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Sodium Lignosulfonate Market trends estimates high demand by 2025

The global sodium lignosulfonate market is moderately consolidated with the dominance of a few key companies that have global presence, according to a market publication by Transparency Market Research (TMR). The market is characterized by integration across the value chain with multiple key players involved in the production of raw materials for the manufacture of lignosulfonate. According to TMR, the global sodium lignosulfonate market is dominated by some key players, namely

Rising Focus on Green Construction Activities to Boost Demand for Smart Elevator …

According to the United Nations, the world is presently witnessing the largest wave of urban development. For the very first time in the history of the world, more than half the world’s population is residing in urban dwellings. The swelling number of urban-living population is expected to rise to nearly 5 bn by 2030. The trend of urbanization will lead to the construction of taller commercial and domestic dwellings so

Fluorochemicals Market trends estimates high demand by 2025

Keen players operating in the global fluorochemicals market, mostly domiciled in North America and Europe, are shifting their gaze to emerging nations in Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, and Latin America that offer a lot of opportunities. This is also because the market in Europe and North America are saturated and provide limited growth opportunities. Such manufacturers are also resorting to bettering their product portfolio in keeping with

Acrylic Emulsions Market - Insights and Trends 2022

The global acrylic emulsions market is gaining from the large number of applications of acrylic emulsions in adhesives and sealants, paints and coatings, construction additives, and paper coatings among others. This is because acrylic emulsions impart properties of enhanced process ability, performance, and appearance to end products. Also, the low threat of substitutes due to the low possibility of substitution in most applications is acting in favor of the acrylic

Managed Print Services Market: Players Extending Service to Include Document Wor …

The global market for managed print services (MPS) is driven by evolving customer needs and demands, which has compelled players in this market to focus on delivering innovative, flexible, and cost-effective offerings. Managed print services are designed to help users achieve their business objectives by streamlining operations and ensuring utmost efficiency. There are a host of benefits that MPS offer, which include reduction in printer volume, accurate allocation of costs,

Postpartum Hemorrhage Treatment Devices Market to Reach US$ 926.1 Million by the …

The global postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) treatment devices market currently features a highly fragmented competitive landscape, according to a research report published by Transparency Market Research. The leading players in the market – including Teleflex Inc., Utah Medical Products, and C.R. Bard – are currently investing strongly into marketing strategies that promote their newer products as alternatives to conventional methods of treating postpartum hemorrhage. While it is creating higher awareness among

Managed File Transfer Market: Concerns Regarding Securely Transferring Business …

Cloud and hybrid deployment models will revolutionize the global market for managed file transfer (MFT) and an increasing number of MFT vendors will align their business practices so as to make the most from this trend, states TMR in a recent report. The highly fragmented market features the presence of a large number of large-, mid-, and small-scale companies. Large-scale companies in the market, such as Ipswitch, Inc. and IBM

Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS) Demand Scaling Well with Increasing Cloud W …

The high demand for data protection to be more cost-effective is currently the key driver promoting the providers of data protection as a service. Coupled with the growing need for disaster recovery applications, players in the data protection as a service market are poised to become some of the more sought-after entities in the IT industry. Their ability to store critical data safely and remotely provides one of the better

Angioplasty Balloons Market is Anticipated to Reach US$ 2.55 Billion by 2023

According to a TMR analyst, “The global market for angioplasty balloons is likely to witness a 3.5% CAGR from 2015 to 2023. The market is expected to rise from a valuation of US$1.93 bn in 2016 and is anticipated to reach US$2.55 bn by 2023.” The segment of normal balloons is anticipated to lead the global market for angioplasty balloons for the years to come. Nevertheless, the segment of drug

Mobile Advertising Market Expected to Reach US$ 269.14 Bn by 2024 Globally

According to a new market report published by Transparency Market Research entitled “Mobile Advertising Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2016 - 2024,” the global mobile advertising market in terms of revenue accounted for US$ 13.05 Bn in 2014 and is forecast to expand at a CAGR of 31.3% during the period from 2016 to 2024. Rising adoption of personal devices and companies leveraging on disruptive

Craniomaxillofacial Implants Market to Touch a Valuation of US$ 1,752.9 Million …

