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Automotive Aftermarket Components in Asia Pacific is Anticipated to Growth Rate …

Future Market Insights (FMI) announces release of its latest market outlook forecast titled “Automotive Aftermarket: Asia-Pacific Excl. Japan (APEJ) Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2015 - 2025”. According to this report, automotive aftermarket components in Asia Pacific is anticipated to account for US$ 218.73 Bn by 2025, registering a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.1% throughout the forecast period. The automotive aftermarket is a secondary market, which plays a

Automotive Plastics Market CAGR to Grow at 15.4 % During 2015 - 2020

Future Market Insights announces the release of its latest report titled, “Automotive Plastics Market: BRIC Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2015 - 2020”. According to the report, the BRIC automotive plastics market was valued at US$ 11,244.4 million in 2014, and is projected to register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.4% during forecast period 2015 - 2020. Automotive plastics are used to manufacture various components such as lighting systems,

Below 30 Hp Centrifugal Water Pump Market CAGR to Grow at 5.1% During 2020

Future Market Insights (FMI) delivers key insights on the Egypt below 30Hp centrifugal water pump market in its upcoming market forecast and outlook titled, “Below 30 Hp Centrifugal Water Pump Market: Egypt Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2015 - 2020”. The Egypt below 30 Hp centrifugal water pump market is projected to register a steady CAGR of 5.1% in terms of revenue during the forecast period due to various factors,

Global Pneumatic Actuators Market is Pegged to Reach US$ 19.8 Bn Value by 2017 e …

In the face of high demand for minerals, commodity prices in rapidly-developing economies such as India and China are recovering actively. Mining of gold, silver, zinc, copper and other highly-valuable metals is witnessing a rise in terms of investments, bolstering the recovery of mining industries across several parts of the world. Being essential tools for extraction and offshoring processes, pneumatic actuators are witnessing higher demand from mining end-users. Future Market

Global Paint Additives Market Will Reach Nearly US$ 9,000 Mn by 2022-end

The global market for paint additives is highly fragmented, with presence of several regional and international players. A number of domestic vendors have been observed to enter the market, influenced by rapid growth in urbanisation and industrialization in emerging economies. These vendors are competing on the basis of innovation, product quality, price, operation cost, and economies of scale for strengthening their position in the market. A latest research by Future

Product Cost Management Market Report Scope and Segmentation 2018-2028

Nowadays, with the increase in technological advancements, many manufacturing companies are adopting product cost management solution to set their product pricing strategy. In the traditional model of cost behaviour depicted in textbooks, costs are characterized as either fixed or variable concerning activity; thus changes in price depend only on the change in business, not on the direction of the change. With product cost management, every manufacturing companies can set pricing

Base Station Antenna Market Technology Growth and Opportunities 2018-2028

The base station antennas are widely used for various applications such as mobile telephony, wireless computer networking, and other wireless communications. These base station antennas are installed under established safety limits by the government in public areas. Mobile phones and other mobile devices require a network of base stations to function. The base station antennas send and receive radio frequency signals or radio waves to mobile phones which are close

Edge Data Centers Market Drivers, Technology Growth and Opportunities 2018-2028

Rising espousal of over-the-top (OTT) video, smartphone and wearable device availability and usage, and demand for bandwidth-hungry data content are creating intense need for moving the data and access closer to the users. Further, 5G deployments, IoT, Connected Systems, etc. are fueling the growth, which is clearly reflected from the mobile data traffic estimated to reach around 600 Exabyte annually by 2023. Closer proximity of data centers to the user

Anti-Caking Agents Market Professional Study and Research Report 2018-2028

An anti-caking agent is a type of an additive which is added to powdered or granulated materials such as table salt or confectionaries so as to avert the formation of lumps. The formation of lumps is an undesired situation called as caking. The purpose of adding an anti-caking agent to food products is to act as a food additive that keeps powders or granulated materials such as milk powder, powdered

Cathode Battery Material Market Outlook with Industry Review and Forecasts 2018- …

Increasing innovation and technological advancements practices in the energy sector is taking the world to a whole new level. Energy storage devices, systems and technologies is one of the key sector which is expanding rapidly across the globe. Major market participant are expanding their business portfolio and further getting into the universe of novel energy devices & technologies. Commercially there numerous types of energy storage devices are available in the

