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Explore Mobile Applications for Melanoma Detection Market: Latest Trends and Fut …

According to a new market report published by Transparency Market Research “Mobile Applications for Melanoma Detection Market - Europe and Israel Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2014 - 2022”, the mobile applications for melanoma detection market in Europe is expected to reach a value of US$ 1.5 Mn by 2022. The market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 47.0% during the forecast period from 2014

Global Home Rehabilitation Products and Services Market Analysis and Forecast 20 …

Rehabilitation programs help patients to improve, maintain, and restore physical strength and mobility in institutional and home care settings. This study provides market analysis for various rehabilitation products and services that are provided within home care settings. The stakeholders of this market study comprise established rehabilitation product manufacturers, distributors, and rehabilitation service providers as well as new participants who wish to enter the global rehabilitation products and services market. This

Global Cell Culture Media, Sera, and Reagents Market to Reach US$7.1 bn by the e …

The global cell culture media, sera and reagents market is witnessing impressive growth due to the increase in demand for biopharmaceutical products. Since its introduction as an integral part of the life sciences industry, the cell culture market has witnessed significant growth in terms of scope as well as adoption by the end-users. The double-digit growth in the biotechnology and biopharmaceutical industries is the major factor likely to boost the

Growing Preference for Homecare Solutions to Create High Demand for Electrical S …

The rise in the incidence of spinal injuries and low back pain, as well as their increasing usage in sports medicines, has boosted the demand for electrical stimulation devices (ESDs) substantially across the world in the recent times. The growing prevalence of chronic conditions such as diabetes and obesity has also fueled their demand considerably and is likely to continue to do so over the years to come. According to

New Report Shares Details about the Testing and Analysis Services Market Forecas …

Testing analysis services are precarious element in many industries and has the potential to save time and money by performing critical analysis throughout the product life cycle and improve customer satisfaction by delivering defect-free product. Testing laboratories are significantly increasing these capabilities to better serve prospective businesses as they continue to pursue ways to decrease cost, enhance analytical testing, and increase the flexibility of their testing analysis programs. The key

NFC-enabled Connected Bottles Market Profits from Rising Product Legitimacy Doub …

The global near field communication (NFC)-enabled connected bottles market is anticipated to receive a healthy push in demand with growing trends in the food and beverages industry. Launched last month, a national campaign by Barbadillo, a prominent Spanish winemaker, includes a 126,000 NFC-enabled Castillo de San Diego smart wine bottles. It is expected to be one of the largest worldwide deployments of the technology in the wine and spirits industry.

Savvy Consumers Looking for Nutritional Value and Freshness in Packaged Food Boo …

The booming food and beverage industry post the economic slump of 2008 is extended growth opportunities to several ancillary industries. The rising per capita income of individuals and changing lifestyle is positively influencing the growth of packaged food and beverage industry worldwide. This includes supply of frozen meats, packaged fruits and vegetables, and ready-to-eat foods between local, regional, and international markets. This has boosted the demand for specialty packaging over

Global Digital Printing Packaging Market: Rising Demand for Consumer Products to …

A new market intelligence study by Transparency Market Research offers a complete overview of the global digital printing packaging market. The research study titled “Digital Printing Packaging Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2016 – 2024,” throws light on the major factors that are estimated to influence the growth of the market throughout the forecast period. Moreover, the segmentation on the basis of product, application,

Digital Packaging Market - Value Chain and Stakeholder Analysis by 2025

Global Digital Packaging Market: Digital packaging refers to the use of modern digital technologies as a core part of packaging elements used for several products, especially in the consumer goods industry. This can imply the use of printed elements on the packaging that users or consumers can use to gain access to digital content or products. At the same time, digital packaging is being used on large scales internally by manufacturing

Bulk Container Packaging Market Global Market Opportunity Assessment Study 2020.