According to a TMR analyst, “The global market for craniomaxillofacial implants market is expected to rise at a 6.2% CAGR from 2014 to 2022. In 2013, the market was worth US$1,010.0 mn and is likely to touch a valuation of US$1,752.9 mn by the end of 2022. On the basis of location, the segment of internal fixators held the leading share of over 80% in 2013 in the market for

Growing Interest in Self-defense Merges with Tech Advancements to Boost Civilian …

Civilians in North America are showing a consistent increase in concern over personal safety, especially for the feminine population. This is the prime driver for the North America civilian less lethal and self-defense weapons market, as use of a deterrent can prove highly valuable in life-threatening situations. Another factor allowing the higher production of less lethal weapons is a result of the humanitarian efforts raised against the use of lethal

Neurotherapeutic Drugs Market to Expand with Significant CAGR During 2024

Neurological disorders are referred to as the change in the functioning of nervous system. Etiology of neurological disorder includes structural or biochemical change in the activity of brain, spinal cord and other nerves. Neurological disorders can be segmented primarily into three categories that include peripheral nervous system disorders (PNS) disorder, autonomous nervous system (ANS) disorder and central nervous system (CNS) disorders. Disorders those are associated with nerve and ganglia outside

Increasing Need for Proper Management and Disposition of Rejected Assets Fuels D …

With the increasing adoption of cloud services across the world, the need for proper management and the disposition of rejected IT assets has witnessed a considerable rise in the recent times. The efficient and secure elimination as well as recycling of discarded information provided by cloud data center IT asset disposition (ITAD) solutions is leading to their increased employment in enterprises. According to TMR, the global cloud data center ITAD stood

As Competition in IT Operations and Service Management Services Intensifies, Mor …

The global IT operations and service management (ITOSM) market had reached US$17.44 bn in 2015. The market is on pace to exhibit a 6.5% CAGR between 2016 and 2024. Although the adoption of enterprise IT has palpably been on the rise in larger organizations, small and mid-sized businesses are still not entirely sold on the idea of investing in IT operations and service management because they continue to remain skeptical

E-commerce Logistics Market: Flourishing Market Landscapes in Developing Countri …

The imminent explosion of cross-border e-commerce websites will cause a stir in the global e-commerce logistics market, predicts TMR in a new study. The market will also receive a boost from the availability of low-cost cargo. Already, the spread of B2C and C2C e-commerce websites has resulted in an increase in the demand for both domestic and international e-commerce logistics. Sellers are now expecting a greater degree of transparency and efficiency

Multi-domain Master Data Management Solutions to Outshine Other Solutions in Ter …

As the amount of data generated by organizations multiples rapidly, organizations can no longer afford to delay investments in master data management solutions. This will help the opportunity in the global master data management market to spiral to US$37.97 bn by 2024, rising at a 27.25% CAGR from 2016 to 2024. The market had a valuation of US$4.35 bn in 2015. Consolidation among companies is helping this market blaze ahead,

Regulatory Mandates in Oil and Gas, Mining Sectors Enable Large-scale Deployment …

Wireless mesh networks are rapidly emerging as a cost-effective solution for the improvement of wireless communications across various industry verticals. Their fast and easy deployment in the public safety infrastructure is indicative of their rising popularity and the significant growth the wireless mesh market is likely to experience in the coming years. The adoption of these networks has become critical in most industries where worker safety is a concern and

Inferior Vena Cava Filters Market Progresses for Huge Profits During 2023

Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) Filters are small, cage like devices and commonly used to capture blood clots into the inferior vana cava. These medical devices are inserted into inferior vana cava in order to prevent risk of pulmonary emboli and to prevent them from reaching to the lungs. Inferior vana cava is the main vessel that returns blood from the lower half of the body to the heart. Inferior vana

M2M Services Market: Key Players Zone in on Emerging Economies to Tap Growth Opp …

Global M2M Services Market: Snapshot Keen players in the global M2M services market are investing heavily in research and development to harness advanced communication technologies and are focused on carefully-crafted collaborations and partnerships to expand their outreach. A lot of leaders in the market are interested in tapping into growth opportunities in emerging economies. Some of the primary growth drivers of the global M2M services market are expanded fiber optic cable networks

