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Swarm Computing Market size and forecast, 2017 – 2027

Swarm computing being in the development stage has gained attention of many researchers in North America and Europe, majorly. Swarm computing focuses on forecasting problems and amplifying human intelligence by assembling groups to take collective decisions for providing the necessary information. Swarm computing, working on artificial intelligence, therefore, assists a user in better decision making.In addition to this, the advancements in research of both, IoT and swarm computing, complement each

Scintillators Market Industry Analysis, Trend and Growth, 2017 – 2027

With technological innovations the increasing demand for the knowledge of micro particles, radiation detection and monitoring devices is served by scintillators. Knowledge of subatomic particles provides knowledge at molecular and atomic level, which has its applications in sectors where sensing is needed. Scintillators, exhibiting luminescence, when used in conjunction with detectors provides information about things by studying their molecular structure. The electrical pulse generated by the absorption of the light

Printed Sensors Market Growth and Forecast 2017 – 2027

Printed sensors, as a market has gained power in recent times due to its applications in various sectors such as healthcare, automobiles, aviation, customer electronics and environmental monitoring, facilitating the availability of printed sensors in various verticals. Printed sensors have their major applications in the healthcare sector, for instance, disposable blood glucose sensors are widely used for diabetics monitoring. Request For Report Sample: Printed sensors are eco-friendly in nature and has

Research report explores the Printed Sensors Market for the forecast period, 201 …

Printed sensors, as a market has gained power in recent times due to its applications in various sectors such as healthcare, automobiles, aviation, customer electronics and environmental monitoring, facilitating the availability of printed sensors in various verticals. Printed sensors have their major applications in the healthcare sector, for instance, disposable blood glucose sensors are widely used for diabetics monitoring. Request For Report Sample: Printed sensors are eco-friendly in nature and has

Portable Solar Charger Market Global Industry Analysis, Trends and Forecast, 201 …

With the increasing awareness of utilizing renewable energy resources, the demand for non-renewable energy resources are decreasing. With innovative technological developments in energy resources, there is a growth in the adoption of products functioning on renewable energy such as solar energy and wind energy. As part of this evolution portable solar charger has emerged as alternative and efficient way of charging compared to conventional chargers. These portable solar charger absorbs

Software Containers Market Global Industry Analysis, size, share and Forecast 20 …

Software containers provide operating system virtualization which helps the application to run on cloud and data centres. Software containers package the application’s code and configurations into separate building blocks which can be run on cloud. These software containers are lightweight and offer operational efficiency. Request For Report Sample: Software containers offer a number of advantages such as speeding up the configuration cycle, providing granular control over resources, which help to improve

Research Report and Overview on Video Streaming Market, 2017 – 2027

Video Streaming market is one of the significantly increasing market. The market for video streaming is increasing due to rising adoption of smart devices such as smart phones, smart TVs and other that can enables digital media to customers for accessing the media content of their choice related to information, entertainment and social activities. Request For Report Sample: Video streaming technology is a type of streaming technology that helps in delivering

Multi-axis Motion Controller Market Expected to Expand at a Steady CAGR through …

The motion of an object can be controlled with the help of a motion controller. Digital (such as digital computers), as well as analog components, can be used to manufacture motion controllers. Motion control is a part of automation that involves the machine parts that move and ultimately provide control and safety. When motion control products and automation come together, high rates of productivity and flexibility can be achieved in

Research Offers 10-Year Forecast on Autonomous Parking Market

Over the past years, increasing complexity in parallel parking needs advanced technologies to overcome such difficulties. Therefore, more than 20 years back INRIA (Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et an Automatique) a France based research organization introduced a prototype for parallel parking which help to automate the parallel parking, now this techniques have been used in self-parking vehicles and most of the automotive and telematics vendors have been adopted

2D Electronics Market 10-Year Market Forecast and Trends Analysis Research Repor …

With the rapid advancements in technology, there is an improvement in electronics and photonics with the introduction of 2D electronics. 2D electronics are the advanced electronic devices made up by the integration of electronic devices with 2D materials. For example, the combination of 2D nanoparticles with electronic devices results into a more efficient, fast and a small unit. The resulting 2D electronics shows the advantages and benefits of both the,

Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) Market Size, Analysis, and Forecast Report 201 …

Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) is one of the fastest growing technologies due to increase in the demand to improve capacity of hard disk drive and to recover data from archived hard disk drive. At present, demand for data and requirement of storage technology has been increasing. The growing demand for high storage capacity, fast data access speed and high cost effective storage device worked together to further promote the development

Payment Bank Solutions Market Globally Expected to Drive Growth through 2027

Presently with the growing usage of digital and online banking, many banks have started offering various options for banking payments. These Payment banks are helping in modernization of banking by offering unique payment solutions to customers. The concept of payment bank solution is growing at a faster pace due to rising usage of mobile technology to provide financial assistance in remote areas. These payment bank solutions are developed specifically for

Current and Projected Integrated CMOS Tri-gate Transistor Market size in terms o …

In semiconductor manufacturing industry the integrated CMOS tri-gate transistor are mostly preferred as they are feasible and cost effective. Moreover, the market of the integrated CMOS tri-gate is having boom in semiconductor industry because of its low power application and compact size. Moreover, as research and development is going on day-by-day to minimize the size of transistor with better operating capacities. Presently, the size of the transistor is reduced to

ARM-Based Servers Market Expected to Behold a high CAGR through 2017 – 2027

Originally ARM is known as Acorn RISC Machine; later it is renamed as Advanced RISC Machine (ARM). ARM is set of reduced instruction set computing (RISC) architectures that are used for computer processors and configured for various environments. ARM is advanced RISC machine which is a network server that services a broad array of ARM processors rather than a complement of x86-class processors. Request For Report Sample: ARM servers represent development

Herb Oil Market Estimated to Expand at 10.8% during 2017 - 2022

Herb oils have become very popular in the 21st century as consumers seek out ‘natural and organic’ solutions that fit into their active lifestyles and have minimal to no-side effects. Herb oils have a number of benefits that customers are increasingly drawn towards. Herb oils can be used in skin therapy, food preparation, or even for direct topical application. Herb oils can be either made at home or purchased in

12.1% CAGR Projected for Physical Security Equipment Market During 2017-2027

A recent research by Future Market Insights (FMI) has estimated the global physical security equipment market to reach nearly US$ 64,000 Mn in revenues by 2022-end. Over the forecast period (2017-2022), the global market for physical security equipment is projected to exhibit a staggering expansion at over 10% CAGR. Request For Report Sample: Emergence of Thermal Cameras – A Major Trend Observed in the Market A major trend being discerned in the

4.5% CAGR Anticipated for IQF Vegetable Market During 2016-2026

The commercial advantage of keeping individually quick frozen (IQF) vegetables in stock continues to drive their demand among retailers, grocery stores and independent vegetable & fruit vendors from around the world. The global demand for IQF vegetable is expected to rise on the account for their longer shelf lives, speedy processing of foods, and robust supply chain. Future Market Insights projects that such factors will instrument a steady growth in

Dietary Fibres Market Estimated to Exhibit 16.7% CAGR through 2026

A recently published report by Future Market Insights (FMI) offers key insights on global dietary fibres market over the forecast period (2016-2026) on the basis of various factors that are influencing market growth. According to the report, the market is projected to expand at an impressive growth rate through 2026. The demand for dietary fibres globally is likely to surge and will bring revenues more than US$ 12 Bn, towards

Ready-to-Eat Food Market will Register a CAGR of 7.2% through 2026

Future Market Insights delivers key insights on the global ready-to-eat food products market in a new publication titled, “Ready-to-eat Food Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment, 2016–2026”. In terms of value, the global ready-to-eat food products market is projected to register a healthy CAGR of 7.2% during the forecast period (2016–2026). In the report, Future Market Insights analyses the global ready-to-eat food products market performance and gives information on

Medical carts is projected to reflect a CAGR of 11.0% over the forecast period, …

Growing need for quick access to mobile electronic health records at the point of care has led to surge in demand for medical carts globally. In addition, increasing demand for improving operational efficiency in the healthcare industry is projected to impact the global market growth of medical carts positively. Future Market Insights states that the global market of medical carts is projected to reflect a CAGR of 11.0% over the

