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Automotive Alloys Market to Rear Excessive Growth During 2017- 2027

The global automotive alloys market is estimated to grow phenomenally owing to rapid urbanization, increasing vehicle production and fuel efficiency regulations. The global automotive alloy market has immense growth potential in terms of electric vehicle production and integration of advanced safety and comfort technologies in vehicles. The global automotive industry is gradually transitioning towards light weighted vehicles. Due to a growing demand for safety and comfort technologies, automotive vehicles are becoming

Benzylamine Market Analysis, Segments, Growth and Value Chain

Benzylamine is a chemical organic compound with the abridged structural formula C6H5CH2NH2. Benzylamine comprises of a C6H5CH2, benzyl group, bonded to an amine functional group, NH2. Benzylamine is a collective precursor in organic synthesis and used in the industrial production of numerous pharmaceuticals. Benzylamine is a primary alkylamine and valuable intermediate for several applications and a building block for chemical synthesis such as crop protection agents, and the production of

Current and Projected Formaldehyde-Free Resin Market Size in Terms of Volume and …

Formaldehyde-free resins are the adhesive which replaces traditional urea-formaldehyde glass mat resins and phenol-formaldehyde insulation. They are designed for mineral fiber and fiberglass applications in commercial & industrial and non-woven residential insulation. The global formaldehyde-free resin is expected to have substantially high growth rate, attributed to growing adhesive industry across the globe. North America accounts for significantly high revenue share in the global formaldehyde-free resin market, attributed to robust marketing

Automotive Remote Diagnostic Market to Perceive Substantial Growth During 2016 - …

The successful integration and development of technologies such as telematics and Internet of Things is enabling end-users and OEMs to interact with each other, for offering better services and product to ensure comfortable and safe drive. With evolving consumer needs, the industry is seeing a resurge in demand for in-vehicle diagnostic technology. Automotive remote diagnostics technology is seeing a surge in the demand owing to its increasing adoption for passenger

Automotive Seating Market to Rear Excessive Growth During 2016 - 2026

Seating systems are platform designed to accommodate the person seating in vehicle. Seating has modified through simple seating systems to complex masterpiece to fulfill the desires of both consumer and manufacturers. When OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and Tier 1 companies design the cars, the seating systems referred as expensive and heaviest interior parts. While conventional designs have been recommended throughout the industry, companies have started to design new layouts that

In-Vehicle Ethernet System Market to Undertake Strapping Growth During 2016 - 20 …

The automotive industry has evolved considerably since the advent of the first motor car (Benz Patent Motor Car, which made its first run on New Year’s Eve -1879). Vehicles with simple combustion engines are a thing of the past, and have made way for far more technologically superior vehicles that are capable of self-driving and interacting with exterior components such as traffic signals and other vehicles on the road, and

Blepharitis Treatment Market to Witness Robust Expansion throughout the Forecast …

Blepharitis is an ophthalmologic condition which is characterized by the inflammation of the eyelids which leads to eye irritation. The eyelids of the patient become inflamed near to the eye margin, and usually affects both eyes at the same time. Blepharitis treatment contributes to various other eye problems such as dry eye syndrome, itching, eyelid crusting, red and swollen eyes. It has been found that the prevalence of blepharitis increases

Industrial Plugs And Sockets Market Evolving Technology, Trends and Industry Ana …

Industrial plugs and sockets are utilized for the purpose of establishing secure electric connections in machines and equipment, which work on different frequencies and voltages. Industrial plugs and sockets are used to avoid accidental or deliberate mismatching of plugs and prevent connections that are not compatible in terms of frequency, current, polarity, voltage and type of use. Moreover,industrial plugs and sockets have multifunctional applications in commerce & farming and provide

3D Laser Scanner Market Drivers, Technology Growth and Opportunities 2017 – 20 …

With the rapid development in technology in almost every field, 3D laser scanner has been one of the revolutionary aspect for today’s world. These new generation 3D laser scanners are augmented to provide accurate and reliable data of an object to create point cloud data of exact shape and size into computer world. It is observed that emerging innovation for several applications has increased demand of 3D scan-to-print solutions which

Wellhead System Market Industrial Growth Analysis, Trends and Forecast 2018-2028

Being a component installed at the external opening of an oil or gas drilling well, the wellhead system plays a vital function by providing a structural pressure enclosing interface for drilling and production equipment. The wellhead system is also used for delivering exact suspension point and proper pressure sealing for the total casing used in the operation—from the bottom of the well to the surface control equipment. Demand for Wellhead System