Bioterrorism Detection Market to Witness Exponential Growth by 2019

Bioterrorism refers to form of terrorism that involves intentional dissemination or release of biological agents. The agents can be viruses, bacteria or toxins and can also be referred to as germ warfare. Biological agents are mainly found in nature but sometimes they can be modified by the terrorist as to make agents more toxic. Biological agents are used by the terrorists to attain their social or political goals and are

Remote Mobile Payment Market Driven by Ubiquity of Smartphones

The demand in the global remote mobile payment market is projected to escalate an exponential CAGR of 44.9% during the forecast period of 2017 to 2022, gaining traction from a number of factors such as ubiquity of smartphones, technological advancements that have enabled instantaneous authentication of personals, and growing fields of Big Data and the internet of things. The advent of near field communication (NFC) technology is likely to have an

Digital Freight Brokerage Market: Foray of New Players to Intensify Competition

The freight brokering industry, in which freight brokers match shippers to the carriers, has been around for quite a while now. However, emergence of digital freight broker companies in the recent past have revolutionized the industry. Serving to boost the global digital freight brokerage market is the rising uptake of sophisticated smartphones, improved wireless connectivity, and advantages accorded by digital platforms such as better efficiency and reduced costs. This helps to

Body Contouring Devices Market to Record Sturdy Growth by 2019

Body contouring is a surgical procedure that involves alteration of the body parts such as torso, upper arms, thighs, buttocks, and chest with an intention to improve the overall appearance of the body. This is more effective for those who already have gone through massive weight loss and want to get rid of excess skin and remaining fats from their body. The various body contouring procedures available are body lift,

Semiconductor Intellectual Property Market: Established Players Try to acquire I …

The global semiconductor intellectual property market has numerous small and large players, currently. In order to tap into the rising demand for less expensive and highly reliable end-products with way more sophisticated features, many new players are foraying into the market. Meanwhile, well-entrenched players are scouting for suitable opportunities to acquire other IP companies to bolster their positions in the market. An advantage of semiconductor intellectual property is that it enables

Ubiquity of Smartphones Driving Global M-Commerce Payments Market

Owing to the growing ubiquity of smartphones, the prosperity of the m-commerce payments is almost certain, with the demand projected to increment at an exceptional CAGR of 46.9% during the forecast period of 2017 to 2022. Sheer ease of usability that m-commerce brings to the users is the most powerful driver of this market, although the slow adoptability has been a little hindrance. In terms of valuation, the revenue in the

Central Nervous System Disorder Drugs Market to See Incredible Growth During 201 …

The market for central nervous system disorder drugs comprise of drugs used for the treatment of diseases affecting the brain or spinal cord such as epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, anxiety and bipolar disorders. Epilepsy is a chronic brain disorder characterized by recurring seizures. Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative CNS disorder associated with symptoms including tremor, rigidity, akinesia and bradykinesia. Report Overview @ It is reported by Parkinson’s disease

Public Cloud Business Process Services Market Betters Growth with Demand for Rea …

The global public cloud business process services market is envisaged to gain impetus alongside the fast-progressing cloud business process management (BPM) industry. Companies operating in the market could look to capitalize on a high demand for an absolute solution for all business processes. The market could gain a competitive edge in the coming years with the help of multi-process platforms engaged to provide complete business process solutions. The need for high-value

Optical Character Recognition Market: OCR Revolutionizes Document Management Pro …

In a highly fragmented and competitive global market for optical character recognition (OCR), savvy players are leveraging a multi-pronged strategy to surge ahead of their competitors. One strategy popular with them is competitive pricing which helps to draw more consumers. Optical character recognition is a technology has literally revolutionized the document management process in various sectors, namely legal, banking, education, healthcare, finance, and government. It has helped to transform offices into

Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Drugs Market to Develop Rapidly by 2019

Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) is a type of blood cancer caused by uncontrolled growth of the cells in bone marrow. CML is a type of myeloproliferative disease which is characterized by the chromosomal translocation. Patients suffering from CML show increased susceptibility to infections, thrombocytopenia, anemia and may also have enlarged spleen which causes pain on the left side. Report Overview @ Incidence rate of CML is high in men and