Animal Model Market poised to surpass US$ 2,200 Mn by 2026-end

According to a recently compiled study by Future Market Insights, the global animal model market will reflect an impressive CAGR through the forecast period, 2017 to 2026. Revenues from the global market for animal model are poised to surpass US$ 2,200 Mn by 2026-end. Leveraging Animal Models offers Better Understanding of Different Diseases Animals and human beings share a common biological as well as physiological structure. Animals possess shorter life cycle, however

Disposable Plates Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.9% during 2017 - 20 …

Future Market Insights presents a value and volume analysis along with strategic insights on the adoption of disposable plates in various regions across the globe. The report titled “Disposable Plates Market: Global Industry Analysis (2012-2016) and Opportunity Assessment (2017-2027)” covers a holistic angle of the global marketplace for disposable plates with the help of a detailed market segmentation. The research report also discusses the various opportunities for manufacturers of disposable

Neuroendocrine carcinoma market is projected to grow at a robust CAGR of 7.7% du …

Recently, Future Market Insights has presented value analysis and insights on the various disease types, treatment types and end users associated with the neuroendocrine carcinoma market across key regions in the globe. It has also included an in-depth analysis on the various key players participating in the global neuroendocrine carcinoma market along with key developments taking place during the 2017-2027 timeline. Future Market Insights, in its recent publication titled “Neuroendocrine

Reverse Tuck Cartons Market Intelligence Study for Comprehensive Insights

The packaging industry is growing with more companies aiming to venture into new opportunities of packaging designs and add an edge over their competitors in the market. Manufacturers carry out broad research on packaging techniques and color schemes. Reverse tuck cantons are those cartons in which one of the flaps folds in the opposite direction as the other. The joint on the reverse tuck carton is situated at the ridge

Learn global specifications of the Canvas and Muslin Bags Market

The growing globalization trend has led most of the emerging economies to witness a sprint in sales of consumer products sector, and sales of Canvas and Muslin Bags have also witnessed an uptick. Canvas and muslin bags are the latest trend in the packaging segment. Canvas and muslin bags act as a secondary packaging of the product for protective and contamination free transportation. Muslin bags are made up of loosely

Biological Indicator Vials Market Research Study for the Period 2017 - 2027

Biological indicator vials are the test systems which contains viable microorganisms providing a defined resistance to a specific sterilization process. Biological indicator vials are used to offer information about whether the necessary conditions were met to destroy a specific number of microorganisms for a particular sterilization process, which gives a level of assurance in the process. The bacteria which are used in biological indicator vials are bacterial spores, or endospores

Skin Packaging Equipment Market: Intelligence with Competitive Landscape

The skin packaging is used for the packaging application of variety of food products such as seafood, meat, etc. In skin packaging, the product is kept on the paperboard and then covered by thin plastics sheet through the heat sealing technique. In order to pack products by this technique, skin packaging equipment is used. Generally, the operator keeps the product on the tray, and then the tray is placed on

Remote Magnetic Catheter Systems Market Forecast Report Offers Actionable Insigh …

Remote Magnetic Catheter Systems has been manufactured in such a manner that enhance patient care in atrial arrhythmia diagnosis and treatment. The remote magnetic catheter systems categorized into three main parts on the basis of its functionality, In the first part two large permanent magnets that are installed on both sides of the procedure table in the electrophysiology laboratory. These magnets are used to create an external magnetic field that

Biotherapeutics Virus removal filters Market: Insights and Analysis for Period 2 …

The biotherapeutics virus removal filters provide robust and economic solutions to stop the potential viral contaminants in a sample from the desired product. By using virus removal technique, all the non-enveloped viruses can be completely removed from the sample. The biotherapeutics virus removal filters are basically used during the manufacturing of biotherapeutic drug products or samples such as therapeutic replacement enzymes, antibodies, blood, derivatives of plasma and biopharmaceuticals. The biotherapeutics

Research Study Offers Insights on Future of Angiographic Catheters Market

Angiographic catheter is used in the angiographic procedures. The angiographic catheters provides therapeutic agents and radiopaque media to the selected sites in vascular system. In addition, the angiographic catheter is also used to lead a guide wire to the targeted site. Angiographic catheters is used for the treatment of cardiac diseases. The thin wall structure of the catheter allows the flow rate up to 23 ml/sec (saline). Angiographic catheters are

