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Voice over LTE (VoLTE) Market: Granular View of The Market from Various End-Use …

Voice over Long Term Evolution (VoLTE) is a digital packet voice service which is delivered over internet protocol (IP) via LTE network access. The technology also empowers the network operators for providing rich video and voice calling services. It allows the operators to optimize their spectrum efficiency and utilize their IMS infrastructure thereby adding value to their existing plans. It allows the telecom operators to offer new standards based on

Acute Ischemic Stroke Diagnosis and Treatment Market  2014 - 2020 - Opportuniti …

Acute ischemic stroke can be defined as loss of function in certain parts of brain due to lack or disturbance in the blood supply to the brain. This is usually caused by atherosclerosis plaques blocking blood vessels, narrowing of blood vessels, or blood clots closing off blood supply to or from arteries feeding the brain. Technological advancements in surgical devices coupled with rising prevalence of acute ischemia stroke cases collectively

Monoclonal Antibodies Market Insights and Analysis for Period 2016 - 2024

Antibodies, which are proteins generated by plasma cells in response to specific antigens, is used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), a type of mono-specific antibodies, are comprised of identical antibody molecules and are produced by a single clone of cells or cell line. Monoclonal antibodies have brought about a fundamental change in pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors and in the future too are slated to play a crucial

Biological Drugs Market : Sales Forecast , Pricing Forecast 2020

Global Biological Drugs Market: Snapshot  The global market for biological drugs has been demonstrating an upward movement since the last few years. The rising concerns over the increasing cases of side-effects caused by conventional medicines and drugs are having a positive impact on the demand for biological drugs across the world. The trend is expected to remain so over the forthcoming years with the opportunity in the worldwide biological drugs market

Cloud Radio Access Network Market : Comprehensive Evaluation Of The Market Via I …

Centralized-RAN or cloud radio access network (C-RAN) is one of the evolving technology in wireless industry. C-RAN architecture is improved version of traditional distributed base station system which is supporting 2G, 3G, 4G and other wireless connections. C-RAN uses coarse or dense wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM/ DWDM) technology and common public radio interface (CPRI) standard to allow transmission of baseband signal over large distance obtaining scale centralized station deployment. It

Biological Therapies for Cancer Market Projected to Grow at Steady Rate through …

The world cancer research fund international (WCRF) estimates the number of cancer cases around the world to reach 24 million by 2035. This swelling number of cancer cases necessitate therapies that help in treating and decreasing the effect of the disease, if not cure them. Biological therapy for cancer is a type of treatment that uses body’s immune system to kill cancer cells. Biological therapy involves the use of living

Immunoglobulin Products Market; Latest Developments, Growth & Demand Future Outl …

Immunoglobulin’s also called as antibodies are large Y-shaped protein produced by B-cell.  These are the glycoprotein molecule produced by plasma cells in response to entry of foreign entity such as bacteria and viruses in the body. Production of antibodies is an important function of immune system. Antibodies use binding mechanism for neutralizing the activity of a foreign particle called as an antigen. These are made up of basic structural unit’s

Forecast and Analysis on Autoimmune Treatment Market for Period 2016 - 2024

Autoimmune diseases refer to the damage that is caused to the healthy body tissue by individual's immune system. The rising incidence of autoimmune diseases across the globe has encouraged the drug manufacturers and research companies to introduce effective drugs and treatments. With technological advancements in the healthcare industry, the global market for autoimmune treatment is expected to witness progressive growth throughout the forecast period. Moreover, the tie-ups between diagnostic and

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Market: Repository of Analysis and Information for …

Internet has now become an important part of human life, it has connected individuals worldwide through social media, e-mail and exchange of information. Search engine marketing, commonly referred to by its acronym SEM, is cost effective method of Internet marketing which is often used to gain visibility and traffic on search engines. Basic purpose of SEM is to improve website’s ranking on various search engines such as Google or Bing.