CCTV Camera Market: Players Bank on Product Development to Outgun Competitors

A report by Transparency Market Research observes that the global CCTV camera market is seeing consolidation on account of players banking upon mergers and acquisitions to bolster their positions. Competition in the market is stiff on account of numerous hardware and software providers. Most of the prominent players in the market are concentrating on unveiling upgraded and sophisticated systems and solutions in the CCTV camera market in order to up

Enterprise Social Software Market Promises Growth with Shift toward Multi-level …

The global enterprise social software market is foretold to grow at a faster pace in the present enterprise ecosystem. The demand for enterprise social software systems and solutions could increase in the near future because of their user-friendly and flexible nature focused on improving the business value of organizations across the globe. The global enterprise social software market is foreseen to expand at a CAGR of 20.0% during the forecast period

Anti Peptic Ulcer Drugs Market Plying for Significant Growth During 2024

The global market for anti-peptic ulcer drugs is expected to grow at a progressive rate in the coming years, thanks to the rising awareness among patients regarding the easy availability of effective drugs. Moreover, the rising preference of patients to consume drugs instead of surgical procedure is expected to encourage the drug manufacturers to develop novel drugs in the coming years. The product segmentation, applications, technological developments, and the key

Injectable Drug Delivery Market to be at Forefront by 2019

Injectable drug delivery is defined as introduction of a drug or drugs in the patient by using a delivery device. Injectables allow the transport of drugs formulated in liquid form, directly in the body. Even though, they may be designed to transport the drug to specific part of the body. Report Overview @ Such drug delivery technology by the use of injections is majorly segmented into devices and formulations,

3PL Market - Global Industry Growth, Trends & Forecasts 2016 - 2024

Global 3PL Market: Overview Third party logistics, also known as 3PL, is an outsourcing system wherein storage and transportation services are outsourced to a specialist company. Outsourcing these services allows companies to cut costs and focus on their core competency. Inventory management, delivery, packaging, and cross-docking services are now usually bundled with 3PL services, making the 3PL platform even more cost-effective. The global 3PL market is driven primarily by the rising

Asia Pacific Baby Drinks Market: Rising Number of Women in the Workforce is One …

Transparency Market Research has published a new market study on the Asia Pacific baby drinks market for the 2014-2020 period. According to the report, the market, which had a valuation of US$10.4 bn in 2013, is expected to attain a valuation of US$18.2 bn by 2020, increasing at a CAGR of 7.90% for the period. The report, titled “Baby Drinks Market - Asia Pacific Industry Analysis Size Share Growth Trend

Probiotic Market: Outlooks, Growth Rate Analysis and Trends 2020

The global market for probiotic is highly dynamic in nature on account of changing customer preferences and demands. The presence of numerous small and large players also makes the market fragmented in nature. The vendors are seen trying to outshine one another on the basis of price, distribution, quality, and innovation. With the gigantic progress on the technological front, the market is slated to become even more competitive in the

Hairbrush Market - Global Industry Trends, Opportunities & Region-wise Outlook

Global Hairbrush Market: Overview Hairbrushes with soft or rigid bristles are extensively used for grooming, styling, smoothing, and detangling hair. Regular use of a quality hairbrush reduces various hair or scalp problems such as dandruff and hair loss as it helps to stimulate blood flow on the scalp. Increasing awareness about hygiene and health care has driven demand for hairbrushes. Various types of hairbrushes are available in the market. These include

Organic Coconut Water Market Strategies of Key Players, Competitive Landscape, T …

Coconut water, a clear liquid that occurs inside a coconut. Coconut water is a popular beverage in the tropics but its popularity has risen across the world in recent years. The growing demand for coconut water can be ascribed primarily to its refreshing and hydrating properties without the calories associated with many other popular beverages available on the market today. Organic coconut water is an isotonic beverage that is healthy

Acidity Regulators Market- Growing Demand For Packaged and Ready to Eat Foods an …

Featuring the presence of several prominent players, the global market for acidity regulators has a largely fragmented vendor landscape with a number of companies domiciled in China, observes Transparency Market Research in a recent report. Owing to the intense level of competition that a fragmented vendor landscape generally induces, companies are focusing on constant product launches and strategic collaborations. Some of the leading companies in the market are Univar, Kerry

Variable Valve Timing (VVT) Market: Reporting and evaluation of Recent Industry …

