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Hulk Heater in Canada Reviews: Read Before Buying Hulk Heaters In Canada

10-17-2022 11:05 AM CET | Fashion, Lifestyle, Trends

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Hulk heater Canada

Hulk heater Canada

Hulk heaters are personal space heaters sold in Canada at the official website only.

Seen as the best-selling heaters in Canada, hulk heater has promised to keep you warmed irrespective of the temperature.

Recently, hulk heaters Canada is selling for under $45 with a 100% money-back guarantee on all orders.

Is the hulk heater any Good? Where can I buy it at the cheapest price? Keep reading to discover everything worth knowing.


Hulk heaters are heater that uses ceramic heating systems.

Like other heaters available in Canada, hulk heaters are very safe to use. It features an internal thermostat that regulates Temperature to avoid any form of overheating. It is adjustable as well so that users can select any heating rate that suits them.

With thousands of positive reviews from Canadian users and millions already sold, hulk heaters represent the best option for anyone looking for affordable portable heaters.

As of the time of writing, the hulk heater is exclusively sold online with a 60-day return policy.

Hulk heaters are mini, compact, portable, lightweight, and smart personal space heaters. They are designed to fit all rooms and offer instant heating, unlike some overpriced brands.

Hulk heaters are also cordless with no rechargeable batteries. They are plugged directly into the wall socket just like you plug your phone chargers and Television.


From the manufacturer, the hulk heater is capable of handling 800W at a supply voltage of 120VAC, 60Hz.

The Hulk heater is capable of heating 250 square feet of room comfortably.

Other specifications include:

Dimensions: 5.6 in. (W) x 5.6 in. (D) x 3.5 in. (H)

Weight 1.25 lbs.

Heating system: Advanced Ceramic Technology

Digital LED Thermostat

Quiet Operation, Almost Zero decibel

270° Rotating Outlet Plug


Hulk heater works based on the fact that electric current produces heat when passed through resistive elements.

Hulk heaters are under corrective heating devices and make use of a fan to blow heat away from the heating element.

Hulk heaters have ceramic plates attached to coils of metal that conduct heat ( Aluminum fins as in the case of hulk heater). These ceramic plates are in contact with the aluminum fins, thereby heating the fins. A fan blowing across the fins heats the air.

The process continues until your entire space is heated up. Heating time varies from place to place as it is a function of ambient temperature.

Hulk heaters feature internal safety devices to regulate the heat generated. It automatically shuts down when excessive heat is observed.


COMPACT: Hulk heaters are so small that most people don't believe that they can handle 400W of power talk more of its rated power (800W). It is so compact that it can easily enter your backpack without consuming much of your personal space.

CORDLESS: Designed to be plugged directly, you don't need any form of connection cable. It is neater, unlike some brands that use untidy cables, that are not even heat-resistant.

SAFETY DEVICE: Hulk heaters are designed with safety in mind. Users can use it without any fear. It can shut down automatically and you can also adjust its heating power.

ADJUSTABLE THERMOSTAT: Hulk heaters are customizable. Owners can adjust their Thermostat settings within seconds.

TIMERS: Hulk heaters can be timed and they will shut
down once the time has elapsed. This is a great feature and we are happy to see it here.

PORTABLE DESIGN: Hulk heaters offer portable heating. You can easily move it from your room to the office and other places.

DIGITAL LED DISPLAY: For easy readings, the Hulk heater uses a digital display so that you can instantly view the room temperature.


Since the day they were launched in Canada, Hulk heaters have been trending and many experts are recommending them.

Here are some of the things that make people make most people make their first choice:

1: Fast Heating: hulk heaters are advertised as one of the fastest heaters available in Canada today. From our experience and expert reviews, a hulk heater requires just a few minutes to heap your personal space.

2: Save Cost: Hulk heaters are an economical substitute for most central heaters. It costs less, requires no maintenance, reduces electric bills, and requires no expert installer.

3: Energy Efficient: Due to the quality materials used, hulk heaters consume little electric power and give out much heat. Truly, the efficiency is not 100% but it is not far from that.

