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SkyQuad drone vs QuadAir drone: Which one should I buy?

So, you are confused between Skyquad drone vs quadair drone? So, you are at the right place, here you will get an answer to your question.

A drone with a camera gives you a clear view of the surrounding with beautiful memories. If you have been on a continuous search for a good drone, you may not find the best one.

Then, this review is about skyquad Drone and quadair drone as a precision-engineered drone and portable to carry. You can read the review until the end to know what the Drone will work for you, its features, benefits & drawbacks, Money-Back Guarantee, and what makes the Drone unique.

Performance and Quality Skyquad drone Vs Quadair drone
Skyquad drone and quadair drone are lightweight quadcopter drone that is perfectly crafted for amateur and expert photographers and filmmakers. Both drone enables you to capture aerial view images and video perfectly. They both have excellent camera that capture mind blowing pictures and videos.

The Major difference between skyquad drone and quadair drone
1. Skyquad has more features than quadair drone
2. Skyquad drone is more aesthetic than quadair drone
3. Skyquad drone is sold at $99 while Quadair drone is sold at $80
Note: prices change and are cheaper when you purchase more than one(1) drone

What is a SkyQuad Drone? (SkyQuad Drone Reviews)
SkyQuad Drone is a lightweight compatible aerial device that is the size of a fully grown man's palm when it is folded. This technology is a professional drone that is very easy to install as well as operate. It is equipped with 15 minutes of flight before it will need to be charged.

The SkyQuad Drone is an amazing aerial device that covers a wide range of over 3,000 feet and creates an exceptionally comprehensive unbroken view of an entire surrounding. It creates an extremely unique view as well as affording good views just for your enjoyment.

This aerial device is packed with all the best features that make it an ultimate game changer as it is equipped with slow motion mode that helps you capture amazing footage of moving objects and helps you capture a large potential for your photography and videography.

The device is equipped with electronic image stabilization that allows you to shoot professional photos and videos. It also has incredible altitude holdings that enable beginners to film and fly like pros for the first time.

The SkyQuad Drone comes with formidable speed for its size, it covers 19 meters per second with a top transmission distance of 4 kilometers. The perfect solution for your outdoor adventure shoots and surveillance.

This aerial device comes with a 1080p wifi built-in camera that helps even a technical newbie capture clear professional quality footage at the click of a button. It is enhanced with cameras that are suitable to capture excellent selfies.

The drone is upgraded to record videos with a 4k at 120 frames per second and takes shoots of over 12 megapixels.

SKyquad specifications
Frequency: 2.4GHz
Gyro: 6axis
Battery life: high
Flight time: high
FPV range: approx. 30m
R/C distance: 80-100m
Drone battery: 1 x 3.7v 500mah LIPO (included)
Running time: 15-31 minutes
Remote control battery: 3 x 1.5AA batteries
Chargeable/Charging time: 60-70 minutes

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Features of SkyQuad drone (SkyQuad Drone Reviews)
Foldable: SkyQuad Drone comes with four foldable flexible extendable wings. Its ability to fold makes it very portable and convenient to store as well as carry about.

HD Wifi camera: This superior aerial device comes with a digital camera that is very efficient when it comes to shooting 1080p quality videos and capturing professional images.

Longer flight time: SkyQuad Drone has a long lasting rechargeable battery that helps it have a longer altitude hold of about 15 minutes without the need to recharge, while it captures professional panorama shots from a unique perspective and affords good views.

SLOW mode: This is one of SkyQuad game changers that allow you to capture immersive incredible footage of mobile objects. This feature helps unlock a new adventure in aerial coverage.

Altitude view mode: This Drone creates exceptional comprehensive panorama shots from a unique perspective and provides stunning vantage points beyond your expectations. With its wide angled camera of 360°, it helps you cover a vast distance of 3000 feet.

GPS module: Regardless of its size, comes with a global positioning system that helps you pinpoint the drones precise location on your digital control map.

Self stabilization: This superior aerial device is equipped with self stabilization while it's in flight over 6 axis. This amazing feature helps it record seamless videos and images.

App wifi control: This drone's awesomeness continues. It comes with the best application mode that helps you capture, and navigate the drone effectively.

Benefits of SkyQuad Drone (SkyQuad Drone Reviews)
The SkyQuad Drone with its industry leading plethora of appealing Features such as foldable flexible wings, WiFi App controller, automatic self-stabilization, GSP module, incredible unmatched speed and maneuvering ability to avoid obstacles.

It is Lightweight: This Drone is a compact lightweight aerial device, it is portable, compatible, and easy to install and use. This magnificent technology comes with adjustable, foldable and flexible wings, which enables you to carry it conveniently and store it after use.