Variable Valve Timing (VVT) process is used in internal combustion engines to vary the valve timings. It is the next step forward in appropriate utilization of an engine, post development of the multi-valve technology. VVT aides in improving performance of the engine and also reduces emissions, apart from decreasing fuel consumption. Thus, it helps in increasing the power and torque also. VVT process varies the timing of opening and closing

Leisure Centres Market - Global Industry Structure & Projections for upcoming ye …

Leisure centres are a purpose built site or building, generally for the relaxation of customers by using the facilities offered by them. The leisure market can be segmented into industrial subsectors which include gaming centers, sports clubs, health and fitness clubs and bars and night clubs among others. The global leisure centres market is expected to witness positive growth over the forecast period from 2015 to 2021 due to increasing

Tara Gum Market Set to Witness an Uptick during 2016- 2024

Global Tara Gum Market: Overview Caesalpinia spinosa, which is also known as Tara, is a leguminous tree that is widely found in Peru. Tara gum, which is derived from this tree, finds common usage as a natural food additive. The substance is procured by finely grinding to a powder the endosperm of Caesalpinia spinosa seeds. Thus, tara gum is a powder characterized by white to yellowish color and solubility in hot

Adult Diapers Market - Global Industry Growth, Trends and Forecast Analysis By 2 …

Global Adult Diapers Market: Overview Over 19 million people in the U.S. have some form of incontinence or other, and almost 85% of them are women. Incontinence is a common condition, which can treated by suitable medication or surgery in some special cases. However, those unwilling to undergo intrusive procedures have the option of choosing adult incontinence products. An adult diaper can be classified as incontinence care products and those meant

Swine Feed Market : Share, Sales, Global Insights and Trends During Forecast 201 …

Global Swine Feed: Market Overview Feed additives play a vital role in improving the nutrition provided to animals – they primarily enhance the feed and food quality. Swine feed, in particular, delivers nutrition to swine in the course of rearing them. Feed extracts are an important source of nutrition given that they make the feed more digestible. Among the key feed essences that are contained in the diet of pigs are:

Vetiver Oil Market Research Reports Offers Key Insights, Growth Prospects, Indus …

Global Vetiver Oil Market: Overview Vetiver oil is an essential oil obtained from the roots of vetiver, a plant which is native to India and is known for its perfumery and medicinal value since ancient times. The oil is known to be one of the most complex blends of hydrocarbons and sesquiterpene alcohols and is also one of the most viscous natural oils known to the mankind with a very slow

Worldwide Essential Oils and Oleoresins Market Outlook 2016 Growth, Drivers, Opp …

Global Essential Oils and Oleoresins Market Essential oils are raw materials obtained from botanic sources. They are used widely in the fragrance and flavor industries. Essential oils and oleoresins include various products that are primarily used as fragrances and flavors. Essential oils, in particular, find use as food supplements and medicines to endorse good health. Besides these, essential oils are also used as feedstock in the chemicals industry. Global Essential Oils and

Fortified Food Market Estimated to Flourish by 2024

Global Fortified Food Market: Overview Food enrichment or fortification refers to the process of making food more nutritional by adding vitamins and minerals. Various types of food fortification have been identified by governments around the world and international organizations. This method is carried out at an industrial level, community level, and at a household level to offer enhanced nutrition to people. For instance, targeted fortification programs are adopted in schools when

Multi Nutritional Supplement Market to Observe High Growth by 2024

Global Multi Nutritional Supplement Market: Market Overview Consumers around the world have become more aware about their health and diet. Since normal day to day food fails to meet the complete nutritional requirements of humans, the demand for nutritional supplements has significantly risen around the world. The growing popularity of nutritional supplement has led to an unprecedented growth of the market for the same. Various nutritional supplements available in the market

IoT in Agriculture Market - An In-Depth Look At IoT In Agriculture & Smart Farmi …

Internet of Things (IoT) is a hugely exciting phenomenon and has the potential to create a world where everything is connected via internet. Internet of Things in agriculture incorporates internet based advanced agriculture technologies and solutions. IoT is anticipated to have a significant role in enhancing agricultural productivity. IoT provides real-time field monitoring through real-time data collection and data analysis. IoT controller mechanism deployment in agriculture supports increase in operational

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