All-Terrain Vehicle Market Analysis, Segments, Growth and Value Chain 2017 – 2 …

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are three or more than three wheeled motorized vehicles with large tyres that are primarily used for off road activities. All-terrain vehicles are generally used in vineyards, ranches, farms and other agricultural work places. They include most quad bikes, smaller side-by-sides and amphibious vehicles. In early 1980s, all-terrain vehicles were first introduced in the U.S. for agricultural purposes. Over a decade, all-terrain vehicles have grown increasingly popular

Depression And Seasonal Affective Disorder Therapeutics Market : Drivers, Restra …

Seasonal Affective Disorder is also referred as winter depression though it comes and goes in the winter season. The symptoms of the seasonal affective disorder often begin in autumn, when the days are getting shorter. This disorder mostly occurs in the month of December, January, and February. This disorder improves and disappears as spring and summer start. Seasonal affective disorder frequently happens due to reducing light exposure

Basic Methacrylate Copolymer Market Industry Analysis, Trends and Forecast 2017 …

Methacrylic acid is a type of organic compound which has versatile application area. Basic methacrylate copolymer is copolymer type with methacrylic acid as one of the monomer. Primarily basic methacrylate copolymer is widely used as an excipient in the pharmaceutical industry. Other than pharmaceutical applications basic methacrylate copolymer finds usage as glazing agents to the solid food products/supplements. The basic methacrylate copolymer is increasingly used in coating the solid foods

Feed Mycotoxin Detoxifiers Market – Drivers, Restraint & Future Growth

Mycotoxins are small secondary metabolites (a collective group of natural chemicals) of moulds that can cause toxic effects on humans as well as animals which are referred to as mycotoxicoses. Some mycotoxins are used in growth promotions, antibiotics, and other types of drugs owing to its pharmacological activities. The major concern with mycotoxin as feed contaminants which are potentially removed by detoxifiers. The main mycotoxins are aflatoxins, Fusarium toxins, and

Motorcycle Lighting Market Growth, Demand and Technology Research 2017 – 2027

Motorcycle lighting involves the usage of illuminating devices for the purpose of providing visibility to the riders travelling in dark environment. The lighting solution also helps in alerting other drivers, riders and pedestrians about its presence in the low light conditions and bad weather. Motorcycle Lighting Market: Dynamics Motorcycle has proven to be a very popular transportation motor vehicle among the middle class consumers especially in the developing regions such as Asia

Microcrystalline Wax Market Segments, Opportunity, Growth and Forecast By End-us …

Paraffin, petrolatums and microcrystalline wax are the natural waxes obtained from the petroleum sources. Microcrystalline wax is a refined mixture of solid, saturated hydrocarbons with long branched chain and is produced by de-oiling few fractions from petroleum refining process. Microcrystalline wax is tougher, flexible and possesses high melting point than paraffin wax. Unlike paraffin, microcrystalline wax is darker, denser, more elastic, soft, opaque and amorphous in nature. Microcrystalline wax is

Sensing Cable Market Up-to-Date Analysis of Market Trends and Technological Impr …

A sensor is a component, module or subsystem which is used to detect events or environmental changes. It detects abnormalities, failures, extreme conditions. It is thus a reliable source of sensing used in various systems such as temperature sensors, fluid leakage, and temperature sensors. Global sensing cables are thus the popular way of detecting and sensing the external environment and avoid any machine or process failure. It is used widely

Plastic Retort Cans Market Industry Trends, Survey, Growth and Forecast to 2027

Plastic retort cans are a niche offering in retort packaging segment, wherein pre-cooked or raw food products are placed into the plastic retort cans for achieving commercial sterility. Plastic retort cans are characterized by robustness due to the strength derived from rigid plastics. Plastic retort cans are also gradually occupying the shelves in modern retail formats, as it can be stacked on pallets without the need for cartooning. Attributed to

Embedded Hypervisor Market is anticipated to witness steady growth to reflect a …

Recently, Future Market Insights has presented value analysis and insights on the adoption of embedded hypervisors in various applications and enterprises across the globe. It has also discussed the component part of embedded hypervisors and their significance in important geographies along with key players involved in this market. Future Market Insights, in its recent publication titled “Embedded Hypervisor Market: Global Industry analysis (2012-2016) and Opportunity Assessment (2017-2027)” has covered a