Inhalation Systems Market - Detailed Qualitative Analysis upto 2019

The era of development is leading to a hazardous increase in environmental pollution, which is giving birth to a number of chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma and COPD and is resulting in both physical and psychological suffering for the patients. The global market for inhalation systems is growing rapidly because of increasing respiratory problems and is expected to have a high growth rate during the period from 2012 to

Smart Pills Technologies Market Intelligence and Analysis for Period 2013 - 2019

Smart pill technology is used to diagnose gastrointestinal (GI) disorders such as constipation and gastroparesis. Smart pill technology functions by providing the practitioner, with information pertaining to various parameters such as pH, temperature and pressure of gastrointestinal tract. This technology comprises wireless capsule, a receiver worn (by the patient) and computer software that analyzes and sorts the collated information. Smart pill is a nascent technology that holds immense potential in

Uterine Cancer Therapies and Diagnostic Market - Detailed Qualitative Analysis u …

Global Uterine Cancer Therapies and Diagnostic Market: Overview  Uterine cancer is the most common cancer that occurs in the female reproductive system. It is a malignant tumor that starts in the cells of the uterus and can spread to other parts of the body. According to a study by the American Cancer Society (ACS), uterine sarcoma accounts for 5% of the total global uterine cancer cases while endometrial cancer is a

Radiotherapy Market (Products & Applications) Analysis, Forecast, and Assessment …

Radiotherapy is a treatment for cancer which uses beams of high energy radiation to kill cancer tissues in the body. This therapy stops cancer cells from multiplying. Also called radiation therapy, radiotherapy is emerging as a major technology for killing the cancer disease. The global radiotherapy market is a widely growing sector in recent years. The global radiotherapy market could be segmented into three categories, on the basis of types into:

High Frequency, High Voltage Advanced Winding Analyzers and Surge Testers Market …

Advanced winding analyzers and surge testers are being widely used as standard calibrating instruments.In the past decade the electronic and electrical industry saw the advent of many technically advanced instruments being used in various fields. The ease of usage and efficiency provided by this equipment haveaugmented the increase in demand for electronic and electrical equipment. However, the demand of this equipment depends upon the reliability and efficiency provided by device.High

Commerce Technology and Services Market: Projection of Each Major Segment over t …

Businesses and organizations are integrating commerce technology and services into their business processes and business models to enhance their core services. The growth of internet is a major contributor to the adoption of commerce technology and services around the globe. Commerce technology can be recognized as a combination of regulatory reforms and technological innovations such as optic fiber, and Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) etc. In addition, among all other commerce

Healthcare/Medical Simulation Market - Recent Developments Of Industry upto 2024

Global Healthcare/Medical Simulation Market: Overview The end users of medical simulation, which is leveraged to train and teach medical professionals about different types of surgeries and teach students about anatomy and physiology, include hospitals, academics, and military, among others. Depending upon the products and services, the global healthcare/medical simulation market can be segmented into computed tomography, high fidelity mannequins, magnetic resonance imaging, live environments, serious game, simulated clinical environment, positron emission

Rheumatoid Arthritis Pharmacotherapeutics Market Progresses for Huge Profits Dur …

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) refers is a painful inflammatory disease that can reach a point of fatality if it is left untreated. The main classes of drugs being used to treat RA are non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs), glucocorticoids, analgesics, along with biologic and non-biologic disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDs). Often combination therapies are being used to provide targeted treatment for the various elements of the immune system. Browse Premium Industry Research Report with Analysis: The

Sexually Transmitted Disease Testing Market - Value Chain Analysis & Forecast   …

Global Sexually Transmitted Disease Testing Market Sexually transmitted diseases, also referred to as venereal diseases, are infections transmitted through sexual contact and are caused by viruses, bacteria, and parasites. These infections usually do not show any symptoms. Medically, when symptoms are diagnosed through various tests, a patient is said to be suffering from sexually transmitted disease or STD. Apart from sexual contact, STDs can in some cases also be transmitted through

Knee Implants Market to Remain Lucrative During 2024

Knee implants plays significant role in resurfacing a knee damaged either by traumas or by rheumatoid arthritis. Surgical procedure involving implantation of an artificial knee is termed as arthroplasty. Depending upon the severity and need, these knee implants are developed in different forms viz., metal alloys, strong plastic parts and ceramic material. The rising proportion of aging population across the world has increased the number of people suffering from osteoporosis

Speech Analytics Market - Forecast on Market Dynamics, Emerging Trends, Growth F …

Speech analytics refers to the process of evaluating recorded customer calls to collect information. This is done to improve communication and future interaction with the customers. Call recordings helps an enterprise to gain rare insights about customer satisfaction, competitive intelligence, service issues, agent performance, and campaign effectiveness. Speech analytic solutions provide advanced functionalities and valuable intellects from customer calls. This information is used to discover information related to the strategy,