Egg White Protein Powder Market Upcoming Demands & Growth Analysis 2018-2028

The egg white is responsible for 60% of the total weight of an egg. It is rich in functionally important proteins, such as ovalbumin, ovotransferrin, ovomucoid, ovomucin and lysozyme. Ovalbumin is responsible for more than 50% of the egg white protein share by weight. This protein, when separated from the egg white, can be used in the food and pharmaceutical industry. Ovotransferrin, which is the second most abundant protein in

Dessert Variegates Market Poised for Steady Growth in the Future 2018-2028

Dessert variegates are toppings, fillings or syrups used to flavor or garnish desserts. Dessert variegates are products are used for enhancing the appearance of desserts, thereby making it look more appetizing. They are generally used to create to colorful swirls, ribbons and stripes mostly in processed dairy desserts. Garnish and the appearance of desserts play a key role in attracting consumers. The dessert variegates market has concurrently grown along with

Malonic Acid Market Industry Analysis, Size, Share and Forecast 2018 - 2028

Over the recent past, demand for malonic acid and its ester compounds has increased in several end use industries, such as pharmaceutical, coating, electronics and polymer & plastic, among others, owing to its multifunctional nature and characteristic properties. Due to the multi-functional nature of malonic acid, it can be used as a precursor, active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), cross linker, additive and intermediate compound, among others. Malonic acid, formula CH2(COOH)2, is also

Steady Growth of US$ 5,529.2 Mn to be Witnessed by Supercapacitors Market by 202 …

Supercapacitors (also known as ultracapacitors), a type of capacitor, are energy storing components which have advanced features in comparison to conventional capacitors (electrolytic and ceramic capacitors), such as high energy density, faster charging and discharging, high power density, etc. A supercapacitor is made of electrodes, covered with a layer of activated carbon for increasing its surface area, and an electrolyte which acts as the separator or the dielectric, when compared

Magnetic Sensor Market Trends Estimates High Demand of US$ 3,053.5 Mn by 2028

Future Market Insights (FMI) recently published a report titled 'Magnetic Sensor Market – Global Industry Analysis 2013-2017 and Forecast 2018-2028'. A magnetic sensor is a small-scale micro electrochemical system (MEMS) device for detecting and measuring magnetic fields. This sensor acts as a transducer which varies its output voltage in reaction to a magnetic field. These type of sensors are used for proximity switching, speed detection, positioning, and current sensing applications.

Talent Acquisition & Staffing Technology and Services Market Show Exponential Gr …

With the growing importance of recruiting and retaining top talent effectively and efficiently, smart hiring processes are the need of the hour. It is about time organisations move beyond merely scrutinising resumes. Salaries and benefits are important factors, but adopting ways that would make candidates an important part of the hiring process will attract the best talent. Studies reveal that due to discrepancies in existing Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), hiring

Industrial Energy Management System Market to Witness Exponential Growth of US$ …

The energy conservation emergency has led to a rise in the dependency on industrial energy management system. These systems are responsible for efficiently managing various industries and their consumption of energy by industrial applications. The complexities of an industrial application are handled by energy management systems as they optimize the energy balance, reduce energy consumption, increase productivity, and reduce the coal gas discharge. Several governments across the globe are also

Military Communications Market Sees Promising Growth of US$ 68 Bn during 2018-20 …

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) recently announced a new program that aims to improve military communications at a millimeter (Mm) wave, with digital phased arrays. The current millimeter wave system, which is platform-specific and inconvenient, lacks interoperability and sufficient security. To make it broadly applicable with improved security attributes, researchers are expected to face multiple technical challenges such as wideband frequency coverage, mesh networking, and precision beam pointing. DARPA’s

Chocolate Inclusions & Decorations Market Trends and Value Chain 2017 – 2027 b …

Chocolate inclusion is add texture in form of filling and a chocolate decorations is used for topping or to decorate the food products. Currently, the demand for chocolate inclusions and decorations is increasing among chocolate manufacturers, bakery products, confectionery, desserts, ice-creams etc. as it adds value to these products. Chocolate inclusions are available in different shape, size, color and flavor as per their application in different types of products. In

Cloves Market Growth, Trends and Value Chain 2017 – 2027 by FMI

Cloves are the spices made from aromatic flower buds of the clove tree. In terms of taste and flavor, cloves have very strong spicy taste and pungent aroma. They are consumed either as a whole or ground, and have application in culinary food, meat, marinades and in many other cuisines. Moreover, cloves also have demand in the global market in the form of oil which is widely used in personal

