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Lithium Polymer Portable Battery Market with Worldwide Industry Analysis to 2025

Lithium polymer portable battery is rechargeable and makes use of polymer electrolyte rather than liquid electrolyte. This portable battery is a miniature form of lithium polymer battery which provides the advantage to consumer electronics manufacturers of being able to produce miniature electronic devices. On account of the increasing demand for miniature devices, the lithium polymer portable battery market is expected to grow at a rapid pace. During the period from

Hybrid Capacitor Market: Shares, Strategies and Forecast Worldwide, 2017 to 2025

Hybrid capacitors are combination of a supercapacitor and a conventional lithium ion battery. A hybrid capacitor uses electrodes with different characteristics. One electrode exhibits electrostatic capacitance, while the other has electrochemical capacitance. Owing to its high energy density and high power density, a hybrid capacitor is suitable for both applications which require high energy storage and pulse power such as navy radar planes. In addition, hybrid capacitor are capable of

GNSS Chips Market: Expected to Witness a Progressive Growth in the Coming Years …

GNSS chips means a global navigation satellite system that is used for locating the geographical position of the user anywhere on the earth. The global GNSS chips market is anticipated to witness a robust growth rate during the forecast period from 2017 to 2025 owing to its increasing use of GNSS chips for mapping and surveying application like tracking unfamiliar locations that is suitable for mining, agriculture and construction. Get an

Glass Tableware Market: Hotel and Food Service Industries Take Top Spot

The dominant players in the global glass tableware market for 2015 – ARC International, Libbey Inc., Bormioli Rocco S.p.A., Sisecam Group, and WMF Group – held a massive 65% of its overall value, according to a research report released by Transparency Market Research. These players are currently facing hard times imparted by the massive scale of entrance of local players all over key regions, players that are swiftly gaining appeal

Elevators Market - Emerging Technology, Industry survey and Analysis 2023

The competitive landscape of the global elevators market is highly organized and consolidated, with the top five vendors accounting for a share of over 75% of the overall market in 2015, observes a recent report by Transparency Market Research (TMR). The dominance of these top vendors, including KONE Corporation, Otis Elevator Company, ThyssenKrupp AG, Schindler Holding Ltd., and Fujitec Co. Ltd. can be attributed to their widespread global presence and

Electric Shavers Market - New Tech Developments and Industry advancements to wat …

The increasing demand for electric shavers among the female population is one of the key factors driving the electric shavers market at the global level. The female population make a lucrative consumer segment, which manufacturers are eyeing to capitalize on. However, the impact of the driver is low due to the weak penetration of electric shavers especially among female consumers in underdeveloped nations. Nevertheless, the rising preference towards personal care

Conveyor System Marke is expected to experience the most promising growth in the …

Transparency Market Research (TMR) observes that Daifuku Co. Ltd., Schaefer Systems International Inc., Dematic Group, and Murata Machinery Ltd are the leading players in the global conveyor systems market. Collectively these players held a share of over 50% in the overall market in 2016. These players are expected to increase their investments in research and development to develop advanced systems. The players are also expected to focus on expanding their

Developing Countries of Asia Pacific to Remain Dominant in Global Socks Market

Transparency Market Research states that the competitive landscape in the global socks market is quite fragmented. The global market has a strong presence of both small and large players. The local players also make a significant contribution to the overall market. Leading players such as Adidas A.G., Under Armour, Inc., Puma S.E., Nike Inc., Asics Corporation, and Hanesbrands Inc. are expected to emphasize on new product launches in the coming

ion beam technology market vast scope of development in the next few years.

According to a new research report by Transparency Market Research (TMR), the global market for ion beam is highly consolidated. The top four companies, namely, Hitachi High-Technologies Corp., Veeco Instruments, Canon Anelva Corp., and Scia Systems, held nearly 56% of the overall market in 2016. The competition within this market is intensifying progressively, owing to which, the leading companies have increased their focus towards innovation and advancements in products to

Fencing Market - Industry Analysis, Growth and New Market Opportunities Explored

There are various ways in which savvy companies are trying to stay ahead of the curve in the global market for fencing. One of them is by trying to focus on end-to-end, improved solutions. Besides, they are also emphasizing on better customer service. Product development is another way through which they are attempting to up sales and revenues. Some of the prominent names operating in the global fencing market are Allied

Rising Demand for Electrification Drives Demand from Medium Voltage Switchgear M …