Serration Balloon Catheters Market: Challenges and Opportunities Report

Serration balloon catheters are mainly those catheters which are having teeth-like ridges on four sides of the balloon. The recently FDA approved Serranator Alto PTA Serration Balloon Catheter based on the percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA) principal. The serranator is one of a family of peripheral artery disease (PAD) technologies which incorporates proprietary serration technology to an angioplasty balloon. The Serranator has four embedded metal strips on an angioplasty balloon designed

Drone Delivery Services Market will be Massively Influenced by Macroeconomic Fac …

Last mile delivery is the very inefficient and unproductive part in today’s e-Commerce supply chains. E-Commerce businesses are continuously looking for solutions to cut last mile delivery times and minimize the cost associated with it. E-Commerce giants like Amazon are investing heavily in advanced technologies associated with artificial intelligence, robots, drones etc. The concept of drone delivery services has begun with Amazon announcement in December 2013, delivery system designed to

Rotational Molding Machine Market Insights and Analysis for Period 2017 – 2027

Rotational molding is a process of heating and rotation of mould, filled with the material in order to spread and stick to the walls of mould. Rotational molding machine is also called as roto molding machine. In order to maintain uniformity of the final product, the mould is consistently rotated during the heating process to achieve the even thickness. A rotational molding machine is a machine which manufactures rigid plastic

Research Study Offers Insights on Future of Senior In-Home Care Services Market

The senior in-home care services industry is benefiting from a growing number of aging baby boomers. People now-a days have longer life expectancy due to the advancements in medicine and technology, and thus increasing number of seniors are looking to age in their homes and maintain independence for as long as possible. Senior in-home care service providers deliver customized solutions according to patient’s budget and needs. Senior in-home care services

Higher Demand for Aromatherapy Market Consumables

Preference to alternative medicine such as aromatherapy is on a rise as people from all cultures are actively accepting the therapeutic use of aroma derived from plant-based essential oils. According to the study, North America and Western Europe are anticipated to remain dominant regions in the global aromatherapy market. By the end of 2026, aromatherapy revenues amassed from these two regions will surpass US$ 4 billion. Nevertheless, the aromatherapy market in

Infusion Pumps Market: Analysis and Forecast by Segmentation

Rising incidences of chronic diseases and increased hospitalisation cases will remain the primary factors driving the demand for infusion pumps. Increasing geriatric population is also a vital factor sustaining the market. With a growing number of diabetes cases across the globe, investments in diabetes care and management are also swelling. This is foreseen to push the market by 2016 end. There have been constant efforts R&D on I.V. drug administration

Market Size of Patient Recliners , Forecast Report 2017 – 2027

Patient recliner is the important furniture staple of the patient rooms and becoming common in hospitals, patient examination areas, physician’s office and therapy centers. These patient recliners or recliner chairs provide many benefits for short-term as well as long-term patients. Patient recliners maximize patient comfort. Patient recliners come in variety of sizes and functions including deep recline, adjustable suspension, Patients now a days seek for comfort and patient recliners fulfill

North America to be the Largest Market for 3D Printed Medical Devices

Future Market Insights delivers key insights on the global 3D printed medical devices market in a new publication titled “3D Printed Medical Devices Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment, 2016 – 2026”. The global 3D printed medical devices market was estimated to be US$ 238 Mn in 2015 and it has a wide scope of growth in the forecast period. The global 3D printed medical devices market can be

Specialty Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) Market 2016-2024

By product type, growth of the small molecules segment will be positively impacted by increasing outsourcing of active pharmaceutical ingredients manufacturing from European to Asian countries. In addition, rising preference for HPAPI to treat cancer will play a crucial role in the growth of small molecule segment of the global specialty API market. Based on the consumption pattern, the outsourced segment will continue to dominate market revenues, accounting for nearly 65%

Shoe Packaging Market to Partake Significant Development By 2027

Shoe packaging provides protection against atmospheric moisture, dust, damage, shocks, etc. Printing capabilities of shoe packaging materials consider effective communication of product information and branding elements in order to add to the overall value for the consumers. Corrugated boxes have been traditionally used as primary form of shoe packaging. However shoe suppliers are inculcating multiple layers of primary packaging such as plastic film covers, thin protective wraps, bubble wraps, etc.

