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Washwand+ dental plaque remover review: My 7 days experience using washwand+. MUST READ!!!

09-22-2022 02:45 PM CET | Health & Medicine

Press release from: Washwand+

Washwand+ dental plaque remover review: My 7 days experience

Washwand+ descaler is viewed to be the best alternative to expensive visits to the dentists. I can't be speaking for myself alone when I say I hate visiting the dentist. Almost everybody I know hates it, not only is the experience always painful but also you get to spend a fortune in any visit. It is estimated that 74 million Americans have no dental insurance coverage, to be honest, I'm one of them.

Oral care is not being taken as serious as it should be. There are so many fatal consequences that can occur as a result of poor oral care. We can pay a very heavy price just by simply ignoring some subtle oral signs. Studies have shown that poor oral care in some cases is directly related to some fevers. Not only fevers, poor oral health can also be linked to diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even complications in pregnancy. The mouth the entry point to your entire body system. It is the major housing place for bacteria that can reach high levels and cause inflammations and other serious health conditions.

Due to my previous smoking habits, I suffered from ugly dental plaques and tartar which in turn started to affect my gums and made it change color. As a self-conscious person, smiling in public was almost impossible for me because whoever I smiled back at would show an instant change in facial expressions.

For years I have visited the dentists, who would put me through painful procedures to get rid of the plaques. It wasn't just the pain that was the problem, it was the outrageous fees I always had to pay as I didn't have a dental insurance coverage.
Dental plaques should not be ignored, the more you ignore your dental plaques the more you hasten your progression to a more serious dental condition like tooth decay. These plaques cannot be removed by just brushing your teeth no matter how hard your toothbrush is. It is always best to avoid the development of dental plaques by brushing your teeth immediately after meals. However if we're being honest with ourselves, many people do not remember to do so.

Dental plaques are not just there to make your teeth look discolored, these plaques are the leading causes of mouth odors no matter how many times you brush your teeth. Coupled with this fact, dental plaques also entraps bacteria in the mouth which can cause minor health issues like fever or serious health issues like heart diseases.

For me, the only solution for dental plaques has been a visit to the dentist every six months until I made friends with someone there who introduced me to the new product called washwand plus. I immediately browsed about it and discovered that people are giving positive reviews about it.

So I quickly ordered mine because it was a cheaper alternative and to my surprise I had it delivered to my door in less than 5 days.

In this article I am going to be talking about my experience with washwand plus and also I am going to be giving you every piece of information you might have been looking for about this product. I am not just going to be giving you my personal experience with the washwand+, I am also going to tell you how you can make the best out of it.

So if the mere thought of visiting the dentist hurts your teeth then this review article is definitely for you.
Without wasting time let's get right into it.


Washwand+ descaler is an electric, portable and handheld version of a dental ultrasonic scaler used by dentists. It much lighter, battery powered and most importantly way less noisy. A new kind of fear is always unlocked when those big ultrasonic scalers are turned on by dentists, the sounds they make is quite buzzing.

Washwand+ is a cheaper way to get rid of dental plaque. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on each appointment to the dentists where you are confined in a dental chair for hours of painful experience, you can get washwand plus for just a little fraction of the price and conveniently get rid of those plaques from the comfort of your home.
The best thing I loved about the washwand+ descaler is that it was easy to use and also because it was gently on the gums. In all my days of using washwand+ descaler I have never experienced any form of bleeding from my gums. Yes! That's how good the washwand+ actually is.
Washwand+ removes years of plaque buildup and tartar from teeth with so much ease that you don't need to put in much effort doing it. The best part is that you don't even need water.

This portable scaler is lightweight and just about the size of your regular toothbrush. This makes it convenient for you slide it into your bag, purse or luggage and take it with you anywhere.


3 SONIC SPEED: the feature allows you to be in control of the pace at which you wish to remove dental plaques or tartar. Some plaques are very stubborn and more difficult to remove. That is why the washwand with three different sonic speeds to match any degree of dental plaque you might be having. The 3 sonic speeds includes; 10000, 11500 and 13400 VPM. Each of these sonic speed is sufficient enough to effectively get rid of the most stubborn of dental plaques you may be having.

LOW NOISE OPERATION: This feature is one major thing you would like about the washwand+, if you are someone like me who gets irritated by the buzzing sounds of the ultrasonic scalers used by the dentist, then you would relieved to know that washwand+ descaler less noisy even when compared with other portable descalers. I love how the low noise allows me to concentrate when getting rid of the plaques especially at night before bedtime

SILICON JACKET BODY: the silicon jacket body of the wonderwand+ descaler gives it an ergonomic feel making it comfortable to hold. This feature makes washwand+ less slippery when held with wet hands. The silicon jacket ensures the durability of the device especially when dropped accidentally, it protects the device from getting any damages.

STAINLESS STEEL TIP: the washwand+ descaler comes with a stainless steel tip. This tip ensures the accurate breaking of the plaques. This tip is so precise that it makes it easier to reach difficult area of your teeth and take care of business. The stainless steel tip can be detached and replaced with the spare tip or the toothbrush the whole package comes with.

