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Hospital Acquired Disease Testing Marketto Grow at CAGR of 19.9% By 2023

The global hospital acquired disease testing market is consolidated due to presence of very few number of players. However, these companies are engaged in high rivalry among themselves, exhibiting in the prevalence of a high degree of competition in the market. Transparency Market Research (TMR) in a report estimates that the scope for new players is very limited in the competitive landscape of this market. Some of the key players

Healthcare Cleanroom Consumables Market is Expected to Reach Approximately US$3 …

The presence of a large number of manufacturers has rendered the global healthcare cleanroom consumables market largely fragmented and highly competitive, observes Transparency Market Research in a recent report. The leading five vendors in the market, namely DuPont, Kimberly-Clark Corp., Nitritex Ltd., Valutek, and Texwipe, collectively accounted for a nearly 52% of the overall market in 2014. Prominent product varieties are flooded with products from several manufacturers, suffer from a lack

PoE Injector Market APEJ Humbles Developed Regions with Regard to Market Revenue

The global power over ethernet (PoE) injector market is envisioned to garner a colossal growth from connectivity applications with the soaring usage of the PoE technology and solutions. The PoE technology could be used to power PoE compatible devices such as wireless access points and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phones. Thus, with the growing usage of such devices, the demand for PoE injector is foretold to increase correspondingly. Obtain

Hospital Lights Market North America to Set Benchmark for Revenue Share

The global hospital lights market is forecasted to largely benefit from both developed and developing regions expected to boost the demand in the coming years. North America and Europe could bring in valuable opportunities for vendors considering a vast count of patients being treated for various diseases and robust medical infrastructure. Obtain Report Details: Asia Pacific, on the other hand, could speed up the growth of the market due to rising healthcare expenditure,

Extruded Snacks Market Explores New Growth Opportunities By 2026

Extrusion technique which is used in food processing is known as food extrusion. It is a procedure by which a number of assorted ingredients are forced through an opening in a holed die or plate with a pattern explicit to the food. Then it is cut to an indicated size with the help of blades. The extruder machine consists of a huge gyrating screw firmly fitted within a fixed barrel;

Vulva Cancer Market Headed for Growth and Global Expansion by 2025

Vulva cancer is rare type of cancer which forms in a woman’s external genitalia called the vulva. The vulva is an area of the skin that surrounds the vagina and urethra, including mons pubis, perineum, labia, bartholin glands, and clitoris. The labia majora is the most common site to develop vulva cancer. The cancer can occur at any age but primarily affects older women over the age of 65 years.

Water Meter Market Expected to Reach a Valuation of US$5.2 bn by the end of 2024

The global water meter market is currently witnessing major competition due to a strong presence of players and low product differentiation. In its latest report, Transparency Market Research states that Diehl Stiftung & Co. Kg, Badger Meter, Inc., Sensus, and Elster Group GmbH are expected show dominance in the global market. These companies are slated to focus on the integration of advanced technologies in their new products to remain ahead


An applicant tracking system (ATS) is an application software that enables the electronic handling of recruitment needs. These systems can be accessed online by enterprises at different levels depending on the company needs, allowing companies to collate and analyze job applicant data. An Applicant tracking system is also known as candidate management system, the software is used by enterprises to recruit employees more efficiently. ATS can also be used to

Apricot Oil Market Competitive Landscape and Regional Analysis by 2017-2027

Global Apricot Oil Market Introduction: Apricot oil is an odorless thin oil derived from the kernel or seed of the Prunus Armeniaca. Also called apricot kernel oil as derived from kernels, i.e outer coat of apricot fruit. Now, apricot oil is used in various cosmetics and health supplements. It is majorly used in body massage and aromatherapy. Thus, market demand from growing massage centers and aromatherapy centers is higher. Download exclusive Sample

Food Service Packaging (FSP) Market Key Growth Factors and Industry Analysis 201 …

Foodservice packaging or single use foodservice products have evolved over the years to encompass a broad range of packaging products such as plates, bowls, cups, trays, wraps, clamshells (hinge lid containers), etc. The global foodservice packaging market caters to the gigantic foodservice industry comprising of online and offline foodservice outlets serving billions of consumers around the world. Key market players operating in the global foodservice packaging market are innovating in