The global bulk container packaging market is driven by their use in the transportation of dry and free-flowing chemicals or materials. The growing exportation of vegetable oil from Southeast Asia is driving the growth of this market. Similarly the rise in the exportation of wine from Europe will fuel the demand for bulk container packaging. the low cost and high operational efficiency is a key reason behind the use of

Pharmaceutical Hot Melt Extrusion Market is expanding at a CAGR of 3.90% from 20 …

The global market for pharmaceutical hot melt extrusion has gained a significant momentum, thanks to the versatile usage of the extrudate. The upswing in the popularity of hot melt extrusion, on account of the increasing awareness among consumers regarding the benefits it offers compared to the conventional processing techniques, such as reduced time to market and optimized product efficiency, is also supporting the growth of this market substantially. On the other

Dermatology Diagnostic Devices and Therapeutics Market Research Report by Geogra …

As the incidence of chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne, rosacea, eczema, cell carcinoma, pruritus, and dermatitis increases globally, in return it will create opportunities for the expansion of the dermatology diagnostic devices and therapeutics market. Besides, having an adverse impact on the well-being of millions, these diseases also put burden on an economy’s healthcare finances. As per Transparency Market Research (TMR), skin conditions such as these permeate

Aesthetic Services Market will rise to US$ 28.1 Billion by 2024

The North America market for aesthetic services has been experiencing a tremendous increase in its size and valuation. The increasing aesthetic consciousness and the growing interest of people towards self-grooming in this region are the key factors behind the growth of this market. Apart from this, the alarming rise in the obese population and, consequently, increased demand for liposuction procedure are also boosting this market substantially. Going forward, the growing awareness

Knee Implant Market is expanding at a CAGR of 5.30% from 2016 to 2024

The U.S. market for knee implants a matured market and projected to witness steady growth over the forthcoming years. The technological advancements in knee implants, such as the usage of 3D printing, biocompatible materials, robotic-assisted surgeries, and navigation technology are likely to drive this market in coming years. Apart from this, the increasing health care expenditure and the rising population of geriatric individuals are also anticipated to contribute to the

Healthcare Facilities Management Market: Upcoming Trends and Growth Analysis

The demand in the global healthcare facilities management market is projected to increment at an impressive CAGR of 13.4% during the forecast period of 2017 to 2025, gaining traction from a number of factors, such as increasing government support for robust healthcare infrastructure in a number of emerging economies, particularly in Asia Pacific, prevalence of several chronic diseases, increasing disposable income of the urban population, and technological advancements both hard

Oligonucleotide Synthesis Market Research Report by Key Player Analysis 2025

Entry of new players in the global oligonucleotide synthesis market has heated up competition. Players wanting to grow their market shares have mostly resorted to cutting down prices to draw more customers. This has also put a downward pressure on prices and subsequently many prominent vendors have been forced to strategically cut down certain service and product arms and focus on a niche sector. Currently, Thermo Fisher Scientific holds a dominant

Veterinary Therapeutics Market Research Report by Geographical Analysis and Fore …

The global veterinary therapeutics market has witnessed growth at a significant rate in the past few years, owing chiefly to the rising awareness about health and well-being of companion as well as livestock animals. The market is driven by factors such as the increase in ownership of companion animals, rapid introduction of new products capable of combating new varieties of diseases in animals, increased affordability of treatments, and rising expenditure

Chlamydia Infection Diagnostics and Therapeutics Market is expanding at a CAGR o …

The chlamydia infection diagnostics and therapeutics market unveils high potential owing to the rapidly rising patient pool and vast untapped opportunities, especially in developing economies across regions such as Asia Pacific and Latin America. The market expected to exhibit healthy growth in the near future due to the increasing focus on treatment of sexually transmitted diseases globally. There is a need for enhanced techniques of diagnosis of pelvic inflammatory disease

Global Thin Film Drug Manufacturing Market: Improved Therapeutic Output Encourag …

The thin film drugs were recorded with high market acceptance due to its ease of application and high effectiveness. Moreover, developed economies such as the U.S. and countries in Europe recorded significant sale of thin film drugs. Thin film drugs achieve the desired therapeutic results. Therefore, they have gained attention in the market as a potential treatment option. According to the research report, the global thin film drug manufacturing market

Prenatal Vitamin Supplements Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Gro …

A majority of women worldwide complain deficiency of certain vitamins during pregnancy. These nutrients are imperative for proper fetal development and are required before, during, and post conception for the lactation period. Also referred to as prenatal vitamins, they are available in the form of artificial supplements, however, should be consumed as recommended by the doctor. The rising incidents of birth defects such as congenital heart disease, Down syndrome, cleft

Europe Pet Food Market Driven by Rising Trend Amongst People for the Adoption of …