TOOTHBRUSH: if you think washwand+ is only a descaler for plaque removal alone, then you're in for quite a shock. The washwand+ package comes with a complementary extra toothbrush which can be substituted with the tip if you wish to. The brush is not so soft but it's a totally hard brush either. This makes the washwand plus a complete package for your dental care and also a convenience for you long trips.

RECHARGABLE BATTERY: the washwand+ is powered by a rechargeable 300mAH capacity battery. The battery life is proficient as it can last you up to 3 hours once fully charged. The battery is recharged using a coaxial to USB-type-A cable which you can connect to your laptops USB port or a USB adapter. It takes a total of 2 hours to fully charge your washwand plus descaler.

BUILT-IN MINI LED LIGHT: This portable scaler also features an in-built LED indicator which shows you when the device is turned on or charging.

ONE BUTTON CONTROL: this feature makes using the washwand plus descaler the easiest job on the planet. The washwand+ features only one button which serves the multi-purpose of turning it ON/OFF and changing to your preferred sonic speed.

One washwand+ descaler unit
One pointed tip scaler attachment head
One toothbrush attachment head
Charging cable (coaxial to USB-A)


Washwand+ dental plaque remover is ultrasonic tooth scraping device that uses transducers which converts electricity into mechanical energy which generates an ultrasonic vibrations. This vibration produced are high enough to knock out the plaques or tartar giving you a cleaner teeth and brighter smile.

The electricity needed is only produced by its rechargeable battery and not by direct current that is why handheld scalers produce less vibration and noise when compared to the ultrasonic scalers but it does an awesome job with it.

The washwand+ is turned on by gently pushing the button at the center of the scaler, once the device starts up, you can keep pressing the button to change to your desired sonic vibration speed. On placing the vibrating tip of the descaler on the plaque it automatically gets rid of the plaques and tartar. You do not need water for this. The pointed tip can also be detached and reattached to the main unit of the dental scaler. The best part is that washwand+ also has extra attachments like the pin pointed precision detailer and the custom tooth brush that makes it the total package for your dental care.


Like I mentioned earlier, using a device like washwand+ dental descaler is the easiest job you can imagine. You don't need any special skill to make use of your washwand+, I will provide with step by step guides through which you can make the best out of your washwand plus

STEP 1: Charge your washwand+ dental descaler using the coaxial to USB type -A cord with your laptop or power bank
STEP 2: After brushing, turn the washwand+ on by holding down the power button on the feel it gently vibrate.
STEP 3: Place the stainless still tip on the surface of your teeth with the plaques to gently remove them.
STEP 4: Rinse your mouth with water afterwards.


Let me quickly share my personal experience with the washwand+ descaler. I have been using washwand+ for the past two months now, and I can tell you that I am going to be saving a reasonable amount of money from my dental appointments. The first day I used the washwand+ I was able to get rid of plaques that have built up for months and the best part was that it was absolutely painless.

Because of how painless it was, I found it easier to use it every morning. For 1 week non-stop, I used the washwand+ descaler and the result was amazing. To be honest on my first impression about this device, I had the fear it would injure my gums probably because of my experiences in all my visit to the dentist. However, that was not the case with washwand+

In just 7 days, I felt my confidence coming right back my teeth were ivory clean looking at them from the mirror.


The only place you can buy washwand+ dental plaque remover is online through the company's official website. The advantage of buying directly from them is that you don't fall for the fake imitations being sold at retail stores, making your purchase ensure you get the original product which and avoid being ripped off your hard earned money.

When purchasing from the website I also enjoyed some juicy discounts. You get to enjoy a discount of up to 50% off. That's not all, the company is offering a 30-day money back guarantee to all unsatisfied purchases so if you are not completely thrilled with your washwand+ order, you can post it back to them and get your full refund.

If you would love to purchase the washwand+ descaler and improve your dental health. I will be happy to provide you with a link to the webpage I purchased mine.

The website provides with you with a double option of making your payments with either credit card (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover and JCB) or you can checkout using your PayPal account

To buy washwand+ descaler simply click the link below.


1x washwand+ dental plaque remover goes for $49.99
2x washwand+ dental plaque remover cost $99.99
3x washwand+ dental descaler cost $111.99
4x washwand+ dental plaque remover $ 149.99


It is good to visit your dentist. However if your visit to the dentist is for the sole reason of plaque removal then washwand+ is a great alternative for you. If you are someone like me who doesn't always have the time and money to sit in dentist chair for hours of painful procedure then washwand+ is perfect for you.

Washwand+ is a more preferable alternative to the ultrasonic scalers used by dentists.
First, you need to understand that a visit to the dentist is very expensive and by that I mean thousands of dollars except of course your medical insurance covers the dental aspect. Why spend so much money visiting the dentist when you have a cheaper alternative that can give you that same dentist-quality cleaning.

