reduce the dependency on fossil fuels and the increasing demand for clean fuel is set to stir up Petroleum Coke Market demand in the coming years. Petroleum coke, also known as petcoke, is usually used as a carbon or a source of energy in industrial applications. The high calorific value, and high carbon & low ash content of petroleum coke makes it quite preferable when compared

Global Enhanced Oil Recovery Market size for 2016 was valued over USD 39 billion …

It has been anticipated that during the forecast period the import of crude oil will experience exponential growth across non-producing regions which will further enhance the business size. In 2016, Canadian government launched an online map of Clean Energy Resources and Projects (CERP) which stated the Weyburn-Midale project to be the largest CO2 flooding enhanced oil recovery (EOR) project and carbon storage project (CCS) with above 30 million stored CO2. Growing

HIV diagnostics market trends research and projections for 2016-2023

Global HIV Diagnostics Market size contributed about $2.41 billion for 2015 and is expected to register CAGR of about 9.6% by end of forecast period. Rising cases of HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) and fast medical breakthroughs in terms of point of care diagnostics is predicted to drive HIV diagnostics market trends during forecast timeline. HIV is found to be most common ailment, particularly in resource limited areas due to low health

ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) Devices Market share research by applications and region …

Overview Global (Ear, Nose, Throat) ENT Devices Market size was evaluated at $16.71 billion for 2015 and is predicted to register CAGR of 5% during forecast timeframe. Rising occurrence of ear, nose and throat related disorders along with growing old age population is predicted to promote (ear, nose, throat) ENT devices market trends during forecast timeline. Occurrence of hearing impairment has been growing since last few years due to rising noise pollution.

Steam autoclaves market to witness major growth in coming years

Steam autoclaves market is likely to traverse alongside a lucrative path in the forthcoming seven years, pertaining to the increasing awareness among the regulatory bodies about the importance of sterilization and decontamination for healthcare and food applications. Since a while now, influenced by the lure of profits, a substantial number of F&B companies have been adopting unhygienic alternatives in the food manufacturing process. In consequence, to maintain health and hygiene,

Insights into Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Market and it’s growth ou …

Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Market size was $22.31 billion for 2015 and is predicted to be evaluated at $31.41 billion by end of forecast period registering CAGR of 4.4%. ART is a modern technique used to treat infertility. The procedures included in it are gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT), in vitro fertilization (IVF), zygote intrafallopian transfer (ZIFT) and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). In vitro fertilization (IVF) is the leading method in which

In-Vitro Colorectal Cancer Screening Tests Market share to reach $900mn by 2023

The research report “In-Vitro Colorectal Cancer Screening Tests Market Size By Test Type (Fecal Occult Blood Tests [Guaiac FOB Stool, Immuno-FOB Agglutination, Lateral Flow Immuno-FOB, Immuno-FOB ELISA], Biomarker Tests [Tumor M2-PK Stool, Transferrin Assays], CRC DNA Screening Tests [Methylated Gene Testing, Panel DNA Tests]), Industry Analysis Report, Regional Outlook (U.S., Canada, UK, Germany, Japan, China, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa), Application Potential, Price Trends, Competitive Market Share & Forecast, 2016 –

Dental Practice Management Software Market to grow at 11.2% CAGR from 2016 to 20 …

The increasing geriatric population plays a major role in driving the Dental Practice Management Software Market revenue. Surgeon General of the United States reported that approximately 25% of the people aged between 65-75 years suffer from severe periodontal ailments. Thus, the urge to serve the large patient pool efficiently calls for advanced technological adoptions by the dentists, in turn boosting the dental practice software management industry. The growing trend of digitization

Global Sleep Apnea Devices Market share to exceed $8.5bn by 2023

The global industry report "Sleep Apnea Devices Market Size By Therapeutics [Airway Clearance System, Adaptive Servo-Ventilation, Positive Airway Pressure (PAP), Oral Appliance, Oxygen Device], By Diagnostics [Actigraphy System, Polysomnography Device (PSG), Respiratory Polygraph, Single-Channel Screening Device (Pulse Oximeter)] Industry Analysis Report, Regional Outlook (U.S., Mexico, UK, Germany, Japan, China, India, Brazil), Application Potential, Price Trends, Competitive Market Share & Forecast, 2016 – 2023" by Global Market Insights, Inc. says Sleep

Antidiabetics Market share to grow at 10.5% CAGR from 2016 to 2024

Inherently propelled by a stringent regulatory framework, antidiabetics market is strongly characterized by the legalized norms implemented by authorized bodies such as the European CE and the FDA. Having undertaken the crucial responsibility of regulating the commercialization of antidiabetics in clinical trials, these organizations continue to strive hard to approve drugs post their testing with utmost caution and precision, which is a prime factor driving the growth of antidiabetics industry.

Biopesticides Market Will Record a Significant Growth in Near Future.

Liquid biopesticides market will witness growth over 6.2% due to its relatively increased shelf life. Water-based formulations consist inert ingredients including stabilizers, surfactants, stickers, coloring agents, anti-freeze compounds, and additional nutrients. Biopesticides Market size is estimated to exceed USD 2.5 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Crop loss trends and a strong policy structure against the use of synthetic counterparts will drive

Space Launch Services Market Trends, Growth | Industry Analysis & Forecast, 2017 …

Space Launch Services Market in APAC is driven by governments are spending on satellite technology and exploration program. Countries such as China & India strengthening their military and defense system will boost the industry revenue during forecast time frame. In 2016, China premiered 2 new rockets supporting its future line of orbital satellite carriers. Increasing importance of satellites for planetary science, space exploration, geo information, telecommunication and socio-economic development encourage

Geriatric Care Services Market share research by applications and regions

Geriatric care has become a prominent name in the healthcare space lately. The service has shown immense growth over all these years and is anticipated to boom in the future at a noticeable pace. According to a report on Geriatric Care services market by Global Market Insights, “The geriatric care services market share is anticipated to exceed USD 1101 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 6.2% over the period

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