Key players in the global medium voltage switchgear market include Schneider Electric SE, General Electric, Siemens AG, and ABB. The medium voltage switchgear market is likely to provide a solid opportunity for new players in the coming years due to the rapidly growing demand for electrification in developing countries. However, established players are likely to retain a strong dominance in the global medium voltage switchgear market in the coming years. According

Intelligent Transportation System Market - Forecast on Market Dynamics, Emerging …

Transportation service providers have been constantly seeking cost-effective solutions to boost productivity, increase financial benefits, and solve traffic issues across the globe. Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) have emerged as a way of integrating information and communication technologies with current transportation networks so as to improve their operating efficiency as well as passenger travel experience. For more information on this report, fill the form @ The global intelligent transportation system market

Marine Cables and Connectors Market is also predicted to expand at a healthy CAG …

The global market for marine cables and connectors features a largely fragmented vendor landscape but only a handful of companies hold leading positions. In 2016, more than half of the market was held collectively by the leading ten companies in the market, says Transparency Market Research in a recent report. The intensity of competition is high and is likely to remain so owing to the presence of a large number

Power GaN Market is driven by growing demand from the military sector.

Gallium nitride (GaN), a wide band gap semiconductor material, is a new technology compared to other semiconductor devices, such as gallium arsenide (GaAS) and silicon carbide (SiC). GaN industrial devices offer an advantage with regards to thermal performance, efficiency, weight and size. GaN is anticipated to be the next generation semiconductor for power applications and thus different countries are indulged in developing widespread applications of GaN semiconductors. This wide band

Oat Gum Market Expected to Expand at a Steady CAGR through 2027

Global Oat Gum Market: Overview Oat gum is a natural polysaccharides, produced from oats and used as an emulsifying, gelling and thickening agent. Oat gum can be prepared by processed oat grains, crushed, rolled or steel-cut to make coarse oatmeal. Oat gums were extracted either by ultrafiltration, dialysis, or alcoholic precipitation on medium and pilot study plant. The primary component of oat gum is beta glucan. Oat gum is good protein

Demand for Harmonic Filters Climbs High on Swelling Need for Power in Utilities

The competitive landscape of the market for harmonic filter market is a fragmented one characterized with the presence of many players along with several regional players, according to a report published by Transparency market research. Three companies, namely Schneider Electric SE, Emerson Electric Co., and ABB Ltd., account for a total of 41% of the total market share in this highly concentrated market. ABB Ltd. account for 17.7% of

Fermented Black Beans Market Shares, Strategies & Forecast Worldwide 2017 to 202 …

Global Fermented Black Beans Market: Overview Fermented black beans are the dull-black, wrinkled soft soybeans and that have a tint of gingery taste. Fermented black beans, commonly known as douchi in China, traditionally made from soybeans that have been dried and fermented with pepper and salt. Black beans look somewhat like small raisins and are salty, a bit bitter and sweet in taste. Fermented black beans can be stored, in air

Smoked Cheese Market Poised for Steady Growth in the Future

Global Smoked Cheese market: Overview Smoked cheese is any cheese that has been specially treated by smoke-curing. Smoke-curing is majorly done by two methods namely cold-smoking and hot-smoking. Though smoking is a conventional method of preserving food, which imparts additional flavour to the product. On the basis of individuals, personal taste preferences lead to adoption of smoked cheese in an individual’s diet and thus have an impact on the market growth

Global Spoon in Lid Packaging Market- Europe to dominate the Market during the F …

Strong competition in packaging market is driving the companies to invest in innovation, in order to ensure success. Companies across the globe are redesigning their product packaging to offer convenience to the end user. Among various packaging trends, spoon-in-lid packaging trend is gaining a lot of traction in the market. Spoon in lid packaging solution is becoming popular among various dairy products including desserts, yogurt, ice-cream, etc. Manufacturers are offering

Rotogravure Printing Machine Market: Rising Demand across Food Industry to Bode …

The global Rotogravure printing machine market features a highly fragmented and competitive vendor landscape, with the leading seven companies collectively accounting for a mere 41% of the market in 2017, observes Transparency Market Research in a recent report. Of these leading few, the company Bobst Group SA accounted for a significant 41.5% of the market in the said year. The dominant spot of the company in the market is owing

Phytochemicals Market Growth with Worldwide Industry Analysis to 2027

Global Phytochemicals Market: Overview Phytochemicals are the products derived from organic plants and are used in the manufacturing of organic food and food supplements. Increasing organic agriculture has resulted in the significant demand for phytochemical and plant- based products in the nutraceutical industry. The consumption of plant extracts and ingredients prevents various diseases as plants derived products are considered more beneficial in comparison to other chemical based medicines for healthy people.