Pediatric Vaccines Market Estimated to Flourish by 2018

Lately, the global pediatric vaccination market has been exhibiting a robust growth. The rise in initiatives by various governments to spread awareness regarding child healthcare, coupled with increasing investments, is propelling the global market to a significant extent. Various upcoming child healthcare programs by UNICEF and the WHO are likely to boost this market in the near future. The worldwide pediatric vaccine market is broadly analyzed on three fronts: products, technology,

Antipsychotic Drugs Market - Prominent Players,Growth and Forecast  2016 - 2024

Global Antipsychotic Drugs Market: Overview The global market for antipsychotic drugs is witnessing significant traction owing to the global rise in prevalence of psychotic disorders such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, delusions, hallucinations, and very severe depression (called “psychotic depression”). Recent studies have stated that antipsychotics are one of the top-selling and most widely prescribed drugs for managing psychotic conditions in the United States. Although earlier prescribed only for such psychotic conditions,

IoT Communication Protocol Market: Industry Analysis and Detailed Profiles of to …

The global IoT communication protocol market is expected to witness a healthy growth on account of the high demand from businesses and organizations. IoT will be in high demand and be used as a key model for organizations across various verticals in the years to come on account of the high operational efficiency it provides. In addition to this, IoT enables cost savings, which is a key requirement for most

Pulse Oximeters Market: Challenges and Opportunities Report 2018

Global Pulse Oximeters market is anticipated to grow significantly by year 2015 owing to the increasing penetration in alternate care market, adoption of low perfusion, motion tolerant technology, and increasing use in general care. Pulse Oximeters are used for measuring vital signs of patients as technology provides early warning for hypoxemia – a condition that indicates low arterial blood oxygen saturation level that may prove fatal. However, market is expected

Musculoskeletal Diseases (MSDs) Market - Present Scenario,Growth and Forecast   …

Global Musculoskeletal Diseases Market: Overview Of late, the global musculoskeletal diseases market has been witnessing a tremendous rise in its size as well as valuation. Researchers predict this scenario to remain so over the forthcoming years, thanks to a substantial increase in the prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders across the world. In addition to this, the ample presence of unmet medical needs, specifically in emerging economies, will boost the demand for musculoskeletal

DNA Probes Based Diagnostics Market - Emerging Trends,Growth and Forecast  2016 …

Global DNA Probes-based Diagnostics Market: Overview The global DNA probes-based diagnostics market is expected to witness robust growth in the forthcoming years. The human genome is estimated to contain about 100,000 genes and potentially, an irregularity in any of these can result in a hereditary trait or disease. DNA probes-based technology is associated with the examination of the chemical structure of DNA by undoing the presence of anomalous gene sequence on

Industrial 3D Printer Market : Technological Advancements, Evolving Industry Tre …

The industrial 3D printing market is one the largest market and further anticipated to gather highest market share in the overall 3D printing industry over the forecast period demanding huge investments in technology, introduction of new materials, channel partnerships and vertical integration across the value chain. Industrial sector is driven by contemporary mass customization aspects, internet of things (IoT) and upcoming administrative initiative invoking introduction of 3D printing in manufacturing

Healthcare Supplies Market Research Report Forecast to 2024

The international healthcare supplies market is currently riding on the demand for early detection of diseases for effective treatment and introduction of sophisticated medical devices by the leading firms in the industry. Hospital acquired infections (HAIs) are a serious issues in the healthcare industry and have increased the need for the implementation of top-end healthcare supplies even more. Experienced analysts suggest that the world healthcare supplies market could be segmented according

Wearable Technology and IOT Wearable Device Market - A cutting-edge technology,i …

Wearable technology is regularly made known as one of the best application of the (IOT) Internet of Things. The commodities that contain wearable innovation are called wearable. Wearable technology consists of applicationa which includes smart clothing, wearable cameras, smart glasses, wearable apps platforms, smart watches, activity trackers, and health & happiness wearable. Wearable technology represents clothing and individual accessories that integrate both computer and electronic technologies. Gadgets from Fitbit and

Isothermal Nucleic Acid Amplification Technology Market - Competitive Landscape …

Global Isothermal Nucleic Acid Amplification Technology (INAAT) Market: Overview The report on the isothermal nucleic acid amplification technology (INAAT) market presents a global scale study. It provides insights into the factors favoring the development of novel applications of nucleic acid in nanoparticle diagnostics, molecular diagnostics, and laboratory research. It is compiled with the intent of highlighting the prevailing dynamics and growth opportunities in the global isothermal nucleic acid amplification technology market.