Smart mobile networks are expected to connect with more devices, handle more data, significantly reduce latency and bring new levels of reliability. 5G service has been designed to meet these needs by pooling bandwidth to boost speed and range. In addition, the rising demand of mobile data traffic volume is influencing the growth of 5G service globally and this factor is anticipated a significant growth during the forecast period. The

Ablative Skin Resurfacing Market Will Generate New Growth Opportunities by 2025

Global Ablative Skin Resurfacing Market: Snapshot In an increasingly glamour-conscious world, ablative skin resurfacing is fast gaining prominence. Sensing an opportunity in it, a multitude of companies have jumped into the fray. As a result, the market is choc-a-bloc with both well-entrenched global players and relatively newer ones who are yet to gain a stronghold. Competition among them is stiff. At present, North America is a leading region in the global ablative

Fertility and Pregnancy Rapid Test Kits Market is Expected to Generate Huge Prof …

Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone, luteinizing hormone (LH), and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) are some of the reproductive hormones which are quantitatively detected using the tools of fertility along with pregnancy rapid test kits. In males, the detection of the sperm count can be done with the use of fertility rapid test kits. In females, the fertility rapid test kits are used to confirm menopause or to find the exact

Food Glazing Agents Market Explores New Growth Opportunities By 2026

Food Glazing Agents Market: Overview In present times, change in lifestyle and change in eating preferences have influenced the additives market to a large extent. The due importance to texture, taste, and appearance have led to the increased use of glazing agents in several types of food. Food glazing agents are also useful for packed fruits, functional foods, and vegetables. The multitude of uses of these products is the main

Laboratory Centrifuge Market Intelligence Report Offers Growth Prospects - 2025

A centrifuge is a device used in laboratories to separate particles from a sample solution based on their shape, size, density, viscosity of the medium, and rotor speed. Centrifugation involves the separation of solid-liquid and liquid-liquid mixtures. This technique is based on the method of sedimentation of fast-tracked gravitational force accomplished by a rapid rotation. Centrifuge instruments are normally used in the separation of cells, proteins, viruses, nucleic acids, and

Niemann Pick Disease Market Poised for Steady Growth in the Future 2025

Niemann-Pick disease (NPC) is a rare advanced genetic cholesterol storage disorder. It is characterized by the body’s inability to transport cholesterol and other fatty substances (lipids) into the cells. Niemann-Pick disease leads to the irregular and harmful accumulation of fatty substances within various tissues of the body, including liver, spleen, and brain tissue. It is an autosomal recessive lysosomal storage disease associated with mutations in NPC1 and NPC2 genes. The

Respiratory Humidification Market to Witness Steady Growth by 2025

Global Respiratory Humidification Market: Snapshot The global market for respiratory humidification has been witnessing a steady upswing in its valuation. The efficiency of respiratory humidification solutions in decreasing the need for invasive therapies and various other complicated interventions in patients is boosting their demand substantially, leading to a significant rise of this market. Over the coming years, the market will continue to experience high growth on the grounds of the increasing

Web Application Firewalls Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth …

Web application firewalls can be either network-based or host-based and is typically deployed through a proxy and placed in front of one or more web applications. In real time or near-real time, web application firewall monitors traffic before it reaches the web application, analyzing all requests using a rule base to filter out potentially harmful traffic or traffic patterns. Web application firewalls are a common security control used by enterprises

Synthetic Graft Market is Considered as One of the Rapidly Growing Dynamic Marke …

Graft is a material used in the treatment of delayed fracture unions, in spinal fusions, to bridge major bone defects or fill cavities created by tumor removal, cysts, or other causes. A synthetically derived material such as hydroxylapatite or calcium sulphate, which is intended to fill, supplement, or reconstruct periodontal or bony defects, is termed as a synthetic graft. This synthetic graft material is composed of biocompatible calcium phosphate materials

Anatomic Pathology Testing market Poised for Steady Growth in the Future 2025

Global Anatomic Pathology Testing Market: Snapshot Anatomic pathology, or anatomical pathology, entails biochemical, microscopic, and molecular examination of tissues and organs to uncover abnormalities in them. This helps to diagnose diseases and manage treatment. Although most commonly used to detect and manage different kinds of cancer and tumors, it is also useful in evaluating other health conditions such as kidney and liver diseases, infections, and autoimmune diseases. The two different types of