It is Affordable: This awesome aerial technology comes at a very affordable discounted price. As a unit is going for as low as $100. This aerial device has a long lasting rechargeable battery that allows it to operate for as long as 15 minutes after it has been fully charged.

It is Portable: The aerial device is very portable and user friendly. With its foldable flexible wings, this drone can fit into any carrier. It is easy to operate, install, and beginner friendly, with the click of a button it will take flight, it has strong altitude hold and the ability to trajectory flight.

It has an Altitude hold: It is equipped with the ability to automatically hold and maintain a particular altitude. This ability helps the drone to be sturdy while on the flight.

Speed and wide coverage: This aerial device flies with a speed of over 19 meters per second. This aerial device has a wide coverage of about 3000 feet with a top notch advanced transmission distance of 4 kilometers.

Quality footage: This advanced portable aerial device is equipped with a 360 degree camera and an upgraded 4k digital wifi camera that helps you capture 1008p quality pictures and videos. Its HD camera records and captures videos at 120 frames per second while it captures over 12 megapixels of photos.

It is easy to install and use: It has all the superior features it needs to satisfy the customers' needs. It is packed with all the necessary features to assist a professional drone user as well as a technical newbie. This aerial device is so easy to install that it comes out-of-the-box ready to go, which makes it very easy to use.

Trajectory flight: It is built with the newest feature that allows you to draw a specific pattern on your app control with the drone without having to move the joystick on the controller. This guides the drone through a safe path and performs effectively. It is also equipped with a gravity sensor that enables beginners to navigate the device and adjust its position, either horizontally or vertically via the Mobile app or its controller

How it works(SkyQuad Drone Reviews)
This precision engineered aerial device is very easy to use, and install as well as beginner friendly. SkyQuad Drone is a lightweight , foldable and portable drone that is flexible to move about. The SkyQuad Drone is packed with a minute easy read manual that guides you on how it operates. But below is an easy guide on how the SkyQuad Drone operates.

SkyQuad Drone is a precision designed aerial device that changes the game in drones, this aerial device is controlled with the assistance of a wifi controller that transmits strong smooth signals. This drone is designed to return to its take off point when there is a break or it detects a weak signal. This is possible due to its GPS module and gravity sensor.

This pre-programmed drone has the unique abilities that enable the users to pre-set the drone on a particular path and it won't fly out of range, it helps it maintain every curve, bend and landing, this is possible with the aid of its app controller, which makes it beginner friendly. Its trajectory flight mode makes it possible for the user to control the drone without always handling the Transmitter always.

The SkyQuad Drone has a follow me feature that allows the drone to follow and move in the direction of the user. It allows the user to take personal photos and videos without the aid of an assistant or photographer.

The SkyQuad Drone is a multi-propeller drone that comes with four foldable propellers and each propeller produces an equal amount of lifting force when they start spinning. It lifts the device off the ground without the need of a runway and lands it anywhere of the user's choice.

This aerial technology comes with an altimeter or accelerometer that feeds the user with necessary information concerning the drone speed, obstacles detector and altitudinal hold which helps the drone land safely and avoid unnecessary damages.

The SkyQuad Drone is pre-programmed with a built-in onboard 360 degree 4k wifi camera that helps the user see where obstacles and prevent them from clashing. The camera enables the drone to move back, forth and sidewards without having to turn around.

The SkyQuad Drone 3D flip function makes your flight experience more fun and exciting. This feature gives your drone a headless mode so that there is no need to adjust your drone position before it takes flight.

The SkyQuad Drone One Key Return helps it find its way to its take off point when there is a bridge in transmission. This helps it avoid crashing or getting lost while in flight.

This aerial device is packed with a panorama mode that allows it to shoot videos and take pictures within a wide range of 3000 feet all from a vantage point.
How it can be used or installed (SkyQuad Drone Reviews)
The SkyQuad Drone is a manual of engineering prowess and designs, this aerial device is user friendly as well as easy to install. Moving forward, this drone comes with an easy read instruction manual that will guide you on how to install (if necessary), and how use the drone. Below is a brief guide on how to use the SkyQuad Drone.

First Stage: You have to carefully unpack the drone from its box. You can't install the drone if it's still packed.

Second Stage: You take out the SkyQuad Drone user manual and follow the simple instructions in the manual to assemble the drone. It usually comes with a screwdriver which can be used to set up the blades.

Third Stage: You charge the drone using its charge cable.

Fourth Stage: The SkyQuad Drone comes with a QR code which allows you to operate it with your mobile phone. So you take your phone, scan the QR code on the packaging, and it will allow you to download the app for the drone on your phone. The drone can be operated using this app as well as the antenna remote control it came with.