Anti-Obesity Therapeutics Market to Incur Rapid Expansion During 2017-2027

Anti-Obesity Therapeutics Market: Drivers and Restraints The global anti-obesity therapeutics market is projected to grow at a significant CAGR over a forecast period. The rising prevalence of the obesity due to the rapidly changing lifestyle is the leading factor increasing the demand of the anti-obesity therapeutics and drives the global anti-obesity therapeutics market. The Increasing consumption of the fast food and lack of exercise in the population leads to the obesity

Women’s Health Diagnostic Testing Market to Register High Growth By 2027

Women’s Health diagnostic testing Market: Drivers and Restraints Women’s health diagnostic testing market is growing, this is attributed to increasing prevalence of osteoarthritis, ovarian cancer, breast cancer and cervical cancer. Also the market is expected to expand with the fastest CAGR due to increasing number of prenatal screening tests and anti-natal ultrasound along with increasing product launch for point of care testing devices. Increasing sales test kits for home usage is

Sport Caps And Closures Market to Discern fast Expansion During 2017-2027

Sport Caps & Closures: Dynamics The ongoing trend by end-users to accustom new configurations and versions of caps & closures to their containers stimulates the demand in the sport caps & closures market. Demand for sport caps & closures is anticipated to grow at around 4% over the forecast period. This growth is expected to be further fuelled by a shift in the product mix towards high technology type closures, such

Stressing on R&D Efforts to Amplify Tote Bags Market Share by 2027

Packaging is becoming an important aspect to protect and preserve the product from harmful rays, dust or moisture during the course of transportation. It plays an important role as primary packaging so that the product contaminate or react with any chemical. Moreover, secondary packaging plays a vital role during handling of goods from one place to another without getting damage. Tote bags is a type of secondary packaging solution that

Fetal And Neonatal Care Equipment Market: Innovation and Industrialization

Fetal and Neonatal Care Equipment Market: Drivers & Restraints The global market growth for fetal and neonatal care is expected to be driven by increased birth rate, hospital acquired infection among new born and pregnant women. According to the UNICEF, 60% of neonatal deaths and 68% of world perinatal death occur in Asia. Around 70% of the infant deaths occurs during the first month of birth due to negligible care. However,

Wearable Injectors Market: Expected Growth Acceleration During 2016-2026

Wearable Injectors Market: Drivers and Restraints The global wearable injectors market is majorly driven by its advantage over traditional devices which are administered in large dose volumes and require subcutaneous injection. Wearable injectors provide ease of customization as per patient needs, affluent commercialization to suit manufacturing criteria with minimal regulatory risk and comfortable experience of drug delivery to patients. The benefit of wearable injectors over other drug delivery devices such as

Ventricle Assist Device Market Expected to be Resilient During 2016-2026

A ventricle assist device comprises of a small tubes transferring blood out of heart and into the pump, the heart pump is connected to a control unit, which monitors the functioning of the ventricle assist device. Recent research has shown that continuous flow ventricle assist devices are more effective as they reduce the hospitalization and improve survival rate of patients suffering from heart failure. The different types of ventricle assist

Blood Clot Retrieval Devices Market to Register Unwavering Growth

Blood Clot retrieval devices were first developed to extract errant coils and foreign bodies which became immobilized in the cerebral circulation during endovascular procedures. Over a period these devices were used remove thromboembolic clots using guide catheters. The first treatment for clot retrieval was done using local micro-catheters as blood clot retrieval devices. These processes were mostly intravenous thrombolysis or endovascular revascularization. Blood clot retrieval devices of the first generation

Plastic-to-fuel Market CAGR Projected to Grow at 6.79% through 2027

Future Market Insights (FMI) announces the release of its latest report titled, “Plastic-to-fuel Market : U.S. Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2015 - 2020”. As per FMI’s projection, the U.S. Plastic-to-fuel market is estimated to generate US$ 42.78 million in revenues in 2015, which is likely to reach US$ 98.26 million in 2020 representing a CAGR of 6.79% through the forecast period of 2016 to 2020. Increasing Use of Plastics &

Wafer Level Packaging Market Projected to Expand Vigorous By 2026

Semiconductor and technology industry utilizes packaging not only in the overall packaging of the product, but also during the manufacturing of the product on the shop floor. One of these techniques is the wafer based packaging. Wafer based package being the same size as the die allows the wafer fabrication, packaging, testing and the burn-in during the manufacturing process till the shipment. Packaging industry has made strides in terms of design

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