Introduction to Threat Intelligence Security Services with Drivers and Challenge …

For an enterprise’s security teams that try to proactively implement and manage security controls to prevent advanced attacks, threat intelligence security services software can create a major difference in their efficiency. Adding threat intelligence security services software to an established information security program can complement a threat assessment and provide more critical data on which security controls might be capable of stopping the latest attacks in an enterprise environment. There are

Voice Application Server Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth …

Voice application server is an advanced end-to end VOIP (voice over IP) platform. This server is used by network service providers to function simultaneously with other network elements such as routers, gateways, integrated access devices (IADs) and telephones. It can be integrated with internationally used components and systems despite of their location and network protocols. Voice application servers offer high availability telecom and value added service to their customers without

Card Printing Ribbon Market Full Color Print Ribbons Continue to Account for Lea …

According to a latest study conducted by Transparency Market Research, the global market for card printing ribbon will surge at a healthy CAGR during 2017 to 2022, and surpass US$ 830 Mn in revenues. Enforcement of new safety and security regulations has made the utilization of identity card obligatory in many educational institutes and offices, which, in turn, has resulted in an uptick in card printing requirements. Obtain Report Details: There

IoT Security Market: Overview, Drivers, Restraints and Regional Outlook

The global Internet of Things (IoT) security market is slated to witness a tremendous growth during the forecast period from 2016 to 2024. The growth can be traced to a growing adoption of cloud based services for authentication process. Cloud is being used for the storage of biometrics information. As most organizations today are adopting cloud technology for storing their confidential data, there arises need for developing security measures to

Data Center RFID Market: Key Growth Enablers and Defining Trends

A data center is a facility of computer systems that houses the data and applications which are critical for the success of business organizations. Data centers are integrated to deliver timely, trusted and secure information within the organization. Currently, data center managers are continuously facing pressure to enhance the security of data center assets and ensure optimal utilization of resources. Automation via RFID reduces inefficiency and human error, reduces costs and

3D Printing Market Reducing Cost and Technological Advancements Augur Well for F …

An up-to-date study by Transparency Market Research (TMR) has detected that the global 3D printing market is distributed among a vast number of large and mid-level vendors, and going forward, the competitive landscape will remain fragmented. However, a few companies do hold a position of strength in the global 3D printing market, such as Stratasys, Ltd., EOS GmbH, and Solidscape, Inc. These three companies accounted for the most prominent chunk

Marine Telematics Market: Drivers and Restraints

Telematics technology is an integration of wireless telecommunication technologies with computers. Such technology is used to obtain and convey information over vast networks to improve the functionality of running businesses with governments. Telematic systems are equipped with the components such as global positioning satellite (GPS) systems and sensors for a variety of applications. These components accesses and communicates the updated facts such as water temperature, pollutants, level of fuel in


Hardware as a Service (HaaS) is a process of procurement similar to licensing and subscriptions. The hardware which has to be managed is placed at the client’s facilities and managed by the service provider. Cost related to this hardware is added into the monthly subscription rate which is paid by the client for the managed services offered. It involves remote management of all the hardware installed at the client’s site. HaaS

Industrial PC Market Rising Adoption of IoT Tools in Industrial Sector

The global industrial PC market features several players aggressively targeting technological innovation through research and development activities. The competitive rivalry among these companies is expected to remain high over the forecast period. The introduction of next-generation industrial PCs with smart energy solutions can help companies garner a competitive edge over their competitors. The key players profiled in the report include Advantech Co., Ltd., Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. Kg, Bernecker


An advanced distribution management system is a software platform that facilitates the full suite of optimization and distribution management. It operates automate outage restoration and optimizes the performance of the distribution grid. Various applications of advanced distribution management system include fault location, isolation, and service restoration (FLISR), planning function, volt/VAR control, and advanced forecasting using supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system. Advanced distribution management systems have emerged as a major

Alfalfa Hay Market Outlook and Forecast by 2026

Alfalfa Hay Market: Overview Alfalfa hay is considered as an important feed for cattle, horses, dairy cows, goats and sheep. Canada, Spain, the U.S., Italy, and France are some of the prime countries accounting for alfalfa hey production. Some of the top companies from these countries are actively partaking in the entire supply chain network from sourcing, logistics applications, shipping to distribution and marketing, at the same time placing vital importance

