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Uromexil Forte helps to cope with the signs of prostatitis without going to a specialist and available in all europe country

09-14-2022 10:26 AM CET | Health & Medicine

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Uromexil Forte Europe

Uromexil Forte Europe

A Croatian student was arrested after she published her methodology on how to get rid of the prostate, which could save millions of lives!

After her release, she received the highest award in the country for discovering a method of treating prostatitis and preventing premature death from cancer and adenoma.

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In the spring of 2022, something incredible happened at the European Congress of Urology Specialists. The whole hall applauded standing for ten minutes. We are talking about Alicja Górska, a Croatian student. It was she who proposed the use of a unique formula that allows you to completely get rid of prostatitis and prevent future life-threatening problems.

Alicja came up with a fantastic idea, and the Croatian and German structures took care of the production of the product. The product has been developed and has shown excellent results.

How the new product can save millions of lives and why Croatian citizens can get it almost for free, we will tell you in this article.

Correspondent: "Alicja, you are one of the 10 smartest students in the world. Why did you decide to study urology?"

Honestly, I don't really want to talk about it publicly, but the motivation is purely personal. A few years ago, my father got prostate cancer and died. Everything seemed to be fine, and then death occurred. Then I started studying everything related to this problem, as well as any other issues related to urology. I was shocked when I found out that most of the pills sold in pharmacies consist of chemicals that only harm the body. My father took them every day.

For the last three years I have been completely occupied with this topic. In fact, I discovered a new method of treating prostatitis, which is now being discussed, in the process of writing my dissertation. I realized that I had discovered something new. But I could not even think that it would arouse such interest from various structures.

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Correspondent: You were arrested after the discovery, right?

Yes, three days after my conference speech. Fortunately, the staff of the Main Private University of Urology in Zagreb has already contacted me. They also helped in solving the situation with the attorney's office.

Correspondent: And what was the problem?

Some of the main competitors on the market were afraid of my cooperation with a private university and other institutions in the development of an innovative product. It was already clear then that the product can help you get rid of prostatitis at a low price and that it will have a positive effect on sexual power. I don't know much about it, but prostatitis products are one of the most profitable niches on the market. No one wants to lose millions or billions because of some students. So they created a series of problems out of nowhere. They obviously counted on the fact that I did not understand anything and that there would be no one to protect me. But as soon as the lawyers started to act, it became clear that everything was prepared at the table. I was released and the case is closed.

Correspondent: Later there were no more problems?

No more problems. But they tried to steal my formula several times. As soon as the first publications about my method appeared, I started getting offers to sell my ideas. The first were the French, who offered me 120 thousand euros. Then there was an American pharmaceutical holding that offered me an incredible 2 million dollars. I had to change my phone number and I no longer use social networks because I get new offers every day.

Correspondent: As far as we know, you haven't sold the formula yet, have you?

It's true. Of course it won't turn out the best, but I didn't make it all up in order to profit from it. What will happen if I sell the formula? They will patent it, ban production and multiply the price. I may be young, but I'm not stupid. It is clear that ordinary people will not be able to solve this problem with the prostate in this way. My friend, a foreign doctor, told me that such a product would sell for $1,000. But what are we talking about? Who could afford it in Croatia at a price of 1000 dollars per pack?

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Therefore, when I was offered to create it with national structures, I immediately agreed. I collaborated with the best experts from the Institute of Urology, the Institute of Medicine, and even the Institute of Cardiology. It was amazing, the product passed all clinical trials and is now available to people.

The production of the product was coordinated by Ignacy Szydłowski, professor and well-known expert. We asked him to tell us more about the new product, and especially about the plans he has for its distribution.

Correspondent: "What is the essence of Alicja's idea? Does the product really help in solving prostatitis?"

Her idea is a completely new approach to the fight against prostatitis. How do older products work? They dilate blood vessels and alleviate painful symptoms. Thus, the burden on the heart increases significantly, and the risk of heart and stroke increases. However, these products do not act on the real cause of prostatitis, i.e. they do not restore proper blood circulation in the prostate. The problem continues when you continue to take this product.

Its formula helps to clean the capillaries and arteries. So, prevent itin se adenoma and prostatitis. But prevention is not enough when you are in the stage of necrosis. To do this, we had to make more efforts to strengthen the product and fight against prostatitis at any stage.

Correspondent: "Is prostatitis really that dangerous?"

Have you seen the mortality statistics in Croatia? Many die from cancer related to prostatitis, 63%! More than two thirds. Have you seen at least one person who died of prostatitis without having cancer? I bet you didn't. And the doctors in the morgues don't deny it either. Because there are no such cases. Anyone who has died of prostatitis as a result of kidney failure, heart failure, prostate cancer, etc., had problems with prostatitis to begin with.