Kid Snacks Market Forecast By End-use Industry 2017 – 2027

A snack is a portion of food that is generally consumed in casual occasions or in between meals. Snacks are smaller than regular meals and are available in variety of forms such as processed foods and packed snacks food, as well as snacks made from fresh ingredients at home. Kid snacks is a small category which cover the snacks consumed by the children. Processed snack foods which are available in

Soybean Oil Market Forecast By End-use Industry 2017 – 2027

Soybean oil is one of the form of vegetable oil which is extracted from seeds of soybean/glycine max. Primary demand for soybean oil is in the food industry where it is widely used for cooking purpose. In terms of characteristics of soybean oil, it is yellow in color, contains vitamin E, vitamin K, Omega-6 and free from fatty acids and cholesterol, which makes soybean oil as one of the healthiest

Tea Tree Oil Market Value Chain and Forecast 2017 – 2027

Tea tree oil is distilled from the leaves of tea tree and also known as melaleuca alternifolia. Tea tree oil has wide application in cosmetics and personal care products due to its natural and antiseptic properties. In addition, the demand for tea tree oil is also increasing due to its purity and quality and which is primarily influencing the personal care and cosmetic manufacturers to use this oil as a

Skin Packaging Equipment Market Study Offers In-depth Competitive Landscape Asse …

Skin Packaging Equipment Market: Introduction The skin packaging is used for the packaging application of variety of food products such as seafood, meat, etc. In skin packaging, the product is kept on the paperboard and then covered by thin plastics sheet through the heat sealing technique. In order to pack products by this technique, skin packaging equipment is used. Generally, the operator keeps the product on the tray, and then the

Areca Nut Market Expected to Grow Faster According to New Research Report – 20 …

Areca Nut Market Overview: Areca nut is the fruit produced from the palm trees of South East Asia. Although, the production of areca nut is dependent on the geographic and climatic conditions of the region. Thus, the price fluctuations are majorly dependent on the production of the areca nut. The areca nuts are consumed not only for chewing with betel leaf, but also for various rituals in South East Asia Pacific

Sea Salt Market Emerging Growth Factors and Analysis of Investments by Top Compa …

Sea Salt Market: Introduction: Salt produced from the evaporation of seawater is called sea salt. The evaporation is accomplished by either open-air solar evaporation or by a quicker vacuum evaporation process. Sea Salts are also known bay salt or solar salt. Sea salts can either be unrefined or refined. High quality sea salts typically contain 60 trace minerals. Sea salt has a wide range of application in food and cosmetic industry.

Basil Leaves Market Analysis by Application and Geography with Top Industry Lead …

The basil leaves market is expected to remain under the influence of growing demand for fresh herbs in a myriad of applications ranging from food to pharmaceuticals. Proliferating consumer base inclined towards natural ingredients and increasing appreciation for novel culinary experiences are prime fillips driving the demand for basil leaves in the basil leaves market. Increasing demand for non-GMO basil seeds is expected to bode well for the basil farming,

Metal Recycling Market Perception on Future Growth Prospects and Industry Trends …

Metal recycling is gaining significant importance attributed to the rising problem pertaining to disposal of metal wastes across the globe. Metals are used for manufacturing variety of products such as automotive components and parts, electronics appliances, beverage containers, and furniture among others. The most used metals can be broadly divided in to ferrous (steel and iron) and non-ferrous (aluminum, tin, brass and copper). The process of metal recycling includes collection

Flat Rack Containers Market Study Offers In-depth Competitive Landscape Assessme …

Global Flat Rack Containers Market: Introduction Flat rack containers are used for transportation of heavy goods. These flat rack containers are especially designed for the carriage of heavy and large products such as boats, machinery, lumber and other such heavy products. These containers are suitable for heavy loads and cargo which needs loading from side or top. These containers can be transported through roadways, railways and waterways. These are specialized

Choline Chloride Market Expected to Grow Faster According to New Research Report …

Choline Chloride Market: Introduction Choline chloride, also known as Hepacholine, Biocolina, and Lipotril is a quarternary ammonium salt that contains choline cation and chloride anion. In laboratory, it is prepared by methylation of methyl Chloride with dimethylethanolamine. Choline Chloride is white or deliquescent crystalline solid in its appearance. Choline Chloride finds wide applications in Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Health & Personal care products, Agriculture/Animal Feed/Poultry industry. It falls in one of the

Biochar Market Emerging Growth Factors and Analysis of Investments by Top Compan …