Chondroitin Sulfate Market Poised to Garner Maximum Revenues During 2025

Qingdao WanTuMing Biological Products Co., Ltd., Sioux Pharm, Inc., TSI Group Ltd., Pacific Rainbow International, Inc., Yantai Ruikangda Biochemical Products Co., Ltd., Shandong Runxin Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and Summit Nutritionals International, Inc., are some of the most prominent players operating in The Global Chondroitin Sulphate Market, finds Transparency Market Research (TMR) in a new study. While a majority of the market players seek clinical trials of novel products as means

Veterinary Ultrasound Scanners Market to Witness Widespread Expansion During 202 …

Transparency Market Research (TMR) states that the competition in the global veterinary ultrasound scanners market is likely to intensify in the coming few years. Some of the leading players such as Samsung Medison Co., Ltd, Esaote SpA, Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd, and BCF Technology Ltd are expected to focus on emerging economies to expand their businesses in the near future. Furthermore, growing focus on developing better handheld devices

Venous Stents Market to Witness Widespread Expansion During 2025

Transparency Market Research (TMR) observes that the competitive landscape in The Global Venous Stents Market is intensifying. The rise of venous disorders amongst the global population has urged several key players to develop better products. Key players such as Boston Scientific Corporation, C. R. Bard, Inc., Jotec GmBH, are Veniti, Inc. are making major investments in conducting clinical trials to understand the implications of their products. Such efforts are expected

Nitinol Medical Devices Market to Record Ascending Growth by 2025

The global nitinol medical devices market is considerably consolidated with the presence of a number of large players that hold the dominant share, reveals a fresh market intelligence study by Transparency Market Research (TMR). In this competitive market, companies are hard-focused on product innovation in order to capture a larger market share. Savvy players are also vying to expand their geographical presence which they are attaining by means of strategic

Vitreous Tamponades Market to Record Ascending Growth by 2025

Transparency Market Research (TMR) in a new market study reports that the global vitreous tamponades market is highly fragmented with the presence of small and medium sized players. A distinct feature of the market is that each region is dominated by a select number of players. For instance, The Vitreous Tamponades Market in North America is dominated by Novartis AG and Valeant Pharmaceuticals that hold more than 50% of market

Tuberculosis Testing Market Projected to Witness Vigorous Expansion by 2025

In order to steal a march over their competitors, keen players in the global tuberculosis testing market are banking upon strategic acquisitions. It enables them to expand their outreach into new markets and diversify their product portfolio. Besides the inorganic route, companies are also spending on research and development to come up with better products. They are also seen lapping up opportunities offered by the government for research on tuberculosis

Stretch Marks Treatment Market Projected to Witness Vigorous Expansion by 2025

Savvy players in the global stretch marks treatment market are leveraging multi-pronged strategies in order to surge ahead. Carefully-considered acquisitions is one of them. They are also expending money into research and development of more effective products and launching them in the market. For example, key players Basq Skin Care unveiled a stretch mark minimizer scrub to trigger the stretch mark repair. Similarly, Stratpharma AG, another prominent participant, introduced stretch

Cellular Health Screening Market to Witness Growth Acceleration During 2022

The global cellular health screening market has come up at a steady rate in the last few years due to the growth of the healthcare sector across the world, which has led to the availability of technological advancements enabling advanced cellular studies. Cellular health screening allows physicians to understand how the body is functioning at a cellular level, including a clearer understanding of how various bodily systems are functioning and

Blood Group Typing Market to Witness Steady Expansion During 2022

The global blood group typing market is foreseen to garner a massive demand in the foreseeable future owing to certain factors such as the rising demand for blood and blood products. Nonetheless, the market growth could see an escalation on the back of other factors such as increasing prenatal testing which requires blood grouping, mounting count of road mishaps and trauma incidences requiring blood transfusion, and increasing application in forensic

Anatomic Pathology Market to Witness Steady Expansion During 2025

The global anatomic pathology market is choc-o-bloc with companies with several large global players and a few local players, reports Transparency Market Research (TMR) in a new market study. This renders a stiff vendor landscape wherein companies are pouring in money into research and development for disease indication that will help them stay ahead in the game. Prominent participants in the global anatomic pathology market include Abbott Laboratories, Danaher Corporation, Laboratory