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That's it! In the West, they realized a long time ago that all this is caused by male prostatitis. You always have to understand what is the cause of the problem... Remove the cause and the power will also return. And if you remove the consequences instead of the causes, then you can even drink a hundred pills every day, and the result will always be zero.

Over the years, the prostate gets dirty and cracked, and the level of its functionality decreases. The blood supply worsens, the first cases of necrosis appear. In this phase, the first symptoms appear: pain in the testicles or during urination, the need for frequent trips to the toilet, sexual dysfunction, pain in the lower abdomen after intercourse. If these symptoms appear or if the person has already had serious problems with the prostate, then it is necessary to treat them immediately.

Correspondent: "What about the products? There are many products that have been previously treated with this problem."

That is the problem. But they are all based on the principle described above. Medicines forcefully dilate blood vessels in the prostate and genitourinary system, damage their walls, and overload the kidneys and heart. Yes, they alleviate the symptoms of prostatitis and the person gets better in a short period of time.

But in general, they have a rather negative effect on the body, in exchange for some minor positive effect. It is impossible to get rid of prostatitis with their help. Alicja was absolutely right here. If you look at the product formulas in pharmacies, any expert can understand that they should not be taken.

Correspondent: "What is the name of your product? Can you tell us something about it?"

The product is called Uromexil Forte. It is effective thanks to its overall action on the body, it contains super concentrated natural ingredients. Uromexil Forte completely cleans the prostate from everything unnecessary, as well as the kidneys and urinary system. Blood circulation is restored and necrosis processes are blocked. The prostate stops suffering from infection and the entire urinary system is restored. After the therapy, the person fully recovers and the risk of prostate cancer is eliminated, urination problems and all other related problems disappear.

Besides, Alicja and I did it all. This product is not the usual mixture of chemical formulas that we find in all others, it is a unique super concentrate of natural ingredients of plant origin. This method is not only super effective, it is also safe if you follow the therapy.

In just 20-30 days after using the capsules, the inflammation disappears in the entire urinary system. Unlike pharmaceutical chemistry, Uromexil Forte does not have a harmful effect on the heart or other organs.

Correspondent: "But will your product be sold in pharmacies? How much will it cost?"

I think you know that as soon as we managed to create something powerful, pharmaceutical companies started attacking us in all fields. First they asked Alicja to sell the formula. Not to put it up for sale, but simply to avoid selling it to others. In the US alone, billions of dollars worth of products are sold. Our product can radically change the market situation. Why would people continue to spend absurd amounts every month now that the problem can be forgotten with the

Get Uromexil Forte Official Website available in all europe country-

Uromexil Forte program?

Pharmacy chains are partners of pharmaceutical companies that cooperate closely. And, of course, they depend on product sales. Therefore, they don't want to know anything about us and our discovery. Despite the fact that today it is the only officially recommended product in Croatia for the treatment of prostatitis and the prevention of complications such as oncology, adenoma, stroke or heart attack.

Correspondent: "If Uromexil Forte cannot be found on the pharmacy market, where can you buy it?"

We decided that if pharmacies don't even want to hear about us, then we can certainly do without them. We organized the direct distribution of Uromexil Forte. There are no resellers. We discussed several possibilities and chose the most effective method. Anyone can buy Uromexil Forte by simply filling out the form on the Institute's website, after which a consultant will contact you to help you and send the product. By order of August 22, 2022, the page has already been created and is in operation. Today, everyone has the Internet. Even if you don't have a computer, you can still send an order via the Internet via your mobile phone. Anyone can fulfill an order.

Every person who fills out the form before September 10, 2022 (including) will receive a package of Uromexil Forte for HRK 287. The preparation is completely natural, and nits production is not cheap at all. We are currently working together with our institute to spread information about the product among the population. We hope that the effect of word of mouth will succeed, and every person who wants to be cured can recommend the product to their friends.

Get Uromexil Forte Official Website available in all europe country-

Country Hungary
Address Ottó park 43.
City Budapest
State Baranya
Zip Code 8263

Correspondent: "How much will the product cost for everyone else?"

The cost of production is around 150 euros per package. We have now managed to come to an agreement with the management to reimburse part of the costs to the end client. More than 50%. Fortunately, they first of all understand the importance of making this product available to the entire population of the country, not just individuals, everyone who needs it should have Uromexil Forte, the product is distributed in the country, due to numerous requests, we may eventually export the product to other European countries as well .

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