Another reason why washwand+ is better than ultrasonic scalers is that is the pains it causes. On every visit to the dentist, they may have to inject you with some numbing drug so you don't feel the pain during the procedure. But when the drug wears then comes the pain. In most cases ultra-sonic scalers are so harsh on the gums that they end up making your gums bleed. Washwand+ on the other hand is gentle with your gums and most importantly the most painless way to get rid of dental plaques from your teeth.

The buzzing sound ultrasonic scalers make can also be very uncomfortable and in turn raise your anxiety levels. Washwand makes less noise with 100% efficiency.


The notable competitor of the washwand+ is the Ivory Oral sonic plaque remover. To make this comparison I had to get the ivory oral. So the ivory oral works just as effectively as the washwand+ in removing plaque, it does a very good job.

However when comparing the two I discovered that the washwand+ lasts a bit longer than the Ivory oral in battery life. The wash wand lasts a total of 3 hours after full charger whereas the ivory oral lasted only 2 hours which is not that bad.
Another notable difference is the sonic speed settings, the washwand has a total of 3 sonic speeds while ivory oral has only 2.

To be honest ordering the ivory oral was much of a hassle, their customer care services are very poor as they barely respond to both calls and emails. Washwand+ customer care on the other hand are quick to reply you and ready to help you out the best they can.

Ivory oral comes with just the scaler and the charger, there is no extra attachments. Washwand+ comes with two extra attachments heads, one pin pointed tip dental scaler and one toothbrush.


Washwand+ descaler is idea for both men and women who are conscious of their dental hygiene and beauty. The most beautiful eye catching about you is your smile. And when you have a perfect ivory smile, you tend to make people more comfortable around you. With washwand+ you can make that happen at a very affordable price as well.

This portable scaler is suitable for adults between the ages of 20-60. It is not suitable for kids as their teeth may still be temporary. If you must use washwand plus as a teenager please ensure to start with the least sonic speed.


1.REMOVES TARTAR AND PLAQUE BUILD UP: Washwand+ effectively takes care of your dental plaque no matter how long you have had them. Just turn your washwand+ on and take care of those plaques for good.

2.FRESHENS BREATH AS IT REMOVES PLAQUES: Some harmful bacteria are lodged in these dental plaques, this is a major contributing factor to bad breath in people with these plaques. Washwand plus descaler takes care of these bacteria lodged plaques and in turn takes away your bad breath.

3.EASY TO USE: Using a device like washwand+ descaler is so easy, you don't need any special skills to do it, and all you need is your mirror. By the push of the single button on the device you can take care of dental plaques without any hassle.

4.CLEAN AT YOUR OWN PACE: Due to the high price of dental appointments, you may be forced to reduce you visit to just twice a year, which is very bad. Why would you have to wait that long to get rid of plaque build-up. With washwand+, you can be on top of you game, you can clean out those plaques as often as you want without giving them time to accumulate.

5.INSTANT RESULT AFTER FIRST USE: washwand+ will remove plaques and tartar that have built up for years instantly. That is one thing you're going to enjoy about this product. You start seeing results as soon as you start using it. So if you're eager to get your pretty smile back in no time, washwand+ is the perfect product for you.

6.LESS PAIN THAN THE DENTIST: This one thing that always scared me every time I visited the dentist, the pain in the whole procedure of plaque removal and I know it scares you as well. The ultrasonic scalers used by dentists is a very bulky device and so the procedure would never be easy, it is always painful. Washwand+ is here to take care of you tartar and dental plaque with no pain. You won't feel a thing at all.

7.GENTLE ON THE GUMS: washwand+ is super gentle on gums unlike the ultrasonic scalers used by dentists which would always leave you with bleeding gums. If you are worried about gum bleeds from using this product, be rest assured you will not experience such a thing while using washwand+

8.SAVES THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS ON CHECKUPS: this is the most important benefit a device like washwand+ dental descaler. Every year, dental visits cost almost 2000 dollars. Now imagine having a device that takes care of that need to visit the dentist. For as just $50 you can get the washwand+ and save yourself so much money and time.


Of course I noticed some few minor drawbacks on this device
Washwand+ dental descaler is not totally waterproof so be sure to dry it off after every use.
You need to have a lot of patient when charging the device because it doesn't come with a fast charge feature
It is not advisable for little kids to make use this device as their teeth are still temporal.


Don't just take my word for it see what other verified customers think about washwand+

I am in my 50's and still scared of the dentist. But I really needed to remove the gunk from my teeth! This magic little wand cleaned plaque that had been caked on for YEARS.

WOW. Didn't feel a thing! The tips are so easy to use and it's gentle on my teeth and gums. I always leave my dentist with a mouthful of blood and aching gums for days.


Dental plaques should be taken serious as it can cause some serious damage to health if ignored. If you are tired of spending a fortune on each of your visits to the dentist, then you might want to give washwand dental plaque remover a chance.

The best part is that it's super affordable and it in turn saves you thousands of dollars for dental appointments. so you might want to jump on this offer right now and enjoy a 50% discount.

Thank you for your time, you might also like to checkout this article about the autocapturing phone mount.

Quality Performance Limited 377 Valley Rd #1123, Clifton, NJ 07013
855 219 4892

You can reach Washwand LTD through

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