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HeatWell - Honest Reviews From Canada

11-28-2022 10:34 AM CET | Energy & Environment

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Heatwell Canada

Heatwell Canada

HeatWell is an indoor space heater sold online. Currently, it is the best-selling portable heater in Canada.

Prices at around $50, heatWell is the best solution this winter. It is faster than most similar models, more compact, more powerful, and extremely lightweight.

What is HeatWell? Is it worth the ongoing hype? What are the specifications? pros? cons? Keep reading heatwell reviews in Canada to discover everything worth knowing before buying.


Beating this winter is another issue that must be solved by every home. What works best? Is this the best solution?

HeatWell is recently available on sale and a lot of sites have said many things about it. Some even claim that it can do what the manufacturer never thought before. Yes, you are right, there are elements of hype this time.

With this in mind, we decided to give a rundown of everything we know about it. We also give a rundown of what users have said before and some claims made by the manufacturer. Unlike before we also have links that help you buy this from the official website.

Sure, we are likely to receive little commission if you buy from this post but we advised you to go through the reviews first and see what it does and what it doesn't. There is a lot of hype here. Without a doubt, it is one of the best heaters in Canada now but there are still things that you need to have in mind before making it your favorite heater. Don't just buy, Read first, you might need another brand

Don't worry, we will not hide any of its shortcomings and we will be as honest as possible. You must not buy from our post, we want all our readers to get the right value for their money. We will tell you cases where you will need it and cases where you won't. Save what is possible this time around.

Please don't leave this page, HeatWell Canada is carefully prepared so that everyone will get the right information. Join us let's review this together!!

What Is HeatWell Heater?

HeatWell is a personal space heater used indoors. Based on what verified reviewers said, the HeatWell covers larger spaces; up to 350 square feet. Manufacturers also made similar claims, and publicly said that it heats medium-sized rooms within 10 minutes.

HeatWell is available in a cordless model and it doesn't use rechargeable batteries meaning that you must plug it in before using it. It is seen as the best space heater in Canada and the US though it has not been accepted by many.

HeatWell is a ceramic heating system that dishes out heat by convection and radiation. It's said to be safer than other types of portable heaters because the ceramics used for the outer covering is a poor conductor of heat, intended to prevent burns.

HeatWell is an ultra-lightweight and portable heater, making it the best option for travelers. It can be used in the dining room, kitchen, walkway, parlor, waiting room, and other similar spaces. From the information we have, it weighs around one pound making it the lightest space heater on the market. The closet weighs 1.25 pounds.

HeatWell is an energy-efficient portable space heater.
It consumes just a fraction of what most space greater takes. It is far better than central gas heating systems though their power handling capacity can never be compared. It heats your relevant space and saves money in the process

HeatWell is only okay if you don't want to heat every corner of your house simultaneously. It is mainly for your personal space, other than that, the heatWell heater might look like another poor space heater. People who have more budget and want to warm everything should not think of going for it unless they are buying more than one.

From other HeatWell reviews, it has a lot of smarter features hardly seen in a similar device. Most customers have said much about its unique nature. It has an adjustable thermostat and built-in timers, and it can be rotated up to 270 mechanical degrees when plugged in.

The majority of experts keep saying that it is the fastest space heater. We ran some experiments based on these claims and we observed that it all depends on a host of factors. Things like ambient temperature is a major determinants and it is also a variable. Claims that it heats within 10 minutes are not far from the truth but not the truth. HeatWell is not the fastest heater, we have seen something faster as well though prices vary.

Compared to other Available space heaters, heatWell Canada consumes small power making it the best efficient heating system. Without a doubt, It will greatly reduce your monthly bill. Being compact and lightweight, you can easily move it From room to room, office to office, and it is best for travelers as well.

HeatWell is carefully designed by experts to satisfy all homeowners this winter. It works well, is faster, and is less powerful when compared to central space heaters and some high-end portable heaters. People who have a smaller budget should consider it this winter but see its downside first.

HeatWell Canada: Features

Here are some of the features advertised by the manufacturer;

Adjustable Thermostat: this feature helps users set the cut-off temperature. A button with plus and minus labels is used to do this adjustment.

LED Display Screen: Users can see at a glance the working temperature and time. This screen also emits attractive lights which beautify your room more.

Time Selector button: With this feature, users who wish to adjust heating time can do them without any hassle. A button with a clock is used in this function.

Antimicrobial Filters: Unlike other heaters, heatWell Also uses filters to check viruses and bacteria.

Three Pin Plug: HeatWell is defined for wall socket outlet. With this in mind, the maker uses three pin plug so that the connection will be easy and faster.

Specifications: HeatWell Reviews

√ Cord-free

√ Digital LED Thermostat

√ Quiet operation

√ 270-degree rotation

√ Voltage ratings:120 VAC

√ Supply Frequency: 60Hz

√ Power Rating: 800W

√ Automatic on and off switch

√ Overall weight: 1.25lb

√ Heating Technology: Ceramics

√ Coverage: 250 Square feet

Working Principle Of HeatWell

Just like other space heaters, heatWell uses the power from the wall socket outlets to force current to flow through a resistive element (Ceramic Plates). Aluminum fins are attached to the ceramic plates to transfer the heater faster. As the current is flowing, heat is generated. to circulate the heat in the room, heatWell uses a fan.