The Asia Pacific biochar market is expected to witness significant contribution to the global biochar market, by registering a robust growth of nearly 10% by 2020. Growth of biochar market is also associated with the bio-fuel sector as the former is a by-product of the bio-fuels industry. With already established market of biochar in China and Japan, Asia Pacific biochar market is expected to witness positive growth with an

Cellulose Film Packaging Market Prophesied to Grow at a Faster Pace by 2028

Future Market Insights (FMI) delivers key insights on the global cellulose film packaging market in its published report titled “Cellulose Film Packaging Market: Global Industry Analysis 2013-2017 and Opportunity Assessment 2018-2028”. In terms of revenue, the global cellulose film packaging market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 4.9% during the forecast period, owing to numerous factors on which FMI sheds light in this report. The Asia Pacific cellulose film packaging

Blow fill seal Equipment Market to incur value growth at 5.9% CAGR during 2018 …

Increasing demand for aseptic packaging in the pharmaceutical industry is projected to be a critical factor driving the sales of blow-fill-seal equipment—required for packaging forms including vials, bottles, prefilled syringes, and ampoules. Moreover, unique ability of blow-fill-seal equipment to pack formulated drugs in clean and contamination free environment, without any human interface, thereby increasing the product safety, is also projected to increase the demand for blow-fill-seal equipment, during the assessment

Ring Pull Caps Market Reflecting a CAGR of 5.1% During the Forecast Period 2018 …

Increasing demand for convenience packaging and bottle opening solutions is projected to be a key factor pushing the global demand for ring pull caps. Ring pull caps offer convenience in opening bottles, cans, and tins by simply puling the ring on the top of the products. This also eliminates the requirement of an opener, traditionally required for opening a crown cap. Moreover, ability of ring pull caps to hold high

Cytomegalovirus Treatment Market Assessment 2018 - 2028 | Merck & Co. Inc, Mylan …

The cytomegalovirus treatment market is poised to grow at an impressive y-o-y of over 5.5% in 2019, as per the latest research study published by FMI. A cohort of macro factors, including rapid adoption of innovative treatment procedures and burgeoning investments in healthcare, are auguring well for the wide-spread adoption of cytomegalovirus treatment. These insights are per the latest FMI research study that conveys a healthy outlook for global cytomegalovirus

Stretch Films Market is Expected to Surpass US$ 12.59 Bn by 2028

Growing demand in the logistics industry, globally for unitizing items on a pallet through wrapping and increasing preference for packaged food are projected to be the key drivers fuelling the global stretch films market, expanding at a moderate CAGR of 4.6%. From an estimated value of more than US$ 8.06 Bn in 2018, revenue from the sales of stretch films is projected to cross US$ 12.59 Bn by 2028, during

Chemotherapy-Induced Myelosuppression Treatment Market Analysis by 2028 | Amgen …

A new study by FMI reveals that the chemotherapy-induced myelosuppression treatment market is expected to grow at a subdued 3% y-o-y in 2019. Valued at nearly US$ 7 billion in 2018, gains are likely to be driven by a combination of multipronged factors, including, Development of natural product interventions for chemotherapy-induced side effects Growing implementation of radiation treatment in cancer treatment owing to the associated high success rate of chemotherapy Growing R&D investments

PVDC Coated Films Market Reflecting a CAGR of 4.7% During the Forecast Period 20 …

There is a growing consumer preference for flexible and innovative packaging of food and beverage products to maintain the quality and freshness of the packed products. This is leading to increasing demand for PVDC coated films in the global food and beverages industry as PVDC coated films keep food products fresh and prevent external contamination. The demand for PVDC coated films from the F&B sector is also likely to increase

Market Dynamics to Escalate Demand for Metallised Polyester Films Market Through …

Global Metallised Polyester Films Market – Introduction: The global market for metallised polyester films caters to packaging application in market segments such as food, pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics etc. Metallised polyester films is a special grade of plastic film with coating of aluminum material. Metallised polyester films have superior gloss when metallised on optically clear base film. Metallised polyester films are one side coated layer whereas other side is either plain or

Reasons Why the Flow wrap packaging Market Will Witness A Decline During 2017 …

Flow wrap packaging market: Introduction Flow wrapping is a process in which the products are wrapped in films or foil of any shape and size. Various products such as biscuits, chocolates, meat, dairy industries etc. are packed in flow wrap. The end- packaging is considered to be safe with minimum lateral movement. The flow wrap manufacturers are able to endow various shapes to the products such as rectangular, cylindrical, cubical etc.