LED Lights Market is expected to register a CAGR of 10.8% during 2017 – 2022

The Global LED Lights market is expected to register a global CAGR of 10.8% during 2017 – 2022, with APEJ, North America, and Europe accounting for significant market value shares by the end of the forecast period. Future Market Insights (FMI) delivers key insights on the global LED Lights market in its report titled “LED Lights Market: Global Industry Analysis 2012 – 2016 and Opportunity Assessment 2017 – 2022.” Growth in

Medical Bionic Implants And Exoskeletons Market is expected to expand at a CAGR …

The global medical bionic implants and exoskeletons market stood at U$ 454.5 Mn in 2016. It is expected to expand at a CAGR of 7.5% during the period 2017-2027 to reach U$ 1,001.4 Mn. Factors such as rising amputation rates, diabetes, arthritis, trauma cases and expanding ageing demographics have led to a higher number of bionic implants and exoskeletons procedures. According to National Center for Health Statistics, 185,000 new amputations

Food And Beverage Air Filtration Market Size, Share, Outlook, Industry Analysis …

Protecting people's health and well-being are the primary concern for regimes worldwide. Food & beverage production has become the one area that is stringently regulated by them to eliminate all possible risks related to product contamination at production facilities. Air filtration is an essential application for sterile food & beverage processing systems. Though, airborne bacteria is a major concern for food processors. Food & beverage air filtration provides a

Dental Caries and Endodontic Market is projected to register 5.5% CAGR during 20 …

Market leaders in the global dental caries and endodontic market are actively making acquisitions for expanding their product and services platform. Acquisition of leading regional players by global industries has resulted into consolidation of dental caries industry. The global dental caries and endodontic market is projected to register 5.5% CAGR during the forecast period 2017 to 2027, according to a report by Future Market Insights (FMI). In 2017, the market

Endovascular Aneurysm Repair (EVAR) Market Research, In-Depth Analysis, Key Play …

Abnormal enlargement of aorta in the abdomen of a person is a commonly occurring aneurysm in the world. Men and women of all ages are susceptible the incidence of an abdominal aortic aneurysm. Pain arising from such aneurysm can lead to paralysis or even cause death of the patient through cardiac disorders such as arterial stenosis. Endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR) is a collective term for all treatments that are directed

Cancer Tissue Diagnostics Market is poised to grow nearly US$ 9,650 Mn by 2026

The National Cancer Institute (NCI), which is a part of National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the US estimated 1,685,210 new cases of cancer in the country in 2016. In the same year, NCI also projected 595,690 deaths due to carcinogenic ailments. Cancer research activities have surged rapidly over the past few years, which has led to more product approvals for cancer diagnostic and treatment purposes. A recent study conducted

Hydrazine Market : Overall Growth, Major Industry Leaders & Future Insights

Hydrazine possesses ammonia like odour and is a colourless liquid. Hydrazine is a toxic chemical and is highly unstable. The major uses of hydrazine are in water treatment, pharmaceuticals, in the production of polymers, as a blowing agent and in agrochemicals. Hydrazine is produced by a variety of processes such as Raschig process, Ketazine process, and Peroxide process. Out of all these processes, Raschig process is most commonly used, however

Microneedle Drug Delivery Systems Market – Growth , Opportunities and Applicat …

Microneedles are tiny needles, small enough that they are measured in millionths of a meter, designed to deliver medicines. Typically grouped together in a large number, microneedles are designed to be applied to the skin like a patch. When pressed onto the skin surface, the needles are able to cross the very outermost layer of the skin, which then creates microscopic pores, allowing the medicine to enter the body. Because

Smart Plant Based Food Packaging Market - Emerging Trends & Global Industry Fore …

Food packaging is essential for containment of products, preservation and protection, to reduce food spoilage, eliminating the risk of adulteration and present food in a hygienic and aesthetically attractive way. According to the Agriculture and Food Organization, one third of the food in the world is wasted and most of this wasted food is generated by retailers and consumers who follow dates on packages and throw away edible food due

Metal Food Cans Market: Release Latest Trends & Industry Vision

Introduction: Today, packaging has become a necessity. Given the modern-day hectic lifestyle and today’s fast-paced life, consumers’ inclination towards convenience has increased. The demand for healthy products has increased as well in the last few years. This has also led to an increase in the demand for effective packaging solutions. Metal food cans are one of the most effective packaging solutions which provide all the features needed during transportation and storage.