Disinfectant Equipments Market Research Report by Geographical Analysis and Fore …

The research report offers deep understanding of the disinfectant equipments market structure. It investigates different aspects, and explains quantitative as well as qualitative analysis patterns. It divides the market on the basis of different logical parameters and examines each segment and sub-segment in the overall industry. The factors that drive as well as restrain the growth of the industry have been described, helping companies take important steps for their business

Ecotourism Market - Global Industry Trends and Opportunities Analysis

Global Ecotourism Market: Overview The global market for ecotourism, a small scale alternative to mass scale tourism, has exhibited double-digit growth since the early 1990s due to the rising ranks of discerning tourists and market players acutely conscious about the fallout on environment from reckless development of tourist spots. In the next couple of years, the market is forecasted to expand further to account for almost a quarter of the global

Advances in Protein/Antibody Engineering Market - Overall Development Of Industr …

Advances in Global Protein/Antibody engineering Market: Overview Protein/antibody engineering has emerged as a well-developed discipline in the pharmaceutical industry. With efficient discovery methods, production techniques, and modification strategies, it is bringing forth a number of clinically examined and marketed therapeutics. Besides, the focus of the intensive research in this field has shifted to the clinical deployment of antibodies, thanks to the realization of the enduring goal of the manufacturing of fully

PoE Injector Market: Evolving Technology, Trends and Industry Analysis

The global power over ethernet (PoE) injector market is envisioned to garner a colossal growth from connectivity applications with the soaring usage of the PoE technology and solutions. The PoE technology could be used to power PoE compatible devices such as wireless access points and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phones. Thus, with the growing usage of such devices, the demand for PoE injector is foretold to increase correspondingly. Wireless

Pancreatic Cancer Market Research Report by Key Players Analysis 2018

Pancreatic cancer is caused by the unrestrained growth of cells in the pancreas. This abnormal, uncontrolled growth of cells leads to the formation of lumps of tissue, commonly referred to as tumors. The presence of tumors hinders the normal functioning of pancreas. Browse Premium Industry Research Report with Analysis: Pancreatic cancer is a key challenge in the United States, where the 30,000 patients are diagnosed with the disease each year. The U.S.

Arthroscopy Procedures and Products Market - Trends, Share,Growth & Forecast  2 …

Global Arthroscopy Procedures and Products Market: Overview The global arthroscopy market is slated to tread on a solid path in the coming years, finds a report by Transparency Market Research. Arthroscopy, a surgical procedure leveraged by orthopedic surgeons to diagnose and treat joint problems such as torn cartilage, ACL, etc., is minimally invasive. To conduct an arthroscopic examination, an orthopedic surgeon makes a small incision in the patient's skin through which

Smart Pole Market: Advanced Technologies & Growth Opportunities in Global Indust …

Initiatives taken by the government in various countries has led to upsurge in demand for the global smart poles market. In addition, growing need for monitoring the roads and routes for traffic management is projected to impact growth of the global market of smart pole positively. According to Transparency Market Research, the global market of smart pole is projected to register a CAGR of 13.7% through 2022. Growth of the global

Biosimilar and Follow On Biologics Market: Future market projections for forthco …

There is a rising demand for low cost biological drugs. Commercial and regulatory developments are taking the follow-on biologics market to new heights. Drug manufacturers are exploring the possibilities of producing generic biopharmaceuticals drugs with a motive of reducing the prices of these life saving drugs. However, these possibilities are opposed by some scientific challenges and unanswered questions. Browse Premium Industry Research Report with Analysis: Some of the major factors driving the

Diagnostic Imaging Market to 2018: Trends, Business Strategies and Opportunities

This market research report titled ‘Diagnostic Imaging Market - Global Industry Size, Share, Trends, Analysis And Forecasts 2012 – 2018’ predicts the projected growth rate of diagnostic imaging technologies. The report constitutes an executive summary outlining the current and projected landscape of the diagnostic imaging technologies market. The report segments the market based on techniques such as CT scan, X-rays, and MRI, as well as geographical markets such as Asia

USB Key Market - Industry Analysis, Growth and New Market Opportunities Explored

USB key is a portable storage drive developed with an intention to store data in a USB drive with an encrypted key. An USB key denies access to unauthorized users. It is used to protect the access point through various applications including remote access and VPN, computer login, password managers, Fast Identity Online (FIDO), U2F (Universal 2nd Factor) login such as Dropbox, Gmail, GitHub,etc. The USB key helps to enhance