Perfusion Systems Market to Discern Steadfast Expansion During 2022

The global perfusion systems market is prognosticated to bear an extremely competitive vendor landscape where rivalries between top industry players could only intensify the competition. Transparency Market Research (TMR) has foreseen the market to attract scores of global and regional companies due to the rising demand for organ transplantation. A position of strength could be attained by leading names in the market, some of them include Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd.,

Medical Device Cleaning Market to Discern Steadfast Expansion During 2022

The global medical device cleaning market could lay high hopes on developed regions such as North America boasting of a mounting volume of surgical procedures performed, high occurrence of acute diseases, and a well-established healthcare sector. However, emerging regions such as Asia Pacific are predicted to offer faster growth opportunities in the market on account of a favorable regulatory environment, low labor cost, rising count of healthcare institutions, rising healthcare

Dental Chair Market to Expand Substantially Owing to Technological Innovations D …

According to a new research study by Transparency Market Research (TMR), The Global Dental Chairs Market is characterized by technological innovations. The strategic alliances among international and domestic companies is another emerging trend in this market. The leading suppliers of dental chairs across the world, such as Danaher, A dec Inc., DentalEZ Inc., Dexta Corp., Dome Inc., are increasingly involving into mergers, acquisitions, and tactical partnerships in an effort to

Optometry Market to Register Steady Growth During 2025

The Global Optometry Market is fragmented. Most players are striving to develop superior treatment and therapies which involve advanced technology. Players are showing keen interest in the attractive regional markets of Asia Pacific, states Transparency Market Research (TMR) in its latest research report on the global optometry market. The increasing spending capability as well as burgeoning population growth make Asia Pacific an attractive market and will see an increasing number

Analytical Standards Market to Incur Rapid Extension During 2022

The analytical standards market is a key need in the life sciences sector due to the growing need for testing procedures to ensure the safety of consumers of products such as pharmaceuticals and food and beverages. Food safety has become a major concern in recent years due to the growing risk of food poisoning from packaged and fast food. Globalization of the food and beverage and pharmaceuticals sectors has been

Enteric Disease Testing Market to Incur Rapid Extension During 2025

The key players operating in The Enteric Disease Testing Market are Trinity Biotech plc, Biomerica, Inc., Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc., Alere Inc., Biomerieux SA, Meridian Bioscience Inc., CorisBioconcept SPRL, Quest Diagnostics Incorporated, Cepheid Inc., and DiaSorin. The global enteric disease testing market is fragmented due to the presence of many small-scale vendors operating in regional markets. However, the global market is dominated by a few major players operating globally. Mergers and

Soft Tissue Allografts Market to Partake Significant Development During 2025

A fresh study by Transparency Market Research (TMR) notifies that the global soft tissue allografts market was dominated by Allergan, plc. in 2016, and the company is poised to sustain its strong market position in the near future via its impressive product portfolio, geographical presence, and frequent strategic acquisitions. For example, Allergan completed the acquisition of Acelity L.P. Inc.’s LifeCell Corporation for US$2.9 bn in February 2017. This move will

Insulin Pumps Market to Witness Comprehensive Growth by 2025

A novel research report by Transparency Market Research (TMR) states that The Global Insulin Pumps Market is experiencing a high degree of competition between the leading players, including, Medtronic, Cellnovo Group SA, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., Animas Corporation (Johnson & Johnson), Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc., Insulet Corporation, Valeritas, Inc., Ypsomed AG, SOOIL Developments Co., Ltd, and Jiangsu Delfu Co., Ltd. Over the forthcoming years, these players are projected to focus

Assisted Reproductive Technology Market to Rear Excessive Growth During 2025

Key players in the moderately fragmented Global Assisted Reproductive Technology Market include Merck, CooperSurgical, Inc., Irvine Scientific, Vitrolife AB, Hamilton Thorne, Inc., Nidacon International AB, Laboratoire CCD, Planer PLC, Esco Micro Pte. Ltd. (Esco Group), and Nikon Corporation. Merck holds a dominant share in the global assisted reproductive technology market due to its widespread portfolio and steady presence in various regional markets. Request to View Brochure of Report - In Vitro fertilization

Tissue Engineered Collagen Biomaterials Market to Record an Exponential CAGR by …

Some of the key players operating in The Global Tissue Engineered Collagen Biomaterials Market are Collagen Matrix Inc., Medtronic, Advanced BioMatrix Inc., Kyeron B.V., Collagen Matrix, Collagen Solutions Plc., CollPlant Ltd., Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, GENOSS Co., Ltd., and Maxigen Biotech Inc. Key strategies adopted by such players to progress in the global tissue engineered collagen biomaterials market are mergers and acquisitions and carefully-considered distribution agreements. Medtronic, for example, acquired Covidien, a global healthcare

