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Global Cancer Photodynamic Therapy Market Outlook 2023

09-06-2017 06:18 AM CET | Health & Medicine

Press release from: KuicK Research

Efficacy and safety of a therapeutic method has always been the prime concern during treatment of an ailment. Any therapeutic method that fulfills the above criteria has been deemed to be a successful procedure. Nonetheless, patients and health professionals not only seek the efficacy and safety of a treatment method, but also look into it being a non- invasive procedure involving minimal to no pain. It is evident that such a procedure would be a blockbuster therapeutic .This is what the Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) currently aims to do.

Initially, the therapeutic property of Photodynamic Therapy was explored and limited to killing of microbes such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. It slowly evolved and was soon observed to be effective in the treatment of skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis further advancing to show effective results in complex conditions like atherosclerosis and herpes. Its impressive results in the above mentioned disease led scientists to explore its ability in the treatment of cancer which eventually led to a whole new segment of photodynamic therapy dedicated to the effective, noninvasive, safe and easier method of cancer treatment using light.

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The photodynamic therapy market is currently segmented into four divisions of acne, cancer, atherosclerosis and psoriasis with acne and cancer currently leading with majority of research and development being focused in these aspects of the photodynamic therapy due to their steep demand. Recently, the Photodynamic therapy for various types of cancer like breast cancer, head and neck cancer and lung cancer has been receiving increased attention due to its innovative and noninvasive feature which is currently in high demand globally , that has further led to a steady growth in the photodynamic therapy market.

“Global Cancer Photodynamic Therapy Market and Cancer Photosensitisers Clinical Trial Outlook 2023” Report Highlight:

* Working Mechanism of the Photodynamic Cancer Therapy
* Photosensitizer Delivery
* Anti-Tumor Activity of the Photodynamic Therapy
* Status of Various Cancer Treatments Using Photodynamic Therapy
* Promising Advances in the Photodynamic Therapy Segment
* Photodynamic Combinational Cancer Therapy
* Global Cancer Photosensitisers Clinical Pipeline by Company and Phase
* Marketed Cancer Photosensitisers Clinical Insight

An insight into the global presence of photodynamic therapy shows that currently photodynamic therapy is widely being used in the developed countries like the UK, US and Russia. Unlike few years ago, when photodynamic therapy had just entered the market, it is currently found to be much more prevalent suggesting the steady growth of the photodynamic therapy market .several major hospitals in the US offer cancer treatment alternative using photodynamic therapy especially for the skin cancer related disease and lesion. This trend is bound to rise steadily with the increasing awareness among both the general public and the healthcare professionals

Currently, photodynamic therapy has shown promising results in the pre-clinical studied of prostate cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, head and neck cancer and colorectal cancer. A few forms of cancers like the oesophageal cancer and colorectal cancer have been treated using photodynamic therapy in the developing countries, however majority of them are still under vigorous study in the clinical pipeline which is anticipated to be approved in a few years. Until then Photodynamic therapy has largely been approved and used in the palliative treatment of almost all types of cancer for the removal of residual tumor cells, thus prolonging the remission period of cancer.

The progress in the photodynamic therapy segment also suggests that someday it could help in the treatment of larger and deep tumors, which is currently not possible due to the low penetration of light. A technique known as interstitial therapy involving the use of imaging tests like computed tomography (CT) scans to guide fiber optics directly into tumors using needles is slowly developing. Early results in clinical and pre-clinical phase have shown that it could immensely helpful in the successful treatment of head and neck, prostate and liver tumors. Thus a thorough insight into the photodynamic therapy progress and its current scenario leads to the conclusion that photodynamic therapy deserves more attention and a central position in the treatment of cancer. It should be promoted and encouraged as part of a multimodal approach or a standalone treatment for early disease, palliative care or as a salvage treatment.