Rugged Electronics Market Growth of Defense Sector Likely to Fuel Demand

According to Transparency Market Research, the global rugged electronics market is likely to present lucrative profit avenues for a number of major global players in the coming years due to the growing adoption of rugged electronics in a number of application sectors. Key players in the rugged electronics market include Siemens AG, Systel, Inc., Artesyn Embedded Technologies, Comark Corporation, Mountain Secure Systems, Core Systems, Crystal Group Inc., Curtiss Wright Controls

E-commerce Logistics Market: Flourishing Market Landscapes in Developing Countri …

The imminent explosion of cross-border e-commerce websites will cause a stir in the global e-commerce logistics market, predicts TMR in a new study. The market will also receive a boost from the availability of low-cost cargo. Already, the spread of B2C and C2C e-commerce websites has resulted in an increase in the demand for both domestic and international e-commerce logistics. Sellers are now expecting a greater degree of transparency and efficiency

Multi-domain Master Data Management Solutions to Outshine Other Solutions in Ter …

As the amount of data generated by organizations multiples rapidly, organizations can no longer afford to delay investments in master data management solutions. This will help the opportunity in the global master data management market to spiral to US$37.97 bn by 2024, rising at a 27.25% CAGR from 2016 to 2024. The market had a valuation of US$4.35 bn in 2015. Consolidation among companies is helping this market blaze ahead,

Regulatory Mandates in Oil and Gas, Mining Sectors Enable Large-scale Deployment …

Wireless mesh networks are rapidly emerging as a cost-effective solution for the improvement of wireless communications across various industry verticals. Their fast and easy deployment in the public safety infrastructure is indicative of their rising popularity and the significant growth the wireless mesh market is likely to experience in the coming years. The adoption of these networks has become critical in most industries where worker safety is a concern and

Hyperconverged Integrated System Market Healthcare Industry Likely to Attain Imp …

Key players in the global hyperconverged integrated systems market include Nutanix, Pivot3, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Scale Computing, VMware, Inc., Simplivity Corporation, Cisco Systems, Inc., Oracle Corporation, NetApp Inc., Fujitsu Limited, and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. The global hyperconverged integrated system market is highly fragmented due to the rapid rise of the sector and is likely to witness steady entry of numerous new players in the near future. The competition in

M2M Services Market: Key Players Zone in on Emerging Economies to Tap Growth Opp …

Global M2M Services Market: Snapshot Keen players in the global M2M services market are investing heavily in research and development to harness advanced communication technologies and are focused on carefully-crafted collaborations and partnerships to expand their outreach. A lot of leaders in the market are interested in tapping into growth opportunities in emerging economies. Some of the primary growth drivers of the global M2M services market are expanded fiber optic cable networks

GaN Power Devices Market Robust Rise Enabled by Steady Growth of Electric Vehicl …

The global GaN power devices market comprises several large as well as mid-level vendors, due to the proliferation of lucrative opportunities in the market. Efficient Power Conversion Corporation, NXP Semiconductors N.V., GaN Systems Inc., Texas Instruments, and Infineon Technologies AG are among the leading players in the GaN power devices market. Obtain Report Details: The market is expected to witness the entry of a significant number of GaN power device vendors in

Mobile Point-of-Sale Market : Key Players and Production Information analysis

The increasing use of mPOS can be seen across its various applications, such as bill printing, inventory management, and digital payments. Industries such as entertainment, hospitality, and retail are the key users of mPOS and are finding it highly convenient and affordable to implement its technologies and services. mPOS can provide a wide scope of freedom in the movement of commodities and can allow for a greater level of customer

Security Information and Event Management Software to Continue Displaying Strong …

The global market for payment security software has been witnessing a significant rise over the last few years, thanks to the increasing trend of digitization. The advancements in electronic and online payment is leading to a tremendous rise in the number of transactions made over the Internet. With the escalating penetration of smartphones, the number of mobile payments has also increased. This, as a result, has increased the concerns over

Fire Protection Systems Market Expected to Behold a CAGR of 6.48 % through 2015 …