Endodontic Supplies Market Predicted to Witness Surge in The Near Future

Endodontic is a specialized branch of dentistry dealing with diagnosis and treatment of impairments related to tooth root, dental pulp, and surrounding tissues. Endodontic treatments include procedures such as fixing broken teeth, root canal therapy, and dental trauma. Root canal treatment is considered to be a major part of endodontic. Majority of patients undergoing a root canal treatment fall in the age group of 40 years to 60 years. According

Chromatography Detectors Market Estimated to Observe Significant Growth by 2025

Chromatography is one of the most widely used techniques in research & development, quality control, and production processes across industries. It is performed to separate a molecule or substance of interest from a given sample or mixture. Different types of chromatography techniques are performed based on the properties of substance or sample to be separated. These include ion-exchange chromatography, size-exclusion chromatography, and affinity chromatography. Once the solute leaves the chromatography

Spinal Fusion Devices Market is Estimated to Become Worth US$ 10,965.7 Million b …

As per a report by TMR, the global spinal fusion devices market is estimated to become worth US$10,965.7 mn by 2025 vis-à-vis revenue expanding at a CAGR of 4.65% between 2017 and 2025. Report Overview @ Among the key product type segments, thoraco-lumbar fixation devices led the market in 2016; going forward the segment is anticipated to lead in terms of revenue over the forecast period. In terms of surgery, open

Pancreatic Cancer Diagnostics Market Size to Grow Exponentially During the 2017 …

Pancreatic cancer is an ailment in which malignant (cancerous) cells form in tissues of the pancreas. The pancreas is an organ that lies between the stomach and the spine. The pancreas produces stomach-related juices and hormones that direct glucose. Exocrine pancreas cells deliver stomach-related juices, while endocrine pancreas cells produce hormones. The pancreatic cancer generates mostly in exocrine cells. Globally, pancreatic cancer is the 12th most common cancer in men

Phycocyanin Market with Current Trends Analysis, 2017-2027

Global Phycocyanin Market: Overview Phycocyanin is a pigment-protein complex obtained from the phycobiliprotein family, along with allophycocyanin and phycoerythrin. Phycocyanin is one of the key pigment in the chlorophyll. Phycocyanin is water-soluble pigment proteins that conglomerates with phycobiliproteins conglomerates, which stick to phycobilisomes. C-phycocyanin a phycobiliprotein, is one of the primary pigments of spirulina used as a dietary supplement worldwide. It also find its use in the development of immunoassay kit

Kinase Inhibitors Market Size will Grow Profitably in the Near Future

Kinase inhibitors are considered as specific enzymes that help in preventing the process of cell division and the growth of cancerous cells. The kinase inhibitors are easy to use and are handy while treating cancer patients by blocking the signals that alert the cancer cells to grow. With the help of research and development activities in the cancer treatments, several innovations, and advanced therapeutics have been introduced. However, the results

US Biopharmaceutical Market Growth to Remain Steady During the Forecast Period 2 …

Biopharmaceuticals are considered as medical drugs that are manufactured with the assistance of biotechnology. In the global biopharmaceutical market, the U.S. is the major market and is projected to lead throughout the forecast period in terms of revenue. On the basis of therapeutic applications, the U.S. biopharmaceutical market can be categorized into thrombolytic agents, blood factors, hormones, interferon’s, hematopoietic growth factors, and vaccines. Furthermore, on the class of medical drug,

Cancer Therapeutics and Biotherapeutics Market Size will Grow at a Robust Pace t …

As per the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 8.2 mn deaths that took place in 2012 were caused due to cancer. The increasing proliferation of novel approaches and personalized medicines’ growing demand are amongst the prime factors providing impetus to the global cancer therapeutics and biotherapeutics market. In addition to the chemotherapy market, this market is also dominated by biotherapy, which has come up as a new approach in the

Parmesan Cheese Market Intelligence Report Offers Growth Prospects

Global Parmesan Cheese Market: Overview Changing consumer lifestyle especially across emerging economies is leading to increasing inclination of consumers towards dairy, bakery and other food products. Dairy industry is witnessing increased number of product launches catering to the demand for advanced on the go products along with locally sourced products. Since, parmesan cheese originated from northern Italy, the parmesan cheese market is expected to witness steady growth in the European region

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