Global Pet Food Market: Snapshot Europe has emerged as a prominent market for pet food across the world, thanks to the increasing number of pet owners in this region. The rising trend for nuclear family and the high disposable income of consumers have been leading to a positive growth of the Europe market for pet food. The increasing need for pet specific products across Europe is also reflecting on the demand

Commercial Roofing Materials Market - Emerging Economies to Have Lucrative Growt …

The global commercial roofing materials market is defined by the presence of well known players from the construction industry. There are no prominent global players in this market but there are several regional players, Transparency Market Research observes in its latest study on this market. Some of them are: GAF, Firestone Building Products Company, and TAMKO Building Products, Inc. According to the report the global commercial roofing materials market was

Plastic vials and ampoules market is driven by increasing use of sealed ampoules …

Plastic vials and ampoules are small plastic containers and are used especially for storing pharmaceuticals and chemicals that must be protected from air or contamination Plastic vials and ampoules are generally thin-walled plastic or glass containers, which are filled and sealed by either pull sealing or tip sealing. Plastic ampoules are usually opened by snapping of the upper neck of the container. Moreover, ampoules are filled with inert and non-reactive

Zipper Pouch Market - Value Chain and Stakeholder Analysis by 2026

Zipper Pouch Market: Snapshot There has been a considerable rise in the number of modern retail setup such as hypermarkets, supermarkets, and convenience shops over the last few years. Global in-store purchases and retail sales are expected to grow significantly in the coming years. The retail industry in Asia Pacific is booming, primarily because of the rising per capita dispensable income coupled with changing lifestyles of customers in the region. This

Hinge Lid Cartons Market - Recent industry trends and developments

Hinge lid cartons Market: Introduction Packaging plays a vital role regarding product differentiation, protection and hygienic control of the product. Among all the packaging types, cartons are one of the most important forms of packaging. Hinge lid cartons have an added advantage over other types of cartons owing to its properties such as elegant carton shape, high load bearing capacity and good appearance. These properties are expected to boost the demand

Thermoform Packaging Market: Demand to be Extremely High from Manufactures of Fo …

Global Thermoform Packaging Market: Snapshot The growing emphasis on quality of packaging has lent a significant impetus to the global thermoform packaging market. To make an effective campaign for products and to gain a competitive edge, several manufacturers are looking at innovative and attractive packaging solutions. These efforts have increased the uptake of thermoform packaging in sectors such as food, beverages, pharmaceutical, electronics, and semiconductors. Against this backdrop, the global thermoform

Global Spouted Pouches Market is driven by increasing consumer preference toward …

Packaging plays a vital role in product differentiation. Interactive packaging helps companies to stay ahead of their peers. As a result, packaging companies are coming up with many new innovative products in the market. Spout pouches is one such attractive packaging which is in high demand. Spout pouches provides flexible packaging options for the liquid products and is suited best for logistics purpose. Spouted pouches comes in different sizes. All

Single serve packets market is driven by the rising concern among the consumers …

A single serve packets is a small pouch made from foil, paper, or plastic film. Single serve packets usually used to pack single-use quantities of consumer goods such as foods, ketchup, or shampoo. The market of single serve packets is growing at significantly high growth rate as global packaging industry growing at a rapid CAGR. Fill the form to gain deeper insights on this market @ Single Serve Packets Market: Dynamics The

Dual Component Packaging Machines Market - A neutral perspective on market perfo …

Packaging can be said as the face of a product, communicating with the consumers, in absence of the marketers. The idea of packaging, as a means of carriage, got changed with innovation and technology. With the advent of technology, packaging industry came up with various processes and forms of packaging to meet the modern requirements. The introduction of machines over human labor to make packaging easier, safer, faster, effective

Organizations to Gear up for Plastic Recycling Pertaining to Environmental Laws

Plastic recycling mainly refers to the procedure which is conducted either chemically or mechanically for recovering plastic waste from discarded products for the production of reusable plastic. The global market for plastic recycling has been rising at a steady rate over the last couple of years owing to the rising awareness among people regarding the high amount of carbon emissions and the need for reducing them. Plastic wastes have hazardous

Savvy Companies Bolster Distribution Channels to Gain Competitive Edge in Global …