Report Table of Contents

1. An Introductory Insight into Photodynamic Cancer Therapy
1.1 Overview
1.2 History and Evolution of the Photodynamic Cancer Therapy

2. Photodynamic Therapy andndash; A Breakthrough in Modern Cancer Therapy
2.1 Dire Need for Photodynamic Therapy in Cancer Treatment andndash; An Insight into its promising features
2.2 Superiority of Photodynamic Cancer Therapy over Traditional Cancer Therapy Method

3. Working Mechanism of the Photodynamic Cancer Therapy- It’s Components and Their Role
3.1 Procedure for Photodynamic Therapy
3.2 Photosensitizers (PS) andndash; A Crucial Component of the Photodynamic Therapy
3.2.1 Classification of Photosensitizers
3.2.2 Desired Features of an Effective Photosensitizer Agent
3.2.3 Photosensitizers Currently Used in Photodynamic Therapy
3.3 Oxygen - The Vital Substrate in Photodynamic Therapy
3.4 Light Source - For Safe and Effective Activation of the Photosensitizer

4. Photosensitizer Delivery andndash; For Increased Efficacy of the Photdynamic Therapy
4.1 Organic Nano Particles Photosensitizer Delivery in Photo Dynamic therapy
4.2 Inorganic Nanocarrier of Photosensitizers in Photodynamic Therapy

5. Anti-Tumor Activity of the Photodynamic Therapy
5.1 Direct Tumor Photodynamic Therapy Damage
5.2 Vascular Damage
5.3 Inflammatory and Immune Response

6. Current Status of Various Cancer Treatments Using Photodynamic Therapy
6.1 Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer
6.2 Prostate Cancer
6.3 Breast Cancer
6.4 Brain Tumor
6.5 Lung Cancer
6.6 Head and Neck Cancer
6.7 Oral Lesions and Oesophageal Cancer
6.8 Cervical Cancer
6.9 Colorectal Cancer
6.10 Cancer of the Bile Duct and the Pancreas

7. Photodynamic Combinational Cancer Therapy- Overcoming Current Cancer Therapy Limitations

8. Recent and Promising Advances in the Photodynamic Therapy Segment
8.1 Intracellular “Activated” Two-Photon photodynamic Therapy for Breast Cancer
8.2 Gold Nano-Clusters: A New Nanotech Innovation for Photodynamic Therapy.
8.3 Photodynamic Therapy and Combinational Therapy using Microbial Adjuvants and Cytokines

9. Current Market Scenario of the Photodynamic Therapy and its Cognizance in the Oncology Segment
9.1 Global Photodynamic Therapy Market Analysis by Device and Essentials
9.2 Regional Analysis of the Photodynamic Therapy Market
9.2.1 North America
9.2.2 Europe
9.2.3 Asia Pacific
9.2.4 Latin America, Middle East and Africa

10. Favorable Factors for the Growth of Photodynamic Cancer Therapy Market
10.1 Rise in Global Cancer Incident
10.2 Increasing Awareness Regarding Photodynamic Therapy
10.3 Limitations and Failures of Existing Cancer Therapeutics
10.4 Advancement in Research and Development
10.5 Increasing Investment in the Photodynamic Therapy Segment
10.6 Presence of a Strong Clinical Pipeline
10.7 Approvals of the FDA

11. Challenges to the Photodynamic Therapy Market Growth
11.1 Technical and Scientific Limitations
11.2 Dominance of Conventional Therapeutics
11.3 Commercial Challenges
11.4 Patient Specific Issues
11.5 Side Effects Associated with the Photodynamic Therapy

12. Anticipation Regarding the Future of Photodynamic Cancer Therapy

13. Global Cancer Photosensitisers Clinical Pipeline by Company and Phase
13.1 Preclinical
13.2 Phase-I
13.3 Phase-I/II
13.4 Phase-II
13.5 Phase-III
13.6 Registered

