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India Video Surveillance Market (2016-2022)-6Wresearch

India Video Surveillance Market is Projected to Grow at a CAGR of Over 13% During 2016-22; Hikvision, CP Plus, Dahua, Axis Communications and Honeywell Acquired Majority of Market in 2015– 6Wresearch India has emerged as one of the most promising markets for electronic security systems in last six years. Amongst all electronic security systems, video surveillance systems have captured key share of the market pie. Video surveillance market in India has

Global Li-Fi (Light Fidelity) Market (2016-2022)-6Wresearch

Asia-Pacific Region to Emerge as Key Contributor in Global Li-Fi (Light Fidelity) Market by 2022- 6Wresearch Though Li-Fi is an emerging technology, which is yet to be commercialized globally, but is anticipated to record exponential growth over the coming years. At present, Li-Fi market is still in the nascent stage and is confined to limited applications. Many companies, R&D institutes and education institutes have invested in this space to make the

Global Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) Market (2016-2022)-6Wresearch

Global Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) Market (2016-2022) Market Forecast by Components (Microcontroller, Photodetector and LED), Verticals (Retail, Museums, Campus and Street Light) and Regions (Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific) Report Description Projected growth in the LED lighting market, growing demand for the fast and secure data transfer and increasing internet penetration are some of the major factors which have resulted in the overall growth of the global Li-Fi market. In Li-Fi system, LED light component

India 3D Printer Prototyping and Materials Market (2016-2022)-6Wresearch

India 3D Printer Prototyping & Materials Market is Projected to Reach Over $62 Million by 2022– 6Wresearch Over the last few years, India is registering growth in demand for 3D printers on account of usage of these for preparing prototypes in the areas of electronics & consumer goods, automotive, architecture, medical, industrial and others. Although, India 3D printer market is presently at nascent stage; however holds tremendous potential for the manufacturers,

Vietnam Video Surveillance Market (2016-2022)-6Wresearch

Vietnam- The Fastest Growing Video Surveillance Market in South-East Asian Region Vietnam is emerging as one of the key revenue contributing countries in South-East Asia video surveillance market. Surging construction market, growing government spending, infrastructural development, and increasing FDI in retail and industrial sectors have spurred the demand for electronic security systems including video surveillance systems in Vietnam. According to 6Wresearch, Vietnam Video Surveillance Market is expected to grow at a CAGR

GCC Oil and Gas Pipeline Leak Detection System Market (2016-2022)

Increasing Investments for Developing Oil & Gas Fields and Expansion of Pipeline Infrastructure to boost GCC Pipeline Leak Detection System Market during 2016-22 - 6Wresearch GCC countries are the major exporters of crude oil and natural gas in the world. GCC countries are investing billions of dollars for development of oil & gas fields to increase the production. These developments would spur the expansion of both onshore and offshore pipeline network.

NCR region have resulted in the growth of Delhi Radio Taxi market

Increasing executive class population and emerging aggregator-based operators are driving growth of the Delhi Radio Taxi Market – 6Wresearch Booming corporate culture, increasing consumer demand as well as lateral development of the NCR region have resulted in the growth of Delhi Radio Taxi market. Additionally, high level of customer convenience coupled with competitive fare as compared to other public transports have further fueled the demand for Radio Taxi Services in the

Global Biometrics Market is Projected to Touch $21.9 Billion by 2020

Buoyed by Government Projects, Global Biometrics Market is Projected to Touch $21.9 Billion by 2020; Asia-Pacific (APAC) to Acquire Leadership in the Forecast Period – 6Wresearch 6Wresearch announces the release of exhaustive and detailed “Global Biometrics Market (2014-2020)” report covering technologies, regions, countries and applications. The report estimates and forecast market by technologies such as Fingerprint, Face, IRIS, Hand/ Palm-Print, Voice, Vein, Keystroke Dynamics, DNA, GAIT and Multimodal biometrics. The report

UAE Elevator and Escalator Market (2016-2022)-6Wresearch

Growing construction market, diversification of economic portfolio, expansion of metros & airports, upcoming new hotels & malls, upcoming Dubai world expo in 2020 are some of the factors that have spurred elevator & escalator market in UAE. The growth in the construction market and rising government expenditure on infrastructure development have also impacted nationwide installation of elevator & escalators across UAE in last few years. However, with declining oil prices

‘Indonesia’ a Key Contributor in South-East Asia’s Air Conditioner Market

South-East Asia region has become one of the most attractive investment destinations globally. The region has witnessed surge in FDIs, which has resulted in rise of various infrastructures. Amongst all South-East Asian countries, Indonesia is emerging as one of the key countries, which has registered growth across all industry verticals in last few years. With growth of infrastructures in Indonesia, demand for air conditioners have increased, especially in commercial and

UAE Elevator and Escalator Market is Projected to Grow at a CAGR of 3.9% from 20 …

UAE is the second largest construction market in GCC region after Saudi Arabia. Construction market contributed nearly 11% to UAE’s GDP in 2015 and further estimated to acquire 12% by the end of 2016. Government spending on improvising public infrastructure is leading to the growth of construction industry in the country. Expansion in the areas of metro network and airport have led for the installation of elevators & escalators in

6Wresearch-India Online Grocery Market is in its nascent stage

Wide Acceptance of Online Shopping and Busy LifeStyle Spurring the Growth of Online Grocery Market in India - 6Wresearch India Online Grocery Market is in its nascent stage and primarily confined to Tier 1 cities. Rising internet penetration, acceptance of smartphones, changing consumer buying trends, gaining consumer confidence towards online shopping and better service quality are tremendously boosting the market for online grocery in India. Online grocery concept enhances consumer’s shopping

6Wresearch-India Mobile Wallet Market (2016-2022)

Mobile wallet concept in India is still in the nascent stage, which is restricted primarily to tier 1 cities. However, with the exponential growth of smartphones & tablets in the country, increasing mobile internet subscribers and entry of new players, the market for mobile wallet in India is expected to register swashbuckling growth over the next six years. According to 6Wresearch, India Mobile Wallet market is projected to generate $11.5 billion

6Wresearch-India Air Purifier Market (2016-2022)

Northern Region Boosting the Market for Air Purifiers in India - 6Wresearch Industrialization, growing urbanization, dependency on non-renewable sources of energy, rising pollutants, and growing number of vehicles have significantly deteriorated the quality of air across India. In addition, dust from construction activities is further degrading the air in all major cities. These factors have resulted into the usage of air purifiers in India. Also, rising number of individuals suffering from

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