Consumption of Aluminum Tubes Market to Remain High During 2017 – 2027

Tube packaging is gaining traction among packaging manufacturers catering to cosmetics and oral care applications. Aluminum material possesses unique properties like lightweight, easy molding, anti-corrosive, etc. which makes it a better choice for packaging. This has encouraged manufacturers to opt for aluminum tubes over other alternatives. One of the most prominent property of aluminum tubes is that it remains neutral or inactive when mixed with other products. Along with effective

Functional Additives And Barrier Coatings Market Promising Growth Opportunities …

Packaging is the largest industry that uses functional additives and barrier coatings; they are used in packaging as they improve processing and manufacturing performance, and provide materials to have the assortment of enhanced properties. The functional additives and barrier coatings modify the packaging properties to give desired functions. There are various types of functional additives and barrier coatings such as antioxidants, blowing agents, anti-block agents, clarifying agents, impact modifiers, UV

Discover the Fiberboard Packaging Market lucrative opportunities by 2027

Fiberboard is a type of fiber product that is made out of wood fibers. There are many types of fiberboard such as low density, medium density and high density. Fiberboard packaging industry is growing very rapidly so that it has a great use in various packaging industries. Fiberboard possesses many types of flutes such as; A, B, C, E, F, which describes the strength of fiberboard. Fiberboard boxes are designed

Why Vacuum Thermoformed Packaging Market is Projected to Witness a Staggering Gr …

Plastics have become a vital part of packaging in today’s world. Plastics are finding a major portion of the packaging industry. Thermoforming is a process in which a sheet of plastic is heated made flexible then fabricated and shaped in required shape to make it usable. The sheet, or film when referring to thinner gauges and certain material types, is heated in an oven to a high-enough temperature and is

Contract Packaging Market Predicted to Grow at a Moderate Pace Through 2027

Contract packaging refers to the services associated with packaging for clients, by outsourced partners for various packaging solutions that they offer. Contract Packaging companies are basically third party vendors that specialize in packaging activities. In recent times, manufacturing companies have started to outsource the packaging related activities and other such non-core services to third party vendors. Companies usually opt for this outsourcing since they might lack the necessary skills or

Detailed examination of the Coated Recycled Paperboard Market to hold a high pot …

Coated Recycled Paperboard is majorly utilized in consumer products and food and beverage industries, for product categories including soap and laundry detergent packaging, cookie packaging, cracker packaging, paper goods packaging (facial tissue and napkins), cake mix packaging, and cereal boxes and other dry food packaging. Market Overview: Paperboard is a kind of paper which is thicker than the normal paper and is mainly used for the purpose of packaging. Major properties which

Reasons Why the Oral Dosing Cups Market Will Witness A Decline During 2017 – 2 …

Oral dosing cups are calibrated cups used for exact dosing to patients, especially children. They are meant for oral dosing, and are usually available in sizes from 2 ml to 30 ml or more. Oral dosing cups are preferred by many parents for pediatric oral medicine. They are useful in unit dosing, wherein they reduce chances of medication errors and contamination risks. Although oral dosing cups are useful, there have

Lidding Films Market Prediction and Analysis Offered By New Study Throughout 202 …

Recent years have seen a dynamic shift in the manufacturing of the product and its packaging. Lidding Films manufacturers are mainly focusing on upgrading new technology and implementing it in packaging materials. Lidding Films are usually used for covering trays, tubs, bowls, cups, etc. due to the strength it possesses such as high tensile, heat resistance and stability. Lidding Films are also eco-friendly and are available in the biodegradable form

Biomedical Tester Market Growth with Worldwide Industry Analysis & Forecast to 2 …

Biomedical Tester Market: Overview The continuous innovation and technological advancements in the biomedical tester are driving the global biomedical tester market. Biomedical tester plays a key role in the performance and compatibility of biomedical material. Biomedical testers are used to perform biomedical research, test research validation, and development of biomedical devices. Vendors offer biomedical tester for both modular equipment and electric fatigue test instrument. The manufacturing of medical equipments and products

Adhesive Tester Market 2018-2028: Emerging Market Trends, Size, Share and Growth …

Adhesive Tester Market: Overview Adhesion is a process widely used across all industry verticals as they involve the binding of two different materials. Adhesive testers are used for testing adhesion properties of the materials. This checking is now becoming one of the key functions in building a new product across different industries. From past few years, increasing production, manufacturing, and construction activities at the global level is one of the prime

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