Numerous small players operate in the global independent lubricant manufacturers market. Yet the competitive landscape is consolidated. This is because the leading four vendors account for more than half the share in the market. In 2016, for example, they held about 58% of the market, as per a report by Transparency Market Research. Of the top four, Germany-headquartered FUCHS held a substantial 37% share in the market in 2016. The report

Continued Rise in Organic Food Industry to Boost Global Organic Fertilizers Mark …

The increasing trend of organic cultivation is having a great impact on the global market for organic fertilizers. The growing awareness among farmers and agriculturists about the harmful effect of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and antibiotics on agricultural land is encouraging them to shift towards organic farming, which is significantly reflected on the demand for organic fertilizers across the world. According to Transparency Market Research (TMR), the global market for organic fertilizers

Increasing Trend of Automation in Energy Exploration Companies to Boost Global M …

With the increasing number of energy exploration enterprises are turning to automation, in an effort to lower the operation and maintenance costs as well as cope up the lack of skilled labor, they have to incur in the process, the global market for Internet of things (IoT) solutions for the oil and gas industry is witnessing a positive growth. An upward movement in the market can be observed with many

Demand of Cleaner Energy Alternatives to Boost Global Market for Virtual Pipelin …

Powered by the advancing concerns over renewability of energy sources has affected the natural gas industry positively. The transportation of oil and natural gas in a brisk, albeit safe manner has never been such an urgent requirement. With pipelines being the most common approach, they are the primary choice of supply of energy sources. Physical pipelines, being confined to specific geography, are not found to be effective in terms of

Veterinary Drugs Market Research Report 2016-2024

Global Veterinary Drugs Market: Snapshot Across developed countries the ownership of companion or livestock animals of various known and exotic breeds has remained high since the last few decades. Developing countries are catching up in this regard as well. Across the world, livestock animals are majorly domesticated for their economic value. Dairy products, meat, fibers, and fertilizers derived from companion animals have considerable market value. In addition, their labor is put

Cardiac Holter Monitor Market Research Report 2016-2024

Global Cardiac Holter Monitor Market: Snapshot Cardiac Holter monitors are used for recording heart’s electrical activities. The device operates on a small battery to records heart rhythm for 24-48 hours. The Holter monitor device consists of a recorder, for recording the heart’s rhythm and a software, which is utilized to interpret the recorded data. The cardiac Holter monitor is most commonly used to diagnose and analyze cardiac arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation, and

Healthcare Information Systems Market Research Report 2016-2024

Global Healthcare Information Systems Market: Snapshot The rapidly growing geriatric population is creating a high need for healthcare information systems as these systems will play an important role in meeting the healthcare requirements of this expanding population. A rise in government policies focused towards maintaining the quality and reducing the cost of healthcare services is also triggering the adoption of these systems. In addition, the mounting need for integrated healthcare systems

Medical Oxygen Concentrators Market Research Report 2016-2024

Medical Oxygen Concentrators Market: Snapshot The global medical oxygen concentrators market is currently being driven by the rising number of COPD patients across the world. The number of patients suffering from lung cancer, asthma, smoking-related lung disorders, and other respiratory illnesses is also increasing at a swift rate, further boosting the overall demand for oxygen supply units and especially medical oxygen concentrators. These units are also considered more advantageous due to

Biodegradable Stents Market Research Report 2016-2024

Global Biodegradable Stents Market: Snapshot The biodegradable stents are used for treating cardiovascular conditions pertaining to the coronary artery. These stents are also known as bioabsorbable or bioresorbable vascular scaffolds and are surgically placed in the coronary artery for eluting the drug that is administered for vascular restoration and the polymer coating. The biggest advantage of these stents is that they get entirely absorbed in the vessels over a period of

Superabsorbent Polymers Market - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast | 2020

Global Superabsorbent Polymers Market: Snapshot Superabsorbent polymers (SAPs) possess the capacity to retain and absorb large volumes of water and other aqueous solutions. These superabsorbent polymers are highly used in the production of diapers and other hygiene products. It includes training pants and female hygiene products. These polymers are also extensively used in numerous other applications in wastewater treatment, paper packaging, and agriculture. This widespread use adds to the demand for