4: More Powerful: Compared with same-sized heaters, hulk heaters are one of the most powerful. Maybe you are still wondering how this tiny device can handle 800W of power, don't worry, hulk heaters are popularly called mini-beast. You won't understand till you use it.

5:More Compact: Truly, most heaters are compact. They are very portable, and they consume small space but nothing can be compared with a hulk heater.

6:More Safer: Hulk heaters are designed with all the safety measures in mind. It has overheat protection, overcurrent protection, and a timer for customization.

7:Noiseless: Hulk heaters are one of the heaters with almost zero decibels. It makes very little noise, unlike some other heaters.

8:Customizable: hulk heaters feature adjustable thermostats and timers so that users can customize them without any hassle.


Using the hulk heater is very straightforward. Anyone who never used it before should have no issues using it for the first time.

Here are the Step involved:

1:Read the instruction manuals, see what it does and what it doesn't, and manufacturer advice as well.

2: Plug it into the nearest wall socket

3: Switch on the wall socket outlet.

4: Switch on the hulk heaterThesed select your preferred settings.

This is just the things needed. There is no expert experience. Just very simply like other simple things.


All electrical conductors have some amount of resistance which opposes current flow.

Heaters are designed with heating elements: high resistive materials that offer a lot of opposition to current flow.

As current is passing through it, heat is generated as power loss.

Hulk heaters use high resistive materials to oppose current and generate heat which heats your personal space.



Easy to use
Available online


Limited stock
Available only at the official website
Not suitable for larger space
No free shipping


According to the maker, all orders placed at the official website are backed by a 60-day money back guarantee. The company promised to refund all the money in case you aren't satisfied with it again.

However, they said that the return product must be in the form it was received with the user manual. The product must be returned to the return facility address provided by their customer care service and must return on or before 60 days of purchase.

To accelerate your refund, keep in touch with their customer care and read more about their return policy at checkout.


In Canada, hulk heaters are officially sold online at the official website only.

Canadians have been buying using the above link. There's no hidden fees and the shipping fees are calculated at Checkout.

The company also promised to ship it at the shortest time.


One hulk heater is $49.99

Two hulk heaters are $94.90

Three hulk heaters are $134.88

Four hulk heaters are sold at $169.89. One of the best deals at the moment.

The above price is discounted and the company can decide to sell at the normal price anytime.


The Hulk heater is a personal space heater so it is advised to use it in medium sized rooms. It is not as powerful as your Central heaters so users should have this in their mind.

Also, hulk heaters are still consumer products and can fail anytime. It is true that they are designed to last longer but will still fail one day.

Owners are also advised to take care of their gadget because the company isn't responsible for any failure due to improper handling.


Email Address:

By Phone:
United States: 877-304-6353

Ontel Products Corporation
21 Law Drive, Fairfield, NJ 07004


Jess l from Ontario: I have used other portable heaters before. Some cost more while some cost less than hulk heater but I'm really happy to have Come across this specially designed space heater. I used to call it mini-beast. I never expected this from this tiny box. The Hulk heater is close to the best I have .

Stacy K: Cold is one of the things I never want to experience. I have tried so many Heaters just to reduce the usage of my Central heater. Not that they failed woefully, the truth is that I'm expecting more. For now, the hulk heater is surprising me. I least expected this. I'm just lucky to have this after years of trials.

Rupert K: I'm just happy to have this. Without doubt it is one of the best in my house. If you don't mind, you can try this .

Daniel is another user that is extremely satisfied with its performance. Others are given positive reviews as well.


Happy seeing you here. We have all we have. Hulk heater is selling like hot cakes again. Millions have been sold and we advised you to get one today.

I'm sure that you will love this idea.


This review is for general information purposes.

All claims that hulk heater is the best heater in the market should be disregarded. We reviewed it because it is one of our top picks this year and we have confidence that it will work perfectly well for you.


All testimonies appearing here are submitted by satisfied customers without any compensation. There is no guarantee that everyone will have the same experience.


This post contains some affiliate links which show that the reviewers have used it or have more information about it. However,they might receive little Commission (at no additional cost to you) to finance their editorial teams.


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