Easy Peel Film Packaging Market: Release Latest Trends & Industry Vision

Easy Peel Film Packaging Market: Introduction The revenue form the packaging industry sales globally is expected to continue to show strong growth as both increased consumption and demand for consumer goods and food has driven the needs for more sophisticated packaging, such as easy peel film packaging, supported by growing middle class and rising disposable income. Packaging film and even packaging product manufacturers are offering products with additional focus given to

Wood Preservative Coatings Market is projected to expand at a CAGR of 6.1% durin …

The wood preservative coatings market in the U.S. is expected to be driven by the rise in the single family house building. Also, the consumers in the state are demanding engineered wood owing to its cost-effectiveness and reduction in the construction timelines. For instance, in April 2017, the University of Massachusetts Amherst (Umass) opened an engineered wood building, the first in the U.S. using a wood concrete floor system. The

UV Cured Coatings Market: Market Intelligence and Market Trends

The ultraviolet curing, is also known as UV curing, a photochemical process of instantly curing or drying the inks, coatings or adhesives by using high intensity ultraviolet light. The UV coatings have many advantages over the traditional curing and drying methods such as PVC coatings. UV curing coatings are used to increase production speed and improve scratch and solvent resistance. The UV cured coatings has adopted by many industries such

Speciality Paper Market is estimated to exhibit an US$ 21.59 Bn during 2017 to 2 …

Sales of specialty paper will reach nearly 25000 thousand tons in 2017, and this number is further estimated to exceed 40,000 thousand tons by 2027-end, according to a report by Future Market Insights (FMI). FMI’s report projects the global specialty paper market to register a steady 5.2% volume CAGR during the forecast period 2017 to 2027. The market is estimated to exhibit an absolute $ opportunity of US$ 21.59 Bn

Textile Auxiliaries Market Poised to Register a CAGR of 5.2% in terms of value d …

Global textile auxiliaries sales are projected to reach 2.58 million tonnes in 2017, up from 2.49 million tons in 2016. In terms of value, the global textile auxiliaries market will reach US$ 7.76 Bn in 2017. Demand will remain strong in Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) – the largest and the fastest growing market for textile auxiliaries. Textile auxiliaries sales in APEJ were valued at over 829 thousand tonnes in 2016. Request

Rare Earth Metals Market: Drivers, Restraint & Future Growth

Increasing application of rare earth metals in several key end-use industries is anticipated to fuel their demand over the next couple of years. In addition, major sectors such as energy and automobile are exhibiting a tremendous use of rare earth metals. This, in turn, is favouring the growth of global rare earth metals market. Moreover, consumer electronics devices such as smartphones and tablets are among the major application areas

Companion Animal Speciality Drugs Market is expected to witness a CAGR of 4.9% i …

Rapid urbanisation and commonness of isolated family units in the modern world are two of the major reasons that have led to increasing humanization of animals. The trend of pet adoption as companions has been rising all over the world, fueling the demand for veterinary products. A recent study conducted by Future Market Insights (FMI) reveals that revenues from the worldwide sales of companion animal specialty drugs are expected to

Variable Frequency Drive Market : Drivers, Restraint & Future Growth

The North America variable frequency drive market is projected to reach US$ 7.79 Bn in revenues by 2027, according to a new research by Future Market Insights. In terms of volume, 6.25 million units of variable frequency drivers are expected to be sold in North America in 2017. The U.S. will continue to dominate sales, accounting for nearly 78% revenue share of the market. According to Future Market Insights, the

Polymer Concrete Market is estimated to exceed US$ 691 Mn by 2027

As compared to conventional concrete products, polymer concrete products have been observed to display a superior compressive strength as well as impact strength. Moreover, polymer concrete is capable of enduring high-frequency vibrations and can be used for constructing complex shapes. Therefore, use of the polymer concrete in industrial infrastructures such as waste containers, pump bases, industrial flooring blocks, chemical containments and trench drains has grown significantly over the past couple

Malt Extract Market – Drivers, Restraint & Future Growth

Rising consumer awareness about the high nutritive value of diastatic malt extract will continue to drive the growth of Europe malt extract market Increasing health awareness and rising consumer demand for traditional foods will also influence demand. However, non-availability of substitutes and shortage of malt owing to increasing usage in breweries can impede demand. These insights are according to a new research report by Future Market Insights. The key trends

Asparagus Market Size, Share, Outlook, Industry Analysis Report 2027

Key excerpts from Future Market Insights’ latest report on the global asparagus market project that by the end of 2027, around 10,300,521.7 metric tonnes (MT) of asparagus will be consumed across the globe. The sales of 10 million MT of asparagus are estimated to bring in revenues worth over US$ 37 Bn. Rising awareness among consumers regarding benefits of consuming asparagus is expected to instrument the growth in global consumption.