The upcoming mergers and acquisitions in the global fire protection systems market are likely to win companies not just strategic partnerships but also bigger market shares. Findings by Transparency Market Research state that market developments such as 3M Company’s acquisition of Polypore’s Separations Media business will lead to the creation of bigger and more fierce competitors in the market. The report also suggests that companies will aim towards providing unwavering service


Prominent players in the global market for farm tire are investing heavily in better manufacturing processes to reduce costs. They are also focusing on enhancing their product portfolios to entice more takers. However, relatively new and smaller players are giving them tough competition by setting up capacities in developing economies of India and China were low cost labor and cheaper land prices are enabling them to manufacture at a relatively

A High Single-Digit CAGR Projected for Textile Chemicals Market During 2016 - 20 …

The need for better and smarter textiles to support the evolving industrial applications will encourage the introduction of enhanced textiles using innovative textile chemicals, finds Transparency Market Research in a new study. From airbags to fire resistant textiles, top players in global textile chemicals market are focusing on enhancing their facilities and investing in research and development to cater to the changing consumer demands. Players such as The Dow Chemical

Digital Freight Brokerage Market: Foray of New Players to Intensify Competition- …

The freight brokering industry, in which freight brokers match shippers to the carriers, has been around for quite a while now. However, emergence of digital freight broker companies in the recent past have revolutionized the industry. Currently, the competition in the relatively new digital freight brokerage market is moderate. However, in the years ahead, the competition will likely intensify on account of the foray of numerous solution providers. Serving to boost the

Distributed Antenna Systems Market Need to Enhance Communication Signals Stokes …

Savvy players in the global distributed antenna system (DAS) market are leveraging mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, and partnerships to bolster their positions. They are also pouring money into development of better distributed antenna systems to improve sales and build a strong market presence. Some of the prominent participants in the global distributed antenna system market are AT&T, American Tower Corporation, Cobham Wireless, Bird Technologies, CommScope, Corning Incorporated, TE Connectivity Corporation, Dali

Investments by Players to Develop Solutions Drives Impressive Growth IN IoT in I …

Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to disrupt almost every sector and transportation is one of them. By generating an intelligent transportation system (ITS), it can help optimize logistics and fleet management, tracking and monitoring of goods and services, traffic management, driver assistance, etc. In fact, it can automate an entire vehicle. All such advantages are causing a stir in the transportation industry thereby spelling a bright future for the

Semiconductor Intellectual Property Market: Established Players Try to acquire I …

The global semiconductor intellectual property market has numerous small and large players, currently. In order to tap into the rising demand for less expensive and highly reliable end-products with way more sophisticated features, many new players are foraying into the market. Meanwhile, well-entrenched players are scouting for suitable opportunities to acquire other IP companies to bolster their positions in the market. An advantage of semiconductor intellectual property is that it enables

India Regenerative Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Market Estimated to Exhibi …

The growing demand for customizations in regenerative uninterruptible power (UPS) supply units amongst Indian industries will keep the vendors in this market on their toes. Companies will have to keep in line with the trend of factoring in unique needs of the customers, increase CNC, and sell reliable and stable units to win bigger shares in the forecast period, says Transparency Market Research in a new study. While Bonfiglioli Transmissions Pvt.

Fluoropolymers Market Expected to Behold a CAGR of 6.8% through 2016 - 2024

The global fluoropolymers market is primarily consolidated as a majority of the market was held three leading players namely Daikin Industries, Solvay, and Chemours. These three companies collectively accounted for 43.3% share in the global market in 2015. Transparency Market Research (TMR) has found that a large number of prominent players in this market are currently focused in Asia Pacific countries, especially China. In the report, Transparency Market Research estimates that

Polyolesters Market Estimated to Expand at a Double-Digit CAGR through 2023

The global polyolesters market is dominated by players such as Ecogreen Oleochemicals, Emery Oleochemicals, Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad, Custom Synthesis LLC, Lumar Quimica, NOF Corporation, Dowpol Corporation, Oleon NV, Croda International Plc, and A&A Fratelli Parodi Spa. The steady growth of the biobased lubricants and lubricant additives market is likely to enable steady entry of new players in the global polyolesters market for biobased lubricants and lubricant additives. The regulatory

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