Peracetic Acid Market by Regional Analysis, Key Players and Forecast 2020

Global Peracetic Acid Market for Food and Beverages: Overview In last couple of years the global peracetic acid market has witnessed a significant jump due to its oxidising and disinfectant properties. It is used widely in paper and pulp bleaching industry due to its strong oxidising properties. It also acts as an anti-microbial agent that makes it asset in household care, medical, and water treatment industries. A mildly concentrated peracetic acid

Gear Oil Market : Growth, Demand, Supply, SWOT, Consumption, ROI to 2025

Global Gear Oil Market: Snapshot The global market for gear oil is envisaged to exhibit growth at a healthy pace in the next few years, with growth opportunities driven by the vast rise in global demand for heavy construction machinery. The market is predicted to witness healthy growth avenues across developed as well as developing economies; developing economies across regions such as Asia Pacific and Latin America will demand heavy construction

Gas Monitoring Systems Market - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast | 2025

Global Gas Monitoring Systems Market: Snapshot Presence of gases and vapors in breathable air in concentrations above the safe toxicity threshold limit values need to be ensured to ensure the safety of human life, assets, and the environment by undertaking appropriate measures. A number of industries produce, as by products, or use a variety of flammable, toxic, or even virtually harmless gases, which may become risky when they displace oxygen by

Aniline Market : Growth, Demand, Supply, SWOT, Consumption, ROI to 2020

Global Aniline Market: Snapshot The global aniline market is prophesied to stay in high focus in the near future owing to the rising employment of the organic compound in the production of methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI) and rigid polyurethane foam. Nonetheless, there could be opportunities birthing from applications in other sectors such as pharmaceutical. Rapid industrialization and gasoline demand in emerging economies are expected to bode well for the market for

Global Aluminum Foil Packaging Market: Need to Extend Shelf-life of Packaged Foo …

Global Aluminum Foil Packaging Market: Snapshot The demand in the global aluminum foil packaging market is anticipated to increment at a CAGR of 4.8% during the forecast period of 2017 to 2025. This prosperity of the market for aluminum foil packaging is a reflection of a number of factors, such as high preference for convenience packaging, growing demand for extended shelf-life of packaged food, popularity of ready-to-eat meals and processed food,

Global Form-fill-seal Machines Market: Prosperity of Packaged Food and Beverage …

Global Form-fill-seal Machines Market: Snapshot The demand in the global market for form-fill-seal machines is projected to multiply at a CAGR of 5.7% during the forecast period of 2017 to 2025, gaining traction from its versatility to be customized according to the requirements of diverse end-use industries, capability to operate under reduced floor space, and option to operate under contamination-free environment. The prosperity of the food and beverages industry is also

Rising Focus of Market Players to Provide Quality Products Drives the Global Rev …

Anthroplasty is a surgical reconstruction that relieves a patient from pain by regaining or reconstructing the original movement of damaged or degenerated joint. In case of reverse shoulder anthroplasty, the artificial parts are attached in reverse i.e., the socket to the bone of upper arm and glenoid ball to the shoulder blade. This reversal of joint has unique mechanical advantage. Reverse shoulder anthroplasty is employed in patients with severe arthritis,

Global Outlook for Medical Composites Market by Key Trends and Analysis 2024

Composite is also known as composition material or composite material. Composite material is made of two or more materials that have different chemical or physical properties, which form a new material that has different characteristics than the combined materials. The new material are produced may have many reasons such as materials which are stronger, less expensive or lighter, when it is compared to traditional materials. Composite materials have various applications

Stem Cell Assay Market to be Driven by Increase in Funds from Government Organiz …

Regenerative medicine has emerged as new paradigm in human health. It has the potential to resolve unmet medical needs. Rapid growth in the interdisciplinary field of regenerative medicine is altering the health care domain by converting fundamental science into a variety of regenerative technologies. Stem cell is an undifferentiated mass of cell that has the ability to divide indefinite times. It can be further differentiated into specialized cells such as

Diabetes Care Technologies, Devices and Therapeutics Market is chiefly Driven by …

Global Diabetes Care Technologies, Devices and Therapeutics Market: Overview Diabetes is a growing global concern. By 2030, approximately 438 million people will be suffering from diabetes, according to The World Diabetes Foundation. The global healthcare expenditure of about 11.6% is held by diabetes care. Presently, there are about 528.7 million people suffering from obesity, which is a key factor triggering diabetes in people. The global diabetes care technologies, devices and therapeutics market

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