Automotive Wheel Coating Market Size, Share, Outlook, Industry Analysis Report 2 …

Economic crisis observed in multiple parts of the world is being cited as a key restraint for sales of automotive wheel coatings. High prices of raw materials in Ukraine, rising occurrence of worker agitations across Chinese wheel coating plants, and an overall decline in global production of cars and other automobiles are observed as inhibitors for growth of global demand for automotive wheel coatings. Future Market Insights delivers such pivotal

Dengue Vaccine Market Research, In-Depth Analysis, Key Players, Applications, Fo …

Burdening occurrence of dengue fever across the Asia-Pacific region has prompted the demand for effective vaccines and medications to supress this viral malaise. While several pharmaceutical companies are striving to develop a cure for dengue, the fever’s incidence rate in Asia-Pacific is rising at an alarming rate. A recent report published by Future Market Insights predicts that in 2017, an estimated 70.3% of global dengue vaccines market will be dominated

Fluoropolymer Films Market: Overall Growth, Major Industry Leaders & Future Insi …

Future Market Insights delivers key insights on the global fluoropolymer films market in its latest report titled ‘Fluoropolymer Films Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment, 2016–2026.’ The long-term outlook on the global fluoropolymer films market is expected to be positive, with the market value expected to increase at a CAGR of 6.1% during the forecast period (2016–2026). Industrial & equipment is expected to remain the key end-use segment, accounting

Electrical Steel Coatings Market: Market Intelligence and Market Trends

Growing adoption of large power transformers in heavy industries as well as residential sectors is driving the sales of electrical steel coatings. Particularly in developed countries, a majority of electrical steel coatings are used for manufacturing the core of such transformers. Higher surface insulation resistance and thermal stability are some of the key advantages that promote the use of electrical steel coatings in such applications. Future Market Insights recently published

Tipper Body Equipment Market – Growth , Opportunities and Applications

In a recent market outlook titled “Tipper Body Equipment Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2016–2026,” Future Market Insights provides in-depth analysis of the global market for tipper body equipment within a 10-year forecast period, 2016-2026. Over the decade, the market is likely to exhibit a value CAGR of 4.2%. According to Future Market Insights, the market worth US$ 3,324.4 Mn will possibly cross US$ 4,000 Mn in 2021

Gellan Gum Market - Emerging Trends & Global Industry Forecast to 2026

Considering the growing demand for natural & organic gelling ingredients for production of food and beverages, global consumption of gellan gum should continue to increase at a greater pace. However, Future Market Insights projects that over a ten-year forecast period, global consumption will exhibit a moderate CAGR of 3.7%. Global gellan gum sales will incur a sluggish increment till the end of 2026, adding just over 500 MT to the

Oxycodone Market to Witness a Healthy Growth by 2028 | Purdue Pharma L.P, Daiich …

Increasing Prevalence of Chronic Diseases and Trauma Conditions Likely to Boost the Oxycodone Market Growth A rise in the number of patients suffering from terminally-ill diseases, such as cancer and HIV, and a high surge in post-operative pain medication prescription is expected to boost the consumption of oxycodone as a pain medicine. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2013, there were 239 million surgeries conducted across the globe,

Endoscopy Visualization System Market Opportunity Assessment 2018 - 2028 | Olymp …

73% Revenue Contribution by the Leading Manufacturers in the Endoscopy Visualization System Market The endoscopy visualization system market is largely dominated by major manufacturers who are competing on the basis of advancement and pricing in the endoscopy visualization system market. The fragmented nature of the endoscopy visualization system market decreases the profitability of the business. However, growing awareness and increasing demand for minimally invasive endoscopic procedures are factors expected to boost

Prefilled Formalin Vials Market Opportunity Assessment 2018-2028 | Diapath S.p.A …

Significant Revenue Contribution of Leading Manufacturers in the Prefilled Formalin Vials Market The prefilled formalin vials market is largely dominated by local manufactures who are competing on the basis of pricing. The fragmented nature of the prefilled formalin vials market decreases the profitability of the business. However, growing import and export of prefilled formalin vials and containers in countries such as the U.S., France, Netherlands, the U.K., China and Russia is

Sustained Release Excipients Market to Garner Staggering Revenues by 2026 | FMC …

43% Revenue Contribution of Leading Manufacturers The sustained release excipients market is largely dominated by local manufactures who are competing on the basis of pricing in the market. The fragmented nature of the market decreases the profitability of the business. However, growing awareness about sustained release excipients and lack of test specificity and sensitivity for sustained release excipients manufactured by local companies have increased the revenue opportunities for the global manufacturers.

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