Fifth Stage: After you have scanned the QR code and have downloaded the application, you have to install the app on your phone and open it to begin operating your drone.

It is important to note that, with the help of the app as well as the remote control, you can adjust the flight path or direction of the drone as well as your desired height of which you prefer to fly. The SkyQuad drone comes with a GPS that allows you to track and pinpoint its current location, so that you can tell the location of the drone at any given time. This also allows you to preprogram or preset the flight route of the drone and send it to a particular location.

Where it can be bought (SkyQuad Drone Reviews)
The SkyQuad Drone is not available in your regular convenient stores. However, this limited stock can be purchased via SkyQuad Drone official website. By shopping through the official website you stand a chance to get a 50% discounted price per unit as well as free shipping services to any part of the world.

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QuadAir drone reviews.

The QuadAir Drone may not suit the professional and industrial field that requires heavy and long-term filming, but it is the best for domestic applications. It boasts of a 2-megapixel camera that records videos at 720 pixels. Social media enthusiasts love this drone for its ability to capture cool aerial view shots and videos for their timelines and personal blogs. When fully charged, the QuadAir Drone guarantees a flight time of at least 10 minutes before recharging the battery.

The drone's flight time is quite impressive compared to its competitors in the same price range that last a maximum of 8 minutes before tumbling down to the ground. The QuadAir Drone also boasts of mad technical specifications that outshine its competitors by far. Comparing the QuadAir Drone with other brands within the same price range is definitely the best drone under $ 100.

Quadair Drone's specifications include the following:

2.4 GHz frequency;

a 6-axis gyro;

an approximate 30-meter FPV range;

an 80- to 100-meter radio-controlled range;

a high flight time;

and a high battery life.

One 3.7V 500 mAh Lipo battery for the drone (included)

Battery for the remote control: three 1.5 AA batteries (not included)

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Features QuadAir Drone

1. QuadAir drones are more portable because their propellers can be oriented inward and folded down. They're also easy to transport, with the added benefit of protecting the drone when not in use.

2. What happens in slow motion does happen at a rate of 10 times slower. With the new Slo-mo Mode on the quadcopters, people can be sure not to miss any action because users will have it all documented for their viewing pleasure.

3. Believe it or not, there are many ways for a drone to crash. One common way is if its sensors can't see what's below them and adjust course accordingly.

4. The Quad Air drone is an amazing new technology that takes high-def video and photos during the travels. It can capture 60 frames per second, so it'll be like users are there in person.

5. The newest member of the team, this robot is designed to withstand any challenge. It is built with a strong frame and equipped with helpful features like navigational sensors that allow it to make its way through difficult terrain without getting stuck or overturned in storms - people won't worry about where their ride will take place when using one.

6. The ability to fly an autonomous drone is not just a dream anymore! Sensors onboard quadcopters can now recognize gestures or other nuances made by pilots, giving them more control than ever before.

7. This drone is a vital tool for film and photography shoots thanks to its ability to create beautiful aerial shots. This quadcopter makes sure that people have fun while capturing clear photos or videos without compromising on quality.

8. Not only can it fly for over 25 minutes without needing to land, but its battery also lasts much longer than other drones-- usually 5-10 minutes on average, depending upon their size and capacity.

QuadAir Drone Benefits

1. A quadcopter drone is an amazing tool for photographers and videographers. It can take high-resolution photos or videos with the capability of flying at speeds up to 70 kilometers per hour (43 miles).

2. With the quadcopter drone, people can take high-quality photos and videos of their life in incredible detail. This is a lightweight device that's perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

3. Quad Air drones are the perfect drone for all types of weather. The durable and strong body can withstand outdoor conditions while still flying indoors- making it easy to take on any adventure that comes the way.

4. The QuadAir drone is a portable, lightweight device that can fly at high altitudes. This precision design produces great results and gives people access to breath taking views of stunning places with unparalleled clarity on HD720p cameras.

5. The QuadAir drone is a versatile and useful tool for easy operating aerial photography. With its compatibility with all types of software, almost anyone can operate it.


1. QuadAirDrone cost $80 with a shipping charge of $7.95

2. Three QuadAir drones cost $65.67 each with a shipping charge of $7.95 shipping

3. Five QuadAir drones cost $59.40 each with a shipping charge of $7.95 shipping

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Conclusion: QuadAir Drone

Why would anyone want a regular drone when they can have one that's able to fly and take photos from all four directions at once? QuadAir Drone has two camera systems, unlike other products on the market, which only provide an upsweep perspective. This unique device is perfect for beginners or experts looking forward to exploring more options in shooting high-quality footage every time they press record.

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