14. Marketed Cancer Photosensitisers Clinical Pipeline by Company
14.1 Hexyl Aminolevulinate (Cevira, Cysview, Hexvix and Hexvix PDT)
14.2 Methyl Aminolevulinate (Metvix, Metvix PDT, Metvixia and Visonac)
14.3 Talaporfin (Aptocine, Aptocine, Aptocine and Litx)
14.4 Aminolevulinic Acid (Litx and Alaglio)
14.5 Aminolevulinic Acid (Alaglio, Effala, Gleolan and Gliolan)
14.6 Porfimer Sodium (Photobarr, Photofrin, Photofrin II and Photofrin PDT)
14.7 Methoxsalen Solution (UVADEX)
14.8 Temoporfin (Foscan)

15. Competitive Landscape
15.1 Theralase Technologies
15.2 Dusa Pharmaceuticals
15.3 Biofrontera AG
15.4 Soligenix
15.5 Coherent
15.6 Lumenis
15.7 Nanoprobes
15.8 PhotoMedex
15.9 Biolitec
15.10 Ambicare Health
15.11 Quest Pharma Tech
15.12 Photolitec

Figure 1-1: Evolution of Photodynamic Therapy
Figure 2-1: The Need for Cancer Photodynamic Therapy
Figure 2-2: Superiority of Cancer Photodynamic Therapy over Other Methods
Figure 3-1: Working Principle of Photodynamic Therapy
Figure 3-2: Desired Features of an Ideal Photosensitizer
Figure 3-3: Cellular Mechanism of Photodynamic Therapy
Figure 3-4: Various Types of Light Sources Used in Photodynamic Therapy
Figure 4-1: Drug Carriers for Photodynamic Therapy
Figure 4-2: Delivery of Photosensitizer Drugs Using Liposomes
Figure 4-3: Structure of a Quantum Dot
Figure 4-4: Gold Nanoparticles for Targeted Delivery of Photosensitizers
Figure 5-1: Apoptosis of Tumor Cell Induced by Photodynamic Therapy
Figure 5-2: Vascular Damage of Tumor Cells Induced By Photodynamic Cancer Therapy
Figure 5-3: Tumor Cell Death Pathways by Reactive Oxygen Species
Figure 6-1: Photodynamic Therapy for Lung Cancer
Figure 6-2: Photodynamic Therapy for the treatment of Cervical Cancer
Figure 7-1: Limitation of Cancer Photodynamic Therapy
Figure 9-1: Use of Photodynamic Therapy for Various Skin Cancer Types
Figure 9-2: Global andndash; Cancer Photodynamic Therapy Market Opportunity (US$ Billion), 2017-2023
Figure 9-3: Global - Cancer Photodynamic Therapy Shares by Devices and Essentials
Figure 9-4: Global andndash; Cancer Photosensitisers Clinical Pipeline by Phase (%), 2017 till 2023
Figure 9-5: Global - Photosensitisers Clinical Pipeline by Phase (Number), 2017 till 2023
Figure 9-6: Global andndash; Cancer Photosensitisers Clinical Pipeline by Phase (%), 2017 till 2023
Figure 9-7: Global andndash; Cancer Photosensitisers Clinical Pipeline by Phase (Number), 2017 till 2023
Figure 10-1: Global - Driving Factors of the Cancer Photodynamic Therapy Market
Figure 10-2: Global - Breast, Lung and Skin Cancer Statistics, 2013-2016
Figure 11-1: Global andndash; Cancer Photodynamic Therapy Market Challenges
Figure 11-2: Global - Scientific Limitations of the Cancer Photodynamic therapy
Figure 11-3: Global - Commercial Challenges to the Photodynamic Therapy Market
Figure 12-1: Global - Future Governing Factors of the Photodynamic Therapy Market

Kuick Research is a market research and analytics company that provides targeted information for critical decisions at business, product and service levels. We are quick, predictive and known by the recommendations we have made in the past. Our result-oriented research methodology offers understanding of multiple issues in a short period of time and gives us the capability to keep you full with loads of practical ideas. By translating research answers into strategic insight and direction, we not only rate the success potential of your products and/or services, but also help you identify the opportunities for growth in new demographies and find ways to beat competition.

Neeraj Chawla
KuicK Research
New Delhi – 110 001, India

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