Wound Closure Devices Market - Positive long-term growth outlook 2014 - 2020

Wound closure devices are apparatus that help in closing a wound by pulling the edges of the wound tissue together and aid in healing. Devices such as sutures, staples, adhesives, mechanical wound closure devices and strips aid in lending strength and tissue to the wound tissue, minimize tissue trauma and reduce risk of infection and excess scaring. Browse Premium Industry Research Report with Analysis: We cover the global wound closure devices market,

Enzyme Inhibitors Market: Trends and Opportunities for the Industry by 2014 - 20 …

Over the past few years, the global enzyme inhibitors market has gained significant traction and is expected to be amongst the fastest-growing therapeutic categories in the pharmaceutical sector. Enzyme inhibitors are molecules that commonly occur in nature and are used as drugs to treat a number of chronic diseases. They interact with enzymes to decrease their activity in order to correct the metabolic imbalance. The increasing demand for effective and

Sample Preparation in Genomics, Proteomics, and Epigenomics Market - Primary Foc …

Global Sample Preparation in Genomics, Proteomics, and Epigenomics Market: Overview Sample preparation is one of the most crucial steps in analysis of any particular biological substance or chemical. Analytical procedure usually consists of steps such as sampling, sample preservation, sample preparation, separation detection, and data analysis. After sampling and sample preservation, the next vital step is usually the sample preparation, which consumes over 70% of the analysis time. Since sample preparation is

Nano biotechnology Market - Detailed Analysis and Forecast 2016-2024

Global Nano-biotechnology Market: Overview Nanotechnology is referred as the manipulation of matter on the super-molecular, molecular, and atomic scale. The earliest description of nanotechnology is the goal of technologically manipulating the molecules and atoms for the fabrication of macro-scale components, commonly known as molecular nanotechnology. Moving to nano-biotechnology, it refers to the miniaturization of biotechnology and the ways in which nanotechnology can be used for the development of devices employed for

Transportation Analytics Market - Optimization in the Transportation & Logistics …

With rapid technological advancements, there is need for efficient transportation. Inefficient transportation difficulties are expensive as well as time consuming. The major concern is in building the infrastructure for transportation such as roads, highways, and railway tracks. This is because manufacturing a car is less time consuming than construction of roads, tracks etc. Rising population and the migration of people from rural areas to the metros is responsible for traffic

Wound Care Market Forecast Report Offers Actionable Insights 2014 - 2020

The report on the global and China wound care market focuses on the market as a whole, and discusses in detail the various segments within it. In addition to providing historical data of the wound care market, from 2005 to 2010, the report provides predictions and analyses for the forecast period 2014 to 2020. This study covers details such as the growth drivers, growth inhibitors, consumer trends, production forecasts, market

Anti Aging Nutraceutical Ingredients Market - New Opportunities,Trends & Forecas …

Nutraceuticals have medicinal properties to treat or prevent diseases and they are food or parts of foods in the form of nutrients. Nutraceuticals foods have high antioxidant properties and are beneficial in fighting the causes of anti-aging. The free radicals produced by the body when cells in our body use oxygen, may cause oxidative damage to the body. Thus, these nutraceuticals help in preventing the side effects of those free

Hormone Replacement Therapy Market - Growth 0pportunities & Forecast 2016 - 2024

Global Hormone Replacement Therapy Market: Overview Hormone replacement therapy refers to the treatment of the patients with growth hormone deficiency due to conditions such as dwarfism or women nearing menopause, which requires replacement of hormones in the body whose levels have become low. Currently, a combination of drugs are used to treat hormone deficiencies, which are known to have better safety and efficacy parameter. Globally, the cases of hormone deficiency is

Next Generation Sequencers Market - Highly Competitive Scenario & Forecast 2016 …

Global Next Generation Sequencers Market: Overview Next generation sequencing (NGS) has opened a whole new avenue for researchers to study biological systems at a level never before possible, reaching new heights with its unprecedented speed, throughput, and scalability. Beyond the limited capacity of traditional DNA sequencing technologies, next generation sequencers provide answers to critical genomic research questions and is now becoming an everyday research tool. The next generation sequencing technology helps

HPV Testing Market : Global Industry Analysis, Trends and Opportunities By 2024

Global HPV Testing Market: Overview Rising instances of cancer, also referred to as malignant tumor or malignant neoplasm, has spawned a booming cancer diagnostic market worldwide. This has filliped HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) testing market, which is one of the most effective means of detecting cancer, especially cervical cancer. HPV can cause cervical dysplasia and cervical dysplasia, which in turn can result in cervical cancer. HPV can also lead to rectal, oral,

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