In the event of a fault, heatWell will shut down automatically.

How To Use HeatWell

Using a HeatWell heater is very straightforward. Once you follow this simple guide, you are sure to get your personal space warm within minutes.

Step 1: Plug the heater into any three-prong electrical socket.

Step 2: switch on the heater through the power-on switch.

Step 3: Use the buttons on the top to set the thermostat anywhere between 60 and 90 degrees.

Step 4: Use the button with the clock sign to set the heating time.

These are the needed steps. I believe it looks simpler. Read the user manual for other necessary information regarding the usage.

Why Is HeatWell Recommended?

HeatWell is selling like hotcakes again. From verified reports, it is the most reviewed heater so far.

Here are some of the reasons why it is gaining such attention lately.

More Powerful: At 800W, heatWell looks like another space heater. Sure, it is not powerful when compared to the central gas heating system. Most portable heaters we have seen are far below 800 Watts, the highest is 500 Watts. Indeed, heatwell is one of the most powerful heaters under $50.

More Compact: HeatWell is very small, though most portable heaters are compact nothing can be compared to heatWell. The claims that it is the most compact heater might be wrong but it is not far from that. Truly, we have seen something smaller, but it is also at the top of the list.

Energy Efficient: HeatWell consumers just a little power. It uses about 30% of the total running cost of other heaters. It heats faster and cools faster as well.

More Portable: Saying that it is the most portable heater might look like the biggest lie this winter until you use one.

Affordable: selling for just $49, HeatWell is the best in terms of Price. Hardly can you see something like this at $49. Not that you can't see it. there are even cheaper options but quality varies greatly.

More Faster: While the claims that it heats in seconds are false, heatWell is still faster than similar products. Yes, it might not compete favorably with some custom heaters, but it is still among the best. Sincerely speaking, we don't know how many minutes it will take but for a medium-sized room, it takes around 10 minutes.

User-friendly: like any heating system, safety is the major priority. HeatWell engineers use advanced safety devices to make sure that users have peace of mind. It doesn't catch fire, it doesn't overheat, and there is nothing to worry about it.

Pros: HeatWell Canada

√ Easy to use

√ No hassle return

√ Reduce Shipping Cost

√ Available online

√ No messy wires to worry about

√ Noiseless

Cons: HeatWell Canada

Here is the most notable downside of the heatWell space heater sold today:

√ HeatWell is only suitable for your personal space

√ HeatWell Doesn't have a storage battery

√ HeatWell is only available online

√ HeatWell doesn't have remote control

√ The stock is also limited and you have to pay shipping fees before you can complete your order.

Prices And Where To Buy HeatWell In Canada

HeatWell heater is fairly priced.

Here is the price as of the time of reviewing it.

$49 for one unit

$169 for 4 units

$134 for 3 units

$94 for 2 units

If you are interested in buying it today, you can buy it from the link below. It is the best place to buy. Many have been using it and they are extremely satisfied with it.

Refund Policy

From the official, heatWell offers 60-day money-back guarantee on all orders placed on their official website.

However, your refund can only be processed if you return it at the return facility address provided and it must be returned in the form it is received including the user manual.

Why do you need HeatWell heater?

In addition to many other things, a heatwell is needed to keep warm all Winter long. It is better and more efficient than other space heaters.

Central heating units are fine if you're trying to heat every corner of your home, have plenty of time to wait to heat up, and have lots of money to burn! But the heatWell goes just where you take it, is more direct and focused, and doesn't waste time and energy on rooms that you might not need. It is more direct.

it is extremely quiet. You can use it while watching films, listening to broadcasts, and doing other activities like that. The Hulk heater will never disturb you.

Don't be fooled by its small size, it produces up to 1000 watts of soothing heat to make even the chilliest of nights warm and toasty! Compact enough to carry from room to room, just unplug the unit and take it wherever you like. There are many reasons to use this heater.

Where should I plug heatWell?

HeatWell is designed for in-wall outlet use only. To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock connect directly to a ground three-prong wall outlet.

What Is Power Consumption?

The power consumption is 800 Watts.

What is its coverage?

HeatWell covers up to 250 Square feet of space.

How many people are advised to use it?

Heatwell is for your personal space so we advised each person to use one unit.

Will heatWell affect my electric bill?

HeatWell uses power from the wall socket so it will cause some reading in the energy meter but is negligible compared to other heaters.

How long will it last?

We don't know, we expect it to last longer due to the type of materials the maker used.

Contact information

Need Help?
If you are looking for more information on HeatWell or need help with your HeatWell order then our award-winning customer service agents are standing by to assist you!
Contact the HeatWell Team:
By Phone:
United States: 877-232-5950
Ontel Products Corporation
21 Law Drive, Fairfield, NJ 07004

HeatWell Dimensions

Dimensions: 5.6 in. (W) x 5.6 in. (D) x 3.5 in. (H

Customer reviews from Canada

There are a lot of positive reviews so far because many people love it while few dislike it.

You can see a lot of verified reviews on the official website.

Conclusion - HeatWell Canada

By now we believe that you have seen everything you need to know. As regards purchase make sure that you are okay with its downsides.

We will be happy if you buy from our link. All the product we review is from results obtained while using and from what other experts said about them. HeatWell is our latest product we are recommending this year.


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